People Post Weird And Unsettling Things They Spotted On Their Nanny Cams


When you set up any type of security camera, you have to know that there’s a chance you might catch something you weren’t expecting. Well, it’s safe to say that many parents and people who have set up nanny cams know exactly what we’re talking about.

While there have certainly been instances of online users sharing the vulgar things they have captured, we’re not going to try to turn your stomach today. Instead, let’s amuse you as you take a look at some very odd things that happened on nanny cams.

Like a baby

Many babysitters know that they are typically not only responsible for any children in the house. Most families have pets, and that means that dog sitting or cat sitting can often be in play. Apparently, this sitter here must have accidentally mistaken the golden retriever for the baby.

Something compelled the sitter to carry the rather large dog just like a baby. One thing’s for sure, that sitter has some strength. A 60-pound dog, given the length and girth, is not the easiest to carry around.

Being given medicine by the nanny

Every parent always worries when their kids are being watched by some person that they don’t know all that well. That’s completely natural. But most nannies are actually quite professional and are dedicated to doing their job well.

But this nanny seems like she was way more interested in goofing off than actually watching these kids. In fact, she got caught giving sleep medicine to the children she was watching in order to make them nap so she could get out of doing any work. This could have been worse, but it’s still supremely creepy.

Stealing on cam

Hiring a babysitter is a very serious endeavor. Outside of looking for people who are naturally good with kids, there’s also a certain trust factor that is involved. After all, the babysitter that’s hired will have access to anything in the parent’s home.

They can get away with quite a bit if they so wanted to. Take this sitter, for example, as the camcorder ended up catching her in the act. It’s safe to assume that she was fired directly on the spot.

Playing with a train set

So, this one is not an instance where someone got caught on a nanny cam. Instead, this is an instance where the person involved would’ve been caught doing something potentially problematic.

That all depends on how obsessed the dad was with his full model railroad. Given that he had it, to begin with, it’s safe to assume that he was indeed a tad bit obsessed. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, and what a way to pass some time as a babysitter.

Smarter than you think

Okay, so it’s one thing for a babysitter to unplug a nanny cam, and then it’s another thing entirely for the child itself to unplug it. The best part about this story that an online user had is that the child would wave to the camera before unplugging it.

So, you know that the kid knew what they were doing the entire time. What a way to be able to get away with anything you want without your parents around. Too bad they probably soon after placed the nanny cam in an unreachable location.

Good old dancing

Getting caught dancing on camera is one of the least horrible, to word it like that, things to get caught on camera for. Still, if you’re the person who winds up dancing on a hidden camera, it can be a little embarrassing afterward.

Apparently, one sitter was rehearsing the hit Soulja Boy came out with dubbed Crank That. Nothing too obnoxious here, but it still would’ve been a nice laugh to see the footage on cam. Better yet, it would have been better to see the sitter’s reaction to it.

Rotten hackers

With the way that modern technology functions, you always have to be wary of hackers. No matter what device is in question, hacking can always be an issue. There was a story years back about a mother who heard some yelling coming from her child’s room. She went to check the live camera feed and noticed the camera was moving.

Yet, the husband was in another room. What had happened was a random hacker was screaming into the camera from their location, which was causing it to shake.

Hide the camera

Put yourself into the mind of a somewhat untrustworthy babysitter. If you saw the nanny camera, would you unplug it or keep it plugged in? The moral of this little story is to always ensure that the sitter can’t see the camera.

It is a common courtesy to alert them that they’re being recorded, but you can never be too safe with certain people. Then again, if you’re that paranoid about the hired babysitter, you should probably just hire a different one instead.

Now that’s a bit unusual

Most nanny cams tend to catch some pretty mundane things. If you have a camera set up, it’s unlikely that any of the footage is actually going to be interesting. And that’s what’s so great about this story. It proves that funny things might be happening when you’re not paying attention.

This person asked their neighbor to feed cats in their yard, and he did so by literally pole vaulting into the yard. We guess he must have had some practice, as he apparently did it quite well. That’s the kind of thing you want to see in the nanny cam!

Some time alone with the bunny

We don’t know why it is, but there are a lot of people out there that pretend like they don’t like animals. Perhaps they just don’t wanna expose their softer sides. That was the case with this person’s brother.

He was asked to watch his sibling’s rabbit, and he begrudgingly agreed. Interestingly enough, the footage later revealed that he actually loved the bunny! He even went out of his way to go in the room and play with it just because he liked it so much. It seems that no one can resist the adorable charm of a bunny rabbit.


Look, we try to stay in the middle of the pack with a lot of things. You never know who you can rub the wrong way, right? However, how else do you describe this situation other than a babysitter who was just plain brainless?

Maybe they just honestly forgot that they were wearing what they were denying they stole. Man, though, it doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this. The look on the person who confronted her about it must have been priceless.

Creativity for the win

At a certain age, it becomes more difficult to have a creative imagination. In this day and age, additionally, with all the technology, it’s even harder.

So, when you hear stories like this, it’s reassuring to know that they’re still people in the world who use their creative imaginations. This must have made the night for the person who watched this footage back. We want to know how that dinner party went, is this footage available anywhere online? We need to know!

Caught dancing with the cat

It seems that babies and nannies aren’t the only things being monitored on household security cameras. While it can be great to set up a nanny cam if you have a nanny that you think might not be doing the best job, you also might just stumble upon some other hilarious oddities.

Like this. This young man did his best to pretend that he didn’t like his girlfriend’s cat, but the whole charade fell apart when they recorded footage of him dancing with the cat. That’s probably the most charming way to learn that someone has been keeping a secret.

Good deeds

You have to love it when sitters go the extra mile to make the parents happy. Some will just do it for a paycheck, while others truly care to make the experience amazing for everyone involved.

Clearly, this sitter here falls in the latter section of that statement. Going out of their way to get the child to dance in front of the camera to make the day of the parents? Man, that’s awesome stuff right there, and that sitter probably gets paid a little bit extra for it.

Set up for the future

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that we’ve all been asked when we were kids. For this child, though, there was never any doubt. A few years back, a video went viral that showed off a little boy from a nanny cam.

This little boy managed to get on top of his crib and balance on the top of it for roughly 20 seconds. Thankfully, the boy fell backward into his crib and not on the floor. Still, that balance will probably do him good over his life.

Sneaking vitamins

Hey, let’s be honest here for a second, there are certainly worse things that a babysitter could be sneaking from your house. If all they’re doing is sneaking some of the gummies that your kids eat, that’s not too bad.

It’s kind of funny, though, as the children most likely never want to take the gummies. They probably started offering their gummies to the sitter. Knowing their love for them, apparently, they probably would’ve accepted with no problems whatsoever.

Doggone It

Getting a pet can totally transform your life, but it’s not for everyone. It takes the most patient of souls to deal with the destruction that inevitably happens in your home once you let a new pet loose.

These people thought they had got away with having a mild-mannered dog, until they discovered that their new pup had not only chewed through the wires of their nanny cam, but also been expertly stealing notes from each of their wallets and shredding them in his fits of zoomies.

Getting Busy

We all know that oh-so famous phrase, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”. Any parent of a college kid can imagine that leaving them unsupervised in your home, especially with a partner, is only going to end in exactly the trouble you think it will.

These parents, however, got more than they bargained for on their nanny cam. We’re wondering how long it took before they finally decided to speak up and let the kids know they were being watched. Awkward!

The signals got crossed

This person told a story about a truly startling event that happened with their baby monitor. They went to look at it, expecting to see the baby asleep in its crib, and they saw something else entirely. Someone was standing over their baby’s crib. When they went into the room, though, no one was there.

It turned out that this was just the result of the signals being crossed between their baby monitor and the neighbor’s baby monitor. A small oversight on the technical side of these monitors led to this parent almost having a heart attack.

Stabbed in the back

As a sibling, you have to love it when one of your siblings attempts to stab you in the back. Clearly, we use the word “love” poorly here, but you understand. Apparently, someone caught their sister trying to convince their father to cut them out of the will. This was captured on a baby monitor that the online user said was being used for the aging parent.

Hopefully, the victim here wound up interrupting the nice little conversation that was taking place. You can’t make some of this stuff up.

It’s just a thread

Parents are always going to be a little bit paranoid. That’s just part of the job. They care about their children so much that they naturally just assume the worst at some times. That’s why baby monitors and nanny cams exist.

If they are going to be worried, they’d at least like to know that their worries are unfounded. But these parents probably thought that something truly horrible was happening to their child before they realized that it was just a trick being played on them by a thread hanging on the lens of the camera.


Even babysitters can get pooped out when watching small children. If you have never experienced what it’s like to watch them, they can certainly be a handful. However, it’s still never a good idea to sleep on the job.

And of course, when this sitter decided to do that, the child ended up getting a hold of the parent’s video game console. Those suckers are not exactly cheap, so this probably wasn’t a very good meeting that took place afterward.

What a way to find out

This is a great story that needs no introduction. Someone shared a story that happened to their friend. As they tell it, he has a camera and motion sensor at his front door. Whenever it detects something, it snaps a photo and sends it to his phone. Well, one morning, he notices that his child is finally not screaming.

Then his phone goes off and he gets a picture. The picture is of his child grabbing a package. It was then he realized that his child could get out of the crib.

Got caught stealing

While plenty of people have nanny cams designed to keep the behavior of their nannies in check, it’s actually pretty rare to catch someone on camera doing something that they’re not supposed to be doing. But apparently that is exactly what this nanny cam did.

While this particular nanny wasn’t mistreating the child, which is a good thing, they were helping themselves to items from around the house that they were working in. We can only imagine what kind of a lecture she got when she got fired. Stealing from your employer is definitely a no-no.

What’s the point?

All us puzzle lovers know the feeling of missing one piece of the puzzle. To say this is frustrating is an understatement, as every single piece of the puzzle is needed. But why would someone just steal a single piece?

You want to talk about a cruel joke? Does it really get any worse than that? Okay, we can certainly think of worse things, but this has to rank up there. It’s not like you can order a single puzzle piece online, you simply have to buy the whole sucker again.

Daft Punk dance party

We’ve heard of a lot of good babysitters before, but this just might be the best ever. In an effort to get two young kids to go to bed, this guy developed an ingenious idea. Rather than doing something boring like reading them a story, he instead decided to tire them out with a full on dance party to the house music stylings of Daft Punk.

What better way to make kids go to bed? And they probably had dreams that they were robots like Daft Punk. Sounds cool to us. We’d hire this guy in a second.

Flying like Superman

Many babysitters enjoy picking up children and pretending to fly with them. That’s not something that is rare. Yet, have you ever heard of a sitter dressing up as Superman and flying by themselves?

Someone online caught their babysitter doing just that. They noted they found out details later that we’re not going to share, but just know that the sitter was in good spirits. Hey, sometimes you have to amuse yourself while the child is taking their nap.

Morning surprise

With their nanny cam on and running, this individual wound up waking up to the sound of heavy breathing. What they saw on their nanny cam made their heart skip a beat. What they saw was a close-up face.

It ended up being the child, and that means that the child pulled themselves up from the crib rails. Talk about giving yourself a mild heartache, thankfully it was the child and not some random intruder. That would’ve been a major problem for sure.

A meteor shower

We’ve heard of tons of unique things that have been caught on nanny cameras or baby monitors so far, but this just might be the coolest one that we’ve heard about yet. These people saw an impressively bright meteor fly outside their house through the camera that they had set up in their baby’s room.

Apparently it was so bright that the monitor thought that it had gone from night to day in an instant! They went and scooped up their baby so that it wouldn’t be bothered by the brilliance of the celestial light display.

Faceplant on the floor

Kids oftentimes don’t cry when you expect them to. Sometimes they whack their heads really hard and don’t seem phased by it at all.

The story here of a two-year-old face-planting on the floor is both funny and disturbing. Anyway, one parent saw just that. Online, they noted that their child was standing up in their sleep. Then, they just did a faceplant directly on the floor. Thankfully, the kid was totally fine and they could eventually laugh it off.

Not designed for that

For those who don’t know, when you’re cleaning the bottom of a baby, it’s best to use actual baby wipes. Given that they are specially designed for just that, it’s going to result in the best outcome.

The thing not to do is to grab some Clorox wipes to try and get the job done. Sure, it may seem like it’s a nice alternative, but the baby is not going to agree. Even if they were a last case scenario, it’d still be better to run to the store to grab some actual baby wipes.

No love for the baby

Your pets are either going to love your baby or be hesitant about it. Often you will hear of parents getting rid of their pets due to the interaction they had with their child. This could’ve been one such instance.

An individual caught their cat and dog climbing into the crib with their child. The problem is the cat and the dog wanted the entire thing to themselves. So, they often tried to kick the baby away. Oh boy, that probably didn’t make the parents very happy.

Practicing poor hygiene

There are a few things that you really are looking for in a nanny. You want them to be kind, compassionate, and attentive, obviously, but you also want them to be hygienic. You don’t want some dirty to be around your kid all day. They might think that practicing poor hygiene is normal!

Even worse than that, though, is the knowledge that someone is doing gross things in your home. This nanny cut up an apple and then “cleaned” the knife by just licking it. She then put it back in the drawer. How disgusting is that?

Stuck in the bed

This just in, adults aren’t meant to be on kids’ beds. Wait, this is something that you already knew? Well, it seems that you’re already one step ahead of this babysitter here.

All joking aside, the children were probably having a field day watching their sitter try to escape from their bed. What’s even more amazing is the fact that she couldn’t get out without assistance. Did they have to coat her body with butter to get her to slide out? Sorry, we’ve watched too much TV.

Too early to gamble

Many people have differing opinions when it comes to gambling. Yet, most will agree that it’s probably not the best idea to gamble with small children. The irony is very much delicious here, however, as the babysitter ended up losing to the child at Blackjack.

Can we just ask for a second how the sitter managed to lose $50? That’s probably more than what they were going to make for actually babysitting. Baffling stuff right here, but at least the sitter was honest while playing.

Breast milk anyone

Yes, this one is a little bit strange. Yet, when you get to the end, it starts to make a little more sense. Have you ever had a problem with someone else drinking your own milk? Okay, that might be too personal of a question, but you surely understand where we’re coming from.

The wonder here is how the sister handled the situation. If the babysitter honestly was just drinking it for fitness-related reasons, perhaps she understood. Still, it’s kind of odd regardless.

Protective cat

Never underestimate the protective properties of pets. An online user had an instance where their cat ended up protecting their baby from the babysitter. However, before you jump to any conclusions, it was nothing that the sitter was doing.

Instead, the baby started to cry, and that triggered the cat to go into full-on protective mode. For the record, the baby cried because something broke when they threw a ball. You see, a totally innocent occurrence here. At least the cat tried to help.

Playing peek-a-boo

Everyone knows that there’s one surefire way to entertain all babies. No, we’re not talking about some secret Youtube playlist that you should queue up on the iPad. We’re taking it old school with a nice game of peek-a-boo! Kids love playing it with adults, and it always makes them laugh.

But it turns out that kids even love playing peek-a-boo by themselves. This parent was able to get a video of their child playing peek-a-boo all alone, and it sounds like it was absolutely adorable. We’re sure they’re always going to treasure that video.

Singing to her grandpa

While a lot of the stories we hear from these baby monitors and nanny cams are negative, let’s not forget that they also regularly capture kids at their cutest and most innocent.

In this story, a father told about how his daughter would go over to the baby monitor and sing to the person who was on the other side. The monitor could both pick up and send audio, so whoever was listening to her song would sometimes talk to her as she fell asleep. How freakin’ cute is that?

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