45+ Hostile Parents Whose Treatment of Their Children Was Put on the Internet for Everyone to See

45+ Hostile Parents Whose Treatment of Their Children Was Put on the Internet for Everyone to See

When considering parents, one typically imagines mature individuals who are taking care of their children and imparting knowledge on them, such as how to contribute positively to society. Unfortunately, there are parents who do not fit this description. Instances of parents mistreating their kids have been shared online, ranging from uncomfortable to humorous, yet they all demonstrate harmful behavior from some individuals.


Numerous educators believe that children can benefit from learning multiple languages as it can foster an appreciation for different cultures and provide them with valuable language skills that will be useful in the future. Therefore, it’s understandable why this particular teacher decided to introduce Spanish lessons to her students in order to enhance their learning experience.

However, it appears that the father does not fully value or acknowledge the situation. This lack of understanding towards languages seems uninformed. It can be presumed that the teacher never intended to suggest that the children should solely communicate in Spanish.

First Tat!

Many individuals find pleasure in getting tattoos, and as a parent, your children may have grown accustomed to seeing tattoos and may even ask for them. However, there is likely an appropriate age for this to be considered acceptable.

It’s not difficult to comprehend why people are criticizing this parent who believes that such a young child should be allowed to get a tattoo. Tattoos are a personal choice, and it’s best to wait until one is ready to select a design.

Getting Their Own Space

The upbringing of a child varies depending on the parent’s approach. While some parents may adopt a lenient stance, others may not be as accommodating. However, it is the responsibility of the parent to take care of their child until they are 18, so this particular parent needs to resolve certain problems.

It’s not acceptable for children to move out since they are incapable of taking care of themselves, primarily because they have no employment.

Bad Lessons

Children observe and take note of their parents’ words and actions, and every small decision a parent makes can have a lasting effect on them. Unfortunately, this parent’s behavior is not making a positive impact on their child.

We can observe that this situation may lead to problems with eating disorders for the child in the future. Teaching them to avoid excessive eating is important, but it is also crucial to avoid making them believe that they are insufficient and self-conscious about their looks.

Late Notice

In recent times, we have faced an unpredictable world where things have been upended and people have become more complex. Being truthful is vital to safeguarding those we care about.

This individual did not perform the task. The other family may feel upset and concerned about the well-being of their children and partners.

Change of Address

It can be difficult when new members enter a family, particularly for children who may struggle with accepting a new parental figure. Despite this challenge, it is the obligation of the parent to put in effort to make the situation work.

It is evident that the said parent is facing a difficulty and is hesitant to prioritize their child over their partner. Instead of picking sides, it is recommended to show empathy towards their situation and act compassionately.

Too Scary

Playing with your child and amusingly scaring them a bit can be enjoyable, but it’s important to adjust your approach based on their age. Unfortunately, this person went too far, and the outcome for their child is likely emotional scars.

Considering the child’s young age, it is difficult to comprehend why such behavior would be acceptable. While such behavior may have been amusing if the child were older, it is not appropriate for a child of that age. The child is not likely to understand that their parents were merely attempting to be humorous.

Division of Labor

The lesson of understanding the importance of money is crucial for children, and it is admirable when parents make an effort to impart it. However, it is important to avoid teaching children that it is acceptable to put in a lot of effort for no reward. This approach may not encourage them to strive for success.

This lady exhibited excellence and responded appropriately to the parent’s remark. Eventually, teaching this lesson to the child will benefit them as they mature.

Password Please

In today’s world where technology plays a major role, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to guarantee the safety of their children. Therefore, we comprehend the reasoning behind wanting to monitor their mobile devices.

However, if a child desires some personal space and declines to disclose their password, it is not advisable to take this step. This is especially true because mobile phones are pricey, and you will have to purchase a new one.

Negative Reinforcement

Being careful with your language while bringing up your children is essential since words hold significant influence and can promptly alter their self-assurance and motivation levels. Although we respect that everyone may have distinct moral principles, it seems somewhat extreme.

In our study of religions, we have not found any teachings that go against encouraging children to pursue their happiness by following their heart.

Checking a Hypothesis

When kids get to a certain age, they start to really understand the world. So it’s not surprising that this kid thought they would try and experiment and find out the truth about a significant imaginary figure.

But the response to that is just so very ridiculous! One thing not being authentic does not necessarily mean that another thing is also not real. That’s just not a legitimate hypothesis, at all!

House Rules

There are rules that can be put in place or that are carried over from the parent’s childhood that sometimes don’t make sense anymore. The “no phone calls after 9:00 PM” rule is challenging because, depending on the kid’s age, they might have a cell phone.

So this parent thought of an excellent way to deal with that! However, she also found out that perhaps her child was a little upset about this rule.

Don’t Do That

Unfortunately, parents’ ideas are sometimes forced upon their children. Sometimes, prejudices and bigotry find their way into these children’s lives. That’s not a great way to raise a kid who will be able to integrate well into society.

This parent clearly has a problem with Lil’ Nas, which apparently means that you can’t purchase Animal Crossing. Too bad, because that’s a great game!

Survival Equipment

There are many people out there who store stuff in case there is some sort of doomsday event, so they will be able to survive. That, in itself, is not a bad thing but holding your kids accountable for understanding that concept doesn’t always make sense.

Especially since all this kid took was an umbrella|! We mean, it’s not like that’s something that can’t be easily replaced! The parent definitely went a little overboard, don’t you think?

Alternative Education

There are people in this world that have different ideas of what this world is. Everyone has their own right to believe whatever they want; however, you can’t force those thoughts on your children.

This parent, or parents, seems to have some pretty unique ideas on how the world is and how their children should be taught about it. To each their own, but we think it’ll make for a pretty startling revelation when these kids enter the real world.

Lending Tree

It’s so challenging to make ends meet in this world that, sometimes, you have to reach out to your friends and family to help you a little bit. But often, when you’re borrowing money from your family, it can turn out very badly.

This parent, though, is taking it a little too far. There’s one thing to want them to pay you back, but there’s another to get so mean with what you’re saying. This parent clearly needs a time-out!

Any Tips?

It takes a village to raise a child, is a saying that many people have heard. And that’s true, which is excellent in this society right now because you can reach out online and ask for help from other parents.

But maybe when you’re asking for tips, it shouldn’t be about how to make them read less. This seems counter-intuitive, allowing your child to really learn everything they need to learn. Plus, there’s no way that this is going to affect their mental health in a negative way!

Spring Cleaning

When you’re parents, you sometimes just reach a boiling point. This point is when you have like a little bit of a breakdown, and you may sometimes do and say things that seem a little out of character. There’s no problem with that… unless you do something like this.

We’re, for sure, 100% in agreement with the person who commented on this statement. This is clearly going to leave a mental scar on their child, especially since they’re so young.

Cutting Back

Smoking when you’re pregnant is just not very healthy. Though it might be challenging, it’s advised that you quit at least while you’re pregnant so that you don’t have any ill effects on yourself or the child.

So we’re sure that the replies that are hidden are definitely deserved. After all, even the first reply indicates that this parent needs to find some sort of help.


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Many people have very powerful thoughts when it comes to the events of the past couple of years, especially when it comes to the rules attached to this situation.

But grounding your kid because they want to wear a mask seems a little bit excessive. After all, it’s almost like you’re trying to teach them not to follow the rules when that’s precisely the opposite of what parents are supposed to be doing.


It’s one thing to be mad at your child. Inevitably, that’s going to happen for each and every parent. But going so far as to be almost threatening seems a little bit too far. In fact, if I were this child, I’d probably have the same reaction and be a little worried about my parents.

We’re not sure what caused this interaction to happen, but we’re sure that someone in this situation is overreacting just a little bit.

No Place for This!

Some parents believe that schools should just be responsible for teaching their children what’s in the books. And though that is primarily true, the books have changed since many of these parents were in school.

So that means that maybe they’re going to learn some things that don’t really align with their thoughts and beliefs. Just because that’s the case, that doesn’t mean they need to pull their kids out of school. This seems to be a little bit of a rash decision.

Too Late

There are a lot of families that enjoy going out to eat, occasionally. This can be a little challenging when there are multiple schedules, so sometimes, things will happen where one person is left out of this situation.

The bad thing about this is that this parent knew the kid was getting home at that time and still opted to schedule the dinner for eight o’clock. That just seems like they were planning to have this situation happen. It was almost like they were trying to punish their kid for something they had done!

No Call

Many kids forget their parents are human too. And because of this, sometimes they can get a little angry when they’re forgotten. But just because they weren’t first priority, doesn’t mean they need to be rude or mean like this parent.

We completely agree with this kid that being communicative goes both ways. So maybe the dad just needs to calm down and try to understand that perhaps their kid was a little busy.

Calling Them Out

Kids grow up, and when they get out into the world, they sometimes develop different opinions from their parents. This can cause a lot of problems, especially when their opinions vary so greatly.

This kid was just trying to be very helpful in figuring out how to get their dogs to be healthy again. But the father wasn’t interested in his kid’s suggestions, so he held fast and true to his opinion. It was almost to the point of being a little hostile!

Blocking Them

Just like with any other human being, when a parent feels like they’ve been attacked or neglected, they can get a little hostile. So we understand how this mom got to the point she was at.

On the other hand, getting this aggressive because a child doesn’t pick up the phone seems to be their problem, not so much as the kids. Maybe mom needs to seek a little bit of help from a therapist?

A Few Questions

When it comes to the death of a loved one, it brings out a lot of different emotions in people. It could lead to some pretty hostile comments or situations for those who are a little overwhelmed, which can escalate into bigger problems!

This mom is just trying to figure out where to put the ashes but seems to be coming off very aggressive. We just hope that the kids are able to understand and maybe get past the situation, in the future.

Forget It!

It’s hard to integrate into a family when one person isn’t really comfortable with another. Trying to navigate holidays can be especially difficult because you have multiple families that you have to spend time with.

So yes, we can understand the frustration this parent has but getting this vulgar and hostile will not help the situation. In fact, it’s probably going to make the holiday pretty uncomfortable, especially if the couple does show up in the end.

Nice Gift

This parent is hostile and passive-aggressive, and both attitudes can both be pretty hurtful. Although we do agree with the parent in this situation, we can understand why the kid felt it was necessary to have this conversation with their mother.

On the other hand, maybe it should’ve been done in person, not through text. That way, the hostility wouldn’t be aggravated, and mom wouldn’t feel like she needed to lash out.

It’s Positive

Getting together over the past couple of years has been kind of a challenge. There are all these new tests and protocols you have to follow, sometimes leading to some pretty hostile situations.

This person, of course, tested positive, which meant that they needed to let everybody know. They did this, and though it might seem a little hostile because it was so short, these texts were just trying to get to the point so that they could help everyone else.

Burning the Bridge

It’s hard when a relationship comes to an end — especially one that’s been integrated into your family. Even when you’re angry, it’s always great if your parents are a little more level-headed. But this mother is clearly not the level-headed type, she’s actually quite hostile!

Maybe the person on the other end of this deserves it, but honestly, it’s probably best to try to calm your child down, so they can move on with their life and be happy.


Some kids just decide, on their own, when it comes to figuring out how to split up the holidays with their significant other. Often, they’re going to err on the side of caution and go with what their partner wants. That means there might be some hostile feelings from the parents.

And those are very hostile comments! We agree with the parents, as it is the holidays, but maybe there was a better way to say this so that it didn’t come off so mean?

Making Waves

Parents are human, too, so they can get mad at their children — even if they’re young. Though technically, parents are supposed to be a little more level-headed and patient, we can understand why parents do get frustrated from time to time.

However, these comments are a little bit harsh toward their child. Warranted or not, it’s definitely a hostile situation either way.

Ding Dong

There are just some times when kids have had enough of their parents. They need to take a little break, which means cutting off communication for a bit. This might seem harsh, but sometimes, it’s the best situation to make sure things don’t escalate beyond their control.

However, this person is getting a little hostile and aggressive because they’re being ignored. So maybe it would benefit the kid to hop on the phone and just simply text, “I need some time.”

Jump Scare

This isn’t necessarily as hostile as you might think, just funnier in this situation. But it does seem a little aggressive that when their baby took his first steps, they cheered so loud. We understand the excitement, but maybe they needed to dial it back a bit.

We know that we would’ve been petrified if our parents suddenly jumped up and started yelling! We would’ve thought we did something wrong!


Sometimes, parents get hostile for a reason. For instance, kids just share way too much, especially when you’re in a group chat. This kid clearly got the expected response for this type of behavior.

Hostility doesn’t have to be super aggressive, it can be very blunt, instead. And we think that this parent is probably more motivated than some of the others to teach their kid manners.

Save the Date

Parents are supposed to remember the day you were born. So the fact that this parent marked the wrong day on the calendar shows that they might be feeling some sort of way about something going on in their lives.

The kids took it really well, though. They didn’t get too unhappy, they just simply left a small message for mom. We wonder how embarrassed the mother was that she got the wrong day for her kid’s birthday…

Adult Beverage

Sometimes parents make mistakes, which can lead to a hostile situation. In this case, the parent wasn’t as hostile as the situation was. We’re sure they didn’t intend to send that, but with so much going on, they just simply grabbed the wrong thing.

The kid was a little furious, though, you can see that by the fact that they typed in all caps. The good news is that although this hostile situation happened, it’ll make for a beautiful and funny story in the future.


Much like significant others, parents don’t like to be ignored when trying to communicate with you. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be times when you don’t have access to your phone or even the time to text back.

This parent is getting very hostile and aggressive because they’re not getting any response. However, on the flip side, they’re also not thinking about the fact that their child has a life, too!

Not a Therapist!

Tough love is something that a lot of parents practice. It can be effective, but only if done appropriately. That means not using it to criticize and name-call but to instill the fact that you have to work on things, sometimes.

This parent does not have the proper method of tough love going on. In fact, we’d almost say this is detrimental and super hostile. So uncalled for!

Swear It

There are just some times in life when, as human beings, we get inundated with anxiety and stress, which changes our personality. It’s hard for parents not to let this affect their relationship with their kids, especially when it’s about someone passing away.

This parent is getting super aggressive and clearly trying to instigate some sort of fight. At least the kid can call it out and try to defuse the situation.

All She Wants Them For

Whenever something comes up that has to do with family history, the first thing you always think about doing is calling your parents. But if that’s all you ever do, this could make for an aggressive and hostile situation.

For instance, this woman seems to be having some sort of day, and when her child asked her a question, it just set her off! We think she probably should have taken a few deep breaths and maybe just answered the question because it seems like a pretty serious situation.

Political Tirade

Politics are a land mine, whether or not you’re related to the person you’re debating with. But when it comes to your parents, it can be even more challenging and a little more personal. It’s clear that this child is trying not to engage, but we’d be having a real challenge with that if it were us!

It seems that this dad has gone off on a tangent, for some reason. It might be wiser for this child not to instigate the situation, in hopes that it dies down.


The situation can be simply delivering information in a way that isn’t very comforting. So when you start talking about dying to your child, you have to expect them to be a little more engaged in the conversation.

You can’t be so passive that you might be leaving this world, like this guy. That’s just begging to create a hostile interaction with your child.

Harsh Words

It’s one thing to really care about your child and want them to be healthy. It’s another to be rude and mean when it comes to things like their weight. After all, doing it as this parent did will not help address the issues.

If we were this person, we would stop talking to our parents for at least a couple of days. Or maybe ask them why they want to be so mean about this situation.

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