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Lily Bird, born in 2009 in Los Angeles, is a talented 15-year-old actress making waves in the film industry. She gained recognition as “The Real Lily Bird” online. Lily has already starred in three films, starting with her debut in 2022’s “The Northman” as The Maiden King. She delivered a standout performance as Nydia Davis in Ari Aster’s “Beau Is Afraid” in 2023. Lily’s impressive acting skills promise a bright future in her budding career.

Early Life

Lily Bird is from Los Angeles. She grew up there with her parents taking care of her. We don’t know much about her family or where she went to school because that information is not widely shared.


She’s a well-known American actress and social media influencer hailing from California. She has gained fame for her performances in more than three films listed on IMDb. Her journey in acting includes three years of dedicated training in both theater and film, allowing her to refine her craft. Blessed with a natural talent and a range of acting styles, she has collected a significant fan base within the entertainment industry.

this 15-year-old actress didn’t kick off her career with “The Northman.” It actually started a few years back when she was just eleven. She tried out for the movie, and from then on, she’s been hardworking in the film biz. She’s all about acting, digs drama, and even hits up acting classes at school.


SchoolLos Angeles Local High School
College/UniversityWill Update
Highest QualificationCurrently she is in school

Lily Bird’s Age

People are curious about how old Lily Bird is, but it’s a secret. In 2024, she’s 15, but we don’t know the exact number. The mystery makes her even more interesting to fans.respect her privacy about her age and just enjoy her awesome acting skills.

Lily Bird’s Parents And Sibling

Lily, the American actress, has a loving family with three siblings. Her older brother recently graduated, making her the second child. Unfortunately, the names of her younger brother or sister are unknown. Lily grew up in California and attributes her success to her supportive family. However, details about her parents and siblings are currently unavailable.

Personal Life

Lily Bird is really putting all her energy into her career at the moment and isn’t looking to dive into a romantic relationship. She’s super dedicated to advancing in her professional life and diving deep into her artistic pursuits. it’s all about chasing those career goals and letting her creative side flourish.

Lily Bird Net Worth

Lily quickly became successful, now net worth about $500,000. What’s impressive is how gracefully and humbly she reached this milestone.

Lily Bird’s Biography

Lily Bird has always been a bit mysterious when it comes to her early life and how she got into acting. But if you gather bits and pieces from interviews and online sources, you’ll see a story of someone who’s really committed .Lately, she’s been making a name for herself with some great roles in highly praised movies. fans can look forward to getting a better understanding of the person behind those captivating performances.

Lily Bird Profile

Stage NameLily Bird
Real NameLily Bird
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Age15 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States


In conclusion, figuring out the age of a Lily Bird involves looking at things like its feathers, beak, eyes, and behavior. You can check for specific colors and patterns. It’s helpful to get advice from bird experts or use resources about Lily Birds. By combining these details, you can get a good idea of how old the bird might be. Keeping an eye on these features regularly will help you get a more accurate estimate of the Lily Bird’s age.


1.How old is Lily Bird?

Lily Bird was born in 2009, so she is 15 years old now.

2.What are Lily Bird’s notable roles?

Lily Bird gained fame for her roles in “The Northman” and “Disappointment Blvd.” In “The Northman,” she played Samanda and The Maiden King.

3.Who is Lily Bird dating?

Lily Bird is currently single and concentrating on her career. She aims to establish herself as a successful actress and model in the entertainment industry.

4.Is Lily Bird active on social media?

Yes, you can find Lily Bird on Instagram: @thereallilybird.

5.What is Lily Bird’s height?

Lily Bird, the young actress, is 5 feet 2 inches tall (1.57 meters), showcasing her presence both on and off the screen.

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