The Best Party Schools in Red Solo Cups: A Guide


Some folks want a university with great classes, others want a place with lots of fun. Students have been trying to make their school the best party spot by throwing huge parties and big pre-game events. The Princeton Review does a survey each year to figure out which school has the wildest parties. Take a look at the list to see if your school is known for its wild social scene.

University Of Virginia: Charlottesville, Virginia

At the University of Virginia, sports seasons like football and basketball are huge deals. Students and alumni both love to throw amazing tailgates before the games. These events are full of energy and, yes, plenty of drinks are available, making it a lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy without worrying about sobering up before the game starts.

In addition to the sports, there’s a well-established streaking tradition at UVA. It’s likely that students participating in these activities aren’t completely sober, as a little courage might be involved. If streaking or football isn’t your thing, there’s no shortage of fraternity parties to join in because Greek life holds significance at this university.

 University Of Massachusetts: Amherst, Massachusetts

Even though UMass might not have as many undergraduates as some other schools here, don’t underestimate their party skills. This place is famous for its epic celebrations, like the wild Halloweekend bashes and the enormous pre-St. Patrick’s Day celebration called Blarney Blowout. They sure know how to make some serious noise!

The Blarney Blowout draws students from across New England for a weekend of non-stop partying, often resulting in more than 50 arrests. Originating in the ’70s, this tradition remains vibrant today. Additionally, students can regularly discover house parties and frequent off-campus bars throughout the week.

 University Of Arkansas: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville, the home of the University of Arkansas, is a charming college town. Weeknights here are never dull, thanks to a bustling scene perfect for living, working, and having a blast. Students credit the vibrant social life to the excitement brought by football and basketball seasons.

With 44 NCAA championships under their belt, the Razorbacks provide students with ample reason to cheer for sports victories. A robust Greek life presence at the school ensures that there’s almost a nightly frat party happening, as many students affirm.

 University Of Miami: Coral Gables, Florida

Imagine attending a school right next to Miami, home to some of the most renowned nightclubs on the east coast. The University of Miami offers students not just sunshine but also easy access to the stunning Miami beaches. It’s like studying in a tropical paradise, making partying a seamless part of their vacation-like lifestyle.

Picture going to a university adjacent to Miami, boasting some of the most famous east coast nightclubs. At the University of Miami, students don’t just enjoy the sun but also have convenient access to the breathtaking Miami beaches. It’s akin to studying in a tropical haven, where partying seamlessly blends into their vacation-style way of life.

 Michigan State University: East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan State University students exude as much school spirit as their in-state rivals. They go all out in support of their athletic teams and boast an impressive Greek life scene. Moreover, East Lansing offers a lively nightlife that caters to all students throughout the entire week.

Whether it’s karaoke or dance bars, this town offers a variety, ensuring there’s something to suit every mood of the night. When students aren’t exploring the town or cheering at rivalry-packed football games, they’re busy enjoying epic on-campus house parties that last well into the night.

10. University Of Connecticut: Mansfield, Connecticut

In the chilly northeast, it’s tough to keep that party spirit alive when snow’s piled high and temperatures are freezing. Yet, UConn is carving out a reputation, not just for their sports prowess but also for their vibrant party scene.

UConn’s men’s and women’s basketball teams have consistently secured championships and crucial victories in recent seasons, giving students plenty of reasons to rejoice. As per the Princeton Review, a significant 78 percent of students are active in social outings from Wednesday through Saturday.

University Of Ohio: Athens. Ohio

Ohio seems to have the secret sauce for a vibrant party scene, as the University of Ohio proudly claims its spot among the top party schools. The ongoing rivalry between Athens and Columbus in Ohio keeps the state buzzing with competition, each vying to secure a spot on the list.

At the University of Ohio, massive gatherings such as the Athens Halloween Block Party and Spring Fest draw students and alumni for non-stop festivities. Although the school’s administration has raised concerns about the Greek life activities, it hasn’t deterred students from participating in lively and boisterous behaviors.

Florida State University: Tallahassee, Florida

At Florida State University, they’ve earned the title of the “college town that never sleeps” for a reason—they truly embrace it. With wild parties, vibrant clubs, and amazing dining spots, FSU students have an abundance of social experiences. And let’s not forget the year-round warm, sunny weather that adds to their lively atmosphere!

In Florida, there’s a spirited competition among universities to claim the top party spot, and this year FSU has clinched that position. Not only does the school boast Florida’s finest social scene, but it’s also conveniently just a two-hour drive from the coveted spring break haven, Panama City.

 University of Southern California: Los Angeles, California

USC stands out being in luxe L.A. Students enjoy the glitz, celebs, and top-notch nightlife. With a hefty $60,000 price tag, wealthy Trojans throw lavish parties that outshine others.

USC’s vibrant Greek life receives substantial support from affluent and well-known alumni. Students exhibit immense school spirit for their basketball and football teams, ensuring thrilling games and lively tailgates. Additionally, the campus bar remains bustling from early morning till closing, drawing in a steady crowd.

University Of Iowa: Iowa City, Iowa

“Fight! Fight! Fight! For IOWA!” resonates through every game and tailgate, showcasing the immense school spirit at the University of Iowa. Renowned for its party vibes, this school proudly upholds its longstanding reputation as a top-notch party destination.

The University of Iowa boasts a strong Greek life community and a local bar scene that stands out among other regional schools. Students consistently push the boundaries, competing to outdo one another and land on the Barstool Iowa Instagram page.

University Of Maryland: College Park, Maryland

At the heart of College Park, Maryland, the University of Maryland buzzes with 40,000 undergraduates who host wild weekly bashes. Turf, Cornerstone, and Bents stand as the main hotspots where students gather, always bustling with enthusiastic crowds geared up for a great time.

If waiting in long lines isn’t your thing, there’s a wealth of frat parties to check out. UMD’s thriving Greek life ranks among the nation’s finest. With numerous on and off-campus activities, a night out here promises endless excitement, ensuring you’ll never face a dull moment.

University Of Alabama: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The University of Alabama isn’t just famed for its outstanding football team; it’s also renowned for its legendary parties. Often hailed as one of the most enjoyable schools in the South, a consensus among many students confirms this reputation.

Around 35% of the student body participates in Greek life, ensuring a constant flow of parties and mixers to join. With a roster of 66 distinct Greek organizations, the university accommodates a diverse range of interests. Tuscaloosa provides students with an array of entertainment choices, spanning from clubs to laid-back bars.

 University Of Texas: Austin, Texas

Strap on your cowboy boots and crank up the country beats because UT Austin stands tall as the shining star among Texas’s vibrant party scenes. Austin boasts an electric social landscape, where the college crowd amps up the bar scene to new levels of wild and bustling energy. From sunrise to sundown, students and alumni alike rally together in spirited celebration, cheering on the Longhorns while keeping the party going strong.

In addition to the vibrant bar scene, UT boasts a flourishing Greek community that sets the tone for campus festivities. Weekends are filled with numerous fraternity gatherings to join. For those less inclined towards fraternity parties, Austin, Texas, presents a plethora of alternative options worth exploring.

University Of Florida: Gainesville, Florida

The University of Florida stands as another contender for the title of the state’s premier party school. Renowned for its consistently strong football and basketball teams within the SEC, students take great pride in their school’s athletic achievements, providing ample reason for celebratory gatherings.

Apart from the lively on-campus festivities, Gainesville boasts a bustling array of clubs and bars. While the main party scene ignites on weekends, there’s typically entertainment available every night of the week. Students seldom find themselves lacking in activities and likely embrace a perpetually vibrant social scene.

 University of Wisconsin-Madison: Madison, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison boasts a bustling community of over 40,000 undergraduates, securing its perennial spot on the top party school rankings. An annual highlight is the renowned Freakfest, the grandest Halloween bash on campus, drawing crowds from across the state for an exhilarating celebration unlike any other.

Madison buzzes with bars and restaurants, keeping students entertained. Greek life ensures weekend frat parties, and there’s always something happening nightly.

University of Delaware: Newark, Delaware

At UDel, the students party really hard, so hard that the state made a law to stop their parties. Year-round residents complained in 2019, and the law was made because they partied too much. Even though it’s against the law, the students still keep partying.

Even with house parties banned, there’s no shortage of activities. Main Street’s bustling bars draw students nightly. Some secret house gatherings now replace the rowdy ones shut down by locals. This new law could impact the school’s ranking as a party hotspot.

Coastal Carolina University: Conway, South Carolina

Coastal Carolina University sits in the spring break hotspot. Just a quick drive from campus, Myrtle Beach becomes the weekend hangout for students. The beach boardwalk offers year-round dining and entertainment options for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, on-campus bars cater to those preferring proximity. Despite Greek life being less prominent, numerous house parties still provide students with options to explore and enjoy.

 Tulane University: New Orleans, Louisiana

With a New Orleans location next to Bourbon Street, Tulane University easily tops the party school list. Nightly options range from lively frat parties to a never-ending lineup of bars and clubs, ensuring there’s always something happening every night of the week.

Beyond the usual exciting nightlife, the campus sits at the heart of epic Mardi Gras festivities. For a full week, students revel day and night in vibrant celebrations, donning festive attire and enjoying plenty of drinks. It’s astonishing how anyone manages to drink after the festivities of Mardi Gras!

 Pennsylvania State University: State College, Pennsylvania

Penn State has lots of students, over 40,000, who love to party. Whether it’s sports or the big Greek community, there’s always a reason to celebrate in Happy Valley. Students here really love their school and show off their Penn State pride whenever they can.

Between Wednesday and Saturday, Penn State students have numerous party choices. Whether hitting the nearby bars or attending massive fraternity gatherings, they seem to keep the celebration going without missing classes. However, the school’s actions against Greek life affected its ranking on the party school list.

West Virginia University: Morgantown, West Virginia

While some schools face house party restrictions due to locals, West Virginia University takes a different approach. Situated in a remote area with limited off-campus options, students here throw massive house parties every week. Often, these gatherings spill out from the houses and onto the streets, turning into grand outdoor celebrations.

WVU’s highlight bash is Fallfest, drawing thousands of students annually. Top-notch DJs and renowned musicians headline this wild event. After Fallfest, the party carries on at local bars, extending the celebration well into the late-night hours.

University of Illinois: Urbana and Champaign, Illinois

The University of Illinois stands out as a leading Midwest party school. Despite average sports teams, students here find ample excuses to celebrate. With a quarter of the student body engaged in Greek life, weekends brim with on-campus parties for everyone to join.

Throughout the week, UICI students fill the nine campus bars and nearby restaurants. The college town has seen new spots sprouting up, offering a range of unique places to explore every night.

University of Arizona: Tucson, Arizona

The University of Arizona shines with its year-round warm, sunny weather, famous for extravagant pool parties. Whether on or off-campus, there’s always a spot to beat the desert heat and enjoy some drinks. Alongside these pool gatherings, the school boasts fantastic tailgates and a thriving Greek life scene.

At U of A, Greek life mirrors movie scenes with wild themed parties stretching into the early hours, ensuring an amazing time. Students flock to off-campus bars as well. It’s a dream for those averse to winter, with non-stop fun and warmth year-round.

University Of South Carolina: Columbia, South Carolina

At the University of South Carolina, the mascot’s name doesn’t embarrass anyone; they embrace it. There’s drinking at events from fall tailgates to spring basketball games. Students show a lot of pride, and when the team reached the final four in March Madness, everyone celebrated by jumping into the school’s fountain.

Despite comprising only 16 percent of the student body, Greek life at USC feels more prominent. There’s a frat party almost every day on campus. Apart from these, there are numerous enjoyable off-campus bars to explore.

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