How to Avoid the Most Hilarious Home Renovation Fails


Owning your home feels awesome, and making it match your style is great too. These folks wanted to show off their home makeovers, but things didn’t go as planned. Keep scrolling to see funny renovation mistakes—they’ll crack you up!

When Comfort Is Not The Number One Priority

The builders really wanted to squeeze a toilet into this small loft apartment, but they didn’t plan it well. They managed to fit it in, but they forgot to think about how much space a person needs to sit comfortably on it.

Maybe the builders were trying to stop people from spending too much time on their phones in the bathroom by making the toilet a bit uncomfortable!

Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Doing things yourself can be enjoyable and save money, but sometimes it’s smarter to let the pros handle it. This person probably should’ve called an expert to change just one door handle.

This person had a simple task but ended up making a mess trying to save money. They definitely missed the mark on that one!

When All The Tenants Have Spiderman Abilities

We’re scratching our heads, wondering how nobody noticed this mistake. When there are drawings and plans involved in building or renovating, it’s surprising that this slip-up happened without anyone catching it.

It’s almost like everyone involved was having a really good time with something extra strong, and they found it so hilarious that they just let it happen without stopping it. It’s the only explanation that kinda makes sense!

When You’re Obsessed With Mirrors

This homeowner was really into mirrors and thought getting two would be twice as nice. But when she put them up, she realized they didn’t make her look as good as she hoped—they weren’t flattering at all!

Yeah, those mirrors are totally mismatched! They’re different sizes and styles, making them look odd and out of place together.

When Skateboarding is Love

It seems like this person might’ve wanted a driveway that doubled as a skateboarding ramp. It might work for skating, but it’s definitely not great for parking cars. Maybe they never really planned to use it as a regular driveway!

That driveway is super steep—parking there would make anyone worry that their car might just roll away! It’s definitely not the most practical spot to park.

When You Don’t Like Children

It’s clear from the picture that the person who put the playground stuff on the roof might not be a fan of kids. That drop from the slide looks really unsafe, like whoever did it didn’t think it through very well.

It looks like the school wanted to quiet down parents asking for a play area, so they put something up. But it seems more like a quick fix to stop the requests rather than a safe or proper playground setup.

Just Hang In There

Whoever designed these stairs might as well have a deal with the hospital to bring in injured folks daily. Those stairs look like a recipe for accidents!

These stairs seem like an invitation for broken backs, legs, arms—you name it! Having a bathroom door right in the middle of the staircase is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s hard to believe someone thought this design was a good idea!

Necessity is [Not] The Mother of Invention

This person was thrilled with their new home, but there was a problem: the extra-large fridge didn’t fit in the kitchen. So they hired a contractor to fix it.

The contractor got creative and turned the oversized fridge into a kitchen island. Now, it’s living its own little island life right in the middle of the kitchen!

The Most Decorative Sink Ever

Instead of installing the kitchen sink into a countertop like usual, someone had the bright idea to put it inside a cabinet. And they actually followed through with that unusual plan!

It’s like this person wanted to keep the kitchen sink a secret from everyone else. We’re just as surprised as you are by this unusual decision!

Remote Access for The Cat

This family had a wide ledge above their front door and decided to put furniture there. One day, their cat was exploring and discovered this spot. It jumped from the staircase and decided to take a nap on one of the chairs up there!

It became a habit for the cat, but it was risky. So, the homeowners put a plank between the staircase and the ledge. Now, the cat walks this plank every day to reach its favorite spot on the chairs!

The Struggle is Real

Imagine finishing up on the toilet and realizing the toilet paper is out of reach—or even worse, there’s no toilet paper at all! That’s a pretty awkward situation!

Looks like this family has a creative solution for that situation every day. Maybe they have a mischievous cat that loves messing up toilet paper, and this setup is their way of keeping it safe!

Not Built for Adults

When setting up a bathroom at home, you’ll need enough space for at least a toilet and a sink that everyone in the house can use.

The sink in the master bedroom seems more suited for kids than adults—it’s a bit on the small side!

The Ultimate Space Saving Door

Bi-fold, sliding, and pocket doors are great for saving space, but this guy took it to another level. That door is so narrow, it seems like only someone super thin could squeeze through!

Putting a door there seems a bit questionable. It might’ve been better to just leave it as it was without adding a door.

Everyone Deserves Privacy

That sight would definitely make anyone feel uneasy, especially a real estate agent visiting office units.

It’s a real mystery—we’d love to ask the builder what they were thinking when they put that toilet in such an odd spot. Maybe the office wanted to discourage long bathroom breaks, but it’s definitely an unusual setup!

The Upside Down World

The homeowners didn’t mind the unconventional door placement because it gave their dog a good view of the front walk. Sometimes unusual setups have unexpected perks!

When someone knocks on their door, the homeowners struggle because they can only see the feet of the person on the other side. It’s definitely an awkward situation!

Two Small Sinks Are Better Than One Big Sink

Homeowners often prefer a large sink for its convenience and functionality in the kitchen. But when the builders finished remodeling the kitchen, the owner couldn’t believe what they had done to the sink—it was probably not what they had in mind at all!

The odd design makes you choose which sink to use, and both are so small they can barely hold a few glasses. It’s the complete opposite of what the owners wanted—a far cry from a convenient, spacious sink!

The House With Lots of Windows

It looks like the owner really wanted their house to stand out and be known as “the house with windows.” They certainly didn’t hold back on window space!

It seems like the homeowner might have scored a great deal on windows, considering they have so many installed throughout the house!

When There’s A Will There’s A Way

The homeowner really wanted a relaxing bath after a long day, but their bathroom was too small for a tub. Then, they looked at the free space at the top of a steep wooden staircase and thought, “Problem solved! That’s where the tub will go!”

You’re right! Splashing water onto the stairs could be really dangerous. A warning sign for bathers might be a good idea to keep things safe!

Not The Ideal Bathroom

A bright bathroom can be visually pleasing, but this super bright reddish-orange bathroom might be a bit overwhelming or intense for most people’s taste!

Stepping into that bathroom feels like walking into the heart of the sun! It’s a bit chaotic, but at least the owner sees it that way too!

It Must Have Been There By Mistake

No worries! Sometimes mistakes happen. This sink might seem out of place, but it was actually meant for the kid’s bathroom. Just a mix-up during installation!

Perhaps they could consider installing a sink with a higher clearance or adjusting the positioning to make it more convenient and prevent any accidental head bumps. There are some clever design solutions out there to address this kind of issue.

Two-In-One Room

Absolutely, blending functions in unexpected places might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Privacy and functionality are key in a home’s layout, so separate designated spaces tend to work best for certain fixtures!

Having a bathroom nearby is convenient, but having it integrated into a dining area can create uncomfortable moments. Separating spaces for different purposes helps maintain comfort and privacy for everyone.

The Amazing Dueling Toilets

Installing a second toilet within the same bathroom might seem unusual and could present some practical challenges. It might make more sense to distribute the toilets across different areas of the house for accessibility and convenience. Having separate bathrooms can ensure smoother functionality and privacy for multiple users at the same time.

That could be one way to see it! Some people might prefer shared spaces for convenience or companionship, even in a bathroom setting. It’s all about personal preferences and how people prioritize their living arrangements.

Making Dinner Parties More Fun

Sounds intriguing! I’m curious—what unique idea did they come up with to make dinner parties more interesting while preparing food?

That’s certainly an unconventional approach to dinner party entertainment! A giant tub for socializing and enjoying cocktails sounds like a unique way to add some fun and relaxation to the evening. It might create a memorable experience for the guests!

Double Fun in Bedroom

That sounds like they’ve created their own little oasis! The mirrored ceiling and Jacuzzi in the bedroom create a luxurious and personalized space for relaxation and comfort. It’s an interesting way to combine elements of a spa-like experience with the intimacy of the bedroom.

They really jazzed up their bedroom with a mirrored ceiling and a bedtime jacuzzi! Not everyone’s cup of tea for a resale, but it’s got its own unique vibe!

The Kaleidoscope Kitchen Headache

A hand-painted kitchen with vibrant colors and patterns can bring so much life and personality into a home. It’s a bold and creative choice that would definitely appeal to those who love lively and expressive designs in their living spaces.

It’s completely okay to have differing tastes! While some might find the vibrant colors and patterns of a hand-painted kitchen exciting and full of energy, others might feel it’s overwhelming or too stimulating. Design preferences are personal, and what works for one person might not work for another. The key is finding a balance that makes a space feel comfortable and enjoyable for those who use it the most.

It’s A Tricky Game

Curtains can definitely be a challenge to choose! Sometimes, experimenting with unique or unconventional styles can bring a fresh look to a space. Yet, it’s essential to strike a balance between creativity and functionality, ensuring that the chosen style complements the room without overwhelming it. It’s a delicate balance to achieve!

It sounds like those floral drapes might not be to your taste! Sometimes, certain design elements might clash or not align with the overall aesthetic of a room. Replacing them with something that better complements the space could be a great way to enhance the room’s overall look and feel. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your space!

A Tough Decision

They squeezed two desired items into a small bathroom – talk about making the most of limited space!

With tight spaces, thoughtful planning can make a huge difference. Sometimes, a little strategic thinking in the design process can really transform a cramped area into something much more functional and enjoyable.

A Surfer’s Kitchen

Sounds like they’ve brought the beach vibes home! People often find creative ways to incorporate their passions into their living spaces, even if they’re far from the actual setting. It’s a unique way to infuse a bit of that surfing spirit into their daily environment.Sometimes, design elements like a wavy backsplash can evoke memories or aspirations of relaxing by the beach or catching some waves. It’s amazing how certain patterns or elements can transport us to our favorite places or activities, even if we’re far away from them physically.

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