How to Make Teasing Fun for Pupils


Teachers have a tough job! They have to handle lots of things like what to teach, dealing with parents, and sometimes tricky students. Some teachers deal with this by making their classes funny. They turn their classrooms into places where jokes and funny things happen. They make up fake tests or quizzes that surprise their students and make them laugh. These teachers show that making people laugh can make learning fun.

When A Wasp Enters The Room, Fire Is Your Only Defense

The teacher, like most of us, wanted to get rid of a wasp that flew into the classroom. Their solution? They tried using fire to deal with it. Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, the school didn’t catch fire, but setting off the fire alarms was probably an unintended consequence. When faced with a wasp in the classroom, the teacher might’ve felt stuck and didn’t know what else to do.

Girl Look At That Body

This teacher wanted to teach her students about muscles and the human body in a way that was easier to understand. So, she used visuals to help them see and learn more clearly.

The teacher surprised her students by dressing up like she was turned inside-out to teach them about muscles. It was a memorable way to learn about the human body that the students won’t easily forget!

 Take A Dive Into Education

Every year, teachers take the same old yearbook photo, which can get pretty boring. But these teachers decided to change things up! They went for an under-the-sea theme to make their photos more fun and interesting.

The photographer was probably really surprised, but the final pictures turned out to be really funny. The students won’t ever forget those unique yearbook photos!

Never Fall Asleep In Class

The photographer was probably really surprised, but the final pictures turned out to be really funny. The students won’t ever forget those unique yearbook photos!

Looks like this person who fell asleep during class is in for a surprise when they try to leave. They’ll probably learn their lesson and won’t doze off in that class again!

 Storm Trooper Infiltration

In Star Wars, Stormtroopers aren’t known for being very effective, as they couldn’t stop Luke Skywalker. But it looks like someone who’s good at sneaking in, like a Stormtrooper, managed to get into the school’s science department.

He got so involved in the teacher’s life that he didn’t have any secret info to share with headquarters. If he stays there for a while, he might even become a permanent teacher with tenure!

All The Single Papers Put Your Hands Up

Teachers often get frustrated when a student forgets to write their name on a paper. It makes it hard for the teacher to enter grades because they don’t know whose work it is.

The teacher, inspired by Beyoncé, reminded the students that if they wanted a grade, they needed to put their name on their work. Hopefully, the students learned from this!

Man Dolphins To Gain Brownie Points

Lots of students try to score extra points on tests by writing long essays or adding jokes. But this time, a teacher liked a weird drawing a student left on a test so much that they gave everyone in the class extra points!

The other students probably thought it was cool that one drawing got everyone extra points on their grades—four points each!

Teaching With Puns Is Always Effective

This teacher used visual aids to help students remember information. Now, thanks to that visual aid, they’ll remember that “sin b over tan b equals cos b.”

There are lots of mnemonic devices teachers use to help students remember things, but it seems nothing sticks quite like “Cos b.”

Princess Leia To The Rescue

In schools, they’re making sure everyone wears their IDs for safety. But this guy, Brian Dennert, wanted his ID picture to stand out, so he dressed up as Princess Leia from “Star Wars” to add some fun to it!

Exactly! By dressing up as Princess Leia, Brian might make it a bit tricky for people to recognize him in his school ID. Those iconic hair buns could throw people off!

 Quit Clowning Around

This teacher got tired of students fooling around during biology class. So, he decided to prank them back in a funny way, maybe to show them what it’s like!

He wore a circus clown outfit all day, making sure his students noticed. It probably changed how they saw him, and they might’ve started taking him more seriously after that!

Seems Like An Adequate Substitute

When a student went to see their teacher, they found a dummy sitting in the office instead. It wasn’t going to be much help in answering the student’s question, though!

That student likely got quite a surprise walking in on that scene! But you’re right, the teacher probably had a good laugh about the whole thing.

Lean With It, Rock With It

That teacher might have been trying to show the effects of gravity or maybe just trying to help the student in an awkward position. Teachers often go to great lengths to help their students learn!

Absolutely, personal space is important! The student might not have been too thrilled with the teacher getting that close. It can feel awkward when someone invades your space, especially in a learning environment.

Christopher Walken Approved

That’s a clever play on words! Just like the famous actor Christopher Walken, no one can just walk in unannounced to the principal’s office. You need an appointment because “Walkens” (walk-ins) aren’t allowed!

No matter how famous someone is, even Christopher Walken wouldn’t get in without an appointment. The principal’s serious about scheduling meetings!

Even Grumpy Cat Was A Fan Of Math

Having a good sense of humor can make students respect and enjoy their teacher’s style more. This math teacher understands that math can be tough, so she uses funny posters to lighten the mood and make the subject more approachable for her students.

Grumpy Cat’s grumpy face probably made the perfect match to set the tone in a math classroom! Using humor to show love for math is a great way to connect with students.

Physics And Star Wars Go Hand-In-Hand

When you wanted to teach art but the only job available was in physics, so you blend your artistic skills into your physics lessons.

It’s a bummer that the janitor will erase this drawing at the end of the day. It took a while to create, but like “Cos B,” this image was another way the teacher used visuals to help students remember information.

Those Who Can’t Draw, Teach

That’s a funny saying! The English teacher wanted to draw a hammer and nail to say “nailed it,” but their drawing skills weren’t great. They joked about it, admitting they might not be the best at drawing.The student was thrilled to get an A+ and got an extra laugh because of her teacher’s sense of humor. Sounds like the teacher definitely deserves top marks for making learning enjoyable!

You Shall Not Pass

Plagiarism is a serious issue, and receiving an F on a paper makes it even more troublesome. Like Gandalf, this teacher wasn’t happy upon realizing that the paper was copied from a professional film critic.If someone’s going to use ideas from others, it’s crucial not to pick someone highly acclaimed, like a “Critic of the Year” whose work is published on prestigious sites like The Guardian.

If someone’s going to use ideas from others, it’s crucial not to pick someone highly acclaimed, like a “Critic of the Year” whose work is published on prestigious sites like The Guardian.

Game Of Spoilers

some teachers get attention for their incredible teaching, while others might make headlines for more unusual or unconventional teaching methods. There’s quite a range out there!

That’s a risky move! The teacher threatened to spoil Game of Thrones if the students misbehaved. For fans of the show, that would definitely be a major spoiler and a big deal!

Bad (Chemical) Romance

That’s creative! In 2009, a science teacher used elements from the periodic table to recreate the opening lyrics of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” Mixing science and music in a clever way!Using catchy songs or popular tunes to teach can definitely help students remember the material. Plus, having “Bad Romance” stuck in their heads might make the information stick around a bit longer!

Titanic Science Homework

That’s quite a creative twist! The science teacher assigned homework where students had to mimic the famous pose from “Titanic” and maybe draw or replicate a scientific concept. It’s a fun way to make learning enjoyable!

Associating the bones they’re learning in science with a famous scene from Titanic will likely make those bones a lot more memorable for the students. Associating concepts with something familiar can really help with retention!

Forget A Pencil And You Get Bieber Fever

The teacher found a way to ensure students remember their writing tools for class by offering Justin Bieber-themed pencils. However, for some male students, having pencils that say “I Heart Justin Bieber” might be a tad embarrassing!

That’s a playful way to encourage students to remember their own pencils! While some might find it embarrassing, others might not mind at all and even appreciate getting those Justin Bieber pencils for free.

 Best And Worst Homework Ever Given

Teachers might seem like they’re giving tough homework just to be challenging, but they have to grade all that work too, so it’s just as much effort for them. They want to help students learn, not just make things difficult!

The teacher might have given out a long list of optional homework that wasn’t going to be graded. It’s possible some students might have tried to tackle one or two assignments out of curiosity or for extra practice.

Gandalf Has Allowed You To Enter The Corridor

That’s a fun twist! In the world of hall passes, it seems Gandalf now gives students permission to roam the halls, unlike his famous line, “You shall not pass.”

It seems like this teacher finds the idea of hall passes a bit silly. Asking a student to go from the Shire to Mordor and back within the time of a hallway pass might be a bit unrealistic!

All Of The Above

It’s true, surprise quizzes or exams can stress students out. This teacher, probably anticipating that, added an easy question to help balance things out and give everyone a chance to get at least one question right.If everyone didn’t get the easy question right, the teacher could humorously tell them they got “Rick Rolled.” It’s a fun way to keep things light even if someone misses an easy question.

D Is For Duhhhhhhhh

It sounds like this teacher was pretty tired of making test questions, so they decided to be straightforward and honest with their students about it. Sometimes honesty is the best policy!

The teacher, feeling drained, probably ended up giving a very simple and direct question on the test that reflected just how tired they were while making it.

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