After Split Rumors, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Attended A Family Event Together

After Split Rumors, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Attended A Family Event Together.

Ben Affleck has reached a breaking point with Jennifer Lopez and moved out of their shared home, a source tells In Touch. The insider claims they are headed for divorce, and this time, it is not Bens fault. Fans have noticed the couple spending more time apart, and Ben skipped the Met Gala, citing filming commitments for The Accountant 2. However, the source says he decided to end the marriage.

He is focusing on his work and kids now, the insider adds. Ben already moved out, and they will likely have to sell the dream house they found after a two year search. They still love each other, but she can not control him, and he can not change her. It could not last.

Their relationship struggled due to their different approaches to the spotlight, with Jennifer embracing media attention and Ben avoiding it. In J. Los documentary, Ben admitted, I did not want a relationship on social media, but I realized that is not fair to ask. It is like marrying a boat captain and not wanting the water. We are trying to learn to compromise.

Jennifer admitted, I do not think Ben is very comfortable with me doing this, but he does not want to stop me. A source adds, Ben would never stifle Jennifer’s dreams, even though she can be quite controlling of him.

Compromising proved harder than they thought. They waited nearly two decades to get back together, but in the end, they could not make it work, the insider says. They both said they had matured, but the same issues remained.

Ben and Jen first dated in the early 2000s, calling off their 2003 wedding days before it was set. They stayed together until January 2004 and reconciled in 2021, finally marrying in July 2022.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were recently seen together at Ben’s daughter Violet’s high school graduation amid rumors of marital issues. Photographers captured images of the couple, along with Affleck’s mother, Chris Ann Boldt, at the event. This marks their first public appearance together since May 19, with their last sighting before that on May 16 after more than a month apart. Rumors of a split intensified when Affleck missed the Met Gala on May 6, where Lopez was a co-chair. Affleck’s representative stated he was busy filming The Accountant 2.

Fans questioned the couples marriage status after TMZ reported that Affleck has been living separately from Lopez. Representatives for both did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Affleck and Lopez became engaged in the early 2000s but later parted ways. They rekindled their romance 20 years later and married in 2022.

During a press conference for her new movie Atlas last week, Lopez addressed the split rumors. Her co-star Simu Liu intervened, saying, OK, we are not doing that. Lopez added, You know better than that, and Liu finished with, Do not come in here with that energy, please.

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