Check out who F1 driver Charles Leclerc has dated! See all his current and past girlfriends!

Charles Leclerc has dated dailyjugarr

Tough luck if you’ve been eyeing Formula 1 stud Charles Leclerc! The 26-year-old racer is already taken, and all his past flames are no secret to us. Charles is currently rocking it with Scuderia Ferrari, and he’s even locked in for the 2024 season after extending his contract earlier this year. With five wins and 30 podium finishes, he’s amassed a cool 1074 points in 125 grand prix races.

Before Ferrari, he began his Formula 1 journey with Sauber in 2018 before moving to Ferrari the following year. But even prior to his debut, he was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, engaging in test drives and all. Now, let’s delve into the juicy details of Charles’ dating history, including his rumored and confirmed girlfriends over the years, and the lucky lady currently holding his heart!

Giada Gianni

Charles’ first big relationship was with this model, Giada Gianni. They were a thing from 2015 to 2019. Word has it they hooked up when he was still in Formula 3, but things went south around the time he was getting into Formula 1 and sealing the deal with Ferrari.

She spilled the tea during an Instagram live session, saying he dumped her to put all his focus on his Ferrari gig. There were even whispers about them getting engaged at some point.

Charlotte Sine

So after Giada, Charles was linked with this girl named Charlotte Sine, who was into architecture. The funny thing is, they knew each other since they were teenagers but didn’t start dating until 2019. And get this, Charlotte’s mom lived right next door to Charles‘ family!

They both spilled the beans that they split in December 2022 after being together for three years.

Charles Leclerc put it out there, saying, “Hey everyone, Charlotte and I decided to call it quits, but we’re still tight. We’ve had some awesome times together, and she’ll always be special to me. She’s awesome and deserves the best. Please give us some space and respect her privacy during this time.”

Charlotte chimed in with, “Yeah, so Charles and I decided to go our separate ways, but we’re still buds. We’ve had a blast over the past 3 years with tons of memories. He’s a great guy, and I wish him all the best. Let’s keep it low-key and respect our privacy. Thanks, y’all.

Alexandra Saint Mleux

Charles Leclerc is currently with Alexandra Saint Mleux. They’ve been rumored to be an item since at least March 2023 when folks spotted them at Paris Fashion Week.

They’re not big on making their relationship a big deal in public, you know? They haven’t hit any red carpets together yet. But they’ve been seen chilling at sports events, like that AS Monaco v Olympiacos Piraeus match in November 2023, sitting courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game a few weeks before that, and even at Wimbledon in July 2023.

Alexandra’s pretty big on TikTok, racking up like a million views on most of her vids. She’s also got an Instagram account all about art and snapping cool stuff.

Last time anyone saw them together was at the Las Vegas Grand Prix in November 2023, strolling through the paddock before the practice sessions.

Oh, and in August 2023, they were spotted chilling in Sardinia, Italy, on vacation.

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