Jennifer Lopez Did What? Sterling K. Brown’s Dramatic Reaction to Lunch Talk is Pure Gold


People are Excited about a funny clip featuring actors Sterling K. Brown and Jennifer Lopez. During a press interview for their new Netflix movie “Atlas,” Lopez was explaining her favorite comfort meal, mentioning rice and beans because she is Puerto Rican. Brown jokingly interrupted saying,

“Are you Puerto Rican? Get out of here. Arroz, frijoles, a me gusta French toast.”

This playful exchange has gone viral with fans loving Browns humor and expressive reactions. He pretended to be mock-annoyed, which made everyone laugh. The clip shows the great chemistry between the two stars and has been shared widely on social media, bringing lots of smiles and laughs. Despite some joking about a possible feud, it’s clear it was all in good fun.

As the temperature outside rises, many people will be seeking shade. However, the kind of shade that Oscar-nominated actor Sterling K. Brown may have thrown at Jennifer Lopez recently is not the kind they will want.

During a press tour for their latest Netflix film “Atlas” Jennifer Lopez Sterling K. Brown and Barbie star Simu Liu sat down with Unilad to answer various questions. Atlas follows the story of Atlas Shepherd (Lopez), a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst who deeply distrusts artificial intelligence. She joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. When things go wrong, her only hope of saving humanity is future from AI is to learn to trust it.

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