The Ultimate Collection Of Husband And Wife Jokes!


 This is a super funny book full of jokes about husbands and wives. It's like a big box of giggles made just for couples. If you want to have a good laugh and share some silly moments with your partner, this book is perfect for you!

  1. 1 Sis Swap Plan

    In this comedic exchange, a clever husband asks his wife if she'd consider remarrying after he's shuffled off this mortal coil. Her swift reply? "Nah, I'll shack up with my sis!" Not missing a beat, she flips the question, and he shoots back, "Nope, I'll join you both for the sisterly soirée!"


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  3. 2 Ring Finger Mix-Up

    In this witty exchange, the husband notices his wife wearing her wedding ring on the wrong finger and asks for an explanation. With a humorous twist, the wife playfully quips, "Because I married the wrong man!" This lighthearted banter captures a moment of playful marital humor.

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  5. 3 Finished

    This witty remark plays with the idea that finding love completes a person. The speaker humorously states that before marriage, they felt incomplete, but now that they're married, they feel "finished" or whole. It's a clever twist on the idea of finding fulfillment in a romantic partnership.

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  7. 4

    This humorous statement pokes fun at the dynamic often present in marriages, where one person (usually humorously implied to be the wife) is always considered right, while the other person (typically the husband) is on the receiving end of this assertion. It's a playful take on the idea of marital dynamics and who holds the 'right' opinion.

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  9. 5 lipstick and a glue stick

    This amusing incident involves a mix-up between a lipstick and a glue stick. The husband's innocent mistake has led to his wife giving him the silent treatment. It's a lighthearted tale highlighting the importance of paying attention to details.

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