They Are Not Grandmas! They Are the New Fashion Icons of the Town


As time goes on, individuals should adapt and evolve. It appears that our older generation has embraced this notion. Nowadays, there is a growing number of individuals striving to become influential figures on social media. In light of this, there is no reason why our baby boomers should be left behind. They are making waves in various realms, from social media platforms to high-profile events like the red carpet. Each of these remarkable individuals possesses their own distinct and lively style.

The Old-New Muse

Older generations have consistently served as a source of inspiration for designers, as seen in the iconic Celine campaign featuring Joan Didion and the rise of Baddie Winkle. Ari Seth Cohen, an American fashion blogger, is a firm believer in admiring the style of older men and women. He credits his grandmother as his first role model, who encouraged him to explore her and his grandfather’s closets and express himself fully. The influence of these older fashionistas on younger generations is evident, with trends like oversized glasses, baggy clothes, comfortable heels, and large bags becoming synonymous with their names.

From the Edwardian Era to Coastal Grandmas

The Edwardian and WWII periods reflected the seniors’ love for fashion, as they favored corsets, long skirts, and mature silhouettes. However, fashion historian Charity Armstead explains that in the 1920s, the focus shifted towards younger individuals, leading to a change in fashion. This change fully blossomed in the 1960s with the introduction of miniskirts and a more vibrant and youthful style. Nevertheless, recent years have seen a shift in the fashion industry, with the emergence of trendy and stylish grandmas who have brought more self-expression into fashion. Armstead highlights that this shift also emphasizes comfort, with current consumers seeking outfits that provide the comfort of pajamas while still appearing put together, polished, and authentic.


The Views of the New Influencers

The latest trend in influencers, who have actually been present in the scene for quite some time now, are finding great joy in the vibrancy that bright colors add to their lives. They feel more noticeable and full of life thanks to the fashion choices they make. They value the freedom that comes with expressing themselves through this artistic medium. While some may not appreciate being labeled as “grandmas,” they embrace the thrill of rebelling against societal norms and liberating themselves from others’ expectations.

The royals pay meticulous attention to every detail in their wardrobe, ensuring that each piece serves a specific purpose in conveying the desired message or facilitating non-verbal communication. This deliberate approach to fashion has always been a part of their tradition, and there are several hidden meanings behind the royal family’s attire that might be unfamiliar to you.

Queen Elizabeth & Her Purses

Queen Elizabeth & Her Purses
The question that makes the most sense to ask is, “Why would a Queen need a purse when she has attendants to carry everything for her?” However, it appears that there is a strategic reason behind it.
For instance, if the Queen decides to shift her purse from her left arm to her right arm while speaking with someone, it serves as a cue for her staff to interrupt the conversation. Similarly, if she places her handbag on the table during an event, it signifies that the Queen wishes to conclude it in the next few minutes.


Baby Archie’s Royal Family Shawl

Archie the son of Meghan and Prince Harry
As expected, every royal baby receives a shawl that is officially approved, and Archie, the child of Meghan and Prince Harry, was no different.

Queen Elizabeth’s Bright-Colored Wardrobe

Queen Elizabeth’s Bright-Colored Wardrobe
It may come as a surprise, but Queen Elizabeth sports vibrant, eye-catching ensembles for a reason. Given the crowded nature of the events she attends where numerous individuals hope to catch sight of her, she deliberately dresses in neon shades like pinks and yellows to distinguish herself and ensure her subjects can easily spot her. It’s quite thoughtful, don’t you think?

Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress

Princess Diana Black Dress
A lot of people recall the day when Charles confessed his unfaithfulness on television and particularly remember the dress Princess Diana wore on that same day. It appears that she intended to “punish” him with her breathtaking appearance.


Kate’s Blue Polka-Dot Dress

Kate & Prince William with baby George
Many of the concealed messages may carry sweet sentiments, but this particular one is perhaps the most endearing. The blue polka-dot gown adorned by Kate as she revealed baby George to the public with Prince William bears a striking resemblance to the dress Princess Diana wore three decades earlier when she presented baby William to the world.

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