45 Hilariously Ridiculous Outfits From Fashion Shows We Just Don’t Understand

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All of us experience moments that make us feel embarrassed, but fortunately, most of these incidents occur in the presence of our close friends and family. However, when it comes to fashion shows, these cringe-worthy outfits are seen by both important individuals and the general public. Those who prefer practical clothing will definitely not find the following types of outfits suitable for them. Take a glance at this extensive collection of fashion show ensembles that should have never been displayed publicly.

Hide a Bad Hair Day

Do not fret over a potential bad hair day any longer; just put on this clothing ensemble and conceal it from view. This versatile outfit will not only keep your surroundings tidy by effortlessly sweeping away any obstacles in your path, but it will also save you valuable time.

If you choose to wear this outfit in public, you can effectively avoid being seen by everyone at all times. However, it is important to note that you will certainly attract a significant amount of attention if you visit the mall or wear it to your workplace.

Think Out of the Box

Stay cozy during freezing winter days by keeping your hands warm, no gloves required, with this convenient outfit. However, it’s essential to be cautious as the outfit may impede mobility, making it harder to get back up if you happen to fall.

It appears that this garment allows you to conceal everything apart from your legs and feet, leaving them exposed to the cold. If you’ve ever desired an hourglass body shape, this dress is the perfect solution as it instantly gives you that desired figure.

All White and Weird

This unconventional and extremely uncomfortable attire showcases a unique and unconventional style that is both unfashionable and beyond the realm of comfort. The longer you examine it, the more you question the designer’s intentions and the target audience for this garment.

The gown is set to receive an award, specifically for being the most comically outrageous attire in this fashion event. It’s a common expectation to always have something of this nature in each show that brings amusement.

The Buddy Garment

If you’re someone who enjoys engaging in thoughtful conversations with yourself when there’s no one else around, then this outfit serves as the perfect companion. It eliminates the need for an imaginary friend, as it becomes a constant presence on your back, giving you someone to talk to at all times.

This outfit is ideal for those who desire to avoid those undesirable and bothersome individuals who incessantly seek your contact information. Wearing this ensemble will ensure that you never feel lonely again!

Size You Up

There are no further untruths from those individuals claiming to possess a waist size of 28; it is evident that their claims are false. The fashion designer failed to meet the deadline and presented an incomplete garment on the runway – was this a deliberate act?

Isn’t it going a bit too overboard to have a scarf that also functions as a measuring tool? However, at least this outfit serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm and having a convenient tool readily available when you need it.

Keep Your Distance

This attire is not suitable for individuals who travel by subway or bus for their daily commute. By wearing this outfit, you can ensure that others will maintain a respectable distance, allowing you to enjoy your personal space.

Wherever you wear this attire, individuals will honor your personal area and refrain from obstructing your path. This garment may also be valued by celebrities who wish to avoid any concerns about fans approaching them closely while navigating through public spaces.

Safety Hazard

The safety risk applies to individuals who choose to get too close; they will quickly realize the consequences. This attire is perfect for situations where people frequently bump into you without any apologies.

The aim of this ensemble is to educate individuals on proper etiquette, all while ensuring their own protection with body armor. It is important to ensure that the enclosure is constructed with gentle materials, as an unfortunate situation could arise if someone were to get hurt.

See it All

This shirt appears as if it belongs to a fantastical tale of a clever tailor who persuades the king into believing there is substance when there isn’t. Only those of royal descent can truly perceive it, so everyone pretends to see it, including the model.

The model likely didn’t have a problem with wearing the transparent shirt, but it was important to remove the dog, or possibly hair, obstructing their face. This outfit is undeniably confusing, making it hard not to feel a bit perplexed.

Armor for Women

Have you ever been curious about the appearance of women’s armor during medieval times? Well, look no further because this is the perfect explanation. To add an extra touch of intimidation, the snake serving as a scarf will deter any potential assailants – although it might not have the same effect on individuals armed with a lance.

Although the lower part of the dress is revealing, she is appropriately covered up at the upper portion. If this attire isn’t protective armor, it is likely a strategy to create the perception that what is concealed is larger than usual.

Alice in Wonderland

This bow will make you look like a character from the children’s story, Alice in Wonderland, just a bit pinker. How do you get inside this dress? Is it like tying your shoes, or more like putting a bow in your hair?

It must take time to get dressed in this bow dress if you’re not used to tying your dress around you. Wearing this in public will be a great sign that you’re comfortable with what you wear.

Don’t Hop Away

Are those pants or springs fitted on the legs of this model? Hopefully, it’s not made from some type of metal. It takes a lot of courage to walk on the runway dressed in this outfit. This man must be a very brave model indeed.

This outfit also reminds us of a musical instrument. Is it an accordion? It must be meant to be worn by a musician going to the fair or Mardi Gras. The job of a model can sometimes be very difficult.

Combat Training

This must be some futuristic combat gear and part of training where you need to carry a fellow soldier from the battlefield. If that’s the case, the garment looks cool, but it should be worn without a person on your back because that looks really uncomfortable!

Not every model, or any person for that matter, will be able to wear this outfit without the proper training. The expression on the model’s face looks like they’re struggling to walk, or they’re feeling a bit embarrassed. Which one is it?

You Can’t See Me

It looks like the designer decided it’s time to make something John Cena can wear in public. That way he doesn’t need to remind us all the time that we can’t see him, even though we think we can.

Is this design available in camouflage colors? It’s quite a fancy way to hide in plain sight and be protected from pollution. This fashion design isn’t meant for those who live in warmer places unless you can figure out how to breathe in it.


We still don’t know what to call him yet, but anyone can be this new superhero, even if you don’t have the muscles. This outfit looks a bit heavy for those who don’t live at the gym, but it’s perfect for those who want to look the part.

This outfit’s purpose is unclear, other than looking like a cheap superhero knock-off. At least the model is playing along with that no-nonsense expression on his face. His facial expression perfectly matches the garment.

Fairy From Another Time

This must be what the tooth fairy looked like before modern times – maybe in Neanderthal times. Even though the clothes look a bit out of place, that dental thing in the mouth makes them look a bit macho.

Hopefully, the model was compensated properly for being called in by the dentist to fill in for someone else. The local anesthesia didn’t wear off yet, so he needs to be careful not to drool. This type of outfit is why many people don’t want to become models.

Hogwarts Fashion Show

Be careful not to make your imagination come to life for real in this fashion show straight out of Harry Potter. The black garment is wizard-like fashion and the pink dragon makes us feel like this is a Hogwarts fashion moment.

If this is in a fashion show in normal life, then something went wrong, and the worlds crossed over somehow. The cute dragon that’s part of the ensemble looks so peaceful and will probably make people want to have one for themselves.

Takeaways This Way

Does this newly designed outfit mean that there’s a new chicken takeaway on its way? This will mean even more competition for KFC and the Colonel. Will this outfit be the fate of people working at fast-food restaurants?

At least the outfit looks a bit more real than your average chicken costume, so it might get your attention. The model doesn’t look very impressed with the outfit. We wonder if her lunch was chicken.

The Box Is Lighter

Wearing a barrel isn’t funny anymore and, truthfully, a box is much lighter. This designer must have been tired of women saying “I don’t have anything to wear.” This box dress is intended to give them some idea of what to do in that instance.

Are you feeling square? No problem, we’ll design a dress that will fit your mood. Now we also know there’s a dress for every mood, no matter what you feel – just use your imagination.

Be Versatile

Have you been feeling lately that you’re not versatile enough and you need some variety in your outfit? Wear beard-like jewelry to complete your ensemble! That’s the message you get from this design made by a very imaginative fashion designer.

The fact that the outfit and the jewelry are made from very expensive diamonds will stop you in your tracks. This design isn’t meant for normal people out there who are working hard to make a living.

Fruit or Salad?

Is it an avocado, a pineapple, or a mixture of both? Well, it’s difficult to imagine an avocado with all those spikes. This outfit has one thing in common with both fruits – it’ll make you hungry.

Where does the inspiration come from for some of these fashion designers? Are they deliberately trying to make their designs look this confusing? If that’s the case, this designer was successful in their goal to make us wonder.

Your Order?

It’s time to deliver your favorite takeaway! Was this fashion designer hungry while working on a new design? This proves that you are what you eat. If you’re craving a Big Mac, it’ll certainly show in your work.

At least those signing up to work for this fast food company will now have a new fashion outfit to wear. It looks like this outfit might be the latest dress code required if you want to work for a food chain.

What Season Is it For?

This is a very confusing outfit, is it meant for summer or winter? With tight-fitting shorts, your legs may get cold in the winter. Is this just another way to hide a bad makeup day? Really, you don’t need any makeup at all with this outfit.

It could be that this outfit is a summer garment that’s supposed to get only the legs tanned. It looks like this outfit costs so much that you won’t have enough money left to afford a large container of sunscreen.

There’s Space for More

This huge coat is too much for just one person to wear, judging by the expression on the model’s face. If this is meant for larger people, why don’t they get a model that fits in the outfit?

The fashion designer must have a good heart and love to share, so why not design a coat where more than one person can fit in? You wanna go halfsies? Don’t worry, there’s space for you to get in here!

Hang the Christmas Decorations

This is taking it one step further with the Christmas tree look. The outfit’s brown and green colors accurately represent nature and the fir coverings make it look authentic.

While they were at it, why didn’t they add a bird’s nest to the ensemble, say for a hat or something? This tree, sorry – outfit – will make you feel homesick if you grew up with this type of Christmas decor in your home.

Take Out the Trash

You were only told to take out the trash; you didn’t need to wear it to make a point! The show wasn’t over, and they ran out of outfits, so this designer decided it was time to get a lot more creative…

From our point of view, that’s what this looks like. At least they separated the dark colors from the lighter ones. On the way to the catwalk, someone just added the hat as an afterthought, thinking it would complete the ensemble.

I Can Bounce

Many modern companies think letting their employees sit on a bouncing ball is a great way to add some fun. This designer thought, why not wear it to save time, and you can come to work already wearing the bouncing ball?

This will increase productivity while it keeps your employees healthy so they don’t sit all day. They should’ve invited some of the company owners from Silicon Valley to the fashion show. This model doesn’t look too happy about the outfit, though. Hopefully, she doesn’t need to wear it for too long.

Pancake or Cupcake?

This newly designed outfit tells you it’s party time! It looks like something a clown might wear… This model certainly would have preferred to hide behind a clown face while wearing this ridiculous outfit out in public.

How will anyone wearing this outfit be able to use their hands and arms while they’re hidden under that many layers? The strong shoes were the only practical thing about this outfit, as you’ll need them to carry all that weight.

Wait, What?

You don’t create something everybody will talk about and then expect them not to take any photos of it. What else did they expect in a modern age with millions of cell phones connected to social media? This will be shared.

The outfit speaks for itself, and the model needs to be seen. That’s why she’s on the runway, after all. The dress is pretty much what fashion fans will talk about after the show – that’s why the designer put it out there, isn’t it?


Is this an outfit used on the set of Dr. Who, Star Trek, or some other sci-fi show that made this look popular? Maybe the designer was watching the latest episode of their favorite show and got inspired.

At least they’re consistent in the overall color scheme, as the hair and the outfit do match. There are a lot of applications for this type of outfit, and most of them are at comic book conventions.

I’m Watching You

Don’t think that because of the bag over his head, he can’t see you. The slits may look small, but he can pretty much see everything. Are the designers trying to pull wool – or a bag – over our eyes with this puzzling outfit?

The rest of the garment looks great, like something we’d wear every day, but the bag is out of place. At least you’ll save the environment by bringing your own shopping bag to the grocery store.

Work Safe

With an outfit like this one, you’ll never be without gloves to keep your hands protected while you’re working. Do you want to do the dishes? Sure! Use these gloves to protect your hands from those strong detergents.

The white hands around the neck will provide you with an occasional hug to keep your spirits up. This outfit says something about the designer; maybe they needed a hug – or a hand – to help them design another fashion garment.

Two Heads Are Better

The primary face doesn’t look too happy; is it because of her outfit? Maybe the other head reminded her that she needed to pay the bills. So, wear the outfit and stop sulking; it doesn’t look half as bad as you think!

The garment looks like it’s made for this model, so the designer wasn’t far off the mark. It’s still pretty weird to walk down the catwalk with an extra head. After all, there’s not much to figure out that you need two brains – it’s just a walk.

Walking Curtain

This outfit looks like something we’d hang in front of the window in a toddler’s room. The model had to reach deep to get in touch with his inner child in order to be comfortable wearing this design.

Maybe the designer was inspired by the birthday cake at their child’s latest party and wanted to make something that reminded them of the many candles at the top. Make a wish!

Mood Swings

This design must be an impression of the different moods the designer was in when they created the outfit. At the top, you’ll see the model is trying to hide their identity behind the hoodie and huge glasses.

On the other hand, the dress shouts for attention with its shiny material and very visible design. It’s a bit confusing, though. Do you want to hide from those around you or stand out and be seen by everyone?

A Covert Design

While the wearer of this outfit can’t be recognized, the purpose of this dress is also difficult to identify. This makes the outfit a great mystery. Was that what the designer had in mind? To not be understood or identified?

With the main face hidden and so many creepy faces looking at us, it’s difficult to pick what to look at. Do you speak to any of those many faces, or the faceless person wearing them? It’s a warm outfit, nonetheless.

A Living Drone

At some point in the modern day and age, it’s expected that someone will design an outfit that looks like new tech. If you like flying, but an airplane is too big, a drone will have to do the trick.

The hat that’s part of this outfit makes it look like the wearer is about to take off for flight. What’s with the compact discs on the dress? Did the designer love science projects and CDs in particular?

Someone Is Watching

If you get on the subway with an outfit like this, suspicious people will quickly ask what you’re looking at. With the many eyes coming with this ensemble, people will feel very uncomfortable with you keeping an eye on them.

The design looks like something we’d wear in cold weather, without the eyes, of course. Also, the hooks are too much. What you want is something to keep your hands warm, but not make you look clingy, so this is an unfashionable choice.

Up the Sleeve

You can hide a lot in those sleeves, but if you’re a magician, it’ll be a bit too obvious that you’re up to something. The huge drum sleeves take something away from this outfit; what can it be? Oh, wait, it’s comfort!

How can anyone feel comfortable wearing an outfit that looks like this? At least these barrel-like sleeves are in a nice color that fits in with the rest of the outfit. But still, the look would be better without them.

Ribbons Everywhere

Do those ribbons and streamers have a purpose, or do they mean something to the designer or the model wearing them? This design may look at home in a circus or on the catwalk of a fashion show, but not anywhere else.

This is perfect if you’re an adult and want to feel in touch with your inner child to feel young again. Just be careful not to go anywhere in that dress where those streamers can get caught in a door or something.

For the Well-Endowed

Fashion designers are very considerate when it comes to the larger people out there and what they wear. Look at this outfit, for instance, if you’re a well-endowed woman, this outfit will make things a bit easier for you.

They should just consider hiring models that fit properly into these outfits. And what’s with the large weights at the ankles? Is the designer trying to tell us something? Are they being held captive somewhere?

Cotton Candy Outfit

This may not be that candy house of the witch from the tale of Hansel and Gretel, but the dress is close enough in appearance. We all know that too much sugar isn’t good for you, so obviously a whole house of sugar is bad.

Subtlety is key, but there was no subtlety with this cotton candy dress provided by this fashion designer. Don’t they know that models need to stay slim? At least the dress looks yummy and ready to be eaten if the model is getting hungry.

Be Prepared

Get dressed for the occasion and be practical with your outfit if you want to go out fishing on the lake. Take an extra fishing net with you just in case. In fact, while you’re at it, save some space and wear the fishing net on your head!

The rest of this outfit will keep you warm and cozy so you can enjoy the great outdoors. Take the sunglasses with you on your trip to help you cope with the harsh sunlight. Hopefully, the outfit won’t be too itchy.

Hiding in a Bubble

What do you do if you don’t have a lot of confidence in your work? Well, you hide it inside a bubble. But not a bubble you can clearly see through, or all your failures will be revealed for everyone to see.

Is the bubble the dress, or does the model at least have something on beneath all the rubber and plastic? The part we can see looks like a cool outfit from a fantasy game, but that’s only the bottom part.

A Portable Bed

If you’re constantly tired of all the walking on the catwalk, this can be quite a handy outfit. Is this outfit available in different colors, or must you wear this in the very visible red? What if you don’t want to be seen taking a nap?

The ensemble doesn’t seem to fit too tight, so it won’t be uncomfortable to wear while napping. You can even hide a comfy pillow inside the outfit for that added comfort while catching up on your sleep.

Take it With You

If you love swimming or living in a place where the heat is just too much, stay cool with this outfit. The model already doesn’t have too much on, and then there’s the plastic pool coming with her to complete the ensemble.

Talk about being prepared for anything! This outfit puts that concept to the test and ensures you’re ready to go! Your dreams of having a pool ready when you need one will come true with this outfit.

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