Fashion Faceoff: 35 Celebrities Seen Wearing the Same Outfit in Public


Oh dear, she’s dressed in the exact same outfit! This is a disaster! Although wearing the same outfit to the same event is a big fashion mistake, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing the same thing in public, correct? The answer is both yes and no! It’s merely a humorous story for ordinary individuals, but when you’re a celebrity stepping out in the same attire as another celebrity, it raises the question of who wore it better. We’ve discovered a few situations like this, and we will examine who pulled it off the best!

Caitlyn Jenner Vs. Kris Jenner

It becomes even more challenging when the person you unintentionally match with happens to be a friend, a random individual, or, worst of all, your former romantic partner. Caitlyn and Kris Jenner experienced this unfortunate situation, making it crucial to determine who wore the outfit better.

In the beginning of 2020, Kris made an appearance on a well-known British television talk show. During her appearance, she looked absolutely stunning in a classy black dress that had a touch of elegance, thanks to its gold zipper. Interestingly, it was discovered that eight years earlier, Caitlyn had also chosen to wear a dress that was either the same or very similar to Kris’s to a public event.

Gigi Hadid Vs. Bella Hadid

The list includes more than just the Kardashians when it comes to sibling rivalry – the Hadid sisters also tend to have a liking for wearing identical outfits. It’s quite a challenge to determine who outshines the other in this regard.

The Hadid sisters were spotted wearing the same silver puffer coat from Tommy Hilfiger. Gig styled it in a ’90s fashion with a turtleneck and jeans, while Bella later wore it with an athletic flair. Regardless of their outfits, it’s undeniable that both of them look incredibly beautiful.

Miley Cyrus Vs. Harry Styles

Gender has no bearing on fashion, which implies that occasionally you may find yourself in competition with individuals of the opposite gender. This was exemplified by Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles, who both wore the same black sequined jumpsuit.

During the 2019 Oscar party hosted by Vanity Fair, Cyrus confidently walked down the red carpet in an elegant and fashionable outfit. Shortly after, the former One Direction member selected the same ensemble for his performance on SNL. It is interesting to note that they both seemed to have similar ideas when it came to accessorizing, and it must be acknowledged that both of them looked undeniably stylish.

Jameela Jamil Vs. Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness, known for his role in Queer Eye, looked captivating in a gorgeous fuchsia trapeze dress as he confidently walked the runway during the Netflix Creative Arts Emmy’s afterparty.

The dress by Rochas, which was originally worn by British actress Jameela Jamil at a YSL party, was also donned by another person, Jonathan. Jameela acknowledged on Twitter that Jonathan looked better in the dress, so there is no need for users to decide who wore it best.

Kim Kardashian West Vs. Winnie Harlow

One of the members of the Kardashian family is competing against Winnie Harlow with their post featuring them both wearing a green Maisie Wilen dress as they explored the town.

Kim decided to coordinate the yellow accent by wearing strappy sandals. Ms. Harlow had the same idea and complemented the accent by choosing a yellow clutch. Both of them enhanced the dress without causing any negative effect. In fact, they both looked fantastic in it.

Brooke Burke Vs. Sofia Vergara

Nowadays, it is quite common for celebrities to establish their own fashion brands. And what could be a more effective way to generate some free publicity than wearing their own creations while out and about in town?

Sofia Vergara accomplished this by wearing a midi dress from her own fashion line, Sofia jeans by Sofia Vergara. Interestingly, a few months later, Brook Burke was seen wearing the exact same dress to a meeting.

Victoria Beckham Vs. Megan Markle

It may not be seen as fair to compare fashion choices when one of the participants is visibly pregnant, but in the world of celebrities, traditional rules don’t apply.

When Meghan Markle appeared in the same dress as Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, it was inevitable that people would make comparisons. Both of them opted for colored accents, although Posh’s accent is slightly more vibrant.

Zendaya Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

Zendaya’s journey from her Disney days has been remarkable, and she has confidently established her status as a fashion trendsetter, which is why she appears multiple times on our list.

In the beginning of 2020, during one of the several awards ceremonies she attended, Zendaya confidently wore a metallic breastplate designed by Tom Ford. Interestingly, Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar wearing the same piece just a month afterward.

Michael B. Jordan Vs. Zendaya

Zendaya effortlessly pulled off the unisex look at a Harper’s Bazaar event by confidently wearing a charcoal grey suit from Berluti, which was previously worn by Michael B. Jordan on the red carpet.

Michael, being the considerate person that he is, shared his thoughts on Twitter even before we had a chance to ask. And what did he think? Well, he is definitely rooting for Zendaya!

Khloe Kardashian Vs. Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters from the same household have a tendency to flaunt their style in similar outfits. This naturally leads us to make comparisons among them, such as in this animal print jumpsuit.

The one-piece from Onia x We Wore was donned by the younger sister on her trip to Turks & Caicos. There, she posed for a few ‘grams. Not to be outdone, just a few months later, Khloe sported the same suit on her trip, posting an image to Instagram as well.

Kristina Schulman Vs. Danielle Lombard

The Bachelor is a phenomenon that has gone on for seasons, and many of the past alums have made quite the name for themselves. Two of these attended the same party and wore the same dress.

This could have been the height of embarrassment, but both rocked it their own way. Kristina chose to go business and accessorize it with a blazer and booties, whereas Danielle decided to go a little more hip and pair it with a leather jacket and white sneakers.

Kourtney Kardashian Vs. Kim Kardashian West

Fierce is one word some would use to describe the Kardashian sisters, and in this case, they would not be wrong. Both Kim and Kourtney chose to wear this tiger printed Roberto Cavalli dress.

Kim sported it first, and then a few months later, the elder sibling attempted to show her how it was done. Which sibling did it serve better? That is up to them, and hopefully, it doesn’t lead to another catfight.

Rihanna Vs. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid walked the runway and took fashion to the races with this checkerboard cape and short pairing. She definitely worked it on the runway. A few months later, another star worked it maybe just a little harder.

Rihanna, the pop icon, loved the look so much she took it out for a spin to a concert. This concert was on her home island of Barbados, and she lit the night on fire in this fantastic ensemble.

Amanda Peet Vs. Meghan Markle

Even when you are pregnant, you still want to look pretty, and especially when you are holidaying in Morocco. Duchess Meghan Markle chose to do that in a blue Carolina Herrera dress.

That same dress found its way to the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere. This time it was worn by actress Amanda Peet with a bit of a different fitting, of course. The glow that Meghan had changed everything, and for this one, she may have had a little bit of an advantage.

Travis Scott Vs. Kanye West

There are plenty of men who like to show off their fashion abilities, and one of the biggest is Kanye West. During his 2011 Coachella performance, he sported this Celine top without ever breaking his swag.

That same shirt was thrown over a simple white tee seven years later by Travis Scott, and still, the shirt screams “I know how to dress.” Both rappers understand how to leave their mark when it comes to fashion.

Zendaya Vs. Timothee Chalamet

The Euphoria stars seem to have a similar style when it comes to red carpet events. Zendaya, a few years ago, chose to wear a beautiful fuchsia Christian Siriano suit to a Humane Society event.

Inspired by this bold and stylish look, her now co-star Timothee Chalamet opted to wear something very similar. This time, the hot pink suit was designed by British fashion designer, Stella McCartney. Both clearly have a wicked eye for style.

Priyanka Chopra Vs. Olivia Wilde

Both of these stunning actresses know what looks good on them, and apparently, the same printed Kate Spade dress is one of those things. Olivia Wilde chose to go with a bolder color, making her modeling of this dress a little more memorable.

But Priyanka wasn’t to be outdone, choosing to go a little more subdued with her color choice (despite being able to rock that bright pink very well). Both have a keen eye and looked stunning in the dress.

Tracee Ellis Ross Vs. Jackie Aina

Dior has been a name in women’s fashion for decades, and so everyone wants to wear a piece when they go out on the town or to a special event.

So when this fly leather cage skirt found its way into the hands of both YouTube star Jackie Aina and the comedic actress Tracee Ellis Ross, there were bound to be some arguments over who wore it with better vibes. Tracee chose to wear the skirt a little more business chic than Jackie, but both got it right.

Jennifer Garner Vs. Meghan Markle

Another entry from the Duchess herself, Meghan Markle. This time she wore a beautiful navy Roland Mouret dress to an event the night before her illustrious wedding. She accessorized the dress with simple jewelry and tasteful pumps.

Just months before, Jennifer Garner wore that same dress as she accepted her place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actress chose to go without any accessories.

Dua Lipa Vs. Gigi Hadid

There are just some names that are synonymous with fashion, and one of them is Versace, hence the iconic and classic reputation of the designer and his clothes. That is why, no matter the age, if you want to look fabulous, investing in a Versace piece is a good bet.

Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid know this, as is evident by their choice to rock a multi-colored jumpsuit. Gigi wore it first on the carpet at a fashion awards show. But Dua chose to wear it out for a fun night in New York City. Both know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion, that is for sure.

Leona Lucia Vs. Chiara Ferragni

It is rare that you get a mother-son “who wore it best?”, but here you have it. Fashion influencer Leone Lucia chose to take the question to her Gram. There, she posted this image of both wearing the same t-shirt.

The cute novelty tee from Fiorucci looks great on both, but we think Chiara has the better model pose, so he clearly wins the contest. Plus, he is just plain adorable.

Olivia Munn Vs. Mary J. Blige

Who are you wearing? Fendi, of course, was the response of both Mary J. Blige and Olivia Munn. Both chose to take this black and white jumpsuit out on the town. Mary J. sported hers to the Essence Festival and paired it with a pair of matching peep-toe pumps.

Olivia, on the other hand, chose to go a little more relaxed. But no matter how the outfit was worn, it looked great on both of these amazingly beautiful ladies.

Demi Lovato Vs. Whoopi Goldberg

Did Whoopi inspire Demi? Who knows, but both hit the red carpets strutting their stuff in this cheetah print Dior gown. Goldberg wore it to the 2009 Oscars and Lovato nine years later at the Billboard Music Awards.

There is a little difference, of course – one wore a belt and let their legs slip through a slit, and the other went for a more covered-up look. Neither was wrong, and both were fun.

Beth Behrs Vs. Emmy Rossum

A simple little black lace top can be quite the addition to any outfit, but these two actresses took that idea to a whole new, yet very simple level. Emmy Rossum chose to don this number at a very special book launch.

Just a few days later, Beth Ehlers from 2 Broke Girls took the same top on a spin down the red carpet to a Hollywood premiere. Both paired it with a high waisted pair of pants and some cute pumps.

Helen Mirren Vs. Nina Dobrev

Seasoned veteran versus new blood? A generational “who wore it best?”. The iconic veteran actress Helen Mirren took a spin in a Prabal Gurung with ruffles to a film premiere. Keeping it classy, she paired it with a gray heel and a perfect little clutch.

As an alternative, the young star of Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, wore the same dress to her premiere of Flatliners. She took a little more edge to it and paired it with a set of strappy jeweled pumps.

Storm Reid Vs. Zendaya

Zendaya, as we have already said, loves a good pantsuit, so when it came time to collaborate with the world-class designer Tommy Hilfiger, she had to include one in her line, and show it off.

A little while later, the young star of A Wrinkle in Time, Storm Reid, chose to rock the same suit. She decided to make it a little more dressy by throwing the blazer over her shoulders.

Meghan Markle Vs. Courtney Love

Meghan Markle and Courtney Love don’t have a lot in common except for their fame, and maybe a bit of style. The two ladies both put on a classy black Stella McCartney coat as they went out on the town.

The Duchess wore hers on a trip to Wales, while the rocker chose to wear hers at a YSL event in Paris. Both wore it well and chose to style it in their own unique ways.

Blake Lively Vs. Busy Philipps

Tartan is a fabric that has a classic and chic look, no matter how it is worn. Busy Phillips thought she would try on a Brunello Cuccinelli suit that Blake Lively had taken out on the town a few months previously.

Busy chose to let the suit do the talking, whereas Blake opted to top it with a long leather trench. Both took their own style and made the suit work for them.

Emma Roberts Vs. Alessandra Ambrosio

Both of these young celebrities decided to show their support for women’s rights and power by pairing this comfy t-shirt with denim. The style was not chic, more of an everyday wear kind of situation.

But, both Roberts and Ambrosio were still able to make the shirt their own by pairing it with different denim types. That pretty much makes this contest a wash.

Kat Graham Vs. Katy Perry

The musician vs. actress “who wore it best?” lives on when it comes to this rainbow sequined dress from Christopher Kane. Katy Perry decided this was the look she wanted to strut on an appearance on a morning talk show.

On the other hand, the actress Kat Graham (who, by the way, is also a musician) took the same look and paired it with a different shoe for a more relaxed look. Don’t get us wrong, she still looked chic. It was just a little less flashy than the red pumps that Perry wore.

Michael B. Jordan vs. Zendaya

A sleek suit is definitely the one thing you don’t want to miss out on in your closet. This suit comes in two different colors (or at least these two put it in two different types of lighting). It looks like Michael B. Jordan took a deep charcoal gray while Zendaya chose a deep gray-blue.

Both of these stars kept this suede suit simple and buttoned with a dress shirt underneath and a tie to complete the look. But there’s something about Zendaya’s stance with one leg out slightly and a hand in the pocket that definitely seems to set it off right.

Kendall Jenner vs. Rita Ora

This tunic-style dress is one that creates a statement on its own in a monochromatic black and white. The deep V of the neckline is a little bold but still conservative enough to be worn without anything under it, like Kendall decided to do. Or you can add something under it like Rita.

While Kendall kept things simple with a straight hairstyle and no accessories, Rita paired a fishnet style shirt under this tunic as well as fishnet stockings. And the bold makeup and braids definitely complete the look.

Beyonce vs. Keke Palmer

These two had some spectacular fashion sense with their Yousef Aljasmi gowns for two different formal events. The form-fitting gold dresses most definitely turned heads, and these two women knew how to pull off all of that sparkle and then some.

Beyonce paired her version with a cute clutch and some bright, shiny earrings while Keke kept things a little more subdued. Though her bright white nail polish definitely set off the dress as well.

Nicky Hilton vs. Ashley Benson

This leopard print jacket definitely pairs well with an all-black ensemble and both of these women knew that when they ventured out with it. Matching black bags, black leggings, and of course their long blonde, hair make it difficult to determine just which of these two pulled off the best look.

While Nikki kept her jacket all buttoned up, Ashley chose to leave it wide open to show off the perfect clothing choice underneath. Not to mention the oversized sunglasses that really pull off that casual style.

Doutzen Koes vs. Gwen Stefani

These two rocked out in the same David Koma dress, but in two completely different colors. Black and white are an excellent complement to one another, with a sleek, monochromatic look, and maybe these two are both the winners in this dress.

Doutzen chose strappy sandals and no accessories for her rendition (though the beachy waves in her hair might be considered an accessory). Gwen instead chose some more classic pumps and plenty of silver bangles to make the look her own.

Rosamund Pike vs. Meghan Markle

The Duchess definitely knows how to dress and this outfit by Emilia Wickstead is no exception. She chose to pair the black version of this button-down dress with a cute hat and pocketbook for a royal occasion. On the other hand, Rosamund Pike chose the white version without the accessories.

Both dresses give a springtime look and accentuate a smaller waist. Not to mention all those buttons down the front that really set off the look. These monochromatic twins definitely make it difficult to decide who did the best job.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Kris Jenner

With this dress, you’re definitely going to get all the attention. The high neck, long sleeves, and long skirt make it more conservative, but that slit up the side and the glitter all over definitely make sure you’re going to be noticed. And that’s exactly what Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lopez both did.

J Lo decided to create an intricate updo with simple stones at her ears. On the other hand, Kris chose a little more glitz for her jewelry, including rings and bracelets, and kept her short hair more simply styled.

Miley Cyrus vs. Lena Dunham

Between these two, this pantsuit definitely makes an impression. Miley chose to wear it in a slightly baggy style, while Lena went with a slightly more fitted look. But both pulled off the casual, hands in the pockets routine when it was time for the photos.

The all-black of the pantsuit itself is slimming and yet still bold, but it’s the white stripe across the top that really sets it off. Both of these celebs chose to keep the jewelry practically non-existent, with Miley pulling out only a single bracelet on each wrist for the occasion.

Tracee Ellis Ross vs. Jackie Aina

This unique black skirt is definitely one way to make a statement. The black color means that it pairs with anything and the woven design gives it just the right hint of style. Tracee chose to pair hers with a black top and black jacket along with a gold necklace and clutch.

On the other hand, Jackie chose a black dress shirt, tucked in for a bit more professional look, and a statement bag. But the all-black style for both is definitely sleek and oh so gorgeous.

Zoe Saldana vs. Kim Kardashian

This mauve colored dress features casual straps and a straight neckline with a cinched waist and a slightly full (but short) skirt. It’s definitely the kind of dress you can wear to an event like Saldana, or out for a stroll like Kim.

Both paired the dress with some more classic pumps but with a little bit of a strappy look. Plus their long dark hair really complimented the fact that this dress bares a little bit more of their shoulders. Why not show off those great locks?

Reese Witherspoon vs. Paula Abdul

This play on a schoolgirl outfit (or maybe it’s a nuns habit) definitely has some fun to it. The black dress with white accents creates its own style. Perhaps that’s why each chose to pair it with simple accessories like Reese’s pearl and gold earrings and Paula’s fishnet style stockings.

The end result is a somewhat demure dress, that still gives a bit of edgy vibe. After all, they’ve each got their own style to rock, right? And for any event, this dress really does make an impression.

Shakira vs. Pink

These two rocked out with the same dress at the MTV Awards and both of them definitely knew what they were doing. This leather look dress creates a unique vibe and the short, strapless, fitted style definitely showed off their own personal styles. Pink chose to pair it with pumps while Shakira went with tall black boots to complete the look.

It’s definitely a look that fits the MTV awards, and wouldn’t look out of place in a nightclub either. Not to mention it pairs great with the short punk hairstyle Pink has and the long, messy waves that Shakira is rocking.

Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce

This see-through red dress definitely does have its own flare and both Lady Gaga and Beyonce chose to take it on in slightly different ways. Lady Gaga chose a black bodysuit under the sheer dress while Beyonce paired it with even more red for a vibrant look.

Lady Gaga pulled her hair back into a more severe look with her small sunglasses and hoop earrings. Plus some chunky boots and stockings. On the other hand, Beyonce chose her signature curls hanging down her shoulders with sunglasses and some strappy silver heels.

Miley Cyrus vs. Taraji Henson

The little black dress is a staple in just about any closet and there’s a reason for that. But Miley and Taraji took that a step further with this dress. The sleek black looks stylish while the cutouts definitely create a little more enticing look to go along with it.

Miley paired this floor-length gown with a slicked back, short hairstyle. On the other hand, Taraji chose to keep her long, dark hair down around her shoulders, highlighting the dress and those curls at the same time.

Kate Middleton vs. Drew Barrymore

These two definitely have something in common with the auburn hair and the same taste in fashion. While Drew chose to keep the dress plain, the Duchess chose to pair it with some cute earrings and a shawl to stay a little warmer.

There’s no end to the bright colors with this one, which means it attracts just the right amount of attention, and the slit down the front has a sort of peek-a-boo look that’s still plenty conservative for an audience with the Queen (or anyone else).

J-Lo Vs. Shakira

There are few celebrities that can stand up to the style icon J-Lo, but at the Superbowl in 2020, Shakira sure tried her best. Though not exactly the same outfit, there were enough similarities to compare the two.

J-Lo rocked a silver Versace fringe jumpsuit while the Colombian hip shaker, Shakira, opted for a gold option. They both kind of worked it, so why don’t we call this a draw, shall we?

Meghan Markle Vs. Lupita Nyong’ o

It is hard to compete with stunning beauty like the Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, but the Duchess of Sussex thought she would try. At a music festival in March 2020, Meghan Markle donned a beautiful red caped dress designed by Safiyaa.

This dress was very similar to the one that Lupita had worn in 2014. Though Ralph Lauren designed Lupita’s version, the lines and shape were similar enough to stir some comparisons.

Emily Ratajkowski Vs. Gigi Hadid

The Tony Awards are a good occasion to get out the fancy duds and show off what is new in your wardrobe. When it comes to fancy duds, there is nothing like an elegant black dress. Which is exactly what model/actress Emily Ratajkowski thought when she rocked this number.

The dress, though, had been snapped on the runways of 2019’s spring and simmer lines. Who rocked it? Gigi Hadid. And she did a pretty good job – not to say Emily didn’t hold her own.

Beth Stern Vs. Molly Sims

One may not think of cat print as an actual cat picture. Some would even question if this print is even stylish, but when paired with the right person, even a dress with cats all over it can be quite chic.

This is what happened with this midi dress that both Molly Sims and Beth Stern chose to wear out and about. Both chose to accessorize it differently, and this made them both fashion winners.

Kim Kardashian West Vs. Kylie Jenner

Sisters often share closets, but it seems like there is a rotation going on in the Kardashian/Jenner girls’ homes. They have found themselves on this list several times already.

This time, it is a faceoff between Kim and Kylie. Both were seen in public wearing a very cute halter top from Charlotte Knowles. Kim strutted her stuff on Instagram, showing off her look with this top. Then later that evening, Kylie hit the streets to have a fun evening in the same top.

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