30+ Family Members Who Are So Entitled, It’s Hard to Even Believe

30+ Family Members Who Are So Entitled, It’s Hard to Even Believe

The world is populated with individuals who have a sense of entitlement, and it’s not uncommon for most people to display it at some point. Nevertheless, there are a few individuals who take it to an extreme level, and they’re more prevalent than we realize. Here are some examples of incredibly entitled people found on the internet that are guaranteed to astound you.

An Ageless Conflict Between Family

Many family members seem to believe that they deserve access to the Netflix password. This could be due to an assumption that it’s a basic entitlement, or maybe it’s because they are unwilling to spend a small amount of money each month.


In any case, it seems that many individuals believe they have a right to use the streaming services of their family members. The companies that provide these services are likely pleased when a family member decides not to share.

So Do You Want it or No?

There exist people who feel entitled, however, the most unpleasant ones are those who demand for items or services free of charge, but later dismiss what they had requested as useless simply because they are not granted their wish. If the item is truly of no value, why would they desire it even if it were free?

This proves that certain individuals may act as if they appreciate you or your possessions, but only if they are not expected to pay for them. Such behavior is both presumptuous and impolite.

Any Chance You Could Be More Responsible?

It is possible that numerous readers know about the kind of self-important individual who thinks that your money is their money as well. When it comes to family members, they may follow a strange notion of collective receiving, despite the fact that they never contribute money to anyone.

Requesting someone to compensate for a failed gamble displays an entitled attitude, but demanding additional payment as a result of probably placing another bet immediately after the unsuccessful one is just unfair. Ultimately, reaching a certain point, sympathy is no longer warranted.

Kind of Desperate, Kind of Rude

Sometimes, circumstances may not always align in your favor, and you may find yourself needing to request assistance from someone. However, it’s important to keep in mind that other people are not necessarily compelled to fulfill your request. They may have their own commitments or personal struggles to contend with. Essentially, that’s part of what makes it a “favor.”

Therefore, if someone expresses their inability to fulfill your request, it is not appropriate to whine or persuade them to change their mind as it portrays you as entitled. It would be unwise to blame or criticize the individual for not providing assistance.

Have You Ever Heard of Fuel Costs?

If you possess a vehicle that is in high demand, people often behave arrogantly towards you. They may think it’s your responsibility to help them with any vehicle-related favors since you have something they need.

Many individuals who request free help with their vehicles do not take into account the expenses involved in fueling and maintaining them. It is important to note that operating a boat can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to buying fuel.

Should I Hold Your Hand Too?

It is quite pitiful to see individuals with an overly entitled mindset. It is difficult to fathom why one would feel so entitled to others’ time that they would ask them to read an article and summarize it, instead of taking the time to read it themselves.

Given all the circumstances, we would not be motivated to spend any additional time on someone like that. If a person is not willing to read on their own, they are probably beyond redemption and cannot be helped.

What’s Mine Is Yours, Apparently

In all honesty, we believe that being entitled as a family member is even more unacceptable than being entitled as a stranger. It is understandable when a stranger expects freebies, but a family member should treat you with more regard.

He not only seemed unconcerned about it, but also had the audacity to pretend that both of them had suffered a financial loss, despite the fact that the money was never his to begin with. It is evident that someone with this type of thought process is not trustworthy.

Maybe You Should Do it Yourself

Although families are expected to be tightly bonded, there may be instances where they can become a source of trouble in one’s life. In this case, the sister is a perfect example, as she is pressuring her sibling to complete a project on her behalf without displaying any gratitude.

If you attempt to persuade someone to do your tasks, and they agree with you, the least you could do is make time to provide them with instructions or assistance when they seek it. This is beyond entitlement.

Take it or Leave It

While doing favors for others is not necessarily a bad thing, it becomes problematic when they take advantage of the situation and ask for more than what was initially agreed upon. It is important to show consideration towards the person helping and not ask for too much additional assistance beyond what they have already offered.

It is advisable to accept a simple version of the free pizza being offered, especially if it’s from a family member like your brother. It is not appropriate to make excessive requests for additional toppings. Furthermore, the type of pizza being requested seems unappetizing.

Beggars Being Choosers

It’s quite amusing that the individuals who feel most deserving tend to request complimentary items, and at the same time, are very selective. This is ironic due to the fact that those who ask for free things should not have the privilege of being fussy about what they receive.

This individual is in search of a phone for her child, but it seems that a regular phone won’t suffice. Instead, a specific type of phone is required, possibly because the child deserves something better. If the person is particular about the phone model, it might be worth considering purchasing it themselves.

Never Enough

To provide background, this is a conversation between a daughter who has recently won the lottery and her father. The father expresses dissatisfaction with the $20,000 amount and assumes he will receive a portion of it, which demonstrates a sense of entitlement.

Secondly, what kind of person complains about winning any amount of money from the lottery? It’s not like that happens particularly often! It never ceases to amaze us how some people can act and behave in this world.

The Gall of Some People

The worst type of entitled people in the world are the ones who want things from you without ever giving anything in return. People like the ones described in this post try to get a family discount despite not really treating you like family most of the time.

Who would have the gall to ask for a family discount from family members that you didn’t even invite to a relative’s wedding? It’s hard to believe that people like this actually exist.

Only When You Need Something

Many of us know someone who only wants to hit you up when they need something. Usually, that thing they need ends up being money, which makes it even more annoying that they have the audacity to only reach out to you at that time.

This is another one of those examples of a situation where someone could do a favor for you, but why would they if you never really treat them as a friend? If you want to get money from someone, you should at least talk to them casually every once in a while.

You Don’t See How it Is

Some people are of the mind that when one person gets a gift, everyone should get a gift. Or at least, that they should get a gift too. In this text, someone’s clearly upset that another person got something, even though it turns out it was only a soda.

Even when they’re offered a free gift as well, they’re clearly not satisfied with the offer. If someone can only afford to give you something worth a dollar, that’s what you get.

Deserving of All Condemnation

We’re not sure if calling this kid entitled is really accurate. Well, obviously he’s entitled, but he’s a lot more than that. Selfish and cruel are also accurate descriptors. At least he was called out by others for his terrible behavior.

Still, what kind of person not only trash talks their own grandpa but then asks someone else to watch him — and even for those people to provide him with entertainment at the same time?

You Don’t Deserve the Time

It’s not just young people that act entitled. There are plenty of older people out there who are extremely entitled as well. Take this older woman, for instance, who finds it utterly unbelievable that her daughter-in-law used a gift to make a different present.

It’s a shame that there are people out there who could find the notion of a handmade gift unsatisfactory. Besides, you shouldn’t gift something to someone if your only intention is to get one back of the same value.

Causing Trouble, Then Casting Blame

There are many types of entitled people in the world, but each seems even worse than the last. Some of them like to cause huge problems for someone else, even their own family. Sometimes, that trouble can be to the tune of many thousands of dollars.

Actually, we’d argue that people who don’t take the blame when they’re at fault are the epitome of entitlement. You can’t really be much more entitled than believing you’re incapable of doing wrong, you know?

The Nerve of Some People

Some entitled people feel that they shouldn’t have to apologize for anything, and even if they wronged someone, they still deserve to be treated well by the person they offended. This mother may have kicked out their own child, but they still tried to get a gift.

If you don’t even have the common courtesy to apologize to someone, you shouldn’t expect them to still be willing to give you a present for any reason, least of all a really nice vacation.

Shipping and Handling Not Included

Lots of people get the impression that shipping and handling are both included with the price of an item. However, the truth is that the cost of a product is separate from the cost of shipping it to your location. This is true even between family members.

This aunt, who wanted to get some textbooks from a relative, clearly didn’t understand that — which is probably why she felt so entitled to not paying a single cent for those books. She probably didn’t even realize that the person shipping them would be losing money.

Blowing Your Chance

It’s truly amazing how some people manage to be entitled even when they’re in a position where they should be willing to accept anything. This woman, down on her luck and in dire need of a job, was still so entitled as to turn down a good opportunity provided by her sister.

She’d probably change her tune real quick if no one was willing to loan her any money and she was out on the streets. Perhaps she needs to hit rock bottom like that in order to understand that she really can’t afford to be so entitled.

What We Agreed Upon

Some people are not only entitled, but they’re also untrustworthy liars who can’t stay true to their word. Someone like this is even more heinous when they’re a family member. This relative wanted a family member to watch her kids, and they agreed to a price for doing so.

Apparently, she didn’t bother to do the math involved. Or perhaps, she just figured that she could cheat her relative after it was over — which, judging by this conversation, appears to be the case.

Take What You Can Get

It’s not wrong to want nice things. But, when you’re in need, you take what you can get… period. Yes, getting an older car is not the greatest, but getting a car for $3000 is already a super good deal. Either way, you can’t take your choosiness to a support group that exists for those who are truly in need.

Well, you can, but the people in that support group will tell you that they don’t appreciate you wasting their time when you’re someone who could have gotten what you needed if you didn’t think you were too good for it.

Jealous of One’s Son

Unfortunately, lots of relationships end up falling apart at some point. In such cases, someone generally ends up paying child support. The husband in this scenario already pays more than he has to, which is admirable.

On top of that, he wants to get his son a nice car for his birthday. The ex-wife, on the other hand, is evidently the type to feel jealous over what kind of gift her son gets. Not only that, but she feels entitled to any money the father wants to spend on his son.

Parental Entitlement

The harsh reality is that it’s very easy for parents to feel entitled to their children in most regards. Their time, their money, their privacy — many parents feel that all of this is owed to them simply by being a parent. This really sucks when they feel entitled to your belongings as well.

If this dad is going to be so tyrannical about the things his daughter owns, the least he could do is take responsibility for the outcome of his actions. But, as we all know, entitled people aren’t very good at taking responsibility.

See Yourself Out of My Good Graces

Being entitled is something that often applies to the poor and the rich. Even people who are effectively homeless and in dire straits can be entitled enough to turn down a living wage and a job just because they feel the job is beneath them.

How the couple in this story could be so blind to their situation is a mystery, but we imagine that they realized the error of their ways soon enough, especially if the relative helping them decided that he had enough of their entitlement.

As Terrible as Can Be

There are many things you can be entitled to, but imagine being entitled to a funeral or how someone grieves. We do understand the notion that having your mother’s twin at her funeral would be a little troubling, but who would dare tell an aunt she cannot attend the funeral for her sister?

There are truly some despicable people in this world. At least some other relatives apparently called them out for being so disgusting. This may well and truly be the worst case of entitlement on this list.

Maybe You Should Follow Instructions

Entitled people are very good at turning the blame for things back around on you. Even when you plainly tell them how things are going to be, and the only reason they didn’t get their way is that they didn’t listen to you, they blame you for it.

In this example, the entitled family member was clearly given a timetable to collect the wood he wanted. When he missed that window of opportunity, he still found a way to try and gaslight his relative into compensating him for his foolishness.

Brat of the Year

Children do generally manage to be pretty entitled. But needless to say, some of them take it much further than others, going so far as to say they hate a parent for not getting them the exact model or make of a gift they want.

For one, the effective difference between the two is not very much — it’s certainly not enough to say something so spiteful about one’s own mother. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids like this in the world.

Lacking Emotional Awareness

For most people, it’s pretty obvious that you should tread lightly around those who have just lost someone close to them. It only makes sense to be aware of their feelings in such a drastic situation.

Feeling entitled to breakfast is pretty asinine when the person who would normally be making it just lost their spouse a few days ago. How anyone — especially one’s own brother — could behave in such a manner, is beyond us…

Pro Bono Request

Asking your sibling for help is a pretty normal thing to do. However, asking your sibling for help on something that’s going to pay you a lot of money without intending to pay them anything is the mark of a seriously entitled person.

Why is it that so many people fail to realize that time is money? It’s not just doing a favor for someone — if you’re doing a favor for somebody, all the time it takes to complete that favor is time you aren’t making money.

Not Paying You to See Me

An entitled sibling asks for a relative to pay something for them — it’s quite common. But, the least this sibling could have done was come up with a more believable argument. If they really wanted to see their relative so badly, they’d have no problem paying for it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they just wanted to use a free trip to their relative’s city as a means of vacation or tour. Maybe they would actually remember to pay their sponsor a visit, but we highly doubt they actually would.

Explain That One

If someone lies to you in order to get your help, it generally means they feel entitled to your assistance, but they don’t think you agree. That’s why they tend to come up with some sort of lame excuse.

After all, there’s a very good point here — you need someone to watch your kids because you’re driving to work, but can’t deliver your kids because you don’t have snow tires? There seems to be a bit of a discrepancy there.

The Price of Labor

A lot of entitled people seem to lack an understanding of how much anything in particular actually costs. One has to consider the amount of money needed for supplies, but also the amount of time it takes to make something.

This sister apparently thought she could get a special deal from her relative that basically amounted to getting something for free, but it turns out that’s not the case. Even family wants to make money when they work!

Yes, It Would Be Wrong

Everyone likes to get money, but most of us are willing to take any money we get for free at face value. After all, who’s going to complain about that? Unfortunately, there are entitled people out there who would frown on free money and try to demand more, even from their relatives.

This person should be grateful he or she is getting any money from their parents when they aren’t actually obligated to give any of it to them in this scenario. But some people just can’t be satisfied, and will always ask for more.

Make Your Own Dinner, Then

Look, we’ll admit it — the food depicted in this image doesn’t look particularly appetizing. But, if you aren’t making your own food, you don’t really have any right to complain about what you get. If you want something done your way, do it yourself.

This is to say nothing about the way this guy is blasting his own wife on social media for all the public to see. He’s not just entitled to dinner, he’s also a huge jerk who deserves a good slap to the face. He probably got one, if his wife saw this.

Wait, So Which is It?

Honestly, we’re not sure if the person in this example is entitled or just deluded. It’s probably a little of both. Either way, they seem to be confused as to what they want. Apparently, they want the pool to be maintained so they can use it. But, they also don’t use it very often?

So not only do they feel entitled to the money and aid of their relative, but they can’t even seem to work out whether or not they want what they ask — which is never good when you’re making a request of someone else.

Feed Me, Please

You can’t get more pathetic than having to ask other people to get food for you. After all, once you’re an adult, being able to provide for yourself is kind of the bare minimum of surviving — which everyone should be capable of barring extreme circumstances.

The brother in this exchange probably doesn’t actually need any help, and he’s just looking to get a free meal out of his sibling. After all, his mom ratted him out, and if he was really hungry, there are cheaper options available.

Don’t Forget to Give Me Stuff

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of things had to be called off, like birthday parties and other get-togethers. However, some people still felt entitled to things related to those events even if they didn’t happen.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t still gift people on their birthday, but the entitlement this relative comes across with is nothing short of insane. If you want to ask for something in particular, at least do it with a little more class than that.

Show Some Gratitude

This is another situation in which we understand that the food on display doesn’t look particularly appetizing. Maybe the mother in question isn’t a very good cook, but at least she was concerned about the health of the person making this post.

If they don’t want to eat it, that’s fine, but the least they could do is not make fun of their mother online when she’s trying her best. That’s just low, especially between family.

No, You Can’t Have My Position

This sibling feels entitled to the job that her sister has. Moreover, she feels entitled to a certain type of job when she supposedly needs any job to survive in her current state. The fact that she would even ask to have someone’s job is crazy enough.

Besides, what makes her think that such a thing would even work? Why would the manager agree to replace a current employee with someone else like that? One way or another, this is one entitled sibling that thankfully didn’t get her way.

The Black Pot and Kettle

Don’t get us wrong — the uncle described in this post does strike us as a little pathetic, but there’s something to be said about how ridiculous this post is. This person is complaining about how entitled her uncle is, but only because he prevents her from being entitled.

It’s a little funny to see someone complain about the exact issue they themselves exemplify. But, at the same time, it’s actually really troubling that someone could be so oblivious and entitled at the same time.

The Worst Take Ever

It’s no mystery why this boy feels entitled to a certain color of marker when his parent feels entitled to all of this from teachers at this school. Apparently, folders, pencils, and even t-shirts are suitable only for girls.

Being entitled is already bad enough, but it’s very hard to find anything redeeming about someone who’s entitled about utterly ridiculous nonsense like this.

Organizing the Presents

Ordinarily, it’s alright to ask for specific things for presents. But, when the recipient of the presents is all of four years old, it comes across as more entitled than anything else.

Of course, the worst part is this mother trying to tell people how much they have to give and how much they have to spend — but, either way, this just comes across as tedious.

Making All the Wrong Demands

There are many people out there who believe they’re entitled to whatever you’re capable of getting your hands on. Even if it doesn’t belong to them — even if it’s actually costly for you to procure. The family member in this text clearly felt entitled to what his relative could get at a dispensary.

There’s actually plenty of reason why you shouldn’t have to share — sharing might be nice, but no one is obligated to do so if they don’t want to. Sharing is a privilege, not an obligation.

Yes, it Would Be Unreasonable

As you will swiftly learn in this article, artists are some of the only professionals who are actually treated as though their work isn’t worth money, more often than not. No one asks an electrician if they can be paid in exposure instead of money.

That said, if you ever plan on getting the services of an artist, don’t be like the person in this text. Yes, it’s unreasonable to ask artists to ply their craft for free. It takes time and effort for an artist to do what they do, and bills still exist.

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