30+ Texts From Parents Who Can’t Seem to Understand Technology Yet

30+ Texts From Parents Who Can’t Seem to Understand Technology Yet



Sometimes parents struggle to keep up with technology, particularly when it comes to smartphones and texting. They may not grasp the proper way to text or when they do, it often leads to comical and unbelievable outcomes. We have collected a assortment of these amusing moments for your entertainment. Parents can be quite odd from time to time.

Send Me the Link

It wouldn’t be fair to criticize Baby Boomers for their lack of familiarity or comprehension with technology since during their formative years, televisions and refrigerators were still considered innovative and new.

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About 50 to 60 years later, the current generation is not able to match the ease with which kids these days can handle new technology. Hence, it’s not surprising that they may not be aware of how to copy and send a link. However, it’s good to know that they are able to crop a screenshot.


Siri Accidents

We’re not completely certain about the situation, but it appears that the mother encountered some problems while trying to communicate with Siri, the virtual assistant developed by Apple. Based on the text messages, she simply wished for her husband or son to purchase carrots from Costco.


Although Siri was able to determine that the woman desired Zuckerberg on a carrot, the outcome was chaotic and unclear. It is not something we are interested in witnessing or comprehending.

Driving and Dictating

It is not advisable to text while driving, but instead, a viable option would be to utilize a speech-to-text application that would transcribe your message. It appears that this approach was taken in this situation.


While driving to a destination, a mother utilized this method and as a result, received a sequence of comical messages. In fact, this serves as evidence that mothers possess exceptional abilities as they can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.

Failed Voice Texting

Mothers and their mobile devices warrant a distinct classification due to the amusing situations they often find themselves in. It’s just a fact that moms are more likely to make comical blunders while using their phones.


In this situation, the woman became aware that her android phone had a feature that could convert voice into text. However, the outcome was catastrophic as the text was incomprehensible. Regrettably, we couldn’t interpret most of her latest message. Fortunately, she also recognized this dilemma.

Burned By Dad

It appears that this father has become skilled in the skill of making witty remarks, which is sometimes referred to as “savage” by those on the website 9gag. He discovered that he could send stickers through iMessenger and decided to test one out on his daughter.

It’s evident that the sticker was beautiful, and it made his daughter happy. Nonetheless, he unexpectedly revealed that it was sent mistakenly, disappointing her. That was not very nice, Dad!


Too Many Emojis

All Boomers who use instant messaging apps have a tendency to overuse emojis, which suggests that they may not have a good grasp of their appropriate usage.

This particular instance involves a father who conveyed his message using over twenty emojis, indicating a significant level of seriousness. The message seems to be a complaint about waiting for their child at the dinner table for an extended period of time.


Autocorrect Is Off

The existence of this option has a purpose. It’s common to make mistakes while typing quickly, especially on a small cellphone keyboard where pressing the correct letter can be challenging.

It appears that a comparable event occurred here. This lady made a mistake in her communication and urgently requires the assistance of her autocorrect. Our assumption is that she meant to inquire about the arrival of her child, either son or daughter.


Bear in Mind

The father displayed impressive abilities when it comes to creating memes, which is not typically associated with individuals who were born several decades ago. However, it can be noted that this is the sort of humor that is commonly associated with dads.

We desire that nobody misunderstood it as belittling someone based on their body shape. Enjoying tacos and practicing yoga is perfectly fine. Every body shape is equally admirable.


Gibberish for Beginners

Have you noticed how parents struggle with autocorrect? Are they only using one finger to type? It’s evident that they intended to convey a message, but the output appears disorganized.

We envision the conversation to be similar to talking with food in your mouth; difficult to comprehend. Even their own child eventually gave up attempting to understand their message. Unfortunately, we were also unable to decipher what they were trying to communicate. We can only hope that it wasn’t crucial information.



Not to worry, mom and dad have not gone crazy yet. It is likely they are involved in some unusual activity or game. We are joking and unable to offer an explanation.

It seems like their child is pranking them, and instead of getting upset, they are going along with it. The first three “okays” may have been accidental, and then their child began asking clever questions that can be answered with a simple “okay.”


Hey, Jackie

Perhaps one of the most amusing activities a parent can engage in today is acquiring the skill of texting. It is worth noting that smartphones are still a relatively recent invention.

Fifteen to twenty years ago, these things did not exist. For the first time, this mother sent a text message to her daughter. Her efforts in texting deserve an appropriate response. We feel that a plain “lol” would be the fitting reply to these amusing attempts.


Like Totally

It seems like the mother has learned how to draw on pictures and she was very excited to share it with her son. However, the use of ‘lol’ seemed a bit out of place and confusing to us.

The acronym ‘Lol’ is commonly used without its full spelling. A severe offense was committed by her and the online community won’t forgive. The use of contractions is considered important. However, it’s still amusing.


By the Way

The significance of being tactful cannot be underestimated. Nonetheless, it appears that some Boomers, especially mothers belonging to this generation, may lose sight of this trait at some point in their lives. Informing their children of their uncle’s death through a text message, particularly when their prior message was about a game of Scrabble, serves as an illustration of this behavior.

Someone should show this woman the definition of “sensitivity,” clearly she lacks it or something. Oh, mothers!


Spacing Is Important

This is another example of what happens when Boomers discover the magic smartphone and all it can do. The result isn’t always pretty, but very hilarious.

This Boomer dad thought, for some reason, that you need to put extra spaces between the letters. At least their son or daughter was able to understand what they wanted from them. We want lamb for Christmas by the way, thanks for asking.


Using Emojis

Finding out how to use emojis is pretty much exciting, no matter how old you are. However, it seems that for the older generation, this is 10 times more exciting than for any other age group.

The parents have recently realized that they can use emojis while texting their child. Initially, they found it amusing, but even after exchanging a few messages, they still find it addictive.


Who’s Mawr?

It seems that dad has a non-existent companion, or perhaps he made a mistake typing the word “mom.” If that is the case, isn’t it strange that she has to enter the house through the garage?

Unless she has the key to the garage, of course. In any case, someone needs to teach dad how to use auto-correct. We’d be so confused if we were this OP.



What may be obvious to some may not be so obvious to others. This is especially true of Boomers who try to learn the internet’s lingo. In this case, this woman thought that ‘lol’ means lots of love.

She couldn’t have been more wrong in her life. She decided to inform everyone about the death of their relative via text message, except that she added ‘lol’ to it, thinking it meant something else.


Messaging Gone Wrong

Pocket-dial is when your phone suddenly decided to make a random call without you even being aware that’s happening. This is a similar case. Here, it seems that this dad forgot to lock his phone screen.

The result is hilarious. We guess you could call it pocket-typing. Boomers and cell phones are just a recipe for disaster. But, we will always be there to take pictures and share them with the internet.


Dinner Time

When a 70-year-old woman texts, it’s no minor feat. However, that doesn’t mean she’s well-versed in the world of texting. One such thing is spacing. It seems like she lost her way there.

You’re not supposed to send long litanies over a text message. But, we guess that when you reach a certain age, you don’t really care anymore. We hope that the juicy steak and matzah balls are tasty!


Upside Down

We feel like mom jokes deserve a separate category, since they’re just as bad. But, that’s not the only funny thing about this picture. While texting her son or daughter a silly joke, Mum suddenly became curious about a particular emoji.

They were surprised to know that you can actually send an upside-down smiley face. This is such a mom-moment. Moms always start talking about one thing and then get distracted by something else.


Who Is She Talking To

We have never witnessed something like this before. We are aware that Boomers may struggle with technology, as they may not have a complete comprehension of it. However, this is an entirely different issue.

This mom texted her son or daughter to know how their day was. When she didn’t get a reply she…eh…well… we’re not entirely sure. Did she proceed by texting them about her daughter? Sounds like she’s being passive-aggressive.


Voice-to-Text Strikes Again

Our heart goes out to Boomers who try hard to understand how to use technology, but nonetheless fail. This dad simply tried to send a happy birthday message to a person named Judy. However, he didn’t just type it.

He used the voice-to-text option. The result? We get to see his entire monologue on how he couldn’t understand why there’s a weird ‘bubble’ that pops up.


No More Emoticons

It’s lovely to see how parents adapt to new technology. This mother here learned how to use emoticons — the wrong way. While her son or daughter were encouraging her at first, the moment they saw her emoticon they dropped out of it.

We believe we know why, but we would rather not say. It’s embarrassing as it is. We hope, however, that they privately explained later what was wrong with this emoticon.


In a Meeting

At times, it can be frustrating when our phone starts sending out random text messages without our intention. It could also be due to accidentally pressing buttons while it’s in our pocket.

The screen was most likely left unlocked by the father, leading to the current situation. The child responded with a subtle yet negative attitude. The father’s response is humorous as he did not realize that there was an issue with his phone.


Running Google

Boomers are so clueless sometimes — well, when it comes to technology. This picture will help us illustrate what we mean. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the world’s favorite search engine changes its logo now and then.

We mean, it’s still Google but it’s just dressed differently. They do it in honor of some important persona, or a memorable historical event. This mom thought that it was her son who changes the Google logo. We hope his answer cleared things up.


Logic Has Left the House

What’s a better way of informing someone that they left their phone at home if not by sending them a text message? Yes — to the same exact phone they left at home.


Are we the only ones who see the logical fallacy here? This is something that’s so typical of Boomers, since it was his wife who texted on his phone. We guess not everyone is good with technology.

How to Space

You can give them a phone, and even teach them how to type — but if you forget to show them how to use the space bar, chances are that they won’t figure it out by themselves.

We’re talking about Boomers, of course. Mum got herself a brand new smartphone. But, alas! She doesn’t know how to use the space bar. At least she knew how to text for help.



It seems that not only Millennials have the ability to prank their Boomer parents because both generations can engage in this activity. A mother decided to play a practical joke on her son. Presently, students are strictly prohibited from utilizing their mobile phones while in class.

So, what’s a better way of causing trouble if not by making your son text you back after you send them a message? We find it brilliant. Boomers are real trolls.



We have mentioned it previously and we will reiterate it; we greatly appreciate Baby Boomers attempting to grasp the terminology used on the internet. Nevertheless, they may not always comprehend it accurately on their initial try.

And the results can be quite funny. Actually, whatever — since you only live once anyway, who cares how silly one sounds? If you don’t try, you won’t succeed, right? We’re proud of them.


Always Answer Mom’s Text

This is extremely harsh. However, we managed to understand their message, despite their annoyance. Now, think about receiving four consecutive messages from your mother, each with a different task she wants you to do. Would you even bother responding?

In case you don’t, you’re in for a surprise. Looks like this is one Boomer mom you don’t want to mess with. Keep dreaming about getting that car.



It seems like there’s no end to this. Our parent’s generation has a lot to catch up on in terms of internet culture. This mom just discovered what a hashtag means and how you can do it.

Actually, we’re not certain about that last bit. Someone should have told mama bear here that you actually need to use the hashtag symbol — better known as the pound/number sign to Boomers. But, at least she tried!


Please Don’t Text

Have you ever heard the term, “Mom logic”? That’s exactly what it is. Mom tells you something you didn’t plan on doing, to begin with, but then accuses you of doing just that. There’s no way to get this right.

This would be your fault anyway. She texted her son about her not being able to see texts for the next hour, but then gets annoyed about the fact that he just texted her.


Got it Wrong

A mother’s worry is unmatched, and it’s typically authentic even though it might be unreasonable at times. However, in this situation, it’s entirely reasonable due to the potential hazards of driving on icy roads.

However, she really got us with the YOLO. This is definitely not how you’re supposed to use it, unless you mean to say that you should be careful because you actually live only once.


That’s Not What it Means

Sometimes, our parents’ generation completely gets it wrong. We get it — we use acronyms, weird words, and basically, a cryptic language that changes all the time.

So, no wonder accidents like these are simply prone to happen. Oh, the innocence! If only she knew what it actually means. We’re pretty certain that she would never use it again, assuming her son or daughter bothered to tell her the truth.


Little Chocolate Kisses

We guess that some emojis can be confusing to people who never used a cell phone previously in their lives. We get it — Boomers didn’t grow up with all this technology as most of us did.

So, it’s no wonder why this OP received a text like this from their ‘Mumma Bear.’ You have to admit that this emoji does look like a “little chocolate kiss,” except that it’s not.


Left at Walmart

This conversation left us quite confused. How could a mother leave their child alone at Walmart and just drive home like they didn’t come with her in the first place?

This is parenting done wrong, if you ask us. We honestly can’t wrap our heads around it. At least their mother was only halfway home when they got the message. Imagine the horror she would have experienced if she got home and only then realized that her son is missing.


Well That’s Fantastic

Or maybe, not exactly. Someone here completely got it wrong. Well, she certainly had good intentions — we’ll give her that. Someone should tell that woman that, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean what she thinks it means because the internet has cynical, cruel, and sometimes even dark humor.

It doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the joke, even if it’s at someone else’s expense. But yeah, kudos on the A in chemistry! We barely passed.


Awesome Prank

Who said that parents can’t troll their kids? This dad exploited an opportunity to troll and scare his daughter (possibly, out of her wits).

At least she survived to tell the tale. We don’t find moths that scary — unless these are giant flesh-eating moths. Now, that’s certainly the stuff of nightmares. In this case, we’re certain that this was a small moth. The funny thing is her father’s hilarious reaction.


The Answer Is No

We seriously hope that this is all one big typo or that her auto-correct is out of order. Why would she possibly want to know if her son or daughter left their excrements in a bunch of random places?

That just doesn’t make any sense to us. It looks like ultimately she wanted to know whether or not they just pooped in the shower, which is very weird nonetheless.


If Darth Vader Had a Phone

Parents with a great sense of humor are the best, especially when they decide to pull a prank on their children. This also required some ingenuity on behalf of the father.

He took his son’s phone and changed his contact name from “Dad” to “Darth Vader.” Then, he texted his son — whose name is conveniently Luke — the famous phrase from Star Wars.


Mothery Love

We didn’t know that mothers can also meme. Looks like this mom taught her son or daughter a lesson about Boomers’ meme skills.

The response was received after sending four messages in a row without getting any feedback. The response was unexpected for them, but we couldn’t help but feel amused. It was a surprising response that they probably didn’t anticipate.


Coming Out

It’s always a relief to know that your parents will love you no matter what happens or who you are. In this case, however, it was just an innocent typo that created a hilarious misunderstanding.

The man only intended to inform his mother about his plan to visit, not reveal anything about his sexuality. Despite that, his mother’s reaction was incredibly valuable to him. It would be great if every parent displayed such an accepting attitude, as all children deserve to be loved unconditionally.


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