How to Make the Most of Blue Bloods’ Bid Farewell’


In Season 14, Episode 3 of Blue Bloods’ Bid Farewell’ titled “Fear No Evil,” the show honored the actor Treat Williams, who passed away. They did this by featuring the character Tess, who is the daughter of Treat Williams’ character Lenny Ross. Tess was portrayed by Simone Policano in this tribute episode.

Tess has a problem with drinking and is having a hard time staying away from alcohol. In the latest part of the story, she had a big fight and got into trouble with the law for being disorderly and assaulting someone. To get out of jail, she made a phone call to her father, Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck. Frank is being strict with Lenny’s daughter because Lenny knew she had some issues and asked Frank to help her out. So, Frank is just doing what Lenny wanted.

Frank was super surprised to see Tess in the booking room. He didn’t know why she got the commissioner’s favor that Lenny gave him. Then, he felt really sad when he found out Lenny’s cancer came back, and he passed away last night. Tess freaked out on a customer, and it turns out it was just her way of dealing with the grief. She and Lenny only really got close a few years ago, so losing him after such a short time hit her hard. She thought Frank would be there for her, but to her frustration, he’s still all about following the rules.

Blue Bloods' Bid Farewell'

Tom Selleck is not going to Blue Bloods’ Bid Farewell’ show after CBS announces plans to cancel the hit crime drama. Heard from a source that he doesn’t want to lose his $200,000 per episode paycheck because it might mess with his avocado farm in California.

“But Lenny wouldn’t want us all gloomy and silent,” he goes on. “So, Lenny, we’ll miss you. Save me a spot at your table, and catch you later on down the road.”

So, in the final episode wraps up with Frank raising his glass for Lenny. Selleck, looking really sad about Williams who passed away in a car crash in Vermont last June, goes, “We also gotta remember someone who used to chow down with us, but won’t be joining us again. Lenny Ross was my oldest bud, my go-to guy for secrets, my partner in crime, and I lost him this week. Man, it stings like crazy.”

The big boss shows up at Tess’s bar, gives her details for a good lawyer, and says, “I’m working on my dad’s goodbye speech. If there’s something you want me to say, just tell Detective Baker.” Tess wonders if there will be gunshots at her dad’s funeral. The boss says no, but there will be an honor guard. Tess jokes about bagpipes, and he says, “Yeah, Dad hated them, but he liked seeing old folks cry. That’s what bagpipes do.” He invites her to a family dinner of Blue Bloods’ Bid Farewell’ and says bye.

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