Jedward Fire Back at ‘Vile’ Louis Walsh Over

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John and Edward Grimes, also called Jedward, are Irish twins who sing and present on TV together. They became famous as John & Edward on The X Factor in 2009. People found them interesting because they were so different, which some call “the Jedward paradox.”

Jedward enter the Celebrity Big Brother House - BBC News

Pop duo Jedward responded after Louis Walsh called them “vile” during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. The former X Factor judge, aged 71, was in the Big Brother house on Tuesday night (12 March). When a housemate asked him about working with the twin brothers, he made the remark. Jedward then criticized Louis Walsh on social media. He faces eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Jedward slam 'cold-hearted' Louis Walsh after CBB jibe
Louis Walsh calling them vile

Louis Walsh made comments about Jedward, calling them “vile” during an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. He said they were great for the show and earned him a lot of money. Jedward, John and Edward Grimes, became famous when they were 17 on The X Factor in 2009. Louis Walsh was their mentor on the show. They released four albums and appeared on TV shows like Jedward’s Big Adventure. They also went on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011. On Tuesday night, Jedward criticized Louis Walsh on social media, calling him names like “cold-hearted” and “vile”. They said he didn’t send them flowers when their mom died and talked about them behind their backs. Louis Walsh was their manager after The X Factor, but they fired him later.

Right after ITV showed Louis calling us “vile,” we jumped on Twitter and went off on our former manager. In our last tweet, we basically said Louis brought all this pain back on himself and hinted that karma’s coming his way.

Jedward Hit Back After Former Mentor Louis Walsh Calls Them 'Vile' On  Celebrity Big Brother
Louis Walsh and Jedward

Jedward went off on Louis Walsh on social media, calling him out for bringing up old stuff and being a total jerk. They were like, “We won’t let you mess with our rep!” This all started when Louis spilled some tea about them to Coronation Street dude Colson Smith. In one tweet, they straight-up called Louis a “cold-hearted b******” for not even sending condolences when their mom passed. And they didn’t stop there—asking if Louis even likes anybody! Those Lipstick guys weren’t holding back, letting everyone know they won’t tolerate any disrespect.

So, Colson Smith asked Louis Walsh, “What were Jedward like?” And Louis straight-up said, “They were vile.” He even boasted about making five million quid off them. But then he added that they were a novelty act and good for the show, basically saying it’s all about the entertainment.

Then Jedward hit back on social media, saying Louis was being spiteful and disrespectful, and they’re not letting him mess with their reputation. They promised that justice will be served.

Next thing you know, their buddy Gemma Collins, from The Only Way is Essex, goes on Instagram and defends them. She invited Jedward over for dinner and couldn’t believe what Louis said. She told Louis off on camera and the twins chimed in, calling him out for dissing his own acts on TV. Gemma raved about how sweet, talented, and polite the twins are, declaring herself #TeamJedward.

Jedward take time out in LA | JEDWARD MUSIC
Dancing Jedward

Later on, in a video from her hot tub, Jedward talked about standing up for themselves when someone tries to throw them under the bus. So basically, they’re not taking any nonsense from Louis or anyone else!

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