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Jimmy Humble was born on July 21, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, and he’s known as one of the most successful music bosses around. He is this awesome American Mexican dude who’s all about making and promoting music. He’s the big boss behind Rancho Humilde, the record label. You’ve probably heard of some cool artists like Nataneal Cano and Junior H – Jimmy’s got their backs, and he’s spreading their tunes on his super hot YouTube channel. let’s talk about how much money Jimmy has and how he makes all that cash in the music world.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth 2024

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

This Mexican-American YouTuber dude is rolling in some serious dough, with an estimated net worth of a whopping $23 million in 2024. How’s he making all that moolah, you ask? Well, he’s killing it in the music scene, doing his thing under the Mexican record label Rancho Humilde. Word on the street is that Jimmy Humilde is raking in about $20,000 a month, adding up to a cool $240,000 a year.

Early life and career

Jimmy, this really rich and famous music guy, was born in Venice, California, on July 21, 1980. He is 43 years old. When he turned 21, he moved to Inglewood and hooked up with Natanael Cano for some music stuff. Jimmy used to be a performer, but then he realized he loved creating music more. he lives in Southeast L.A., where it’s mostly Latino. Started out in Venice, then switched to Inglewood at 21. Him and Natanael Cano are both pretty popular in the music scene.

Jimmy – used to rock the stage, now killing it as a music big shot. He’s all about mixing those Mexican vibes into his tracks, getting inspo from Russell Simmons and Jay Z. Jimmy Humilde is a top earner, doing the music, YouTube, and producing thing, known for his killer combo of traditional Mexican sounds. His jam is blowing up, and he’s not holding back on the spending. Teaming up with Natanael Cano, they’re making some sick music. Artists like Fuerza Regina and Legado 7 are rolling with Jimmy, making him the trailblazer in blending Mexican beats.


Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy’s totally into the solo gig – work over relationships any time. He gives off this vibe of being a pretty private guy ’cause he keeps his personal stuff on the down-low from his fans. The guy’s super hush-hush about his love life, so who knows if he’s even in the dating scene. And he’s all like, “I’m too young for that dating drama,” so he’s just focusing on his job and enjoying the single life. Even though he’s been spotted on the red carpet with a bunch of celebs, his partner spills the tea that he’s never spilled the beans on who his girlfriend is.

Jimmy seems really into his work and doesn’t seem to have time for a personal life. Even though he’s got impressive qualifications, it looks like he’s flying solo and putting all his energy into his job. He’s worried that having a relationship might take away from his career. We’ll share about his love life if he wants to talk about it.


Jimmy’s always been cool about helping out the community in all sorts of ways. He’s thrown cash at charities, local schools, and families in need. Back in 2020, when COVID-19 was wrecking things, he dropped thousands of bucks to help out struggling families in the U.S. And in 2018, he threw $25,000 at San Fernando High School’s football program, hooking them up with new gear and uniforms.

Back in 2019, he pitched in 10 grand to support a family dealing with huge medical bills when their kid got diagnosed with cancer. Jimmy’s been teaming up with Make A Wish Foundation to help out kids facing serious health issues. he’s the one who started up the Rancho Humilde Foundation. They’re all about giving a hand to families with less cash and pushing education forward. They offer scholarships to students who need them and back up local community groups and schools.


Jimmy makes tons of money from his YouTube channel, Rancho Humilde. It’s like his main moneymaker. He also helps his friends by showing off their music on the channel – it’s their go-to place for sharing tunes. And get this – the channel has more than 6.8 million fans and over 4.2 billion views since 2015! Jimmy’s a big deal in the music world, and his record label is making him a bunch of money.

Jimmy Humilde profile summary

Full NameJimmy Humilde
NicknameEl Ray Midas (The Midas King)
Date of Birth21st July 1980
Age43 years old as of 2024
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthVenice, California, USA
Current ResidenceSoutheast Los Angeles, California
Height (feet)5′ 7”
Height (cm)174
Relationship StatusMarried
SchoolInglewood High School
ProfessionMexican-American music producer and YouTuber
Net Worth$23 million


In conclusion, understanding Jimmy Humilde’s net worth involves looking at his various businesses, music achievements, and investments. His success comes from multiple income sources, but it’s important to remember that the entertainment and business industries are always changing.His net worth reflects his success in both creativity and business, offering lessons in entrepreneurship and resilience.


1. Has Jimmy Humilde faced financial challenges or controversies?

People might want to know if he has faced any money problems, legal troubles, or business difficulties in the past that could have affected how much money he has.

2. How does he compare to other celebrities in terms of net worth?

This question aims to compare his financial status with that of other celebrities, offering a broader view of his wealth within the entertainment industry.

3. How did he accumulate his wealth?

His income and the key factors that contributed to his financial success. Answers may include details about his music career, business ventures, endorsements, or other income streams.

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