12 Raw Stories Of Unique Appearances By Sujata Setia’s Project

Unveiling 12 extraordinary visual tales from Sujata Setia's project. Witness unique appearances captured through her lens!


Empowering stories show that anyone, no matter the obstacles they encounter, can reach their goals and impact the world.These uplifting tales can inspire both people with and without disabilities to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.If you need motivation or a remarkable story, check out Sujata Setia's project, "Changing the Conversation." Through powerful images, it highlights the strength and resilience of individuals with disabilities and burn survivors, proving that pictures can speak volumes.

  1. 1 Redefining Beauty and Inspiring Change

    Catrin's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. After a tragic ski trip accident in the French Alps, where the coach's brakes failed, she miraculously survived. The brave driver's warning saved everyone on board, but he tragically lost his life.

    With 96% of her body suffering severe burns, Catrin faced slim odds of survival. After three months in a coma, 200 surgeries, and four years of intense rehabilitation, she defied the odds.

    Today, Catrin lives with grace and purpose. She's a source of motivation and inspiration, challenging our perceptions of "beauty" and expanding our understanding of humanity.

    Recently, while at a coffee shop with her mother, a kind lady patted Catrin on the back and asked about her appearance. Catrin patiently shared her story, hoping to encourage empathy and understanding in others.

    Catrin is more than her scars. She's a young woman with countless dreams. She's just completed her degree at the prestigious King's College London and aspires to be a physiotherapist. Moments before our conversation, Catrin eagerly sent off a job application, hoping to be recognized for her merit and hard work.

    She's a person. She's incredibly fun and deeply thoughtful. She's an attentive listener and an eloquent speaker. She's a fighter. She's a force for change; a champion for embracing facial differences as a part of normalcy.

  2. 2 Tulsi's Inspiring Journey

    On February 14, 1990, a plane crash took the lives of 92 people, including Tulsi's parents and little brother. She vividly remembers the devastating news. From then on, she faced a world that saw her as "ugly" because of her burns. Job rejections only reinforced this hurtful belief. Tulsi even had to rely on social benefits. One day, a hurtful encounter nearly broke her, but she chose to persevere. At a job center, a kind person showed her that there was goodness in the world. That moment changed everything. Tulsi realized she might not fit conventional beauty standards, but she was far from ugly. She decided to face her pain and eventually became a reiki master and spiritual coach, helping others heal. Now, she's a model, influencer, and speaker - roles she never imagined as a child. Tulsi's journey proves that true beauty lies in strength and the ability to overcome. When asked if she could comfort her younger self, she responded with a resounding yes.

  3. 3 Empowering Stories of Love, Resilience, and Possibilities

    "My daughter once asked me if she's beautiful. Growing up in a traditional town in India, I've struggled with labels like pretty or not, boy or girl. It felt like everything was either this or that. But then my daughter started seeing the world the same way, and it got me thinking. That's why I started this project, to make the world a bit more open-minded. No more fitting people into boxes. It's a work in progress.

    James went through a tough accident 9 years ago, losing an arm and a leg. Ashley was born without part of her right arm. I worried about how to handle things when Elara came along. Feeding, tying shoelaces, all of it. But you know what? We figured it out. Elara's on board with our way of doing things.

    Dealing with being 'limb different' has its moments, but you just keep going. Ashley's not just a model, she's supporting families like ours. James, after his accident, teamed up with Konami and got this awesome bionic arm. They call him the 'Metal Gear Man' now. He's speaking up, even hosting on BBC.

    And Elara? She's our little sunshine at just 2 years old. Such a bright spark."

  4. 4 Hannah's Inspiring Journey

    At 16, he spat on me. That's when I decided to love myself. Hannah, 18, born with Hay-Wells Syndrome, a rare condition. Bullying led to an eating disorder. Now, she faces stares with a smile, raising awareness about disabilities as a model. She believes in a world without judgment, embracing uniqueness. Hannah is more than her condition.

  5. 5 Thriving with SMA

    "I have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA Type 2) since 18 months old. It's a muscle weakening condition. I rely on a ventilator full-time since 15. It doesn't bring me down. I have goals! Being on a ventilator 24/7 didn't stop me from modeling and educating about disabilities. We just need a bit more support. Let's not shy away from the word 'disabled'. I use humor on Instagram and TikTok to educate about disabilities, though sometimes I face negative comments, even threats. I stay strong and confident, sharing my journey to inspire body positivity. Disabled people live fulfilling lives, so don't label us as 'inspirations' – we're just living happily."

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