Devastating Inferno, Denmark’s Old Stock Exchange Ablaze

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The Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark, known as the “Notre Dame of Denmark,” is on fire. The building, called Børsen, is a historic landmark, dating back to the 17th century. It’s located in the center of Copenhagen.

The fire has engulfed the building, and footage shows flames consuming its distinctive 56-meter spire. The spire resembles the tails of four dragons twisted together. Spectators watched in shock as the iconic spire collapsed due to the fire.

Børsen is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen and holds significant historical importance. Its destruction by fire is a devastating event for the city and its residents.

Everyone who was inside the building could get out safely, and people rushed to save some of its important paintings.

Jakob Engel-Schmidt, the Culture Minister, said that 400 years of Danish cultural history had been destroyed by the fire.

The building, constructed in 1625, stands very close to Denmark’s parliament, known as the Folketing, and the royal palace, Christiansborg. Danish media reported that they were clearing out the nearby square because of the fire.

Workers were fixing up the old stock exchange, covering it in scaffolding and plastic. Right now, it’s home to the Danish chamber of commerce, which said that what happened on Tuesday morning was a terrible thing to see.

A local craftsman named Henrik Grage told Danish TV that it was a sad day. He called the building “our Notre Dame,” comparing it to the fire that happened at the cathedral in Paris in 2019.

Denmark's old stock exchange melting due to fire exhausted today in the morning.
Denmark’s old stock exchange melting due to fire exhausted today in the morning.

People who were passing by joined the emergency workers, and the director of the chamber of commerce, Brian Mikkelsen, to save the valuable art from the Børsen.

The building, constructed in the Dutch Renaissance style, sits on a small island in the city known as Slotsholmen, or palace island. Denmark’s King Christian IV wanted to make Copenhagen a big trading hub when he commissioned it.

Its spire featured four dragons whose tails were twisted together with a spear and three crowns, symbolizing Denmark’s close connection with its neighbors Norway and Sweden.

Because of the fire at the Old Stock Exchange, authorities are evacuating the Finance Ministry and nearby residences.

The police announced: “We are currently evacuating buildings from the Finance Ministry down to the waterfront. We’re also working on redirecting traffic around Slotsholmen.”

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Jakob Vedsted Andersen, who is in charge of emergencies at Hovedstadens Beredskab, said that putting out the fire at Børsen is challenging due to the building’s construction.

He explained on TV2: “It’s an old building with lots of wooden parts, and the copper roof traps heat inside. So, putting out the fire will take a lot of effort, likely lasting most of the day.”

Andersen added that the flames spread from the basement to the attic at the center of the building.

Ambulances are also present, but fortunately, there haven’t been any reports of injuries so far.

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