Is Free Speech Fuelling Hate? Debate Erupts Over Campus Antisemitism

Police are removing protesters against Israel from Yale’s campus

Police are removing protesters against Israel from Yale’s campus early Monday after a week of protests asking the university to stop investing in companies that make weapons. At Columbia University, all classes will be online on Monday because anti-Israel protesters have taken over the campus.

Michael Gerber, a police officer, said Monday that they won’t allow any violence at Columbia University. He said damaging things or doing anything illegal won’t be allowed. This includes bothering people or making threats, which are not protected by the law.

Gerber also said that Columbia University is private property, so the police can’t just go there unless there’s a crime happening. It’s up to the university to decide if they want police on campus. Normally, Columbia University doesn’t want the police there. Last week, they asked the police to come because some students were on campus when they shouldn’t be. But usually, the police aren’t supposed to be there.

Arrests were also made at Columbia University

Arrests were also made at Columbia University

Over 100 protesters were arrested by police at Columbia University after they camped out to protest the war in Gaza. The protesters believe Israel’s actions are genocide and want the university to stop investing in Israel.

Students at other universities are planning protests in support of the Columbia students. These include the University of North Carolina, Boston University, Ohio State University, and Harvard.

Organisers said the Columbia protest was peaceful. Israel says it started attacking Gaza after Hamas attacked Israel first.

Why Students are Protesting? Insider Told

Students and others who support Palestine started a protest at Columbia University on Wednesday. They set up tents and signs to show they disagree with the university’s investments. They believe this money goes to companies that benefit from unfair treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

The group behind the protest is called “Columbia University Apartheid Divest.” They want the university to stop investing in any companies that make money from the situation in Israel and Palestine.

University officials wouldn’t comment on the protest or the investment claims.

A student named Ry joined the protest. He wants other universities to follow their lead and show support for Palestinians.

Another student, Isra Hirsi, was arrested during the protest. She is the daughter of a famous politician.

Students are upset that Columbia suspended some students who participated in the protest. They feel the university doesn’t care about their rights or safety.

About Protests At Columbia

  • Protests for and against Israel got bigger on Wednesday after a hearing.
  • Some people with Palestinian flags yelled at police who blocked them in with fences.
  • Columbia closed its gates and only let people with school IDs in. Many pro-Palestine protesters from Columbia stayed on campus overnight.
  • Police arrested 4 people overnight but didn’t say why.
  • On Thursday, police told protesters to leave or be arrested. Many students refused and chanted slogans.
  • Over 200 protesters later moved away from campus. Police planned to make them leave soon and surrounded them with officers.
  • Videos online show police arresting pro-Palestine protesters early Thursday. Detained students were taken away in handcuffs.

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