Judge Judy Criticizes Gen Z for Trophy Culture: “In My Day, Only Winners Got Awards


Judge Judy known for her tough and direct advice has strong opinions about Gen Z’s work ethic. The veteran reality TV star and former prosecutor, whose real name is Judith Sheindlin, She believes parents are to blame for their struggles at work saying they have been raised in a “everyone gets a trophy” culture unlike her up bringing in the 1940s where only the top performers got prizes.

“They grew up with the idea that everyone gets a trophy,” she told Fox News. This is very different from her up bringing in the 1940s, where only the top performers received prizes. She thinks this lack of competition affects Gen Z’s careers today and believes it is because parents tried to be friends with their kids instead of being parents. She feels schools were left to teach both academics and morals, which she sees as a mistake.

But the generation isn’t exactly helping themselves either

Judge Judy also criticizes young workers for not helping themselves. She agrees with others like Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster, who say Gen Z wants shorter workdays and starts work late. She believes hard work and dedication are key to success and has no sympathy for those who do not want to work hard.

ortune reached out to Sheindlin for comment.

The youngest generation of workers are different—but it’s not a bad thing

While Gen Z’s work style is different, it is not all bad. Research shows that 45% of employers find Gen Z difficult to work with and even Gen Z managers agree. Young workers today want more than just a paycheck, they seek work-life balance and values that match their own. This shift might help reduce stress and burn out in the workforce.

Geoffrey Scott from Resume Genius says that Gen Z brings fresh ideas and talents that can improve workplaces. For example, Gen Z managers often value candidates hobbies and interests as much as their professional experience.

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