Botched Most Shocking Transformations Are Guaranteed to Make Your Jaw Drop

Botched's Most Shocking Transformations Are Guaranteed to Make Your Jaw Drop

Life in plastic surgery? It’s not always as great as it seems. Just ask Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. These two doctors have been surprising both their patients and viewers at home for seven seasons on their show Botched. They take on the tough cases and fix surgeries gone wrong, resulting in amazing transformations every time.

And get ready, because on August 3, the eighth season is going to bring even more shocking moments. In a new trailer that came out on July 13, one patient confesses that she only wanted a simple tummy tuck but ended up in the ICU three times. And there’s another patient who proudly boasts about spending $250,000 on 25 different procedures.

But it’s not all just flashy moments. In the teaser, Dubrow admits that they’ve seen every possible complication, but this season, they’ll face their toughest challenges yet. Nassif is shown in the middle of surgery saying, “We’re going to have to cut it off.” And in the operating room, Dubrow remarks, “Her condition is getting worse.”

So yeah, plastic surgery isn’t always a walk in the park, even for these experienced doctors.

And hey, brace yourself for some good laughs too, because these doctors will definitely crack you up. Nassif teased, “We’re gonna have amazing new patients, mind-blowing surgeries, and a whole lot more bromance, courtesy of yours truly, the better-looking one between us.”

So, before Dubrow and Nassif gear up for another season, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the most jaw-dropping before and after moments from the show. And don’t forget to catch up on every episode of Botched on Peacock.

Tummy Terror

After giving birth, Bianca decided to get a tummy tuck, hoping to restore her pre-baby abdomen. Unfortunately, the procedure went horribly wrong and left her with a horrifying-looking stomach. But thanks to the Botched doctors, Bianca’s scarred tummy was successfully repaired, giving her back the confidence she had lost.


New Nose, New Career

Before Claudia met the Botched doctors, her “biggest regret” was allowing her nose to hinder her dream of becoming a telenovela star. But now, thanks to their expertise, she is finally able to pursue the career she has always desired without any obstacles holding her back!

A Single Surgery Gone Wrong

Dr. Terry Dubrow labeled this patient’s case on Botched as a “What-The-Heck case” before successfully restoring her breasts to their original shape and size.


A Rockstar’s Return to Glory

Musician David went through three (!) separate surgeries, but unfortunately, they left him with a severely damaged eye. However, thanks to the expertise of the Botched doctors, they were able to perform a risky procedure and work their usual magic to fix his disfigurement.

A Messy Mommy Makeover

Tatyana was deceived into undergoing a complete mommy makeover at the young age of 20, which nearly cost her life. Luckily, the Botched doctors intervened and rectified the life-threatening errors, simultaneously restoring Tatyana’s self-assurance throughout the procedure.


Dream Come True

When Edna was a child, she suffered from a devastating flesh-eating bacteria that left her nose severely damaged. Her father was incredibly determined to get her the necessary help, so he uprooted their entire family and moved to the United States. With the expertise of Dr. Nassif and Dubrow, they worked their miraculous skills, allowing Edna to express, “For the first time in my life, I can finally live freely.”


“Janky Boobs” Be Gone

During Piper’s initial breast augmentation, she had a terrifying encounter with ketamine that left her with what she described as “janky boobs.” Fortunately, the Botched doctors were able to rectify the situation and fix everything for her.

Four Nose Jobs Later…

Cadine went through an astonishing three surgeries in her pursuit of the nose she desired. Unfortunately, it turned out that the doctor who performed those procedures may not have even had a valid medical license, resulting in even more complications. Thankfully, Drs. Nassif and Dubrow came to the rescue. They not only addressed and fixed the problems caused by the previous surgeries but also delivered the nose that Cadine had always dreamed of.

Float Trip Fail

During a float trip, patient Kaitlyn had a freak accident that nearly resulted in the loss of her leg. Although she was fortunate enough to receive initial treatment for her injured knee, it turned out to be only a temporary solution. That’s when the Botched doctors came to her rescue and saved the day. Thanks to their intervention, Kaitlyn is now able to live without pain and discomfort.

Bye Bye Ballsack Foot

When Destiny first met the Botched doctors, she humorously referred to a growth on her foot as a “ball sack.” However, in reality, the growth was caused by a rare condition called lipoblastoma. The rarity of her case was such that she became the subject of a medical journal report when she was just 13 months old. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow successfully performed a procedure to significantly reduce the size of the growth, bringing relief to Destiny.

A Complicated Commissuroplasty

All Patia desired was to regain her “life” and “identity” after a surgeon unintentionally reduced the size of her mouth opening. To her great joy, the Botched doctors were able to provide the assistance she needed, restoring her mouth and helping her reclaim her sense of self.

Beast of Burden

Jazmyn had been self-conscious about a birthmark that she referred to as a “beast.” It extended from the back of her ear all the way down her neck, causing discomfort due to itching and sweating. Dr. Dubrow also pointed out that the birthmark could pose a health risk if it continued to grow. Thankfully, with the brilliant idea of using a tissue expander by Dr. Nassif, Jazmyn was finally able to bid farewell to her birthmark once and for all.

Past Life Complaints

17 years ago, Aia made the decision to undergo calf implant surgery after a profound experience of “past life immersion.” Being quite preoccupied with the appearance of her legs, Aia believed that her dissatisfaction stemmed from a “subconscious memory” of her past life as a German soldier. According to her, she had encountered an explosion near her legs on the battlefield.

However, the outcome of her calf implants led to a host of present-day problems. Aia lamented, stating, “All I wanted was larger calves, and now I have disfigured, purplish legs that seem like they belong to someone else.” To alleviate her discomfort, she resorted to taping her legs to compress them. Additionally, she disclosed experiencing a burning sensation in her right leg. Dr. Dubrow identified that Aia’s implant had become “twisted” and was causing damage to her nerves. Consequently, both implants were removed, allowing Aia to regain her natural leg appearance once more.

A “Giant” Chin

Yazmin had grown tired of her “uneven and bumpy” chin, which she often referred to as her “giant” chin. When she was 14 years old, she underwent surgery to reconstruct her chin using fat taken from her stomach due to an accident. However, Yazmin continued to feel self-conscious about the appearance of the lower half of her face for many years.

To address her concerns, Dr. Nassif performed a procedure to tighten the skin around her chin, resulting in smoother contours. Additionally, he lifted the tissue to correct Yazmin’s slightly drooping mouth. Once again, it proved to be another successful transformation for the skilled botched doctor!

Reconstruction Rescue

After Shannah’s father was diagnosed with Paget’s disease, the male form of breast cancer, she underwent testing for the BRCA-2 gene. Following the results, Shannah opted for a double mastectomy in 2014. However, her reconstructive implants did not expand as intended. It was soon discovered by Dr. Dubrow that Shannah still had residual breast tissue, putting her at risk of developing breast cancer.

Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow took prompt action and removed all of the remaining breast tissue. This allowed Shannah to finally feel at ease, knowing that she was no longer at risk. With her new and improved implants, she could move forward with confidence.

“Hot Mess” Nose

Real estate agent Christy fell victim to what she called “the worst example of retail medicine” when she underwent a two-for-one rhinoplasty procedure. Her previous doctor blamed her “defective” cartilage for the outcome, but Dr. Nassif was determined to fix her slanted nose. However, during the surgery, there was a slight surprise: Dr. Nassif encountered unexpected alcohol-related ooze due to Christy’s alcohol consumption prior to the procedure. After her nose job, Christy jokingly remarked, “This probably won’t be the last time a White Claw gets me in trouble,” but she expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I finally see what I feel like should have been on my face my entire life.” Consider her surgery a resounding success!

Coral Reef Relief

Bruno, a professional surfer, had been experiencing the presence of two mysterious masses for a significant period of time. Fortunately, his pathology results came back negative for cancer. However, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif were still puzzled by the unusual “barnacles” and tissue resembling coral that they surgically removed from Bruno’s chest. The good news is that Bruno is now able to return to his true passion: riding the waves, as he was meant to do!

“Lumpy” Nose Woes

As a teenager, Brittnie secretly underwent a nose job without informing her mother, resulting in an “Owen Wilson” nose appearance. Dr. Nassif discovered that Brittnie’s bones were actually straight, but her cartilage had deviated over time. Although the surgery was considered risky, Dr. Nassif successfully restored Brittnie’s nose to its original state. With a radiant smile, Brittnie expressed her happiness, stating, “I am so delighted. I am starting to love myself more.”

J. Lo Butt Gone Wrong

After losing weight, Yuliana desired a shapely posterior resembling Jennifer Lopez. However, multiple visits to a doctor in Colombia resulted in a “deformed” appearance that nearly led to the end of her marriage. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow intervened by removing all implants and silicone injections. He assisted Yuliana in restoring a more natural and aesthetically pleasing buttocks, setting her on a healthier path.

Wrestling An Asymmetrical Nose

Sara’s self-consciousness began after she broke her nose at the age of eight during a wrestling match. However, the challenges extended beyond the injury itself. Sara also grappled with possible body dysmorphia disorder, constantly comparing herself to her triplet sister. Fortunately, Dr. Nassif came to the rescue and successfully repaired Sara’s nose, allowing her to feel proud of her new appearance.

Bobbing For Baywatch Boobs

Deana had hoped for breasts reminiscent of Pamela Anderson’s iconic Baywatch look, but instead, she ended up with two breasts that she described as “rotten apples with a bite taken out.” Ouch! Despite her dissatisfaction with her current appearance, Dr. Dubrow successfully reshaped Deana’s breast implants, creating a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Fixed Parrot’s Beak

Having undergone three unsuccessful surgeries, Yesenia was left with a nose that she felt resembled it had been “smashed against a window” permanently. However, Dr. Nassif stepped in to address her collapsed nostrils, empty nose syndrome, and the previous nose appearance that resembled a “parrot.” Thanks to Dr. Nassif’s treatment, Yesenia was finally able to achieve the before and after photos she had always dreamed of.

Dented Booty Call

Takeema experienced a distorted buttocks shape following a combination of procedures including a tummy tuck, butt implants, and a Brazilian butt lift. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow skillfully reconstructed her buttocks, providing Takeema with new, beautifully shaped cheeks. This allowed her to regain her confidence after the removal of her previously oversized “dunk’em” rear end.


David firmly believes that his misshapen nose is a result of his mother’s IUD. Fortunately, Dr. Nassif is able to perform a reconstructive procedure, allowing David to not only have a more aesthetically pleasing nose but also to experience relief from headaches and breathe more easily.

Flap Jack Breasts

Jodi, a firefighter, went through several breast augmentation surgeries that resulted in a deflated chest. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow came to her aid and provided her with the correct implant size. As a result, Jodi now expresses feeling like a woman once more, regaining her confidence and satisfaction with her new breasts.

Rocky Nose Nonsense

Jessica struggled to breathe properly following three unsuccessful surgeries that attempted to fix her nose, which she described as resembling a “rocky mountain range.” However, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Paul Nassif, Jessica’s nose was successfully repaired just in time for her to resume her beloved hiking hobby.

Tummy Tuck Terror

Maritza, a newly-divorced single mom, took a gamble by undergoing a risky tummy tuck and liposuction procedure in Mexico. Unfortunately, she ended up losing her belly button as a result. However, Dr. Terry Dubrow stepped in to perform a reconstructive procedure on both her stomach and her confidence. The process was truly astonishing, leaving Maritza with a restored stomach and renewed self-assurance.

Shark Bite-Sized “Gaping Hole”

Donnie had been living in fear following a serious car accident that left him with a scar resembling a shark bite on his left side. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow came to his aid and performed a tummy tuck procedure to remove the skin graft. As a result, Donnie was able to regain his confidence just in time to enjoy shirtless summers on the beach once again.

Nose From Hell

The patient required an extensive nose job that addressed the internal structures. However, due to a severe lupus flare-up, she had to wait until her condition stabilized. Once the time came, she underwent the procedure and experienced a significant improvement in her ability to breathe freely, bringing her a sense of relief she hadn’t felt in years. Playfully, she later joked to her husband, “I now have a Dr. Nassif nose!”

Back From “Whoville”

Holly, in a lighthearted manner, would jest that her appearance resembled a character from Dr. Seuss’ imaginary town of “Whoville” due to a broken nose and a failed nose job. Dr. Paul Nassif was astonished upon examining her nose, which had significant cartilage loss. However, as a skilled professional, he knew exactly how to reconstruct her nose, ensuring it would be ready in time for Holly’s important wedding day.

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