Realistic Postpartum Body Images For Most Women Contrary What Instagram May Have You Believe


Welcome to a refreshing glimpse into reality. In a world dominated by carefully curated images on social media, it’s important to shed light on the truth behind the postpartum journey. Contrary to what Instagram may lead us to believe, the postpartum body is a testament to the incredible strength and resilience of women. In this collection of 28 raw and unfiltered images, we present an authentic portrayal of what most women experience after giving birth. It’s time to embrace and celebrate the beauty of real postpartum bodies, defying the unrealistic standards perpetuated by the online world.

Exercise And Eat Healthy During Pregnancy They Say. That Way Your Body Will Bounce Back. Yeah Right!

Pregnancy is a trans-formative journey that affects each woman differently. While exercise and a healthy diet are essential for overall well-being, the notion of effortlessly bouncing back to pre-pregnancy shape is often far from reality. Let’s acknowledge and appreciate the unique paths our bodies take, embracing the beauty of the postpartum journey without the pressure of unrealistic expectations.

I Used To Weigh Myself Every Morning

For a period of time, my morning routine involved stepping on the scale to measure my self-worth. But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that my value extends far beyond a number, and I now choose to focus on nourishing my body and cultivating a positive relationship with myself, free from the constraints of daily weigh-ins.


So Many Women Have Said To Me “You’re So Small After Having 5 Kids!

Receiving compliments about my postpartum body being smaller after having five kids can be bittersweet. While I appreciate the kind words, it’s important to remember that each woman’s body is unique, and comparing ourselves to others only adds unnecessary pressure and expectations. Let’s celebrate our individual journeys and embrace the diversity of postpartum bodies without judgement or comparison.

These Stripes Mean I Carried Life Inside Of Me. I’m Not Ashamed

These beautiful stripes, stretching across my body, are a proud reminder of the incredible journey I undertook to bring life into this world. They are a testament to the strength, love, and sacrifice that motherhood encompasses, and I wear them with pride, free from any sense of shame or insecurity.

The Only Post Baby Bodies I See On Instagram And The “Perfect” Ones

It’s disheartening to witness the overwhelming presence of “perfect” post-baby bodies on Instagram, leaving little room for the diverse realities of motherhood. Let’s challenge the narrative and embrace the beauty of all postpartum bodies, celebrating the uniqueness and strength that each one represents.


I’ve Been Battling With Myself About This Post All Day Trying To Get The Courage To Share

Opening up and sharing our vulnerabilities can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to embracing our postpartum bodies. It takes immense courage to overcome self-doubt and societal pressures, but in doing so, we create a space for authenticity, acceptance, and support. Your story matters, and your courage to share can inspire others on their own journeys of self-love and acceptance.

The Internet Will Make Us Believe That Women Give Birth And Instantly Jump Back Into Their Old Jeans

The internet’s portrayal of postpartum recovery can be misleading, giving the impression that women effortlessly slip back into their pre-pregnancy jeans right after giving birth. In reality, the postpartum journey is unique for each woman, and it’s important to embrace the physical and emotional changes with patience, self-compassion, and a realistic perspective.

Postpartum Bellies Are One Of My Favourite Things. The Physical Remnants Of The Life It Was Just Growing. Still Enlarged, Yet Vacant

Postpartum bellies hold a special place in my heart as they beautifully symbolize the remarkable journey of nurturing life within. Despite their lingering size, they serve as a gentle reminder of the profound love and connection shared during pregnancy, even in their temporarily vacant state.


How Is This Considered Ugly?

It’s baffling how society has labelled the postpartum body as “ugly” when it embodies the incredible strength, resilience, and beauty of motherhood. Let’s challenge these narrow beauty standards and embrace the raw, authentic beauty that comes with the physical and emotional journey of bringing life into the world.

When You Fit Back Into Your Pre-pregnancy Jeans But Your Heart Starts To Sink Because All You Can Think Is “My Body Will Never Be The Same

The moment when you slip back into your pre-pregnancy jeans can be bittersweet as it represents a physical milestone, but it also brings forth a wave of emotions. Amidst the mixed feelings, it’s important to remember that our bodies may have changed, but they have carried and nurtured life, and that is an incredible journey worth cherishing.

I Felt Nervous Yet Empowered To Share With The World A Part Of Myself That I Had Hidden From Lovers In My Lifetime

Sharing a part of myself that I had concealed from past lovers brought forth a mix of nervousness and empowerment. It was a moment of vulnerability that allowed me to embrace my body and its unique story, free from any shame or judgement.


Taken 3 Days Postpartum

This photo, captured just three days after giving birth, represents the raw and tender moments of early postpartum. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human body and the immense strength that comes with bringing new life into the world.

Was Not Quite Three Weeks Old Here. I’ve Been Working Up The Courage To Share This Photo For Quite Some Time

This precious photo, taken when my little one was not even three weeks old, holds a significance that surpasses words. Sharing this vulnerable moment required great courage, and it serves as a testament to the deep bond and love that I have for my child, embracing the beauty of motherhood in its purest form.

Days Old Throwing It Back To My Most Exhausted, Anxious, Overwhelmed Self

Throwing it back to the early days of motherhood when my little one was just days old, this photo captures the raw emotions of exhaustion, anxiety, and overwhelming responsibility. It serves as a reminder of the tremendous growth and resilience I’ve experienced since then, embracing the journey with both its challenges and joys.


Mummy Tummy (Yes Women Grow Body Hair Too)

Embracing my “mummy tummy” and the body hair that accompanies it is a celebration of the remarkable changes that come with motherhood. It’s a reminder that beauty is diverse and natural, reflecting the strength, love, and growth that define this trans formative phase of life.

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