Kingsley Ben-Adir Dating: What You Need to Know


Kingsley Ben-Adir (born 28 February 1986) is a British actor. Kingsley Ben-Adir was born to a black Trinidadian mother and a white British father. Kingsley Ben-Adir, a British actor, became famous in showbiz because he’s really talented and can do lots of different things. From London, England, Ben-Adir has become well-known for his acting skills. Ben-Adir has also showcased his acting prowess in other television shows and films, notably in the popular series “The OA,” where he plays Karim Washington. As a professional, Ben-Adir prefers to separate work from personal life.

Girlfriend Supports His Career

Ben-Adir, the actor, has a crazy busy life, always off filming in different spots for months at a time. In 2019, he spilled about how his gig on “The OA” messed with his personal life. He was like, “Had to let my girlfriend know I was doing a show… She swung by once, but hey, that’s showbiz, right?”

So, “The OA” kicked off in 2016 and wrapped up in 2019. It’s about this chick who vanished for seven years and then popped back up in her 20s, suddenly able to see after being blind. Some folks thought it was a miracle, while others were freaked out it might bring bad vibes. And hey, at the 65th BFI London Film Festival in 2021 and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2022, Ben-Adir was spotted with this mysterious blonde chick.

Does Kingsley Ben-Adir have a wife?

Kingsley has been married four times and has four kids: Thomas and Jasmin Bhanji with his first wife, Angela Morant, and Edmund and Ferdinand Kingsley with his second wife, Alison Sutcliffe. He split with his third wife, Alexandra Christmann, back in 2005 after spotting her smooching some other dude online, which really rattled him.

Then, on September 3, 2007, he said “I do” to Brazilian actress Daniela Lavender at Eynsham Hall in North Leigh, Oxfordshire.In 2013, Kingsley was in a play called The Children’s Monologues in London with big names like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Gemma Arterton, and Eddie Redmayne. They were helping out Dramatic Need, a charity that sends artists and actors to teach workshops in poor African areas.

Facts about Kingsley Ben-Adir

Ben-Adir had a rough time in school, almost got booted out in high school, but turned things around before it got too messy. He hit up drama school to learn the acting game. Even though he had the chops, auditions didn’t always go his way. But then, bam! He scored big with “One Night in Miami.” He also rocked in “High Fidelity” and “Love Life,” playing cool characters. In “High Fidelity,” he was all about love and being open, starring with Zoe Kravitz. Kingsley Ben-Adir loved every bit of it. He nails his performances and digs what he does. Just like him, Corey Mylchreest keeps his love life low-key.

Kingsley Ben-Adir Movies

MoviesDirectorRelease Date
Hollywood Bob Marley: One LoveReinaldo Marcus Green14 Feb 2025
Hollywood Barbie (Film)Greta Gerwig21 Jul 2023
Hollywood One Night In MiamiRegina King25 Dec 2021


In this conclusion, Kingsley Ben-Adir doesn’t talk much about his dating life. He’s more focused on his career and roles in movies and TV shows. Keeping his personal life private is important to him, showing he likes to separate work from his personal stuff.

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