How To Identify The Most Popular Home Decor Trends

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Decorating your home is all about doing what makes you happy. Every year, there are new trends to make your place more comfy and stylish. If you like giving your home a cool and unique vibe, it might cost a bit more, but it’s worth it for a better quality of life.

Good home decor can totally change how a place feels. Whether you’re moving to a new spot or just sprucing up your current one, you don’t have to stress about decor. We’ve listed seven popular home decor trends that not only look good but are also worth the money, whether you’re settling in Bahria Town Phase 4 or redoing your place in DHA Islamabad.

Art and Handicrafts

Adding paintings, photos, or cool crafts can make your home feel way better. Artwork becomes the star of the room, cleaning up the look and making it a chill place to relax. Handicrafts instantly brighten things up, giving your home a cool vibe and adding some personality. Plus, some of these things stay valuable over time.


Throwing in some vintage furniture is a timeless move for your home. Furniture with a history often gets more valuable over the years. Opting for vintage or designer pieces isn’t just practical; it also brings a special touch to your space, showing some love and appreciation for the past.



Floor lamps are a timeless choice for home decor that never goes out of style. They give focused lighting, so where you put the lamp matters. Besides adding a touch of style to your decor, they can brighten up small corners. For example, you can place one by your favorite reading spot on the couch or next to your makeshift home office.

These lamps come in sleek designs that don’t take up much space, and the best part is, they usually come with separate wires, making them easy to set up without needing new wiring.

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures are a trendy way to set a good vibe and add a bit of glam to modern rooms. You’ve got lots of options, like chandeliers, fluorescent lights, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and track lighting, each coming in various sizes and shapes.

With so many ceiling light choices, you can pick the perfect style to put that final touch on your home’s theme.

Plus, if you want a simple room upgrade, hanging an oversized pendant light does the trick. It’s a quick way to bring in a rustic feel, and there are loads of designs and colors to choose from that match your room’s overall look.

Traditional rugs

Throwing in an antique rug can totally transform a room’s vibe. There are lots of styles to pick from, but nothing beats the soulful touch of a handmade wool rug.

These rugs come in all sizes and designs, with different colors, prints, and textures. Prices vary based on the type and size you go for.

And here’s a cool trick – you can also hang a rug on the wall. It’s a neat way to jazz up your room, adding some warmth and visual interest. Plus, it helps dampen sound if your walls are a bit thin.

Mini library

 Home libraries are making a comeback, even in this digital age. While we have everything at our fingertips on laptops and smartphones, there’s a special feeling in flipping through the pages of a physical book. Technology can’t quite replicate the experience of running your hands over the rustic pages of a good book.


Choosing the perfect wallpaper can completely transform your home. Whether you go for a modern, aesthetic, or traditional pattern, it’s a quick, easy, and long-lasting way to make a big difference in your space. Elevate the aesthetic value of your home by following these decor trends, guaranteed to be worth your investment. For additional decorating and DIY ideas, check out, Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.

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