40+ Simple But Effective Ways To Maximize Small Kitchen Space


The Kitchen is a frequented place that can get littered with many items if proper attention is not paid to the arrangement and placement of items in it. To maximize space and avoid a busy countertop, and entire kitchen area, there some hacks that can prove helpful. Below are some DIY, professionally built objects, and improvised methods of decluttering the kitchen space.

Dividing the Cabinet Sideways

A big cabinet with no partition is what this hack addresses. For someone with this type of cabinet, simply measure the inner part of the cabinet either in length or in width.

Then use the measurement to get planks for vertical or horizontal division of the cabinet. Whichever way it’s divided, it helps you accommodate more items especially if it’s divided vertically.

Utensils Storage System

The utensils storage system is a special kind of container made from wood that can be used to hold all types of utensils in just a place. To create this, make a square or rectangular wooden box.

Next, get plywood and create deep round holes on it. Then put the plywood at mid-length of the depth of the box. Lastly, put a round metallic object onto the holes drilled. Voila! The holes can now hold utensils.

Counter Top Knife Storage

A section of the countertop is good to pull this off. To do it perfectly, designate a part of the countertop and get a professional to create a slim hole that accommodates the size of the tip of a knife.

When these holes are created, knives can be inserted into them. This is a smart design that will only show the handle of the knife while the sharp end goes beneath the table surface. It’s best to have the holes drilled professionally to get a neat job done.

A Multipurpose Hanger

Creating space in the kitchen area may require creating a hanger to store utensils of various kinds. It could be plastic or iron made types.

A multi-purpose hanger can be fitted with magnetic strips and small wooden planks with short nails. Utensils with metallic handles can be placed on the magnetic strip while wooden ones get hung on the wooden fittings. This method helps to keep all utensils in a place, striking out the need for an extra rack for storage.

Storing Recipe Books

Recipe books are best stored in the kitchen for easy reach. If the recipe books are plenty, then one can’t just put them on the kitchen table to avoid messing up the books with fluid.

To store the books, gather pieces and planks of wood to make a shelf. The shelf can stay anywhere on the wall of the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated, just make it spacious enough to accommodate long sizes of books. Remember to paint the shelf the color of the kitchen to make it presentable.

Storing Cutting Boards

Similar to the earlier kitchen hack, here’s another way of storage that may be fixed behind the cupboard door. To recreate what is depicted in the image, four small aluminum rods, planks of wood, nails, and a hammer are needed.

Make sure the woods are smooth then use a drill to create a hole at both ends. Stick the rods into the hole, then nail or screw the wood into the cupboard door. The space created may be used to store cutting boards and trays. An easy way to reduce objects lying around in the kitchen.

The Magnetic Strip

For those with nice but small kitchen space, this hack is appropriate. Simply get an average length magnetic strip and screw it to the wall. For those who cherish wall design in the kitchen, here is a nice and practical way to place objects on the wall.

The metallic part of a knife will stick firmly to the magnetic strip without falling off. Check out a store to purchase the magnetic strip and use an electric screwdriver to fix it firmly to the wall such that the weight of objects placed on it won’t weigh it down.

Putting Objects in a Box

Boxes come in different materials and sizes. Boxes are excellent tools that can function as storage for keeping unused objects. So, look around the kitchen.

Check for rarely used items. They can be vintage plates, big sized blenders, or trays. Gather these together and put them all in a box or boxes. Next, keep the boxes either on the cupboard or in a storage space in or near the kitchen. Keep these objects in the box or boxes and enjoy a spacious kitchen space.

Bathroom Rod in the Kitchen

At a multipurpose store, purchase a bathroom rod to recreate this effective hack in the kitchen. The bathroom is a common tool to hang towels. In the kitchen, it can serve as a hold for pots, frying pans, and the likes. So, purchase this rod and use top-quality glue to fix it to the side of the kitchen table.

On drying, the rod should be ready and firm for use. So hang the pots and other regular cooking utensils on the rod. This saves the need to arrange for a special place to store these cooking pots.

Hanging Pans

Frying pans may be many in the kitchen. To store them, a foldable hanger is an excellent option. This type of hanger has multiple hooks to place an object.

The mechanism is designed in a way that the hooks extend when the hanger is stretched, and also contracts when it is closed. The way these hanger works saves space when closed because the frying pans are nested into each other, and compressed into space within each. This method is used to store objects using little space.

A Produce Stand

A produce stand hack declutters the kitchen countertop nicely. Especially useful for keeping fruits and vegetables. For fruits and vegetables that are not refrigerator suitable, an open, and well-ventilated space is an ideal place to put them.

An example of such is a produce stand. A produce stand is a combination of wood and iron net. An iron net allows a good flow of air to prevent decay and keep the fruits fresh. Purchase two iron baskets and four hooks. Attach the hooks to the wooden board and put the basket on the hooks.

Kitchen Sink Tip Out

The kitchen sink out installation allows for extra space under the sink. This drawer can hold sink washing tools, soap, and other small objects.

To install it, one will need a drill, pencil, and a level. First, detach the door of the sink which might be held with staples or screws. Next, attach the hinges to the interior part of the cabinet and screw the other end to the drawer after drilling a hole on it. Here is a good way to create extra space to put objects in a small kitchen.

A Shelf of Pots

The top of the shelves is good for keeping large pots that may take up too much space in the kitchen. It could be on the table or the cabinet. But to create more space, construct a shelf on the wall.

While most people use shelves to keep plates, it can also be used to keep big and small-sized pots. It could be a DIY project or something a professional can fix. If it’s a home project, get some planks of wood, nails and look at the well-constructed one in the image as an example.

A Large Magnetic Board of Spices

To make a board of spices here’s a simple and effective way to have all the spice on just one plate. So purchase little metallic containers that can’t take more than five spoons of spices.

The containers can be up to ten or a bit more. Put each close and the bottom of each is rooted in the magnetic board. Due to the nature of the board, the spices do not overturn and spill the content.

Recycle Used Carton

If there is a cereal box, after exhausting the content, the carton can be used at another time. Gather the carton of different cereals and cut them into any shape of choice.

For example, use scissors to cut out the upper part of one side or chop off both sides depending on choice. The box can serve as a casual container to hold all sorts of small objects and items important in the kitchen. If multiple ones are created, half-used items can be saved in these boxes.

The Basket on the Wall

The basket on the wall is a wooden project designed to declutter the kitchen. Being on the kitchen wall, this is a good project used to store items.

To create this, simply get some planks of wood, a hammer, a drill to create holes on the wood, and spray paint (optional). Construct the wood in a basket form in two or three places. Nail a long rod to the wooden baskets to connect them all. Then if the outlook of the kitchen doesn’t go with the wooden color, get paint that blends well with the kitchen color.

A Basket of Long Utensils

For a kitchen with a wooden theme, here is a nice and appealing way to store all the long utensils in the kitchen. To do this, hit the store to purchase wicker baskets and rope.

Tie the rope at two edges of the basket in a shape that forms a handle. Next, attach a holder to the side of a wooden table and hang the basket right on it. This basket as seen in the image must be lengthy to accommodate the long utensil used in the kitchen.

The Paper Holder Hack

Purchase a couple of paper holders and instead of screwing them to the back of the cupboard door, place them on the kitchen table or shelf.

A paper holder can comfortably hold bottles or round-shaped containers. So do not be deceived by the name paper holder. It holds more than just papers or light materials.

In-built Cutting Board

An in-built cutting board is a perfect alternative to the chopping boards common in most kitchens. To create it, professional service must be employed.

Pick a table of choice that can fit well into the kitchen and can also serve other purposes. A particular spot on it is then drilled in a full circle shape. As seen in the picture, this makes the cutting of vegetables easy and straightforward. This hack reduces the need to look for a storage place for the cutting board.

A Pegboard Wall Organizer

A pegboard organizer can hold something as big as a pot or even a frying pan. Utensils can as well hang on the pegboard. To make this, purchase a pegboard and some hooks.

The hooks can be short types, and one in a rod shape. So get a drill, and create a hole on the wall to screw the pegboard firmly later. Use the drill to likewise create holes to fit in the hooks. Next, place the board over the hooks and screw it firmly to the wall.

Extra Drawer in a Cupboard

A cupboard is usually large with tall compartments. The upper part of a cupboard is not always occupied after placing an object inside it. To make use of that upper part to create space, simply get an iron net drawer shaped in rectangular form and fix it to the upper part of the cupboard. This helps to utilize the cupboard space to the full.

It will provide space for many objects that could have taken or required additional space in the kitchen. For individuals who own vintage plates or old appliances, this is a good method of reducing objects lying around and thereby providing space in the kitchen.

Hang Pots on the Ceiling

The hanger as seen in the picture below describes what is sold in stores that specialize in selling kitchen equipment. This type of hanger is used for holding all sizes of the pot. Simply purchase one and have it screwed to an elevated part of the wall.

This method of storage spares one the stress of looking for ways to store big pots in the kitchen without taking up space. Making this may not be easy and it may even require professional knowledge. So, it’s best to just purchase it.

Non-hanging Shelf

The use and types of shelf never seems to end. Here is a non-hanging shelf placed on the countertop. It can be used to create extra space because below the shelf (on the countertop) there is a place.

Then on top of the shelf, there is another space to store things. This type of table shelf can most likely be bought since already made ones are designed to be foldable and take little space. For someone who loves DIY projects, then get creative and make something beautiful with wood.

Folding Table for Small Kitchen

When a kitchen is small, the goal is to maximize space using any method possible. In this case, a foldable table is a good solution. A fully extended table may be important in the kitchen yet taking up too much space.

To enjoy the table and still reduce the space it takes, make it foldable. To do this, have a handyman come around to fix this type of table. It will be attached to the wall for permanency while the larger part of it will be foldable.

Paper Holder on the Cupboard Door

There are some generic objects in the kitchen like aluminum foil, plastic wraps, and other small items. To store these small items, there isn’t a need to put them on the table or look for another special place to keep such things.

So, this method is a great way to store small objects. Get a paper holder from a local store. Get some screws, and fix it to the door of the cupboard. When the paper holder is firmly fixed, put small-sized objects in it.

Cutlery Container

A couple of containers with the content emptied are good ways to declutter a kitchen table. Instead of cutlery lying around, get a container, and designate one for each type of cutlery.

At a leisure time, design the container of each by writing the name of what each holds. Apart from reducing the objects lying around, this is also a way of beautifying the countertop. Here is a simple hack to consider– it doesn’t require the use of wood or any special tool and it requires no special skill to pull it off.

Jars to Store Food

Jars that are empty offer one the opportunity to store a wide range of products. Jars are excellent ways to keep food items safe. Cookie jars or chocolate boxes are examples of containers to use.

Raw food items of different nature can be stored in these containers. This hack requires no special skill or expertise in any field. Simply gather containers and wash them. Then leave them to dry. When they dry, bring them to the kitchen for use. Select any food item of choice put each in a container.

A Coffee Area

A coffee area hack is more of an organization technique. To do this, gather all coffee equipment and container in a place and label the area coffee space.

Items to get are an iron basket and tray. The iron basket will be able to hold cups, coffee jars, and other items. The coffee machine could be placed on the tray. It’s best to situate the area near a wall socket to use the coffee machine easily.

Sponge Holder in the Sink

A sponge is a must-have for washing. So it’s not an item to remove from the kitchen, in fact, it must be kept close to the sink for easy access. The problem with the sponge is that it can make the sink top look busy.

To enjoy a plain view of the kitchen table, simply get a sponge holder. Hang the sponge holder on the sink faucet. This object is commonly sold at convenience stores or online stores selling household items. This method is a simple way of keeping the kitchen free of items littered about.

A Drawer for Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towels are needed in many parts of the home without leaving out the kitchen. Some drawers can be switched to paper towel dispensers.

Simply dedicate a drawer to this use, and put demarcation if there must be other items are the other side of the opening. Purchase paper towels and put some rolls in the drawer for continuous use.

Storage Rack on the Refrigerator Door

A storage rack purchased from the store online will do the trick nicely. It should be long and have hooks to hang it firmly. As preferred by the user, the rack may be painted the color of the refrigerator or left the way it is.

Since the rack is supported by the refrigerator door, it will hold as many objects as possible. This hack requires nothing special to create. It’s simple to put into use and form as extra space in the kitchen area.

Fixing Rod Under the Sink

A rod of small size is useful and ideal to keep under the sink to store containers filled with a liquid wash. Alternatively, use a small plank instead. Whatever object being used, let the two ends touch both ends of the wall under the sink.

When the rod fits firmly, hang the liquid wash containers on it. It’s a good way to store these liquid wash bottles without taking up space. With this method, it makes it easy to find the bottles and not scatter them around the kitchen.

Mobile Storage Rack

A mobile storage rack is useable in tiny spaces. It can stand horizontal in a tight space as depicted in the image below or stand against a wall.

The mobile storage is movable depending on the circumstances in the kitchen. So put as many items as it can hold in it and find a place for it in the kitchen. The hack helps to manage and utilize even the smallest of spaces in the kitchen. Additionally, it’s a neat way of arranging the kitchen.

A Shelf and Hanging Storage; 2 in 1

This 2 in 1 storage technique is a smart option that serves a multi-purpose need. It can function as a shelf and also as hanging storage. To use it, get a professional to make the iron-type or the wooden version.

It’s a simple design that consists of a flat top and lower side that has hooks for hanging. To use, after fixing it to a wall, use the flat-top to store heavy objects like big pots. Then the hanging part can hold objects like frying pan, cooking spoons, frying spoons, and other small-sized pots.

The Kitchen Sink Chopping Board

A Chopping board in all its thickness needs a place to stay. For an individual who cuts regularly in the kitchen, keeping the cutting board nearby seems only reasonable. To enjoy the board and not interfere with the pristine condition of the kitchen table, this hack would work.

Get the board placed right beside the sink opening. Placing it there cancels out the need to find a special place for it on the countertop. Additionally, the cutting board is more accessible compared to keeping it in the cabinet.

Hanging Refrigeration Storage

The hanging refrigerator storage is practical and simple. Purchase a refrigerator hanging rack and add it just beneath the shelf in the refrigerator.

Since the shelves in the refrigerator are spacious, it’s common to place an object in the refrigerator and have the distance between each shelf big enough to accommodate items placed over each other vertically. To make use of the upper space, use the rack as shown in the picture.

Onions and Garlic Container

This hack is more of a neat organization and arrangement than creating space. To use this technique, simply purchase a good container with a perforated cover.

The perforations on the cover allows airflow to prevent the rot of the onions and garlic when covered and stored in the container. Being wooden it won’t absorb the kitchen heat and also the brownish wood color makes it a good fit for the kitchen.

Mini Shelves for Refrigerator

The mini shelves for refrigerators are applicable to the storage of small items. These mini storage are part of the fanciful objects people purchase in online stores.

These shelves can hold small food items like fish, eggs, fruits, chocolate bars, and more. Just put the items on the small shelf and hang them to the bigger and flat shelves used to demarcate the refrigerator.

A V-shaped Kitchen Drawer

This type of drawer is best designed by a woodworker. Or for someone with a good knowledge of carpentry, this could be a good DIY project. A drawer with a V-shaped outer part is used where two drawers meet at an edge.

The design creates more space since it is bigger than two separate drawers placed side by side. Here is another way to maximize space and make the kitchen spacious.

Adding Extra Shelf to a Cupboard

The top of a cupboard shouldn’t be left empty. There are simple ways of utilizing the top of the cupboard. To this, get a long and slightly large wooden plank. Next, get a paint that matches the color of the cupboard and spray the wooden plank.

After that, get three thick planks of wood and nail them to three points on the painted plank. Paint the three planks of wood attached to the plank also. When the project dries, place it on the top of a cupboard. The space created would be able to accommodate objects on it and below it.

Wall Shelves

It feels as if we’ve touched on shelves before Regardless let’s consider this. Instead of creating another hanging cupboard following the traditional style that is commonly placed over all the kitchen table, shelves are a good alternative.

To make the shelves at home, one needs nails or an electrical screwdriver. Then small pieces of wood and two large planks of wood. Look at the image to see where to put the small pieces of wood (on the wall and to support the planks beneath). Then join the woods and planks to get a nice shelf done.

Cabinet Door Transformation

Transforming the inner part of the cabinet is likewise a smart option. Add some racks to the cabinet to hold some objects. The addition should be on the cabinet door.

Additionally, one can also measure the width of the cabinet and cut a plank of that size to create a demarcation in the cabinet around the upper part which usually empty (since objects can’t float). An object can be placed on the wood used as demarcation. In that way, the cabinets get two compartments; the upper and lower.

Magnetic Spice Container

This keep spices in a visible place. The surface of the fridge is a good place to use magnetic holders. So get some containers. Ensure the containers have a lid. Next, purchase some magnets and get some glue as well.

Put some glue on the magnet and attach them to a table card. Then use glue to attach the magnet on the table card to the lid of the containers. Since the bottom of the container will be facing outside, get a piece of the sticker, and write the name of each spice then stick the name to the appropriate one.

Magnetic Rack

A magnetic rack is something that can likewise stick to the fridge side. Since refrigerators are metallic, this hack works just fine. So first get a rack. A rack made of plastic is best used. Get a glue and a pack of round magnets.

At the outer side of the rack, stick the round magnets with glue. About four magnets distributed around is good. When it dries, put some objects in it and stick the rack to the side of the fridge. The magnet will hold firmly yet the object to be placed in must not be too heavy.

Fixing a Dishdrainer to the Wall

A dish drainer is placed on the cabinet by default. Should there arise a need for space, the dish drainer can be fixed on the wall instead. Get a carpenter to make a wooden dish drainer. Then have it fixed to the wall of the kitchen.

By doing this, the drainer is taken off the cabinet, and space is created as wanted. Since it’s now attached to the wall, a good thing to keep in mind is draining the plates well before putting them in the wall drainer. Or locate the drainer right above the sink.

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