40 Weird Things People Sold on Facebook Marketplace


Sometimes, strange stuff pops up on Facebook. A lot of it is things people sell, like handmade or weird items. Here are some of the weirdest posts folks have shared on Facebook.

Can We Double-Check That?

When browsing Facebook Marketplace, you usually find typical stuff like furniture, clothes, or games people want to sell. But stumbling upon a listing for a 40-million-year-old amber figure? Sounds like a bargain at $100, but we’re skeptical about its authenticity. We’re not archaeologists, but something feels off about this supposedly ancient artifact.

Is There High Demand for This?

There are many ways to earn money with pets, like being a vet or groomer. But a pet eyebrow business? That’s a unique idea we didn’t see coming. It sounds niche and not too lucrative, but who knows? Maybe there’s a demand for pets prepping for a night out.

We Have a Follow-Up Question

In this Facebook Marketplace post, someone is selling the pictured bookshelf. It’s clear they’re a big fan of the movie Shrek, which is relatable. But their collection seems excessive. Why so many copies of the same movie? Wouldn’t a little variety be nice? Still, you’ve got to admire the consistency.

Not a Great Sell

To boost your chances of success on Facebook Marketplace, it helps to make your product appealing and beneficial to potential buyers. However, selling a tanning bed might be a case of both poor marketing and poor taste. It’s hard to imagine people wanting to tan with the reminder of the health risks associated with it.

Truly Cursed

This could be one of the worst finds on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a horrifying outcome that doesn’t seem like it would attract buyers. When people think of “nail art,” they envision intricate designs at a salon, not something like this. This unconventional approach doesn’t make for inviting home décor. And the question remains: How long did it take to make something like this?.

What a Steal!

Sometimes, the perfect snack hits the spot just right. You can grab a bag of Doritos for a few dollars and enjoy. But if you’re feeling a bit extravagant, you might consider splurging on a $10 Dorito in a jar. It’s a curious choice, raising questions about why someone would do this and whether it’s worth the cost for just one chip. On the bright side, you do get a jar out of the deal.

Sounds Like Fun…

As mentioned before, making your item appealing is key when selling or buying on Facebook Marketplace. However, this ad might catch attention for the wrong reasons. While some community members might consider giving someone’s mom a ride, the promise of a “bad mood” and the introduction photo might give them pause. Hopefully, she made it to Mahjong, at least.

Why Would You Wear These?

Finding the right balance between style and comfort is key when choosing shoes. However, these shoes seem to miss the mark on both fronts. The split in the shoe appears unnecessary and uncomfortable. It’s hard to imagine walking comfortably with a separation in the middle of your toes.

Bottle Not Included

Buying items that someone else no longer needs is a common practice to declutter and find useful goods. However, this particular item seems lacking in what it offers. Notably, you only receive the water, not the bottle. This raises questions about why the bottle isn’t included and what container will hold the water when you pick it up.

Feeling Brave?

Some items you avoid because they seem low-quality, while others appear outright unsafe. These “roller skates” fall into the latter category. If you’re familiar with roller skates, you’ll notice they deviate from the typical style and don’t seem very secure. Overall, they give off the impression of a potential accident waiting to happen.

Interesting Stools

Facebook Marketplace often showcases unique furniture pieces that stand out from the ordinary. It’s a treasure trove for DIY enthusiasts. In this post, the featured furniture is stools with legs resembling human legs, which is a clever pun. However, we’re unsure about the type of decor they’d complement.

Works Like a Charm

During a scorching heatwave, people will go to great lengths for relief, often seeking refuge near a fan or air conditioner. For optimal cooling, a reliable model is essential. While this inventive solution may seem appealing, we doubt it would provide the desired results. Moreover, its value compared to the cost of a kayak seems questionable.

“Mint” Condition

Some items fetch higher prices when they’re in mint condition, as collectors know well. However, there are a few issues with this particular listing. Firstly, it’s a $10 bill, not a collectible item, so pricing it higher doesn’t make sense. Secondly, the seller might need a refresher on what “mint condition” means, as the bill appears to have undergone several transactions and doesn’t meet the criteria.

A Lot of Questions

Some things become increasingly unsettling the longer you examine them, and this Facebook Marketplace post is a prime example. The bathtub filled with corndogs is certainly striking imagery. However, what’s even more disturbing is the seller’s assurance that the food they’re selling is “clean.” One would certainly hope so.

A Fair Trade

Drama seems to find its way onto various corners of Facebook, including the Marketplace. In an unexpected turn of events, one individual found themselves in a position to catch a thief after discovering their phone left in their yard. Rather than using this opportunity to identify the culprit, they opted to take to Facebook and offer the phone back in exchange for the return of their rhubarb.

How Sanitary

For serious chefs looking to build their backyard barbecue setup, there’s a range of materials to choose from. However, it seems this person may have opted for the worst material available for their base: a toilet. Even if it’s functional, cooking dinner on a toilet raises concerns. On the bright side, it does come with a built-in cooler, at least.

In Case You Need It

Browsing through Facebook Marketplace often leads to unexpected finds. It’s surprising what your neighbors might be selling as old décor. In one local Facebook group, a life-size cutout of Edward Cullen was up for grabs. The description promised it was “used, but in good condition,” which raises more questions than it answers.

Not Suspicious at All

Some things on Facebook are clearly meant as jokes, or at least you hope they are. The mystery barrels this person is selling fall into that category. Claiming them as army property, coupled with their suspicious appearance and mystery contents, adds to the concern. Overall, it’s a sale we’ll definitely skip out on.

Interesting Approach

Using your phone for everything can pose challenges, as one person found out the hard way. When they tried to sell their phone, they faced a dilemma: how to photograph it without a camera? Their solution was creative, and we’re sure it caught people’s attention.

Some Guy

Some items are easy to sell, like old clothes or unused appliances. However, more personalized items can be challenging. We understand why this person might not want a picture of a stranger in their office. Moreover, we doubt anyone would pay $25 for a photo of a random person they don’t know. Perhaps this is a chance for Barry to reclaim his portrait.

Lather Up

DIY projects have gained popularity, especially with easy internet access and increased free time due to regulations and lockdowns. From building furniture to making face masks at home, the possibilities are endless. However, while we can appreciate DIY creativity, perhaps this person should reconsider selling lotion that closely resembles mashed potatoes.

They’re Definitely Spooky

Sometimes, those odd finds on Facebook Marketplace aren’t just funny; they’re downright cursed — and sometimes, that’s the intention! This seller promised frightening pies, and they delivered with a portfolio to match. They certainly accomplished their goal; these pies with human faces are incredibly terrifying. We wonder if this was a Halloween-only deal or if these pies are available for other events as well. How did this person even get into this practice?.

Just the One

Wireless headphones are consistently in high demand, but most people expect to receive both earbuds in a set. Buying just one without the other seems pointless. Yet, that’s exactly what this person offered, and to make matters worse, they set a “firm price” of $50 for the lone earbud. Offering only part of a set should warrant a discount. As it stands, the offer doesn’t seem very enticing.

Seems a Bit Specific

Personalized sweets are a classic gesture, often associated with romantic gestures. However, this Facebook Marketplace chef took a new approach with their marketing. The message “unblock me please” is certainly unconventional, and we wonder if it’s a common request among their customers. However, we’re doubtful that this tactic worked as intended.

Free to a Loving Home

Some of the odd finds on Facebook Marketplace can be surprising yet ultimately appreciated, especially when it comes to free food. However, it does make us wonder how this person ended up with three pounds of unnecessary cheese. That’s a substantial amount to deal with! It seems like it would have been consumed quickly in the end.

Just a Little DIY

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is a hub for various DIY projects, some of which are sold at daring prices on the Marketplace. The main issue with this particular “candle holder” is its striking resemblance to an upside-down wine glass. While the seller may have added blue decorations, we’re not convinced it’s worth $25 as a candle holder.

Oh, Wow

When planning a backyard barbecue, having the right supplies is crucial, including something to cook on. You can often find what you need on Facebook. However, if this minion grill is the option presented, it might be better to keep searching. The fact that it’s a minion design might put some people off, but the rust and fading paint only add to the discomfort.

Promise, No One Touched It

Buying certain items secondhand, like clothing, is quite common and acceptable. However, cakes are typically not something you’d use at two different parties. Setting aside hygiene concerns, the cake would likely become stale and visually unappealing even just a few days later, even if it’s claimed to be “untouched.”

All for a Straw

Having a reliable selling strategy is important to ensure that what you’re offering appears appealing to potential customers. However, it’s crucial not to go overboard with exaggerations or lies. Promising “very rare advertising” on a set of McDonald’s straws likely didn’t impress many people. After all, they’re just straws from McDonald’s at the end of the day.

What’s That ?.

As we’ve previously discussed, food can indeed make for a great romantic gift. However, not everyone has a sweet tooth. The good news is that this person on Facebook Marketplace offered an alternative for those interested. While we can understand someone preferring Cheetos over chocolates, we have to wonder about some of the components. For instance, are those strawberries coated in the flavoring from Cheetos?

At Least They’re Honest

There are various reasons why someone might sell something. In some posts, sellers even provide explanations for getting rid of an item, often promising that it isn’t faulty. In one particular post, the seller was brutally honest: there was nothing wrong with the item, they just couldn’t be bothered to separate their laundry. It’s understandable, especially since mixing different colored laundry isn’t as much of an issue anymore.

What a Beautiful Bird Feeder

This is indeed another cursed item that leaves us questioning why someone would create it. It’s hard to know where to begin with this image, but the results are certainly memorable. However, it’s difficult to notice anything other than the babydoll arms, legs, and head hanging from the feeder. What’s even worse is that there’s another doll trapped inside the feeder as well, adding a whole new level of horror to the concept.

Like Looking in a Mirror

Mirrors are indeed versatile in home design, offering both function and style in various designs. However, this Facebook find seems more suited to an optometrist’s office than a living room. Despite its unusual design, it’s worth noting that this mirror appears to be well-made and offers a generous amount of surface area, unlike some of the weirder finds on Facebook.

The Scariest Playground Ever

Playgrounds are designed to be fun and inviting for kids, often featuring bright colors and familiar characters. However, outdoor elements can cause the colors to fade, especially on metal equipment. Additionally, seeing a playground in such a state of disrepair can be unsettling. The severe rusting only adds to the unsettling atmosphere, making the minions look far from friendly.

Ok, But Why?

There are items you might consider buying for specific situations, and then there are perfectly pointless items out there. In this post, however, you can’t even spend your money on food to eat. Instead, the exchange offers four bags of fake spaghetti. We’re not quite sure why anyone would want fake spaghetti, but perhaps it’s great for a kids’ toy kitchen or other creative uses.

Please Wash It

Before selling something online, it’s essential to take the time to clean it up. After all, you want it to look its best for the best chance of a sale. Attempting to sell something without removing ample cat hair from it might not be ideal. Furthermore, marketing the cat hair as a selling point is likely not a good idea. While the news of the cat may be sad, highlighting the presence of cat hair could hinder the success of selling the dress in question.

Summing it up Simply

There are numerous reasons why someone might sell something on Facebook, and they’re not always upfront or interesting. In this instance, there’s no sugarcoating the situation. While it’s often a somber story when someone sells an engagement ring or wedding band on Facebook, this person made it clear by titling the item for sale as a mistake.

How Did You Get That?

There are certainly items on Facebook Marketplace that make you do a double-take, whether it’s a wild lie about a product or the product itself being distasteful. Few things are as distasteful as attempting to sell a cult leader’s baby teeth on Facebook. While the truth behind these teeth is likely different from what they claim, it’s bewildering to imagine how someone would explain having the baby teeth of Charles Manson.

A Lot to Unpack Here

Some of the most intriguing discoveries on Facebook Marketplace come with a story, and this chair is a prime example. While it may appeal to very specific tastes, it’s the caption that really grabs attention. While people discover their partner’s infidelity in various ways, it’s unlikely that many find out because their partner brings home their new girlfriend’s chair in the shape of a giant heel.

Ready to Decorate

As the holidays approach, many people start decorating their homes, often with variations reflecting personal tastes, beliefs, or existing decor. In this case, someone opted for a personalized ornament, but their choice to fill it with baked beans is quite puzzling. It’s hard to imagine this ornament lasting long before it becomes a bit unpleasant to have around.

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