45 Parents That Have No Clue How Cringey They Are

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45 Parents That Have No Clue How Cringey They Are

The term “cringey” is defined in the dictionary as something that causes awkward or embarrassing feelings. It refers to actions or statements that elicit a cringe or facepalm reaction from people. Interestingly, parents are quite skilled at being cringey, as evidenced by a mother requesting child support from a babysitter and another begging for Instagram likes. The level of cringe from these parents is quite surprising.

Beware the Evil Cards

There are few parents who desire to exert an excessive amount of control over the conduct of those in their life. Although it’s acceptable to anticipate certain behaviors from someone who spends time with your child, some parents may cross the line in this regard.

There are two unpleasant aspects in this situation – firstly, the mother’s belief that it is inappropriate for an adult man to have any hobby that involves playing with cards. There is no rule stating that playing cards is an activity meant solely for children. Secondly, the idea that the devil inhabits playing cards is even more concerning. One may wonder where else this malicious entity resides – perhaps even within seemingly harmless things like teddy bears.

Got the Wrong Group Chat

The use of group chats can be both enjoyable and stressful. Although they have the potential to be entertaining, they can also inundate your phone with irrelevant messages, as seen in the conversation between the mother and father.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be for children to hear about their parents’ sexual experiences? Despite the fact that texting has been around for a long time, it appears that people still have difficulty sending messages to the right recipient.

Parents Being Creepy Stalkers

There are parents who give their children a lot of freedom while others are more controlling, even when the children are away from home. Although this type of parent is not very common, they do exist, like the person in this example.

It’s puzzling why this father is monitoring every activity of his child. Is the child unreliable, or the father is excessively cautious? Or maybe the child is in an unsafe neighborhood? Nevertheless, it’s peculiar to be tracing your child’s whereabouts while they are spending time with friends, and the father should reduce his surveillance.

A Little Pee With Your Popsicle

The use of urine for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, also known as “urine therapy”, is a controversial alternative medicine practice. It includes hair rinses and cleansing drinks, but not everyone is open to this approach.

It is really disturbing that not just this woman’s child, but also another child, is being made to consume their mother’s urine without their consent. No child would willingly want to consume such a thing. We would be interested to witness the confrontation between this woman and Erin’s parents once the former informs them of her actions – it is likely to be heated and argumentative rather than amicable.

Blowing Up the Phone

The term “helicopter parent” is now widely recognized among people. These parents are overly involved in their children’s lives and tend to be anxious and pushy, just like the parent in question.

It’s unfortunate that Sheridan’s mother threatened to contact the authorities when she was just relaxing with some friends and having fun. This situation is quite embarrassing for Sheridan, and it’s only been less than an hour since her mother first messaged her. It would be helpful if her mother could relax and have more faith in her child.

No More Disney Movies

When we were children, most of us had a friend who was restricted from watching certain TV shows or movies, or playing with certain toys due to objections from their parents. For example, some parents would disapprove of the “evil witchcraft” in Harry Potter, resulting in their children being unable to watch it.

It appears that those parents are still obsessed with identifying “satanic symbolism” in animated movies. We are quite intrigued to know what exactly they mean by this. The parent in question probably feels perpetually anxious, and their children are likely restricted to a very limited range of viewing options. It’s unfortunate for the kids.

Mysterious Missing Spacebar

Many parents did not have personal phones while growing up, and were used to depending on landlines. The transition from bag phones to T9 and the current smartphones with QWERTY keyboards was challenging for them. Although most have adapted to the changes effectively and are proficient with smartphones nowadays, some are still catching up.

Although a bit awkward, it’s quite endearing. It appears that the mother isn’t accustomed to typing on a small keyboard, which made it difficult for her to find the right keys. However, we’re confident that she’ll manage eventually. And in case she doesn’t, she can always use the voice-to-text feature.

Beware the Mega Moth

Part of a father’s responsibility is caring for his children, which may involve taking care of insects occasionally. Whether he kills an annoying spider or catches it and moves it elsewhere, it’s undeniable that bugs are disturbing and must be addressed!

It seems that the moth has won over the dad in this situation. Dad jokes can be very uncomfortable, yet if you were a child stuck in a restroom due to a bug, this statement would have provided some amusement. However, it is unclear if the dad actually got rid of the moth.

What Is Mom Up To?

Have you ever watched The View? We haven’t, but apparently talk shows are quite popular. While the era of families appearing on shows like Jerry Springer seems to be mostly over, some families still pursue fame through television shows.

The situation is embarrassing because it’s quite evident that the mother intended to submit a post on The View’s forum, but accidentally posted it on her personal page, thereby informing all her friends that she was attempting to get her daughter featured on the show.

Way Too Much Information

Sharing too much information, particularly about their romantic relationships, is not something any of us want to deal with, particularly if it’s our parents. We are aware of our origins, and that should be sufficient, as anything more than that can be quite awkward.

If this dad made a bet with the mom, that’s totally cool, but his kid doesn’t need to know what the prize was! That LOL probably came from a lack of having anything to say that doesn’t consist of, “Ew, omg, why would you tell me that?”

Dad Gets Sad

Social media took the world by storm — and followers, likes, and judgment are some of the things at the forefront of people’s minds, especially when it comes to Instagram. This poor dad turned out to be no exception.

Hopefully, having five followers wasn’t the only reason this dad was feeling down, but it surely didn’t help. While these things shouldn’t matter, they do. We hope this kid called their dad and cheered him up.

This Kid Really Messed Up

Dealing with teenagers is hard. They’re moody, they’re unpredictable, and they’re dealing with a lot of changes that cause them to pull away from their parents and often act out in frustrating ways. One dad clearly had enough and resorted to drastic measures.

This is honestly a bad decision on the dad’s part. Being mad at your kid is understandable, but losing money on their vehicle by selling it out of anger is pretty irresponsible. One has to wonder what the son did to warrant such a serious punishment.

Imitation Isn’t Necessarily Flattery

Teens take weird photos. It’s just a fact. They pose in odd stances, they stick out their tongues in every picture, or they scrunch up their faces in unflattering ways. These parents decided to have a laugh at their kid’s photos with her boyfriend.

In this case, the phrase should be “imitation is the sincerest form of mockery.” Surely the parents’ Facebook friends found it amusing, but whether the daughter did, we’re unsure. At the least, she may think twice before making these same poses.

Bring Back the iPods

Ah, the good old days of the iPod touch. Many a day was spent wasting hours playing Flappy Bird or Fruit Ninja. It was the coolest thing to have something with access to so many apps and the internet. But, most of us didn’t think of it as an alternative to cell phones.

More concerning than the lack of cellphone in this day and age is the comment about ordering an Uber home from school. Does the kid really have no alternative? We’ve got so many questions here, and none of them reflect nicely on the mom.

Don’t Mess With Netflix

Mixed messages are one of the plagues of human communication. Things like backhanded compliments and gaslighting make dealing with those around us really confusing. Take this parent, who’s being petty and “loving” at the same time (their words, not ours).

Messing with someone’s Netflix — or any other streaming service, for that matter — should be a modern-day crime. This parent isn’t doing it to show they love their kid, they’re doing it to be petty and mess with them. That’s so not cool.

Give Mom the Likes

Social media is addicting, especially when it comes to receiving reactions to things we post. Many think of it as an issue for teens, but tons of parents are also addicted to that high from getting lots of likes. This mom is no exception.

Demanding likes from your family is a bit cringey, but we can’t really blame her. After all, it’s a given that your best friends are going to like everything you post. Why not be able to expect the same from your kids?

Medication Is Fake News

No one enjoys taking medication every day, but it’s worth it, as it gives so many the opportunity to live with their conditions in a more comfortable way — and for some, it’s life-saving. With epilepsy, it helps control seizures.

Can you imagine thinking you have the right to tell another person whether they should or shouldn’t take medication? Unless this parent was a certified doctor, which they obviously aren’t, they have zero right to an opinion. We hope this person put that parent in their place.

Assigned Baby Daddies

Did you know that you can’t choose the dad of your child? Instead, the government randomly assigns you someone, and you’ve just got to figure it out together. Thankfully, that isn’t reality — it sounds more like an episode of Black Mirror. But, this lady doesn’t seem to know that.

Shockingly, you can choose your baby’s father! By choosing who gets you pregnant. We know surprises happen, but generally speaking, it’s absolutely a choice. Someone should probably let her know as she seems a bit confused.

We Need to Talk

“We need to talk” are four of the scariest words in the English language. Partners say it when they want to break up. Parents say it when they’re really upset about something. So this daughter naturally panicked when receiving a message like this from her mom.

There are so many other things the mom could have written, like “What do you want for dinner?” or “Come downstairs for a second!” Why send such a cryptic message and terrify your kid? Additionally, what has the daughter been doing that made her afraid to be kicked out?

Hidden Duct Tape Dangers

The last couple of years has come with a lot of controversies, particularly over the use of face masks. Some claim it causes us to breathe in our own CO2. Others claim it’s an infringement on personal freedom. And apparently, some think it’s downright dangerous, like this lady.

The cringiest part of this is that this mom made her son put on duct tape and pose for this photo. That kid was probably just going about his business and ended up being used for some anti-mask propaganda. Poor guy.

Merry Christmas?

Families love Christmas card photoshoots. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to show off their kids in their cute Christmas sweaters? However, somehow people find a way to ruin everything — in this case, by turning a cute photoshoot into something… mysoginistic?

This screams “Women are seen, not heard” — and it’s not cute. In fact, it’s really tacky and really disrespectful to the wives and kids. It’s shocking that the moms would even agree to this in the first place. The worst part is it’s only the girls; the sons are duct tape free.

Bye-Bye, College Money

The world is fed up with MLMs, but the people getting sucked into them don’t seem to know that. From essential oils to beauty products, MLMs prey on people who really need money and suck them into something that’s ultimately a waste of money. Or for this mom, a waste of college funds.

No words can describe how cringey it is to blow your child’s college funds on selling hair products. Much respect goes out to people running legitimate businesses or who manage to make money from MLMs, but rarely do people become millionaires.

Who Wants Lightly Fried Fish Filets?

Deciding what to have for dinner is the worst, and we have to do it every single day. Being an adult is hard. So, it’s great when someone makes dinner for us so that we don’t have to, except when it’s at a really weird time.

Try and say lightly fried fish filets three times fast! Tongue twister aside, at least dad was productive when he was bored. If only he had made something a bit more exciting than lightly fried fish filets. Does anyone else want some lightly fried fish filets?

Adoption Fakeout

There’s nothing wrong with being adopted, yet many parents use it as a joke or empty threat to their kids — “You must be adopted because you’re not acting like MY child!” Take, for example, this joke from this dad.

What exactly prompted this joke, especially at 6am? No wonder the kid wasn’t responding. Hopefully, dad didn’t wake the kid up to make sure they weren’t upset, as it’s doubtful the kid was even awake at this time. Some parents are just weird.

Dog Park Meet-Cute

Some parents are convinced that they’re matchmakers. And while that may have been true back in the old days, it’s completely unnecessary now. Between Tinder and bars and other social interactions, the kids have got it covered. But, some still try anyway, like this mom.

Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if this guy had realized what the mom was doing! No one likes having secret pictures taken of themselves. One has to wonder how many other times her mom has done this. We doubt this was the only one.

Funky Baby Names

Let’s face it — baby names are starting to get weird. People especially seem to love the letters ‘X’ and ‘K,’ or combining two random words or names into one. Here’s a good example.

Those of us adults with weird names can tell you with certainty that these poor kids are going to spend their entire lives having their names misspelled and correcting people on pronunciation. That may not seem like a big deal, but when it’s something you deal with every single day, it gets old.

A Christmas Miracle

Speaking of weird names, some parents love taking normal words and changing the letters around. Whether it’s creative or annoying is debatable, but it’s a huge trend, as evidenced in this Facebook group.

While Krissmiss Dae isn’t the most horrible name we’ve heard, it’s definitely weirder than Noelle or Ivy. This future mom clearly doesn’t listen to many Christmas carols. In fact… how about Carol for a holiday-themed name? It’s much better than the weird spelling of Christmas.

Let’s Sue the Babysitter

Yahoo! Answers used to be an absolute goldmine of cringeworthy content. From horrible misspellings of the word pregnant to completely ridiculous questions, it had all you needed for hours worth of entertainment, including this absolute gem.

How could anyone in their right mind think your friendly neighbor doing you a favor constitutes taking on a fatherly role? And believe that a court is going to back you up on your delusions? This guy probably won’t be doing anyone else any favors anytime soon after this experience.

Those Gosh Dang Millennials!

The world is honestly so tired of listening to people talk smack about millennials. Every generation has its pros and cons, and millennials are no different. Contrary to popular belief, they’re just as hardworking and motivated as any other generation. But, this parent struggles to understand that.

What have people got against avocado toast and video games? Video games are a great way to unwind and enjoy new, unique words, and avocado toast is delicious and healthy. Get off of millennials’ backs, people!

The War on Christmas

Who’s heard that one before? Christmas is under attack! You can’t say the word Christmas! Whether or not the “War on Christmas” is real is up for debate. But, many people truly believe it does, like this parent.

Who cares if a box says Christmas or holiday? Christmas is a holiday, after all. And we can guarantee that the kid doesn’t care what the box says — he cares about the delicious snacks waiting inside it. But, if crossing out holiday made this parent feel better, then more power to them, we guess…

Unexpected Flight Lessons

Note to self — when throwing your child in the air, make sure it is your child. This dad failed the first rule of being a parent and that is being able to identify your own offspring.

We just hope he had the upper body strength and hand-eye coordination required to catch the strange child, who was later quoted as saying, “I’ve had better days. Most of them, in fact, were better than this one. Usually, when I go airborne, I expect it. The restraining order should put an end to that, though.”

Let’s Get the Red Shoes

Why embarrass your child in private when you can do it in public? That’s what this mother decided to do in a department store, for absolutely no good reason.

If there’s anything clingier than your parents talking about “bedroom stuff” in front of you, it’s doing it in front of you — and a whole crowd of middle-class shoppers. Who knows what went through this mother’s mind, but it can’t have been as horrifying as what her child was forced to endure!

Extra Long Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural part of life. Indeed, it provides newborn babies with all the nutrients they need to get through the early stages of life. The only problem is when it goes too far…

This mother opted to breastfeed her child until she was four and half years old. She only needed to be breastfed until she was two! And who describes their child’s age in months past the age of two? Let’s start doing it as adults. “Yeah, I’m 360 months old!” “Oh wow, you only look 320!”

No More Chubby Babies

Chubby babies are one of the cutest things on the planet. Their little cheeks and rolls are to die for. However, some parents apparently don’t find it so cute. Which seems impossible, but this mom proves otherwise.

This is really sad as it sounds like if she ends up with a chubby baby, she won’t love it as much because she doesn’t deem it as cute as a tiny one. Babies aren’t dolls, they’re living creatures who should be loved no matter what.

She Just Doesn’t Want Kids

Some adults just don’t want children. Whatever their reasoning is, it’s entirely their choice and no one should be pressured to have a family. Some people have a hard time accepting that, though, like this lady.

We have so many questions here. What are these “karmic reasons”? Why two babies specifically? And how uncomfortable must her daughter be every time she says it’s actually her daughter’s child when it so clearly isn’t?

Bipolar Toddlers

While bipolar disorder can technically affect children of any age, it’s most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 6 and 18. So, when this mom was convinced her baby had it, others weren’t so sure.

It sounds like she wants to blame normal moody toddler behavior on bipolar disorder, when what’s really going on is typical developmental and personality changes that toddlers go through. Being aware of possible problems is good — but this takes it a little too far.

Breast Milk Cookies

While the benefits of breast milk are pretty well-researched, it doesn’t mean that we should go putting it into everything. Shockingly, many don’t like the idea of drinking milk that came out of another human.

We’ve got to side with the husband on this one. If she insists on taking them to work, hopefully, she at least is honest about what the cookies are made with. And don’t get us started on the person who thinks breast milk can cure COVID.

No Choosing Your Own Partner!

Keeping your children fit and healthy is something most parents are concerned with, as they’re responsible for their children’s diet and lifestyle. It’s a balancing act between maintaining a healthy body and pushing it too far, causing kids serious body image issues for years to come. This family has a… unique approach.

Controlling who your child dates is beyond cringey. We seriously feel for the poor girl who was forced out of a young relationship because her boyfriend’s parents didn’t like how she looked. We sincerely hope it didn’t cause her too much psychological damage.

Talk About Inappropriate Typos

Ever since text messaging became a thing, typos have plagued phone owners everywhere. It’s embarrassing, especially when the typo completely changes the meaning of a message — like this mom experienced.

It’s a toss-up whether her son died laughing or was absolutely mortified. It was probably a mix of both. This cringey moment could have been avoided by assuming her son, who’s old enough to text, is also old enough to know not to shake a carbonated drink.

Autocorrect Gone Wrong

Autocorrect may seem like a useful feature, and most of the time it is. But, sometimes the words it chooses to replace are a bit… out there, and can lead to awkward situations.

The question is — how often does this mom write fondled for autocorrect to change Googled to fondled? It’s not exactly a common word, so it makes one question what kind of things this mom is texting about when not texting her kid.

A Remix You Weren’t Expecting

LMFAO is more than just a texting acronym. It’s an electronic dance duo that put out some real bangers in the early 2000s, perhaps the most well-known of which being “Sexy and I Know It”. This mom managed to turn it into a cringey remix.

It’s bad enough having your mom find a rubber, but for her to take a song you enjoy and turn it into a way to punish you is pretty uncool. This kid probably never saw LMFAO’s hit the same way after this incident.

Favorite Child Much?

Siblings — you love them, you hate them, you steal their clothes, and you compete with them for mom and dad’s attention. They’re built-in best friends and also the bane of your existence. And as much as they may deny it, parents have favorites.

This harsh comment from a parent was definitely a wake-up call. While it may have been a joke, anyone reading this would alternate between thinking what a sick burn it was and feeling bad for the original poster.

Self-Care or Self-Indulgence?

Who wouldn’t love the self-care trend all over social media? We all took Tom’s “Treat yo’self!” advice from Parks and Rec to heart — splurging on manicures, nice candles, or a new pair of shoes. But sometimes, when seeing someone constantly doing these things, the question of where exactly they’re getting that money from arises.

Is this cringey for the parent, for making fun of their own child on social media? Or for the child, who just got savagely roasted by their parent? Either way, someone here ends up laughing at the other’s expense.

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