Stay updated on The Bachelor finale, Who will Joey Graziadei choose, Daisy Kent or Kelsey Anderson?

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Get ready for the three-hour season 28 Bachelor finale of The Bachelor, where Joey’s gonna hand out his final rose.

it’s decision time for Joey Graziadei, the 28-year-old tennis pro from Royersford, Penn. Before he picks between Daisy Kent or Kelsey Anderson, he’s gotta introduce them to his parents, go on final dates, check out engagement rings, and, well, stew.

Last time we saw him, he was sweating bullets after getting a note from Kelsey that said, “We need to talk,” right after their overnight dates. But turns out, she just missed him, phew!

“I’m just nervous… about it all working out,” Joey admits to his mom in the promos for the finale.

So, buckle up for the finale and stick around for live updates. Let’s see if Joey’s love story has a happy ending.

Jenn Tran is the Bachelorette

Jenn Tran is the new Bachelorette for season 21! She’s making history as the first Asian-American Bachelorette ever. Jenn, a 26-year-old from New Jersey, is studying to become a physician’s assistant.

She shared, “Just yesterday, I was in the emergency room wearing my scrubs,” after the previous Bachelorette, Charity Lawson, passed her the torch.

Jenn’s on the lookout for someone with a big personality who’s all about fun and cheeky banter. She’s dreaming of being on stage with Jesse Palmer, the host, with a shiny ring on her finger and her perfect match by her side.

Representation means a lot to her too. She’s stoked to be the star of her own love story and honored to be making Bachelor finale Nation history.

Get ready for the new season coming this summer on ABC!

Daisy and Kelsey are back together

Here’s the scoop from Bachelor finale Nation: Kelsey Anderson surprised everyone by joining Daisy on the couch! They were all cozy, holding hands while Jesse Palmer asked about their chat before the final rose ceremony.

Kelsey spilled, “Honestly, seeing Daisy walk through my door was the last thing I expected, but I’m actually glad it happened. It’s cool that nobody had to face some crazy twist right before the end of filming.”

Then she dropped some truth bombs: Daisy’s awesome and gorgeous, but that doesn’t take away from me being awesome and gorgeous too. Both things can be true, you know? This isn’t a competition like people think.

And she wrapped it up with some serious friendship goals: “This just means there’s an awesome guy out there for Daisy, and I’m seriously pumped for you, girl!

Daisy couldn’t help but laugh, saying, I can’t wait to be front-row at your wedding and all that jazz!

Daisy won’t be the next Bachelorette

After all the lovey-dovey stuff, there was still one big question hanging in the air — and guess what? Daisy came back on stage to clear things up real quick. Turns out, she’s not gonna be the next Bachelorette.

“I’m walking away from this whole thing feeling happier than I was before,” Daisy spilled, giving props to all the women in the house, the fans, the producers, the crew—basically, everyone involved in the show.

Then she got real about celebrating her cochlear implant’s one-year anniversary this week.”I’m feeling good and happy, which hasn’t happened in a while.” Right now, I’m focusing on what I love and the people I love. So, nope, I’m not ready for that yet, and that’s totally okay. I’m proud of myself for realizing that,” she said.

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson hit the stage

Kelsey showed off her stunning 4-carat diamond ring from Neil Lane and couldn’t stop smiling as she talked about looking forward to everyday stuff like grocery shopping with Joey.

Joey chimed in, saying he only dropped the “I love you” bomb to one person and it was right at the very end. “This is it. She’s the one,” he declared.

Kelsey admitted waiting to hear those three little words wasn’t hard because Joey’s actions spoke volumes and reassured her.

She also mentioned she can’t wait to rewatch the proposal. “It’s all a blur,” she laughed.

When asked what he loves about Kelsey, Joey got all mushy, saying, “She’s like a ray of sunshine. She brings so much energy to everything, I don’t see how I’ll ever have a dull day with her.”

And Kelsey got a bit sentimental, mentioning how she feels her late mom’s presence. “I know she’s up there smiling down on us,” she said.

Daisy and Joey finally talk after the final rose ceremony

Joey thought it was cool how Kelsey Anderson and Daisy were chatting, saying they were really lifting each other’s spirits.

When Daisy finally came up on stage, she looked stunning in this glitzy halter dress and had a big smile plastered on her face.

“I’m genuinely happy for you, Joey. All I ever wanted was to see you happy,” Daisy told him. “You and Kelsey are both awesome!

Then Jesse Palmer asked Daisy when she realized Joey wasn’t going to pick her.

“It hit me at the last rose ceremony when Rachel left,” she said. “I noticed something between you two and started to wonder.”

Joey confessed he was being super careful with his words during his last date with Daisy and thanked her for being so cool about it.

“It was hard to leave, but sometimes you gotta make the tough decisions,” Daisy said.” Daisy said. “It was the best move for all of us.”

Joey and Kelsey are Engaged

After their tears had dried, Joey was eager to see Kelsey and express to her, “It’s you, and I’m completely committed.”

Clad in bridal white, Kelsey gracefully approached Joey, as if she were rehearsing for her walk down the aisle, already aware that Daisy had bid her farewells to the Bachelor finale.

“I realized early on that there was something unique about you, and I was keen to delve deeper,” Joey began as he held Kelsey’s hands. “Choosing you was effortless, and I can’t delay any longer in professing my love for you.”

He continued, “There’s an undeniable charm about you. Your energy is contagious, and it brightens my world.”

“You’re my guiding light,” he added before kneeling down and proposing to Kelsey.

“Yes,” she replied, tears in her eyes.

Shortly after, she accepted his final rose.

“I’m overjoyed,” she exclaimed. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced such happiness in my life.”

Daisy arrives first and exits gracefully, shedding tears

Joey started off by expressing his feelings to Daisy, sharing how connected he felt to her and how she truly understood him.

However, in the middle of his heartfelt speech, Daisy interrupted with a smile. “I understand why you came into my life,” she said. “You’ve taught me to value myself.”

Continuing with mixed emotions, she went on, “Falling for you has been quite the journey, and I genuinely care about you. But let’s face it, you’re not going to choose me.”

With tears forming, she added, “I’ve come to realize recently that maybe we’re not meant to be. It’s tough, but I know you want what’s best for me. So, I’m choosing to prioritize my own happiness and walk away.”

For a moment, they shared a heartfelt exchange, both struggling to hold back their tears.

“You’re truly amazing.” It’s tough knowing I’ve found something special with someone else,” Joey confessed. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because I’ll miss you like crazy.
He added, “You deserve the world, and I wish I could give it to you.”

Joey offered to accompany her out, but Daisy insisted on handling it on her own.

“Daisy’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever met,” Joey concluded, his voice filled with admiration.

Joey waits while Kelsey and Daisy ride to the finale together

The ladies continued to shake up the franchise… but riding into their futures together. Kelsey and Daisy literally rode together on their way to the final rose ceremony. In the live studio audience, fans were aghast.

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