35+ People Who Deserve The Unreasonable Breakup Award


“We can’t promise it won’t bring back memories, but they will soften your heart in case you have done this too. Remember to be kind.”

Gone with the wind

Some of us go all out to make sure our Valentine’s Day gifts really show someone how much we love them. Someone thought this was their chance to show their partner how well they knew them by cooking up his favorite food.

After all, they had been together for more than a year. It was the least they could do. It turned out their date couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for their date. As if that wasn’t enough, this was his way of ending the relationship.

Looking for perfection

Most of us have a type. Some of us like rebels. Others prefer musicians. Some even like people that live life on the edge. This woman? She says that she has a problem with falling for guys who are already in a relationship.

Even after all these years, they still have a favorite. It looked as though she had met the perfect man when he spoke about how he wanted someone just like her. In fact, he wanted to know how he could make his new girlfriend be just like her.

Sharing the wealth

What is it with high school boys and breaking girls hearts for a few bucks? How heartless can they be? This guy was bet $25 that he wouldn’t ask a girl out, and just to prove his friends wrong (and to get the money, presumably), he started dating her.

He realized he couldn’t keep up the charade, though, and he broke up with her. And he gave her $10 from the bet. Sheesh. That’s just adding insult to injury at that point. At least give her half of the $25, dude! Or all of it!

Break up plagiarism

And we thought that plagiarizing essays was bad! We’ve had it drilled into our heads from countless English teachers that plagiarism is the worst sin you can commit as a student, but apparently this guy never really heard that. Or maybe he just figured it was okay since he wasn’t being graded on his break up.

Either way, we’d file this more under “cringe” than “amoral” in terms of the plagiarism spectrum. Stealing from Edward? Really? At least steal from, like, Ernest Hemingway or something. Stealing from Edward to break up with a high school girl is just pandering.

Grabbing the chance

Online dating has taken the world by storm. Now, people from around the globe can meet and fall in love. While it has been the start of many great love stories, there are also some worries about meeting someone online.

What if they are different in real life? What if we don’t really get along? This person was off to a good start as they hit it off with their date. That was until they learned they were just second-best in his eyes. At least he paid for his half of dinner?

The ever-lasting cookie

Have you ever had a cookie that’s so good you don’t want it to come to an end? You’re not alone. In fact, this person was enjoying their cookie so much that they didn’t have time to dance the entire night.

There are ways of getting out of something that sounds completely reasonable, and then there are others that have us wondering if things are as they sound. There was no way this girl was getting up to dance, even if it meant she had to eat the cookie all night.

Uncontrollable laughter

It can be tough to know what to say when someone asks us out, but we have no intention of going on a date with them. Some people like to let others down gently, while other people go on a date because they have no idea how to say “No.”

One person had no problem rejecting this potential date. In fact, they found the whole idea of dating them so hilarious, she couldn’t stop laughing for three minutes straight. Legend says she is still laughing to this day.

Really awful timing

Moving in with someone is a really big step in any relationship, and it understandably makes a lot of people nervous. Lots of relationships have fallen apart due to the added feeling of commitment that moving in together brings. But this guy really just picked the worst timing that he possibly could’ve.

He moved into the new house early, waited six weeks for his girlfriend to arrive, watched her move all of her stuff in, and THEN broke up with her. Let’s hope that he at least helped her move all the stuff out of the place….

Making a flight way worse

There are few things that can make airplane flights worse than they normally are. There are loud and annoying kids all over the place, the chairs are unnecessarily small, and the whole experience is just no fun. But we can safely say that we’ve never taken an airplane ride that was as uncomfortable as this person’s.

Before the plane took off, their significant other broke up with them. They then had to endure a six-hour flight sitting within inches of their ex. Let’s hope they weren’t on their way to go on a vacation together!

Forever the savage

Kids can be savage. While most of us would try to ignore someone if we know they have a crush on us or let them down gently, children often like to make everyone else laugh – even if it does come at someone else’s expense.

Someone had a crush on a guy in their class. It didn’t help that they went to a very small school and everyone else knew about their love interest. It was all fine until the guy in question learned about the crush.

Getting worse and worse

It’s almost always nice to hear a compliment on our first date. That’s not quite the case when someone decides to share what they really think about someone else’s appearance. We’re not sure there is ever a good time to start sharing this kind of information – especially not to their face.

One person was on a date when their date thought they’d tell them how much they disliked their teeth. We forgot to mention, that was all before they upped and left without saying anything.

Leaving her stranded

There are few dates that are as classic as going to the movies. It’s just good old fashioned fun! It’s a nice way to hang with your boo thing without stressing a ton about conversation. Who doesn’t love movie dates? Well, this girl, probably. Her date left mid-movie to get some popcorn and then just never came back.

The worst part was that he drove her there, meaning she had to figure out a different ride home. Okay, wait, the actual worst part was that he never came back with popcorn. What a monster.

Not up to height

We all look for different things in a partner. Some people love a partner who knows how to hold deep and meaningful conversations. Others look for someone who can keep up with their love of an adrenaline rush.

This girl was hoping for someone that broke height records. Although her potential partner stands at six-foot-tall, she was pretty open in saying that was far too short for her liking. Apparently, nearly a foot in height difference isn’t enough for some people.

Taking the leap

It takes a brave person to walk up to strangers and spark a conversation. Someone must have felt particularly brave when they decided to start talking to two women in a nightclub. That didn’t mean they were in the mood for a conversation.

In fact, they didn’t even want to acknowledge that anyone else was there at all. At this point, we’re surprised they even made an effort to roll their eyes before they turned away and continued their conversation.

Who needs men?

A lot of these stories make us realize just how ruthless and savage human beings can be to one another. It seems that selfishness always prevails, and people rarely think of other people’s feelings before their own. (Are we being way too pessimistic here? Maybe.) But this girl raises a good point.

If you are confident in your own abilities and know yourself, then you don’t even need a relationship to be happy. Her man may have tried to sabotage her test, but she still aced it. You go, girl. There’s more study time without a boy around, anyway.

The worst bet of all time

Man, high school is a rough time. You really are just starting to figure out your identity, you’re dipping your toe into romance, and you’re trying to actually get good grades so you can get into a good college so you can get a good degree so you can get a good job so you can have a good life. It’s stressful. So we understand that people do things that they later regret. They have a lot going on.

But really, breaking up with your girlfriend for $1? One measly dollar? He deserved to lose her to his BFF.

All about the money

People have some strange ways of telling someone that things aren’t working out. This situation is certainly up there. It looked as though it could be the start of something new as this pair were hitting it off.

That was until one of them had a confession. We get that money worries can put a strain on any relationship, but should it really be an excuse to break up with someone? Apparently so, if this reason is anything to go by.

A text would’ve been better

There are very few situations where a text is the right way to go when it comes to breaking up with someone. But when push comes to shove, we suppose that it gets the job done. But this guy was committed to not breaking up with his girlfriend over text, so he wrote a letter. Really, that’s so much worse.

It’s just as impersonal as a text but far less immediate. He also apparently used super formal language which only adds to the awkwardness of the whole situation. This break up method gets two thumbs down.

Classic middle school romance

Middle school is about the time that kids start to experiment with romantic feelings and relationships. It feels fun and exciting at the time, but it is almost always disastrous. Kids that young just really have no idea how to be in a relationship with another person. These two were dating, but they apparently only communicated online.

The girl tried to break up with the boy because of this, but he never even saw her break up message. Normally we would be upset that she broke up with him online, but it seems the circumstances necessitated such actions.

Achy Breaky Heart

There is something about musicians that is enough to draw many of us to them. Maybe it’s their creativity? Perhaps it’s their ability to express their feelings through song? Whatever the case, it turns out you don’t want to get on the wrong side of this musician.

One person was dating a guy who had a particular talent when it came to playing his guitar. However, enough was enough for him when he learned his partner just didn’t get his secret band.

Caught in a triangle

Many of us wonder where we stand in a relationship. It can be tough to know what to think. If you’ve never had the conversation, are you official, or is there still room to date other people? Then there’s when you should have the talk in the first place.

Someone thought it was time as they had been on plenty of dates with a girl. The problem? She had also been on loads of dates with another guy – and wanted to choose him instead.

A birthday to remember

Breaking up with someone is usually never easy. However, there is a time and a place. The chances are that someone’s 21st birthday isn’t either of those. Not only did they decide to dump someone on their birthday, they thought they would get it out of the way at 4am.

This set the birthday person up for a great day. Who doesn’t want to become single, have a party canceled, give two presentations, and move back with their parents on a milestone birthday?

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the foundation of a relationship. However, there is such a thing as being too honest. Someone was all up for their date after they had been talking to a girl online. They agreed to take things to the next level and meet in real life.

A coffee date seemed like the perfect idea. That was until she walked in and realized things wouldn’t work. Rather than seeing it through, she blurted out that things wouldn’t work and quickly left.

Balancing life

It can be tough to find a balance in our lives. This person was trying to balance a job with school and a social life. How is anyone ever supposed to find the time to fit everything in? They knew they wanted to see their friend, but there was a problem.

They had been so busy, they didn’t have the time. While they were busy worrying about when they were going to make time for some social calls, she wondered if they were even close enough to bother.

Just leave them alone!

There really is nothing worse than high school relationships. They might feel cool at the time, but it only takes a year or two of maturation to realize how embarrassing that relationship really was. All kinds of cringy things take place in high school relationships, including stuff like this.

This couple was trying to break up in their high school’s parking lot (big mistake) when a friend drove by and yelled at them about how cute they were. We can only imagine how painful a moment that must have been. That friend probably got chewed out later!

A different couple

If you’ve ever had one of those moments when you look back and realize there were some warning signs, then you might know how this person probably feels. At the time, a couple’s Halloween costume sounded like a great idea.

There was just one problem: they weren’t a part of the couple as he actually wanted to pair up with another girl. It might have taken a while, but their suspicions eventually proved to be true as the couple is now married.

Avoiding the problem

Some people will really do anything to avoid confrontation. We understand that, as we get just as nervous as any other people in intense scenarios, but some things are better confronted head on rather than endlessly procrastinated. With that in mind, we don’t approve of this guy’s strategy of endlessly procrastinating his break up.

It seems like he got the message, though, but we can’t help but wonder if these two are technically still together. Maybe he’ll just show up to Christmas one year like nothing happened. That’s the danger of procrastination, folks.

Softening the blow

Sometimes, things aren’t going as great as they seem. However, we’re not sure this person could be blamed for missing the signs. After all, if someone says they will cook dinner and make the house look nice, we’d probably believe them too, right?

Little did she know that she was about to walk into a surprise she never imagined. He had other ideas and must have thought that flowers would help to soften the blow of the news that he wanted her out.

Maintaining an image

What is it about high school cliques that make people behave a certain way? It looked as though one pair had broken the unwritten rules as a nerd and popular cheerleader started dating. They spent time together going to dinner and heading to rock shows, but it wasn’t to last.

They walked up to their girlfriend on the first day of school to find out their love had to remain behind closed doors. Apparently, it wasn’t good for her image.

Breaking up over Facetime

Okay, in this guy’s defense, breaking up with someone on Facetime is definitely better than doing it over text. But that doesn’t mean that it’s actually GOOD. There are also just so many other things that are wrong with this. Doing this at 2 AM just seems horribly cruel.

Do you want them to stay up all night? And we can hardly even believe the fact that there was another girl there the whole time. At least try and hide her until you’re finished breaking up with this poor girl! This is psycho behavior right here.

Breaking up over text

If we had one piece of advice to give people who are considering breaking up with their significant other, it would be to do it in person. Breaking up over text just feels so impersonal and rude.

If you’re gonna do it, at least have the respect to look them in the eyes. And this is especially true if you’re MARRIED! You definitely can’t break up with your wife or husband over text. That doesn’t even make sense! Imagine getting a text like this after being married for years. We would assume that it was a joke!

Now you see me

Children can be funny. It’s not until they’re a certain age that they learn people don’t really disappear when they cover their eyes. It’s the kind of “You can’t see me, so I can’t see you” thought that many of us have when we’re younger.

While many of us learn that’s not the case, it seems that one woman forgot she didn’t turn invisible when she turned around in her chair to try and get out of a conversation with this person.

Getting some help from mom

Okay, this might just be the worst break up we’ve ever heard of. This woman was dating the same man for seven total years, and it seemed like things were going great. And then all of the sudden, he ended their relationship by marking himself as single on Facebook.

Wow. Really classy, dude. And then to add insult to injury, this poor gal got a message on Facebook a month later from none other than her ex’s mom. She let her know that it was over. This is just laughably bad. Also, what’s with that family and Facebook?

Salt in the wounds

You can date someone for years, but it seems even that isn’t always enough to have a face to face conversation. As if getting dumped by text wasn’t bad enough already, that was just the beginning for this person.

They say they drove for hours to try and get some comfort as they had just learned some devastating news. Apparently, the only reason they ever got to see him again was that he wanted to make it clear they were over.

Dumped because of a dream

When people talk about romance, they often speak of it in terms of dreams. “He’s the boy of my dreams.” “I see her when I sleep.” “They’re an absolute fantasy.” Blossoming love often feels like an absolute dream, so it makes sense. But it’s far more rare to hear about break ups in relation to dreams!

This girl had a dream where her boyfriend didn’t help her out during a dire situation, so she immediately broke up with him. What the heck? That doesn’t reflect poorly on him… that just shows she doesn’t trust him!

Not so big-headed

It’s one thing to make out with someone at a party; it’s another to find out you are the talk of the school as they go around bragging about their intimate moment. Of course, this person assumed it meant he was interested in them in some way.

What better way to take their relationship to the next level than by asking him out? It was all going so well until they learned he had deleted their message and pretended it never happened.

Oh… why, hello there, sir

Long distance dating is hard. It’s definitely doable, and it can teach you a lot of lessons about trust, patience, and understanding. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. It’s a lot easier now than it used to be, though, which is great. Nowadays we have modern conveniences like Skype that almost make it feel like you’re the same room with your LDR partner.

The illusion just might start to crumble if someone else walks out from the background, effectively revealing that they’ve been cheating. That’s gotta hurt. But at least the other guy was polite and waved.

Breaking up with a pun

There are few ways to make a break up hurt any less. You can choose all the right words, let them down easily, and promise to still be friends, but the heartbreak will be just as strong. People have tried all kinds of strategies to make it feel better, but none really work. This guy tried out a new one, though: puns.

The only problem was that this pun played upon the fact that his girlfriend was temporarily in a wheelchair. Absolutely evil, ill-timed, and insensitive? Yes. Did we laugh? Er, we plead the fifth.

Crying in privacy

You know, we’ve heard all kinds of stories about break ups happening in public, and we think that we have definitely come to the conclusion that all break ups should happen in private. Who wants to be bawling their eyes out surrounded by a bunch of strangers?

We know that we don’t. This guy got broken up with in a park, and in an effort to get some privacy to let out his emotions, he literally climbed a tree. We kinda get it, but also, c’mon dude. That’s just weird. Just drive home and then let it all out.

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