Tori Spelling wants to make her divorce from Dean McDermott easier. She says it’s getting better over time.

Tori Spelling wants to make her divorce from Dean McDermott easier. dailyjugarr

Tori Spelling showed up at the iHeartMusic Awards after announcing her split with Dean McDermott. She’s all about starting anew. She said she’s trying to make the whole divorce thing easier. Tori mentioned that life’s all about changes, and you must keep moving forward.

When asked about how she’s dealing with people’s opinions on the breakup, she was like, “Hey, people always got something to say about me. Now I get to share my side of the story on my podcast, misSPELLING… I’m pretty hyped about it.”

Tori also said she’d spill all the beans on her podcast and in her books. She’s all about keeping it real and telling her own story from her perspective.

Tori Spelling officially filed for divorce from Dean McDermott, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She marked June 17, 2023, as the day they split up. She’s asking for spousal support and doesn’t want Dean to get any.

Funny enough, that’s the same day Dean posted on Instagram saying they were splitting up. But he later deleted it.

Reflections on Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Breakup Journey

He said, “Hey, after 18 years and 5 kids, Tori and I are breaking up.” It’s sad, but it’s time for us to separate and start fresh.”

Since then, both Tori and Dean have been talking openly about their breakup. Tori even spilled the beans on her podcast, saying she wanted to break up for, like, forever.

Tori spilled the beans to her listeners about why she waited so long to file for divorce. She wanted to shield Dean and their kids from getting hurt. She’s asking for full custody of the kids but still wants Dean to have visitation rights.

She said, “We always laugh and say, Can you believe we made it 18 years?. It probably shouldn’t have lasted that long.’ And honestly, if we’d had a real heart-to-heart, it would’ve ended much sooner.”

After her podcast aired, Dean mentioned in a video that he’s doing “good” with everything happening. He said, “It’s been a long time coming, but T and I are good.”

A source told people that things have been rough for everyone, but Tori is finding her way. She’s adjusting to single mom life, focusing on her priorities one step at a time. She’s already found a new place for her and the kids to live, so that’s a start.

Tori Spelling and McDermott are both dating new people now. Tori was seen kissing Ryan Cramer, the CEO of a company in Santa Monica. And McDermott’s got a new girlfriend named Lily Calo.

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