5 Signs of an Amazing Friend


Friendships always go through big changes. You change where you live, your lifestyle, and other things, which can all cause some friends to drift apart. However, a true friend can be spotted from miles away, and those kinds of relationships won’t fall apart, especially if they show these five solid signs of strength. If your pal shows these signs, she’s in it for the long haul!

1 .You Laugh Harder Together

When a friendship is meant to be, it’s obvious to everyone around. There is natural chemistry, and you laugh harder together than you would with anyone else.

You get her, she gets you, and you can just be silly together without fear of judgment. You know what the other is thinking, and even the little things can make you burst out laughing!

2. She Always Cheers You On

You know a friendship is real when that person by your side is always your biggest fan and supporter. If they’re giving you advice and helping you achieve your dreams, that’s one person you shouldn’t let slip away.

They value their friendship with you and are always your biggest cheerleader! They want you to be successful in anything you set out to do and will help give you the push you need.

3. She Validates Your Feelings

Do you feel more understood by that one friend? Has she always been by your side to talk through the sad stuff or life-changing decisions?

If you can count on that person to make you feel validated, seen, and understood, then that’s someone worth holding onto.

4. She’s Honest With You

The truth is not easy to say or hear, especially if it’s something we don’t want to know deep down. However, if your friend can talk to you about the hard stuff and tell you the truth, even if it hurts you in that moment, that’s the one person you can call a real friend.

People who love and care about you should always be truthful with you, even when you can’t be truthful with yourself.

5. You Can Always Count on Her

Can you always count on that one friend? Is she there for you during good times and bad? Everyone can sit around a table and have a good time, but true friendships shine through at all times, no matter the situation. Consider that when considering how strong your friendship with someone really is.

The true meaning of friendship can be subjective in many ways, but there are specific signs that tell you whether someone in your life is a true friend. If you can count on her, if she tells you the truth and supports all your decisions, if she tries to push you to be the best version of yourself, that’s true friendship. Don’t let such people disappear!

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