What Happened When People Were So Happy They Just Couldn’t?


Sometimes, the world seems sad because of bad news. But on a happy subreddit called r/happy, people share good things happening in their lives. It can be big news like getting married or small victories over struggles.

Everyone has something to celebrate, like adopting a pet, beating cancer, or just having a good day. Even though there’s a lot of bad stuff, these stories remind us there’s still good in the world. People share their happiness on the internet, shouting it out from platforms.

The dog that adopted a kitten

A mother dog felt really sad after losing her puppies and couldn’t be cheered up. But then, she discovered a kitten and adopted it as her new baby. Now, they’re like a perfect blended family, bringing joy to each other’s lives.

The couple that was just having fun

Some couples take photos to announce big things like engagements or pregnancies. However, this couple just wanted to take a picture because they were having fun and being silly. To me, that sounds like a perfect occasion to capture a happy moment.

The cat that came back

Losing a pet is really sad, but after a month, these cat owners had almost given up hope. Then, to their amazement, their cat showed up again. He’s safe, healthy, and back where he belongs — at home.

The dad who had the sweetest good luck charm

Interviews can be really nerve-wracking, especially when you have more than one in a day. Luckily, this dad had the best good luck charm to help him cope. His son lent him his beloved Batman watch.

The girl who felt like a master baker

Cooking with your family can be a wonderful experience. This little girl was over the moon after she and her dad made two gorgeous pumpkin pies. Then, they had even more fun by eating them together.

The man who appreciates every day

Dealing with a serious medical condition can make every day challenging. But this man is extremely happy because he went five years without a serious health problem. So, he decided to celebrate by visiting a beautiful place.

The WWII survivor celebrating her 96th birthday

Surviving a German labor camp during World War II seems unimaginable to most of us, but this woman did it. Not only did she survive, but she went on to make a new life for herself. Now she’s celebrating her 96th birthday with her children and grandchildren.

The couple that finally got their timing right

Some relationships start off with bumps, like miscommunication and bad timing. But after two years, these two decided to turn their friendship into a romance. It took a while, but in the end, it all worked out.

The pup that found a new family unexpectedly

They went to the shelter looking for a purebred dog, but when they saw her, they couldn’t resist. As it turned out, she was born in Puerto Rico—the same place where her new owners had honeymooned.

The grandparents who stepped in to save Halloween

This little girl’s single dad had always made an effort to be there with her on Halloween. This year, he had to work. So, her grandparents decided to go out with her. She looked so happy.

The dog that’s celebrating the new baby

Infertility is an incredibly painful experience. Welcoming a baby after trying for many years is a miracle. This little dog was already protecting the baby that’s on his or her way.

The happy newlyweds

Some couples go all out for lavish weddings, but not this one. They decided to have a secret wedding and tick off some of their relatives. But oh well — they couldn’t stop smiling.

The wife who made her husband a birthday pie

When his birthday came around, this wife knew he didn’t like cake. Even though she was pregnant and tired, she spent hours making him a beautiful, personalized pie on his special day.

The surgeons celebrating a successful C-section

When a couple went in for a C-section to deliver their baby, the anesthesiologist offered to hold one of their phones to take some pictures. They never expected this to be one of the photos of the day.

The sick dog snuggling his duck

This poor puppy had a case of kennel cough, but with treatment, he was recovering well. He also had his stuffed duck to help him through the rough parts, so everything was okay.

The woman who changed her life to become a pastry chef

When she left a stressful job and moved to Paris, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to achieve her dreams. Now, she’s a pastry chef in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

The identical twins having fun with a silly sweater

When you’re an identical twin and you come across an amazing sweater like this, there’s only one thing to do: call your sister and make plans for the next holiday party, of course. That was probably the best $15.00 they ever spent.

The couple celebrating love in middle age

Most people meet their soulmates when they’re still relatively young, so it can be disheartening if you’re still single at a certain age. But this couple found each other when they were 40. They’re looking forward to many years together.

The cat that finally cuddled after a year and a half

Depending on their temperament and past treatment, it can take some animals a long time to warm up to their owners. This kitty finally sat on his owner’s lap for a snuggle after living with them for a year and a half.

The man who feels happy in his smile for the first time

Having bad teeth affects not only your physical comfort but also your self-confidence. After years of dental problems, he finally felt great when he smiled.

The little girl who beat cancer

Having a child go through cancer is one of the scariest things any parent can imagine. This beautiful little girl is now officially cancer-free. She can finally have a normal childhood once again, with many years to come.

The man who found a home for the first time in 12 years

Most of us can’t even imagine how painful and frightening it would be to live on the streets. One man did it for 12 years. Now, for the first time since he was a teenager, he has a home of his own.

The wife who pranked her husband in the best way

Some couples love to sit together at night and scroll through websites like Facebook or Reddit. One wife wanted to give her husband the shock of his life by having Redditors share their picture, making sure he would see his own face on the feed.

The girl who passed a foreign language exam

Passing a big exam is a challenge at the best of times. One girl celebrated passing a test for a foreign language after moving across the world and learning through language immersion. She should be incredibly proud.

The man who couldn’t stop smiling over his weight loss

Losing weight can be a huge challenge. So, it’s no surprise it’s often something to celebrate. He said he just couldn’t help smiling whenever he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

The high schooler having a ball at a dance

Schools are finding ways to include their special needs students, and the results are amazing. This young man had an incredible time at a dance for kids with special needs.

The girl who was thrilled about her new job

Working early or overnight shifts can be incredibly stressful, especially over long periods. After five years of doing that, this woman celebrated the start of a new and better job with more reasonable hours.

The dad whose life changed radically in a decade

Everyone’s doing the “Ten Year Challenge,” so it’s no surprise this man was reflecting on where he was a decade ago. Back then, he was on the verge of suicide. Today, he’s snuggled up with his baby boy.

The author celebrating his first book

They say if you want to be an artist, you have to be able to risk rejection. After 75 rejections over four years, he can finally say he’s a published author.

 The woman who survived a brain tumor

It takes faith, support, and a good sense of humor to overcome a serious medical issue. This lady was cured of a brain tumor. Naturally, she’s celebrating with a sash that says “badass.”

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