How to Interpret the Results of an Identical Triplets DNA Test


In 1977, a small town in southern Minnesota got surprised when three very pretty identical sisters, Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn, were born. As they got older, more and more folks knew them, and folks got curious about their background and where their families came from. The sisters later decided to do a DNA test. But hold on, before we learn what they discovered, let’s start with the story of the Dahm triplets.

The Blue-Eyed, Blonde Haired Dahm Triplets

December 12th, 1977, was the day when Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm, the triplets, were born. Their parents were incredibly happy and felt so lucky to have these lovely babies.

Since triplets are pretty rare, folks were really surprised to see these beautiful girls who looked exactly alike. Their blonde hair and blue eyes made them stand out even more, grabbing lots of attention.

 Almost Impossible To Tell Them Apart

Since the Dahm triplets looked so much alike, it was tough for everyone, even their parents, to tell them apart. So, they came up with an idea. They decided to get small, individual dot marks tattooed on the bottom of each child to help tell them apart.

Nicole, being the first of the triplets, got one dot tattooed. Erica, the second, got two dots, while Jaclyn, the third, didn’t have any dots tattooed. This way, their parents could easily distinguish between them.

Getting a Lot of Attention

The Dahm triplets grew up in Jordan, a small Minnesota town, where everyone paid a lot of attention to them. They went to the nearby high school and were always together, sticking together like glue from a very young age.

In this small town of fewer than 30,000 people, everyone knew about the triplets. They were so eye-catching that modeling agencies quickly noticed their stunning looks.

 Doing Everything Together From An Early Age

As they grew, the Dahm twins practically did everything together. They dressed alike, had the same friends, and even played with the same toys. They were really inseparable!

During an interview with Playboy Magazine, Nicole mentioned, “We hardly had our own identity. We were always referred to as ‘the three of you’ or ‘The Triplets.'”

Teen Models

It’s no surprise that modeling agencies swiftly noticed the beauty of the triplets. After all, it’s not every day you come across three stunning triplets like them.

At only 16, their identical appearance, blonde hair, and blue eyes landed them on the front cover of ‘Teen Magazine’ as winners of the Great Model Search. This debut marked their entry into the modeling world, and soon after, they made their way into one of the most prominent modeling magazines.

Not Thinking About Making a Career Out of It

Even though modeling agencies were showing a lot of interest in the triplets, they weren’t considering turning it into a career.

With dreams of becoming nurses together, they joined the University of Minnesota for nursing school. But one day, they stumbled upon a flyer promoting Playboy’s search for models for their “Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition.”

Never Have Done It Alone

That sounds like quite the discussion they had! What did the triplets end up deciding? Did they choose to pursue modeling in some form or explore other career paths?

During a 1998 interview with Playboy, Jaclyn expressed that they “would never have individually pursued this (modeling for Playboy).” Little did they know then that their decision would unexpectedly lead to a surprising DNA test revelation.

A New Beginning

Following their choice to appear in the centerfold for Playboy Magazine, numerous opportunities began to present themselves to the triplets. It’s no surprise that Erica once remarked that their feature in Playboy kickstarted entirely new chapters in their lives.

Erica portrayed their journey as “remarkable and irreplaceable,” prompting the triplets to leave nursing school to pursue careers in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

 Making It Big

Their courageous choice to pursue their careers quickly bore fruit as opportunities emerged abundantly. The triplets landed roles in TV shows, notably the popular sitcom Boy Meets World, portraying three beautiful women residing in a dorm room near Eric and Jack.

They joined an episode of Family Feud alongside their father and older sister, ultimately securing a $10,000 victory from that particular episode.

Opportunities Kept On Coming

The triplets found themselves frequently cast as the unattainable twins. Their success on an episode of House Wars led to them being recruited for a Fox reality TV series titled Renovate My Home, which was hosted by Jay McGraw, the son of Dr. Phil.

Unbeknownst to the sisters at the time, their lives were about to undergo significant changes. Jay encountered the middle triplet, Erica, and swiftly approached her trailer, inviting her to watch a movie. According to Erica, it was an instant connection and love blossomed from that moment.

Heading to Their Surprising DNA Test

The TV show “The Doctors” features discussions on various medical topics by a panel of doctors. Dr. Phil is among the executive producers of the show.

Encountering Jay McGraw led to the sisters discovering surprising DNA test results, and what followed left the triplets and everyone else completely bewildered.

Expanding The Family

While the triplets’ appearances on the show contributed to increased ratings, the true catalyst for the TV show’s soaring popularity was a singular medical phenomenon.

Towards the end of 2009 and the start of 2010, all three triplets found themselves pregnant simultaneously, stunning everyone as it was widely known that the sisters often did things together, including becoming pregnant.

Triple Happiness

During 2010, all three sisters welcomed adorable little girls into the world within mere weeks of each other, astonishing everyone around them.

Jaclyn mentioned to Playboy about the influence of the “triplet bond.” The producers of The Doctors allowed the triplets time to adjust to motherhood before inviting them back on the show in March 2017. The producers were thrilled about an exciting concept and eagerly anticipated the sisters’ return.

 A Strange Request

In early 2017, the show’s producers and Jay McGraw approached the sisters with a rather unusual request.

They aimed to collaborate with journalist Lisa Guerrero from Inside Edition to scrutinize the reliability of DNA and ancestry tests, particularly given their status as triplets. No one anticipated any startling outcomes.

Taking The Test

Obtaining a DNA test is rather straightforward—simply provide a saliva sample, and the companies will use it to decode your DNA.

The sisters collected their samples and saliva, sending them off to the company, eagerly anticipating the results. They had no inkling that the outcomes would not only surprise them but also stun the world.

The Casual Waiting Game

In just around two weeks, the results arrived, and the triplets awaited them without dwelling much on their significance.

In theory, there was an absolute expectation of identical DNA among the triplets. However, journalist Lisa Guerrero held some skepticism toward the tests and eagerly anticipated the results, curious about their accuracy.

No One Knew

When the triplets initially pursued the modeling opportunity with Playboy Magazine, they had no idea they would garner such widespread popularity.

They had traveled a considerable distance from their origins as small-town girls to becoming renowned triplets eagerly anticipating the results of their DNA tests on a widely watched TV program.

Fascinated By DNA

As they astounded the world with their indistinguishable appearances, they remained unaware that the outcomes of the DNA tests would also be a shock to them.

The saliva samples were dispatched to 23andMe, and the revelations were unveiled during a special episode of The Doctors in March 2017.

Delving Into Their Ancestry

While the initial test confirmed their identical status as siblings, the subsequent test delved into their ancestry.

The second test aimed to trace the countries of origin of their ancestors and uncover the girls’ ethnicities. They anticipated identical results, but the TV show didn’t unfold as expected.

A Slight Difference

While the initial DNA test confirmed their 99% European heritage, a deeper analysis of their DNA revealed astonishing revelations that defied belief.

Erica’s ancestry revealed 16% British and Irish heritage, while Nicole’s showed 18% British and Irish roots. Subsequent results further complicated the situation, leaving everyone bewildered.

Even Bigger Differences

As additional results began emerging, the triplets, along with the doctors and audience, were astounded to discover even more substantial discrepancies between certain triplets and their presumed origins.

For instance, all three triplets displayed varying percentages of German and French heritage: Nicole at 11%, Jaclyn at 18%, and Erica at 22.3%. The stark differences in ancestry among identical twins left everyone utterly perplexed.

 More Discrepancies

When the Scandinavian segment of the test surfaced, both the triplets and the experts were astonished to discover that Erica and Jaclyn shared the same percentage (7.4%), while Nicole’s percentage stood at 11.4%.

The test indicated that Nicole had nearly 4% more Scandinavian ancestry compared to her identical sisters. It was a revelation that left everyone in disbelief.

Shocked Reactions Everywhere

The triplets, experts, and audience were completely taken aback by the results. Nicole acknowledged her surprise, expressing astonishment because, as she noted, all three triplets share the same DNA.

According to Dr. Travis Stork, host of The Doctors, these at-home tests shouldn’t be considered as substantial evidence of one’s heritage and should solely be viewed for entertainment purposes.

 Not 100% Accurate Results?

Dr. Stork highlighted that the tests lack the precision to guarantee 100% accuracy and emphasized that variations in results should be anticipated.

Dr. Stork emphasized, “Merely providing a saliva sample won’t provide all the answers you seek.” This statement suggested that the experts were skeptical or critical of the results’ reliability.

Another Test

Despite Lisa Guerrero’s initial skepticism, she acknowledged on the show that she too would consider taking one of the tests for herself in the future.

The journalist mentioned her awareness of being English on her father’s side and Latina on her mother’s side, yet she expressed a desire to delve deeper into her ancestry. Despite acknowledging the tests’ lack of complete accuracy, she conceded that they offer intriguing glimpses into DNA, genetics, and ancestry.

Taking An Advanced Test

Lisa expressed her interest in undergoing a test for herself but noted that she would opt for a more sophisticated test involving medical professionals.

Despite the higher cost, they aimed to understand the reason behind the widespread popularity of these advanced tests.

 More Babies, More Happiness

They maintain the same beauty they’ve always possessed and, remarkably, all welcomed adorable sons into the world at nearly the same time.

All three triplets are married and each has a son and a daughter. Their lives showcase that proving their identical nature doesn’t necessarily require a DNA test.

Hurtful Rumors

Living a public life often comes with a major drawback: the perpetual presence of false and hurtful rumors surrounding you.

Erica and Jay McGraw continue to face ongoing divorce rumors, mirroring the situation of Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin.

A Beautiful Wedding

In 2006, Jay and Erica tied the knot in a splendid wedding ceremony held at the Beverly Hills property of Dr. Phil and Robin. The special event saw the attendance of 400 guests.

Robin confessed that her husband was moved to tears during the heartfelt ceremony, and she, too, couldn’t hold back tears of joy.

Dropping Down on One Knee

When questioned, Jay McGraw recounted how he proposed to the love of his life. Taking Erica to Dallas, Texas, he knelt down and expressed, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

He presented her with a five-carat platinum ring adorned with diamonds and two stunning green emeralds.

Identical Bride and Bridesmaids

It’s a rarity to have identical bridesmaids, but Erica’s wedding was made all the more special by having her sisters as bridesmaids.

For her wedding, Erica donned a stunning Chado Ralph Rucci gown, while her sisters wore dresses crafted by Bradley Bayou. The triplets looked breathtakingly beautiful, creating a mesmerizing sight.

 Beautiful Children

Shortly after Jay and Erica tied the knot, they welcomed their beautiful little angel, Aver Elizabeth, into the world.

In 2011, their son, London Philip, came into the world. Despite persistent divorce rumors, the couple and their children appeared genuinely content and joyful together.

 Dr. Phil’s Great Influence

Right from the outset, Erica’s father-in-law, Dr. Phil, has been intricately involved with the couple. He was overjoyed when his son shared the news of his plan to propose to Erica.

During an episode of Dr. Phil, Jay expressed that he believed his parents “love her almost as much as I do.” Dr. Phil served as Jay’s best man on his wedding day, showcasing the extraordinary bond between them.

 Jaclyn’s husband

Jaclyn found the man of her dreams in Billy Dolan, and they tied the knot. They are now proud parents to a wonderful son and daughter.

They constantly enjoy each other’s company, and their social media is brimming with moments showcasing their incredibly joyous and adorable family life.

 Still Can’t Believe It

The girls remain astounded by their incredible fortune. Their lives would have taken a significantly different path had they not opted for that Playboy shoot.

“It’s an experience you never anticipate coming from a small town of 2,000 people, and suddenly you’re featured in a magazine reaching people all across the globe,” remarked Erica.

 Reality TV

Following their debut in Playboy, the triplets tasted the spotlight. Whenever they ventured into reality TV, audiences consistently embraced and adored them.The triplets have most recently starred in a Canadian TV show, Relic Hunter. They have also shown keen interest to feature in Playboy magazine again.

Talented Triplets

Absolutely! Alongside their talents in modeling and TV appearances, the triplets are remarkably skilled in the kitchen—they’re excellent cooks too!

They’ve launched their own YouTube channel, TripletsGourmet, where they generously share their recipes. Is there anything these multitalented sisters can’t conquer? Here’s to wishing all three of the triplets an amazing journey ahead!

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