35+ Wholesome Things You’ll Never Understand if You’re Not Married to Your Best Friend


You won’t really comprehend some things till you’re married to your best buddy. Like when you both exchange “the looks” from across the room while attending a wedding reception. When you come home, you can’t wait to discuss who was kissed by whom and who made a fool of themselves on the dance floor during the debrief. These wholesome moments will be obvious if you and your partner have a close relationship.

Being Your Brattiest Self

You frequently wish to go back to your younger self when the stresses of adult life are getting to you. There are moments when there is no finer feeling than letting all of your rage and frustration out.


You stomp your feet in a fit of rage and moan until you’re blue in the face about your issues. Who is there to console you with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream when you’re acting like a brat? Your partner!

Knowing Everything About Their Coworkers

Everybody meets with their spouse for a post-work debrief. You probably already know everything there is to know about Sharon from accounting, Lisa from HR, and Josh from finance whether you talk over a cup of coffee or at the dinner table.


When you already feel like you know everything about your partner’s coworkers, it can be awkward when you do finally meet them. When they bring up something you learnt two weeks ago, don’t forget to seem shocked!

Helping in Their Own Way

Who doesn’t adore a partner who makes an effort to support them? When your spouse always tries to get you out of a jam, despite their lack of expertise, you know you’re married to your best buddy.


This devoted husband tried to make his wife’s dessert less stressful by whipping cream with a drill-attached whisk! This is not only a brilliant life tip, but it’s also a sweet sign of spousal affection.

Too Much Information

There are no limitations when your spouse is also your best friend. You might try to maintain some mystery in the early stages of your marriage. Yet, after a few months, all politeness and grace are abandoned.


It’s only natural to share practically every part of your life with someone you live in such close proximity to. It occasionally might also contain unwelcome information concerning their bathroom habits. Horrible but also rather scrumptious?

Marriage Means Sharing Most Things

Sharing is pretty much expected when you enter into holy matrimony with another individual. When getting married to someone, you normally consent to sharing all of life’s major responsibilities, including a house, money, and pets.

Yet not everyone wishes to share everything in life. This spouse, like Joey from Friends, has a limit when it comes to food! They should prepare or purchase their own food if their spouse wishes to consume it!

Making it Work

It’s acceptable if you don’t discuss everything with your partner. Whether or not they are married, everyone has personal boundaries that must be upheld! When you are able to get over these difficulties without arguing, you know that your marriage is strong and dedicated.


similar to this couple. They don’t let their relationship suffer because they won’t share toothpaste. We can only hope that both partners remember to buy their own tubes.

Wearing Matching Outfits

After many years of marriage, some people start to adopt aspects of their partner’s hobbies and personality traits. In certain instances, people even begin to unconsciously copy their sense of style! Or perhaps these two have a common wardrobe?

In any case, the couple’s matching green attire is a certain indication that their marriage is loving and solid. You don’t give a damn what people think about your fashion choices when you’re married to your best buddy.

Grateful for Each Other

It can be simple to get into a cosy pattern if you’ve been married for a while. Some people could take their relationship for granted in the midst of the daily craziness. The relationship always comes first if you’re married to your closest friend, though.


It comes naturally to praise them and express gratitude for their contribution to your life. You can’t help but surprise them with sweet texts to show how much you care for them.

No More Privacy

The restroom may no longer be a private space when you are married to your best friend. Some spouses wouldn’t think twice about interrupting their partners’ bubble bath in order to inform them of the outcome of the football game.


When this person discovered that their SO had slipped a message under the door while they were in the restroom, they could not stop laughing. Stop pooping, it said. You are missed. What emotions would you have if your spouse did this?

Much Less Private

We now know that getting married to your best buddy can make the bathroom a little less private. It’s only normal for the boundaries of privacy to become a little hazy after being together for a while.


The bathroom might also be the ideal setting for a practical joke if your loved one enjoys playing practical jokes. When their partner chose to leave a rather hairy portrait on the shower wall, this person was horrified.

How You Know He’s the One

The bathroom might also be the ideal setting for a practical joke if your loved one enjoys playing practical jokes. When their partner chose to leave a rather hairy portrait on the shower wall, this person was horrified.

It seems sense that she choose to wed him. It’s obvious that she made the right choice after 13 years of marriage.

Leaving Notes Around the House

Marriage is an absurd concept. It’s a lovely idea that you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with your particular someone. Yet, marriage is not always the idyllic picture of a happy marriage. Your partner may occasionally act in ways that make you want to rip their hair out!


In the event that you are married to your best friend, you will always reconcile. Before leaving a passive-aggressive message scattered throughout the house, though.

Ugh, So Annoying!

We think this is the sweetest response we’ve ever read. The most frustrating part of this guy’s marriage to his significant other is when she isn’t present. Why? He clearly misses his best friend, and for that alone, he deserves to be admired.

We can only presume that this guy’s wife has a similar romantic interest in her husband as he does in her. Who mentioned having two goals? We believe that is a very accurate evaluation.

You’ll Be Great!

Actor Alan Alda, a six-time Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner, is best remembered for playing Hawkeye Pierce in the war drama M*A*S*H. But aside from his acting job, Alan enjoys a contented existence with his adored spouse.


And it’s obvious that these two haven’t grown bored of one another even after 64 years of marriage. In fact, Arlene always gives Alan a motivational speech before he leaves the house each day. Perhaps supporting one another is the key to a happy marriage.

Role Models

This kind of love is not only incredibly charming, but it also sets a terrific example for others. This Twitter user grew up with parents that genuinely love each other and enjoy performing even the most basic activities with one another, such as watching Jeopardy together.


Why? since they are the best of friends. Everyone should be able to experience this kind of love.

Life With You Is Never Dull

You can take solace in the knowledge that life won’t ever be monotonous if you marry your closest buddy. Instead, each day will bring with it a brand-new, thrilling adventure. Consider this man as an example.


After a long day at work, he returned home to discover that his wife had hidden herself in a couch nook to start a game of hide-and-seek.

You Love Them Too Much

You’ll feel everything this snap does. Though it is overused, falling in love is undoubtedly among life’s most wonderful experiences. It’s always reassuring to be married to someone who will always support you when life gets difficult.


And better yet, when things are getting you down, your spouse will always go out of their way to cheer you up. This brings up strong feelings in you that you can’t help but feel.

Starting to Like the Same Stuff

Your significant other and you don’t have to share the same interests in every area. The adage “opposites attract” is frequently accurate. You might not have shared their enthusiasm for collecting vintage dollhouses or for binge-watching The Lord of the Rings series at the beginning of your relationship.


But, it’s only normal to start loving their peculiar interests and pastimes as time goes on. Before you know it, you’ve got a pizza on your lap and are contentedly watching Star Wars Episode II.

Memorizing Their Takeout Order

When you have their takeaway order committed to memory, you know you are married to your best friend. When you open the Postmates app, you immediately know what to put in your basket whether you are ordering pizza, Chinese food, or a Mexican feast.


You can make decisions with confidence when you are completely familiar with a person. They will adore whatever you choose because you are well aware of their strange dietary intolerances and allergies.

Besties From Day 1

This pair begs to differ with the common belief that relationships formed in high school never endure. They have been together since the seventh grade and now have a lovely family and a lifetime of fond memories!


Some people are fortunate enough to meet their soul mates when they are young, while many youngsters are too immature to maintain a long-term relationship. It’s fascinating to observe how their lives develop from one photo to the next. So adorable!

Date Night Is Different Now

Even after being married for a while, it’s advised to continue dating your spouse. When you spend the majority of your time at home managing hyperactive children and fighting over who gets to load the dishwasher, it can be difficult to maintain the spice in a relationship.


Even being married to your best friend, you enjoy spending time together despite the hectic nature of family life. Hence, although date night is unique, it is still special.

Couples Who Game Together

You’ve hit the jackpot if you can find a partner who will play video games with you until all hours of the night! Finding a companion who shares your interests is a clue that you’ve found the one, whether you prefer to compete for control of the steering wheel while playing Mario Kart or work together to defeat zombies in Resident Evil.


It’s true that playing games together strengthens relationships. Gaming couples tend to remain together!

Constantly Wearing Sweatpants

Grandiose romantic gestures and fancy date nights often fall by the wayside after a lengthy marriage to your best friend. In the end, you both find it more comfortable to simply lounge on the couch in your pyjamas.

When you’re truly in love, staying in with Netflix, some snacks, and your pets or kids nearby is frequently your idea of the ideal evening. And that’s how you can tell if someone is the ideal fit for you!

Pizza for the Princess

It’s a fantastic feeling to come home to a spouse who will look after you after a particularly dirty night out! After they returned home at a late hour, this Snapchat user graciously treated their wife to a platter of greasy pepperoni pizza.


When you’re feeling under the weather, nothing is better than a warm slice of pizza and a supportive hubby! Such a friendship is genuinely admirable. They are obviously wed to their best friend.

True Love Equals Tacos

Even though it sounds completely corny, when you finally meet “the one,” everything just seems to fit. You think about this person nonstop, feel completely at ease around them, and experience nervous “butterflies” when they are around.


But disregard the cliches of the Hollywood love story. When your best friend buys you two soft tacos instead of just one, you know you’ve married your best buddy for life. Food from Mexico is undoubtedly the way to a woman’s (or man’s) heart.

Being Weirdos Together

You should probably say “thank you, next” if the person you’re dating doesn’t laugh at your strange jokes. If you’re married to your best friend, you’ll feel free to let your odd side out.

They won’t just laugh at your corny jokes; they’ll probably even get in on the action! Like these two, who decided to tie their hoodie strings together to see what might happen. Why? purely for laughs.

Adopting Their Weird Habits

It’s safe to say that after several years of marriage to your best friend, you tend to adopt certain habits. You occasionally catch yourself using the strange slang phrases that they use among themselves. Other people observe themselves adopting their preferred poses for photographs or speaking in a manner resembling their partners.

Often, we acquire these characteristics without recognising them. Though everyone does this, don’t panic if you feel like you’re becoming more like your partner.

You Can’t Get Embarrassed

It goes without saying that your partner knows the majority of information about you if you have been dating them for a long time. They are aware of all of your odd habits (like organising your cereal cabinet in colour order). Your embarrassing childhood tales are all known to them (like the time you peed your pants on the first day of school).

Wholesome-Marriage-CA-15 (1)

And, I’m sorry, Elmo, they’ve undoubtedly seen the plush animals you keep under your bed. You’ve been made public). Hence, you essentially gain a complete immunity to embarrassment as a result!

They Cheer You Up

Everyone has experienced those never-ending days when they eagerly await the conclusion of the workweek so they may unwind and spend a quiet evening at home. It doesn’t matter if you had a difficult work meeting to sit through or a spat with a coworker, you’re just eager to come home and share your day with your partner.

Wholesome-Marriage-CA-16 (1)

And thus, you know you married the proper person when they bring home a delicious dessert after you texted them something like, “Today was dreadful.” Hang hold to him firmly.

You Get Over Fights Quickly

All relationship can experience conflicts and clashes in the beginning. You may occasionally feel like yelling at your spouse in order to vent your irritation and rage. In other situations, there may be misunderstandings and a lack of communication, which frequently results in acrimonious arguments.

But once you get married to your best friend, you get much better at patching things up. You learn how to say “I’m sorry” when you make a mistake and to never go to bed furious.

You Miss Them Too Much

When you find the one you will spend the rest of your life with, you will know it. When you are married to your best friend, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating. You may experience some sadness when they depart to take care of their own affairs.

NEWPIC15 (1)

It’s impossible to avoid remembering how much fun you had together, and then you start missing them. We assume that true love does indeed become fonder with absence!

Buying the Same Gifts

What a sweet tale! They were getting set to commemorate their wedding anniversary. They exchanged gifts on the big day, only to find that they had both purchased the same same present for one another! These two are undeniably best friends, as is clear from their interactions.

They have a matching pair of embroidery hoops as evidence that they are completely familiar with one another. This must be a solid connection. Indeed, great minds do share ideas!

I Did This to You

A big life decision is having a child. In order to raise your child in a loving and supportive environment, it’s critical to have a good relationship with your partner.

While most couples consider having a kid to be a significant milestone in their lives, it’s also crucial to keep a sense of humour about it, just like this guy! He made the decision to mock his wife’s labour pains by donning a “I did this to you” t-shirt.

No More Grand Romantic Gestures

Everybody enjoys a little romance once in a while. When you first start dating, it’s common to take your significant other out on fancy date evenings to upscale eateries and to welcome them with bouquets of flowers and chocolates. But as time passes, life inevitably gets busier.

meme2 (1)

Usually, you don’t have time to show your love in such extravagant ways. Yet, modest things like your spouse pouring you a cup of coffee and some toast every morning before work are plenty.

Chores Are Non-Negotiable

Every solid marriage is built on a foundation of love, respect, trust, and — most crucially — a workable method for handling responsibilities around the house. Use this strategy if you find yourself arguing with your partner over things like untidy bedrooms that require organising and filthy floors that need vacuuming.

meme4 (1)

Any disagreements will be avoided by assigning each employee a specialised task. Perhaps one person is in charge of the laundry and the other is in charge of the dishes. In either case, the duties are over, and — hopefully — nothing ignites.

No Words Needed

Those who have married their best friend will comprehend. You and your partner have a close relationship built on years of fond memories, and there are times when you can communicate without words. You don’t need to inquire, for instance, if they’re upset because a coworker let them down.

Your loved one’s facial expression will tell you everything you need to know with just one glance. There is a genuine connection between you two.

How Was Your Day?

When you never tyre of hearing about your spouse’s day, your marriage is undoubtedly healthy. Everyone has been in a relationship where they eventually grow tired of one other.

As you inquire about their work-life, you catch yourself daydreaming and considering your dinner options. Nevertheless, when you are married to your best friend, you find interest in even the most uninteresting aspects of their lives.

Please Be Them

Picture yourself in the following scenario: You are midway through one of your routine daily activities, such as walking the dog or driving to work, when your phone begins to vibrate. If you still believe they are sending the message, you may be married to your soul match.

Even if you occasionally irritate each other, you always like getting unexpected texts from your special someone when your love is that intense. What a sweetie!

Spiced Up Engagement Photos

A woman whose partner was skilled at utilising photo editing software asked her husband to “spice up” their engagement pictures. She didn’t exactly anticipate the final product to appear this way! When your spouse will go to these lengths to make you laugh, you know you are married to your best friend.

These photos are undoubtedly intriguing, but they are not what you may anticipate from a standard engagement photo shoot. Just let’s hope they kept the original pictures, too.

Easily Pleased Partner

When your spouse is moved by even the most banal things, you know you’re married to your best friend. To their wife’s utter delight, this person gave her an empty box! They probably didn’t anticipate such a positive response to such a dull present.


Even the most modest actions can make your heart sing when you’re deeply in love with your soul mate. Clearly, there are relational ambitions at play here.

Bringing Them Up in Conversation

Assessing how likely you are to bring up your spouse in conversation is another simple approach to determine if they are your closest friend. Nobody wants to be “that buddy” who continually brings up their spouse, but if you’re in a fulfilling relationship with someone, it’s only natural to want to do so.


You spend so much time together that they are involved in all of your fascinating tales. As a result, you find yourself speaking of the other person frequently.

You Have a Lot in Common

This picture has a cute backstory, which is great! This person and their eventual husband connected over the fan they both owned when they first met. They had both drawn silly faces on the front to add to the intrigue!


Is this a coincidence or a sign from the future? In either case, it’s obvious that these two make a wonderful couple. A good marriage requires you and your partner to have a great sense of humour.

Thoughtful Gestures Are the Best

When your partner makes an attempt to share your interests, it matters so lot. This person can attest to the fact that thoughtful actions are the secret to a successful marriage. They started a yearly custom of having a cake made with their favourite Super Mario character because their spouse was aware of their fondness for the genre.

When your significant other spends so much time and energy creating something just to make you smile, it’s difficult not to be affected.

Live Long, and Prosper

The wrath that can result from an unanticipated practical joke will be familiar to anyone who are married to practical jokers. When they opened the curtain to take a peaceful shower, they were met by a cardboard cutout of a Star Trek Klingon.

If your loved one continually tests your patience with pranks, do not fear. This probably means you’ve married your best friend. For some, making jokes and pranks is their way of expressing affection!

So Pure

Now, come on, this is just too cute. After a nice night out, some individuals dread returning home, but this man was eager to see his wife. If you were married or lived with your best friend, we might understand your joy.


We believe it is safe to assume that the man’s marriage is filled with love, trust, and all other positive qualities based on his attitude.

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