40+ Tweets From Moms That Had No Right Being This Funny

Many things have changed in 2020, some significantly and some only slightly. For instance, many of us now find humour in things we previously wouldn't have..


Many things have changed in 2020, some significantly and some only slightly. For instance, many of us now find humour in things we previously wouldn’t have. A prime example are these tweets from moms. Several tweets from mums in 2020 that shouldn’t have been this humorous have been collected by us. Hopefully they make you smile a little. Certainly, we did!


It’s Dangerous!

Ladies adore giving their lips a little extra fullness. They pay a lot of money for things that do this, in reality. Yet, it seems that this mother has a different approach to dealing with thin lips.


-Advertisement 3-

Yet, if we’re being completely honest, we don’t think many women will be in favour of this approach. After all, nobody wants to having their mouth popped. It just doesn’t seem enjoyable at all, even if it’s the result of an accident.

Back in Your Day

Youngsters today have experienced numerous lockdowns, which provides them plenty of opportunity to reflect on various issues. This has generated a number of intriguing queries. The 19 in Covid-19, in this particular child’s mind, implied that there had been prequels.




It’s a relief that this isn’t the case, but that was a really adorable inquiry. At this point, the parent needs to give their response some serious thought. Playing around a little bit with the child might be enjoyable.

Strong Choice

We have all had to make many changes to our life during the past year. Making ensuring we always have a mask on us is something we’ve had to get used to. Kids, however, do not differentiate between masks being for fun and being necessary. They simply know that it is a mask.



This young girl is thinking wisely. She is now not only safe but also prepared for anything. This is how, as a Mandalorian would say.

Playing With His Life


Emotions can go out of control when everyone is confined together. People could feel a little bit too big for their breeches as a result of this. This can then result in some rather amusing comments.

At least that is how it appears from the outside. Consider the case of the young man who decided to endanger his own life by being extremely sarcastic with his mother.


Informative Creativity

An essential component of a child’s education is art. Drawing, acting, or picking up a musical instrument are some examples of this. Depending on the kind of music she wants to write, this young lady has a bright future.


We strongly advise this parent to introduce her to punk rock. This song’s idea might be ideal for that style of music. That or educational music, really! There are many possibilities.

What Are We Eating?

Real life and fiction may be distinguished by everyone. But occasionally, even when we are aware that something is false, it can nevertheless leave us with mixed feelings and even a slight sense of regret.



This mother was cutting up some ham and began to feel awkward when she realized that her kids were watching Peppa Pig at that very moment. It was a momentary feeling but long enough that she felt she needed to share.


New Courses

The parents of the globe were compelled to homeschool their children in addition to working from home. The emphasis on the educational curriculum changed as a result of this new way of life. You won’t be shocked to learn that some parents opted to add a few extra courses in light of that.


Naturally, once schools resume operations, these courses won’t be offered. For instance, this mother’s new classes will probably be a thing of the past.

Good One

When a child will grow up to be a delightful adult, you can tell. Like this kid did, they frequently begin with minor pranks. How amusing is it that she managed to persuade an entire class to do this without even letting them see the problematic dog?



Either this young child is a genius or the other children are gullible beyond belief, which would make sense. But the instructor has no justification. Still, this is a really funny joke.


Whole New World

Keeping a baby calm when out and about is one of the most typical challenges parents face when they have a baby. The precious tiny bundle of joy instead spends their time screaming and wailing while mum tries to force food into their mouths because this often fails.



However, those experiences have not yet been had by the babies because of the lockdown of 2020. And while if this joke wouldn’t have been as humorous in any other year, it sure is funny now that we have made it to 2020!

They Multiply

Items that we used to ignore have significantly increased in visibility by 2020. Moms all over the world have discovered a few new annoyances since they spend so much time at home.



For one mother, it is the pile of shoes that just so happens to be building up in front of the front door. What causes this to occur? We believe it is time for someone to show the kids in the house how to tuck their shoes away properly.


Context Matters

Remember the times you wished you could take a month or even just a few weeks off from work? Several people once had dreams of taking these staycations. Nevertheless, as these optimistic desires actually came true, individuals, particularly parents, started to change their minds.



In actuality, the majority of us spent most of 2020 on an extended staycation that didn’t feel like a vacation at all, but rather like a high-stakes hostage scenario. The mother is correct. It’s both extremely sad and entertaining.

Good Parenting

Sarcasm became one of the most popular ways to cope with all the chaos of 2020 after finding a place in many people’s lives. The world spends more time than usual staring at screens in order to keep everyone amused.


Because some people found this to be contentious, this mother decided to use her sarcastic sense of humour to diffuse any potential disagreements.


New Rules

The kids were able to attend school in certain ways after remote learning got up and running smoothly. But, the fact that they were still at home altered a few things. They were allowed to continue living in their pyjamas 



They might eat something while in class. Well, maybe not in every session, at least not until this mother cleared up a few issues with the instructor. Mama Bear spoke her piece, and the teacher then carried on with the lesson.

Doctor Knows Best

In 2020, we all did our best. Several parents went to resources like Netflix and tablets to find a solution to the problem of keeping everyone happy. Thus, this mother didn’t want to be scrutinised when going to the doctor for checkups.



Ordinarily, the mom would have agreed with the doctors, but don’t you think these were extenuating circumstances? We do, and we fully comprehend the mom’s perspective.


Just Clarifying!

Kids truly do say the most bizarre things, and they frequently lack the understanding that a single statement can have numerous meanings. Thus, moms frequently need to provide clarification.



Although this girl didn’t say anything improper, the way it was perceived at first was undoubtedly not favourable. This mother realised that she needed to explain what her daughter meant. High-five!

Do Not Disturb

In the house of 2020, we guess there would be very few areas where mothers could spend some time alone. But the restroom has to be one of those holy places. Even still, the younger children just cannot comprehend why they are unable to participate.



This toddler apparently didn’t get the memo even after mom tried to explain that she needs to be by herself when taking care of her business. Naturally, that made us chuckle a lot.


Art Imitates Life

Fighting crime on the streets of a city all the time might be difficult. Sometimes all you need to do is stop where you are and get some shut-eye. It so happens that the wonderful spot this poor little Spiderman found is in the middle of the corridor.



It is incredible how well-versed in adaptability children are. He sat down after becoming exhausted. The fact that most of his toys are arranged the same way makes the situation even funny.

Just Putting it Out There

Currently, gender reveal parties are frequently hosted by expectant parents. Sharing the joy of learning whether you are having a boy or a girl is fun. Gifts are often given during these kinds of festivities.




Because these parties didn’t exist when they were expecting, some parents feel that it is unfair. This woman decided to publicly state that she is open to accepting some (very) last-minute gifts. Ha!

Every Little Bit

No of their age or degree of maturity, children can be such adorable and kind people. Her mother felt the heartache when she discovered the entire amount she still owed after purchasing everything on her grocery list.



Hazel’s daughter offered to put her Snickers candy bar back out of pure concern for her mother, who was visibly stressed. Despite the fact that $1.29 won’t amount to much, we couldn’t help but smile when we came across this post. What a cute youngster!

What Is Wrong With This Kid!?

When children become older, they go through phases where they like doing things that, to us, make no sense at all. In this case, the child enjoyed the smell of farts. Farts are among the funniest things for children, but we’re not sure why people want to sniff them.



It’s strange to get upset about something so funny, but Twitter user @sarabellab123’s daughter started crying because her mother covered up the fart smell with some air freshener before she could truly smell it.


Hard Time

Being a sibling can be difficult, and living near to your siblings in 2020 made it even more difficult. This may be the reason why the young child felt the need to talk to her mother. Of course, it appears that she might also be acting with a hidden agenda.



The young child seemed to believe that her sibling has to be disciplined. We ponder what precipitated this. The narrative was, we wager, even funny than this exchange.

It Takes a Village

It’s no secret that being a parent is a difficult job. It takes a village, for example, has become a cliche because of this. But this mother has raised a really valid point. What city is this village located in?



This tweet must have been published following a particularly challenging day. Yet regrettably, we believe the community to be more of a metaphor than a real location. Sorry! However, we appreciate you asking this amusing inquiry!


Daddy’s Girl

A young girl and her father share a unique affinity. If daddy bear spent most of his time at home in 2020, this attachment would undoubtedly grow stronger. And although that’s all well and good, it might have given some moms out there a headache.



However, this mother appears to be handling it well. No resentment is intended. Every time her daughter hears her say “I love you,” she continues to let her know where she stands.

Good Old Days

Everything was simpler when we were youngsters. Many of us lacked the devices and technological advancements that today’s society takes for granted. But thank goodness for them. Otherwise, some mothers may have lost their minds in 2020.



The youngsters were able to inquire about their parents’ youth and childhood during this time spent together. The mother’s children were undoubtedly astonished when she revealed how she passed her free time when she was younger.


Little Things

The ability to dine out was one thing that many people missed during 2020. Even parents who would typically be irritated by their kid’s fussy eating were thinking back to simpler times.



In one tweet, Twitter user @pro worrier_ encapsulated it, and we’re certain that other mothers may empathise. Certainly, we did. Being honest is hilarious in a lot of ways.

Well, Honey…

Children are naturally curious, so you can get some uneasy inquiries from them. Exactly that happened to Jessie in this situation, and she handled it well. Her young youngster sat there and paid close attention.



He respectfully informed her that he hadn’t even requested for her to teach him about it. It could be a good idea to ask them to repeat their inquiry the next time. Otherwise, you’ll waste time explaining how the poophole works when it wasn’t really a query in the first place.


Change of Perception

The year 2020 brought about many changes, from how we conduct our daily activities to the standards that parents set for their children’s education. The constant presence of the children at home and the necessity of teaching them opened this mother’s eyes.



She is lot more understanding about grades now. This might be good or terrible, but one thing is certain: it’s amusing. The youngsters will certainly like this adjustment!

Circle of Life

Spending so much time with children leads to some intriguing revelations. This mother apparently had no idea how amazing it would be to watch her kids grow up to become a pair of truly nice people.


She was also unaware of the reality that as parents age, they get less and less hip. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but that’s okay.



Every parent wants to teach their children how to take care of themselves. After all, you want them to be confident when they inevitably have to venture out into the world on their own.



Not only should you instill good manners in children, but also self-reliance. This mother is only doing that. Nonetheless, this is a really humorous tweet nonetheless.

Simplicity Is Key

Over the years, children will learn a variety of topics, and in 2020, they still had plenty of time to do so. The birds and bees, as well as this young person, who must have been studying the process of reproduction in science class, could be included in this knowledge.



Nonetheless, the way that children perceive things can lead to some amusing concepts. This little child started to calculate by counting his siblings while looking around.


New Math

Over the past few years, even the method that arithmetic is taught to children has altered. We are almost certain that this girl is simply not paying attention in class, even with all that new arithmetic. After all, there’s no way this is the right answer to her situation.



But we surely laughed a lot about the error. And while we can’t say we disagree with mama bear here, we also think she ought to talk to this kid’s teacher.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

While many of us lose our curiosity as we age, children are brimming with it. Many moms may witness this firsthand in 2020 and encounter a lot more probing questions than they may be accustomed to. The questions can, however, occasionally be so speculative that we find them unexpected.


325 (1)

When the mother of this little child was unable to answer her query, the girl sat down and devised a solution on her own. It’s really adorable!


Honest Reviews

2020 has seen a large number of new food delivery services emerge, which is understandable. After all, it’s incredibly practical, especially if you’re stranded at home. These services enable families to enjoy an endless variety of new meals while preventing food wastage.


Some of them, though, are a bit too fancy for a child’s palate. Hence, this mother decided to prepare something different for her child. It ended up being really popular, and now it appears that the kids are obsessed with that meal delivery service. Ha!

Multiple Personalities

How your child portrays you to others is among the funniest things to hear. Sometimes it’s cute, other times you feel like you need to talk to your child, and occasionally you could even find yourself laughing out loud. This mother might have gone through all three emotions in a short period of time.

It appears that her son thinks his mother has several different personalities. Either that, or his classmate independently arrived to this conclusion.

Body Changes

Children lack filters and are generally unaware that some questions should never be asked. So you just have to take it in stride when they ask questions like the one this little girl did.


Although it might hurt, it’s generally best if you just laugh it off. It’s not really that serious, after all, is it? Or perhaps it is, and the young girl will learn something from this experience.

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Because children are like sponges, they will pick up certain habits or inclinations from those who are around them. This could entail flamboyant speech, actions, or even attitudes. Hence, you need to be careful about where your kids hang around.


One mother discovered that when she left her child with his grandfather, her infant started imitating everything, which isn’t always a good thing. But it’s amusing!

Seems Fishy

We all adore it when our children follow their curiosity to a vocation. But, there are instances when we second-guess our decision to let them play unattended. One of them is when they request something that is a little unusual.

This youngster desires a crowbar. We don’t know why, but we believe her mother is making the proper decision to cease unsupervised playtime.


Have you ever burst into a room to find the elder sibling being incredibly kind to the younger one who is crying? It’s possible that the elder sibling is just trying to be a good sibling. Instead, it’s possible that they were attempting to resolve a conflict.


This makes the tweet both funny and a little too relatable. The older sibling’s outlook does alter, and they turn out to be quite lovely. You can tell then that something is wrong.

Sure You Can Have Some

Being a mom is lovely, therefore getting a treat is always nice. Breakfast in bed is among the most frequent gifts that children give to their parents, particularly their mothers. If it’s not a special day like Mother’s Day, this nice gesture could also be a strong clue that they’ve done something wrong.

Another possibility is that the little child simply wants to eat in your room and is aware that the only way to do so is to bring food. That, we believe, is what transpired here.

Good Work

You know, a mom can enjoy tiny things in her life from time to time. They don’t have to be accurate, but they do need to be somewhat acceptable. Educating a girl to express her mind and command attention could be one.


The fact that this mother has trained her daughter well seems to make her happy. All the guys in the home can be eliminated with a few simple phrases. We’re certain that this makes controlling the TV simpler.

Know Your Audience

Being a mother requires you to occasionally engage in some dishonesty or fraud. You must be prepared to quickly rename recipes and conceal vegetables in unexpected places. Her mother is a pro.


Because children might be choosy, you need to be quite inventive. Calling lasagna a “noodle pizza” is brilliant. The tactic is probably being used by many women right now to convince their children to eat dinner.

Getting Creative

Moms were expected to make dinner every night in 2020 because they were confined to the home. But that becomes old quickly. So what should a mother do? So if you’re this mama bear, you make a game that’s set up such that you win.

She might even receive dinner prepared for her if she can hold out, or at the very least, she won’t have to worry about the rest of the family.

Not Ready

It can be difficult to attempt to describe the human body to young children. Kids, after all, often struggle with change, and there will undoubtedly be many changes in the future. Although his mother is doing her best, this poor child doesn’t understand.


At this point, having a boy as a child can be very daunting, so talking to other mothers about your issues might be beneficial. Or at the very least, make the moms around you laugh out loud.

Perfect Name

Youngsters are really imaginative! They create original games and even creative names for stuff. Hand sanitizer was one of the most talked-about topics in 2020, therefore it stands to reason that some students will have given it a better name.

The name of this mom’s child is unusual but appropriate. Hence, perhaps she is correct and we should offer youngsters more chances to name things. May be enjoyable.

Reading Material

We hardly have a moment without our phones in our hands. We do transport them everywhere, after all. Nevertheless, it’s a very different thing when you’re at home, which creates some amusing circumstances.


For instance, it was too late for this mother to discover she had left her phone in the living room. It’s fortunate that she has books to read to pass the time.

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