40+ Christmas Fails That Prove How Hard the Holidays Can Be

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The time has come for Yuletide disasters! Nothing is more important to us than having a good time during the holidays, but occasionally, despite our best efforts, things just don’t work out as we had hoped. We’ve put together a list of the worst (or funniest) Christmas fails we could find, from trying to burn a Christmas tree in a fireplace to breaking an ornament you just finished making!

A Very Unmerry Meeting

When they encounter characters like Mickey Mouse or Santa Claus, kids react in peculiar ways. They occasionally seem to appreciate the encounters, but occasionally they become frightened and begin to cry or scream. But what else would make Santa exclaim as well?


Please don’t be alarmed; the youngster is a close family acquaintance of Santa and was only startled by the costume. He’s fine, but since Santa had just undergone a vasectomy, we can’t say the same for his male parts.

Wear Your Best Christmas Clothes

Getting a new employment is difficult. You must not only study the ins and outs of the job, but also get used to a new work environment and culture. Every workplace has a distinct holiday celebration strategy.

She pulled out this awesome festive cow sweater when her workplace told her to wear “Christmas clothes,” while everyone else arrived in swanky attire. That is the day she realised how differently people observe holidays.

Some Spooky Foreshadowing

Every year, there are many hopes and aspirations for the beginning of the next. Everyone has plans to start a new career, improve their habits, or change their diet. However, nobody foresaw what would happen in 2020.

In 2019, this must have seemed like the perfect present for an eager employee, but once lockdown began, we guarantee the employer was kicking themselves. But it’s not their problem. They couldn’t have realised that we would all be confined to our homes for a number of months.

Tree Trunks and Car Trunks

Families who use real Christmas trees have a wonderful, healthy custom of searching for the ideal tree outside and bringing it inside. Because trees aren’t precisely an easy shape to transport, this presents a challenge.


Before realising that he had also tied his doors shut, this person believed he had it all worked out by tying it to the roof. However, problem-solving comes with innovation, and crawling through the trunk is a tiny price to pay for a content family.

Poorly Packaged Presents

Receiving Christmas presents is thrilling in part because we have no idea what to anticipate. Certain individuals do request particular gifts from their partners. However, some people enjoy surprises, and this wife had bought her spouse a pricey one.

Imagine her astonishment and annoyance when the present showed up at her house only to be in a large box that detailed exactly what it was — and was left there in plain view of everyone, including her husband.

Sarcastic Christmas Sweaters

One of the best things to ever emerge from the internet are memes. Because most memes are just a picture with a new purpose, they encourage creativity. One illustration is the Django Unchained meme of Leonardo DiCaprio chuckling in response.


This guy purchased this sweater for Christmas, but he didn’t get it until January 9th, so he couldn’t even wear it. The meme is always used ironically. We almost start to question if the sender purposefully sent it late.

Funny Tasting Christmas Cookies

Your partner requests you to buy some sweet snacks for the Christmas party because it’s the holiday season. When you see some attractive Christmas tree cookies, you complies and picks up a platter.


Until someone eventually looks closely at the packaging and notices the words “Dog Treats” in tiny print, everyone wonders why they taste a little strange. The packaging designer is dismissed as a result of your complaint, making this the merriest Christmas ever.

No Time Off for Christmas

Unfortunately, few vacations are taken off for those who work in many customer-facing positions. Businesses frequently forbid people from even requesting time off, like during the aforementioned “blackout period,” because they expect their staff to be present and keep their doors open.

This person claimed that they had to leave their third employment because their manager forbade them from taking time off to spend the holidays with their families. They’ll eventually locate a job where people are more considerate.

Baubles in Bits

We’re all used to the ease of online shopping, so we don’t really consider the amount of processing those packages go through or how amazing it is that the majority reach in excellent condition. Until one comes along like this, we don’t give it any thought.


Their family had sent them baby ornaments for Christmas, which were most definitely smashed to pieces inside that crushed-up box. Sure, delivery employees are overwhelmed and underpaid, but this is inexcusable.


Flour, Flour Everywhere

Baking is a wonderful activity for family time because it teaches kids how to combine ingredients and embraces the joys of food sharing. Baking is messy as well, particularly if you make the error of leaving a bag of flour on the counter while you leave for a moment.

Mom was horrified to see what had occurred, but rather than becoming upset, she chose to enjoy the pandemonium. We consider that a fantastic strategy and method for her to create lasting memories with her children!

A Barren Christmas Tree

Christmas trees still require water even after being cut down because they aren’t completely lifeless yet. Before they ultimately dry out and shed like any other tree would, they need to be taken care of.

The needles in a large pile on the floor are a clear sign that this family neglected their tree. They at least made the most of it by embellishing the barren limbs. It will undoubtedly be a tale for years to come.

Grinch Defo Stole Christmas

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, as the song proclaims, for a cause. Nobody would approach him with a 39-and-a-half foot stick because he is a nasty person. Nobody imagines the Grinch and believes that encountering him would be enjoyable. No one, it seems, besides this mother.


The Grinch may have gone too far by shattering the cookies, but judging by the expression on the child’s face, they had a blast. Her statement that “Grinch defo came and stole Christmas” is the best portion, as if that weren’t the Grinch’s entire purpose.

Soap Isn’t Sweet

When it comes to Christmas stockings or stocking stuffers, not all households participate, but for those who do, a wide variety of items can be placed inside. Other times, it’s gifts like candy. Sometimes, it’s DVDs or little games.


This mother discovered the hard way that some families even engage in activities like making tiny soaps after popping one in her lips as a treat. Perhaps she was merely setting an example by threatening to wash her lips with soap.

All Air, No Macbook

Even though it doesn’t happen frequently, occasionally a person will be anticipating a package only to either not get it or get an empty box. This frequently indicates that the thing they were looking forward to was stolen.

This mother was shocked to discover that her daughter’s MacBook Air was nothing more than a case filled with air with no Macbook to be found. Her mom lost a lot of money, and her daughter was left without a Christmas gift.

A Broken Heart for Christmas

Nothing is worse than having your relationship end just before Christmas. Holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, so losing someone significant can break your heart at that time.


This particular broken heart wasn’t brought on by a divorce. Instead, it was the result of clumsiness, which, while sad, is in our view much better. However, this individual must have been disappointed because they put a lot of effort into making this ornament.

From Plain to Patterned

Some people prefer giving useful gifts, such as clothing or cooking utensils, when it comes to giving gifts. They can avoid worrying that their presents will be thrown out right away.

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Before her toddler decided to decorate it with her new markers, this mother adored her new coat. If a child received markers for Christmas, the giver had better have made sure to purchase washable markers because otherwise, the stains won’t come out.

Expensive Shattered Glass

Have you ever gone grocery shopping and bought something made of glass, just to drop it as soon as you got home? It’s happened to the best of us, and it’s infuriating every time.


Imagine that it occurred once more, but this time it involved a $80 bottle that you had purchased as a Christmas present for someone. To prevent it from going to waste, it might be enticing to lie down and lick the pavement. If someone did, we wouldn’t condemn them.

A Lonely Christmas Day

We’re all grateful that the pandemic’s worst has passed. Most of us have had to start isolating ourselves at this stage.


Due to this person’s body’s really unfortunate scheduling, they had to spend Christmas Day alone after testing positive just before the holiday. At least our advanced technology allows them to practically participate in the festivities.

A Bang and a Clatter

Sure, it seems like a lot of fun to decorate our homes for Christmas, both inside and outside, but every year we detest taking down the tree and putting everything away. Having issues with that procedure can make things worse, as it did for this family.


As many families do, they went to place the decorations back in the attic when they immediately fell through the ceiling! It appears that the weight of the trees and decorations could only be supported in this area of the loft for a short period of time.

Burnt to a Crisp

For many families, the holiday season is all about customs. Everybody has a specific day on which they hang their holiday decorations, outfits they wear to the festivities, and even foods they consume for Christmas breakfast and supper.


Waffles are the traditional breakfast food in this family, but they made the standard error of sitting down to eat while the last waffle was still warm from the iron. The home smelt like burnt waffle batter rather than turkey or cookies. It sounds good.

A Cruel Christmas Bonus

Christmas bonuses are frequently given to employees by employers, but some of them are mildly offensive by substituting a pointless gift like a cup of candy or something similarly pointless that no one would choose for cash.


This business made the choice to act evil by tricking its staff into believing they were getting $100. It turned out to be a phoney, though. It appeared as though the company’s executives were laughing in their faces as they prepared to pocket the entire earnings.

Burn, Baby, Burn

You might consider using the actual tree you purchased for firewood after Christmas if you’re not sure what to do with it. After all, it’s a dead tree. However, the average family does not simply have an axe or chainsaw laying around.


Any reasonable person would know that this family’s decision to simply stick the tree’s tip in the fireplaces and pray for the best is a terrible one. They’re fortunate that not the entire house burned down.

Sad Secret Santa

There’s a reason why nobody recommends sending delicate items through the mail or on aeroplanes. They won’t give a damn if a box has the term “FRAGILE” written all over it; they’ll just toss it around like a rag doll.


Use this cup as proof. It goes without saying that the recipient of this Secret Santa present was let down. To be honest, we also hold the sender of the message responsible. Who ships fragile items unpackaged?

Two of a Kind

An excellent method to maintain a relationship is through shared interests. There is nothing better than discussing video games or novels you are reading or playing with your partner. When a pair enjoys reading together, a book is a reliable Christmas present.

Even though this pair now has two copies of the same book, it’s still a success because it shows how well they know one another and how well they complement one another’s strengths.

Turkey Thermometer Trouble

While many people celebrate Christmas with a similar lunch or dinner, particularly in other countries, while we may associate Thanksgiving with large dinners and turkeys, this is not always the case. However, some individuals aren’t just innately good cooks.


This person’s meat thermometer exploded and broke their oven door because they forgot to remove it from the turkey while it was still in the oven. Just to ensure that your poultry is fully cooked, that is a very costly error.

Stay Out of the Trunk

The holiday season can inspire a bit of a love-hate relationship. We love spending time with family, but running around buying gifts and planning for visitors can also be very stressful. It can lead to many scatterbrained moments, like this one.

Which one is it, mom? Help you bring the items in, or keep your hands off the trunk? She shouldn’t have placed the blame on her daughter, though it is obvious that she simply forgot that the daughter’s present was also in the trunk.

Perfect Example of Pinterest Fails

Even though Pinterest may not be as well-known as it once was, a lot of people continue to use it to plan ideas and look for motivation. This individual made the decision to try their best after seeing this stunning red velvet Christmas tree cake.


Even though Pinterest may not be as well-known as it once was, a lot of people continue to use it to plan ideas and look for motivation. This individual made the decision to try their best after seeing this stunning red velvet Christmas tree cake.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Some single individuals will use dating apps if they’re feeling a little lonely over the holidays. On apps like Tinder or Bumble, you can occasionally discover a true gem of a person, and other times, you find outright liars.

There is no way that this person could have been genuinely attempting to convince someone that they wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” so it had to be a joke. That song is incredibly well-known, at least among English speakers.

Don’t Fit in the Mailbox

Delivery drivers have a difficult job, particularly around Christmas when everyone and their mother orders tonnes of Christmas presents for delivery to their homes. This holiday craziness can inspire some inventive transportation strategies or, in this instance, just plain laziness.

It takes a lot of time and effort to deliver packages throughout an apartment complex, which is reasonable, but it’s terrible to leave every package by the mailboxes where anyone can take it. The locals were rightfully incensed.

Just the Left Shoe

Teenagers, particularly their peers, are very sensitive to what other people think of them. They become very interested in looking “cool” and dressing in the “right” manner. Depending on how you look at it, this might make it simpler for parents to buy Christmas presents or it might make it more challenging.

For Christmas, this parent tried to purchase his son some stylish shoes, but all that arrived was the left shoe. Someone has received a box with exactly the correct shoe, and they are likely both disappointed and irritated.

Shopping Mall Santa

Malls are becoming obsolete. Nobody wants to travel far from town to a huge structure and waste time looking for parking only to spend hours exploring it. Online shopping is much simpler, and you can do it while still in your jammies.


Santa unfortunately didn’t get the memo and is now waiting patiently for kids who will never arrive in this mall that has almost no stores remaining. Actually, it depresses us quite a bit.

Grab a Spoon

You may not be aware of it, but some individuals dislike chocolate. Although it’s difficult to believe, it’s accurate, and we feel bad for those people. A box of chocolates makes almost everyone happy when it is given as a present.


But the issue with chocolate is that it dissolves. and the Christmas present from their business to this person resembled pudding more than chocolate. But don’t worry, we have a fix. Grab a utensil, and start digging.

No More Bad Christmas Bonuses

Recall how we mentioned how some employers give their workers pitiful “Christmas bonuses” like cinema tickets or candy cups? You wouldn’t believe how frequently it occurs, and each time it does, it’s upsetting.


A pouch of hot cocoa, a candy cane, and an odd little Santa stick that might be intended to stir the hot chocolate are three examples in point. That would make a greater gift than this nonsense since we all need to earn money.

Skull Rock for Christmas

Some people simply don’t understand the significance of Christmas presents, so they make them with little thought. For the individual receiving the gift, it can be extremely disappointing.


For Christmas, this person received a painted rock from their sibling. If it came from a young child, it would be cute, but their sibling is an adult. We are almost tempted to conclude that it would have been preferable to forego the gift entirely.

Creepy Crawlies in the Tree

The truth that artificial Christmas trees are artificial is one of their advantages. They have never been outside in nature, so there are no bugs, and they won’t shed their needles as they pass away (because they can’t). The same cannot be said for actual trees, as this individual discovered.


Imagine the terror this person experienced when they discovered what appeared to be spiders in their Christmas tree. Christmas decorations should make people happy, not frighten them.

Wii Controller Wreaks Havoc

When Nintendo’s Wiis first came out, they were extremely popular. One of the first systems to use tracking, they truly gave you the feeling that you were submerged in the game. But there’s a reason they’ve always advised using wrist bands with controllers.


This kind of accident and collisions with other individuals were to blame. A Wii was used for less than a day before the Screen was ruined. It doesn’t precisely make for a happy Christmas memory.

The Dog Ate My Cookies

Dogs fill a variety of tasks. They are a member of the family, a friend, and more frequently than we would like to acknowledge, a pest. They destroy their beds, chew on shoes, and get into items like the trash or food that shouldn’t have been left out.


This family only stepped away for a short while before returning to discover their pet’s destruction of their Christmas cookies. Ideally they learn from their mistake and won’t do it again by leaving food out.

Santa Brought Naughty Stickers

Children adore stickers. Giving a child a sticker is one of the best things you can do, and giving them a whole pack is like giving them a present on Christmas morning. We’re not sure what it is about stickers that makes them so wonderful. In this instance, it’s truly Christmas morning.

This aunt purchased Animal Crossing stickers for her niece, but it’s obvious that she didn’t read the stickers’ descriptions. We can pretty much guarantee that this character in the game doesn’t utter anything remotely similar to that.

Tinsel and Temper Tantrums

Christmas is a popular time for parents to take beautiful family portraits. When the kids decide to have a tantrum, the home is beautifully decorated and the children are dressed in adorable matching outfits.


These dogs appear to be over seeing situations like this because of the expression on their faces. This would at least be a lovely photo of their dogs if the parents crop the kids out!

Pesky Parking Payments

Christmas for some people entails travelling to see distant relatives you haven’t seen in a long time. However, anyone who has driven to an airport and has a vehicle knows what a nightmare finding parking can be.


This person foolishly parked in the daily lot without looking at the rates or determining whether there was a long-term parking lot. When they returned a week later to pick up their vehicle and pay the fee, they were given a figure that was significantly higher than they anticipated.

Where’s the Wick?

People can be divided into two groups: those who are totally obsessed with candles and have them scattered throughout their homes, burning constantly, and those who own one inexpensive candle that they have used twice and then never touched again.


Given that there is no wick and only a candle warmer can be used to actually burn this expensive candle, the recipient obviously belongs to the first group. A candle warmer is only truly owned by candle lovers.

True Love Has Four Dog

Christmas gifts that are personalised convey the giver’s thoughtful consideration, making them far more meaningful than gifts that are simply selected at random from a shop. They do, however, offer more space for error.


We Wish You a Meowy Christmas and “My True Love Has Four Paws” were meant to be written on these specially ordered presents, so the seller obviously wasn’t paying attention. The song “We Meowy You a Happy Christmas” stands out at least.

Kitty Christmas Bliss

When it comes to Holiday decorations, cats are a threat. Nothing is more alluring to our furry companions than a tree that appears to be simple to climb and is covered in tinsel and ornaments that are dangling. Some people therefore search for strategies to stop their feline damage.


This owner mistakenly grabbed the incorrect bottle after spraying their tree with what they believed to be a deterrent spray. They really wished they hadn’t accidentally snatched the catnip spray after taking a branch, the star, and several decorations down.

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