“Meme Magic Revealed: The Wonders of Internet Jokes”


"Dive into the world of internet jokes with 'Meme Magic Revealed.' This book shows you how memes work their funny magic online. You'll uncover the secrets behind their humor and why they're so popular. Whether you're into hilarious cat videos or clever one-liners, you'll learn what makes internet jokes so special. This book is your guide to understanding the humor of the digital age."

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    Vip king

    "Meme Magic" is so popular that even my Wi-Fi signal

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  3. 2

    Vip king

    What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

    I don’t know, and I don’t care.

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  5. 3

    Vip king

    Why did the emoji attend the "Meme Magic" book launch? It wanted to show its support for the author.


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  7. 4

    Vip king

    Why was the meme late to the party? Because it lost track of time while reading "Meme Magic" and laughing uncontrollably!

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  9. 5

    Vip king

    What's the favorite bedtime story of the internet? "Meme Magic," because it guarantees sweet dreams and giggles!

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Vip king


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