Beyond Their Years: Babies with the Wisdom of Millennia


Beyond Their Years: Babies with the Wisdom of Millennia – Enchanting photographs revealing the depth of innocence in their gaze.

1: This baby won’t stop talking about how much milk cost back in his day

2: This baby has had his left turn signal on for the last 30 miles

3: This baby just yelled at you to “turn it back” because he was still “watching’ it”:

4: This baby can’t drink milk anymore because of what it does to “the pipes”:

5: This baby hasn’t been the same since the Teapot-Dome Scandal:

6: The baby was a stunt double for Kevin from “The Office”:

7: This baby just spent 45 minutes telling you a story about the “nice lady from the grocery store”

8: All of this baby’s furniture is covered in plastic wrap:

9: This baby just saw you try to change the temperature on the thermostat:

10: This baby may or may not be Robert DeNiro:

11: This baby gets a senior discount from Baby’s ‘R’ Us:

12: This baby came out of the womb with a seemingly endless supply of Werther’s Originals:

13: This baby just heard someone say something mean about Vice President John Nance Garner, and, honestly, is a bit peeved:

14: This baby is still holding onto a receipt for a $4.08 purchase of canned ham from 1978 “just in case”:

15: This baby just yelled at some kids to get off her lawn and doesn’t even know what a lawn is:

16: This baby just referred to Vietnam as “French Indochina”

17: This baby is Danny De Vito. Like, seriously. Have you ever seen this baby and Danny De Vito in the same room?


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