If King Charles were to step down, what would happen next ?

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When a king or queen decides to step down from their throne, it’s a big deal no matter where you are. But in the UK, it’s super rare. It’s only happened once in many, many years of having a monarchy.

So, when King Charles III got diagnosed with cancer, people started talking about the possibility of him giving up the throne. Now, this guy waited like seventy years to become king, so most folks don’t think he’ll actually do it. But if he does, there are a bunch of questions floating around. Like, what happens next? How’s it different from the usual passing of power? And what does it mean for countries like Australia that still have the British monarch as their head of state?

What is abdication?

Basically, it’s like saying, “I’m done being king or queen, someone else can take over now.” The prime minister has to be told first, and then there’s this fancy thing It’s like a special paper called the “instrument of abdication” that they have to sign.

After that, there’s a meeting with the Accession Council to officially announce the new king or queen.

How’s it different from just passing on the throne when the current ruler dies?

Procedurally it’s not that different.
There are a few little changes, mostly about what we call Charles and Queen Camilla.
But for all intents and purposes, most processes are the same as those prepared under Charles’ standard succession plan, reportedly called Operation Menai Bridge.

Who would become King?

If Charles steps down or gets really sick and passes away, William would step up as King right away, being next in line.

What would happen to Kate, Camilla and Charles’ titles?

This is a bit tricky. If Charles were to kick the bucket, royal history buff Kelly Swaby reckons Camilla would become the Dowager Queen and Kate would step up as Queen Catherine. But if Charlie were to chuck the crown, things get a bit fuzzy. I guess King Charles would just stick with King Charles. Not King Charles III,” Swaby explained, saying that the numbering reflects the current monarch. So, basically, if Charlie picks a title, Camilla’s title depends on what he chooses. And hey, that’s a pretty intriguing debate that most of us haven’t really thought about.

Would Charles really abdicate?

It’s impossible to say for sure because we don’t know what’s going on in Charlie’s head or all the details about his health. But most folks in the loop are pretty much saying nope, he ain’t stepping down anytime soon. Joe Little, who runs Majesty Magazine, reckons the idea of him abdicating isn’t even on the table at Buckingham Palace. Well, who knows what’ll go down, but it looks like Charles III will stay king like his mom until he bites the dust.

Swaby’s on the same page, saying she can’t picture it happening under any circumstances. Charlie has been waiting patiently to become king, and he feels a strong responsibility to fulfill his duties. I just can’t see him throwing in the towel,” she said. “It would really surprise me if he did, but considering the cancer situation, I suppose some of us would understand. Still, chances are slim, if you ask me.

Why is giving up the throne seen as such a bad thing in the UK?

For over a thousand years, the UK has been kinda allergic to the idea of abdication, and 1936 just made it worse. See, the deal was always you stick to being king or queen until you kick the bucket or go out with a bang on the battlefield. No one really gave much thought to stepping down.

Then boom! Edward VIII shook things up in ’36, quitting after less than a year so he could marry Wallis Simpson, a divorced American. Caught everyone off guard. And even though we had this one abdication that changed everything, nobody bothered to think ahead and make rules for future abdications.

So now, we’re all scratching our heads, wondering what’s next. Other kings have bailed or been forced out, but Edward was the only one to do it willingly.

What’s the deal with coronations?

If Charles decides to step down soon, it means we’d have another coronation in a couple of years. Last time we had one was ages ago, even before The Beatles hit the scene!

Swaby thinks the next one would probably be smaller than Charles’ fancy, but toned-down affair. “I reckon some folks only went along with Charles’ because we hadn’t had one in 70 years thanks to the queen’s long reign,” she said. “And if William gets crowned, it’ll probably be even simpler than Charles’. So if we keep having these coronations, they’ll just keep shrinking.”

As for when it might happen, she figures it’ll likely be in the summer, maybe not as long as the queen’s 16-month wait to be crowned, but not as short as Charles’ eight-month gap after becoming king.

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