How to Flirt With a Guy: 07 Flirting Tips for Girls

If you are interested in flirting with guys, this blog will be great fun for you girls.

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     If you are interested in flirting with guys, this blog will be great fun for you girls. 

1. Pass a Smile

     A study found that girls who smile are far more attractive than girls who simply say class with the BSF best, as if they don’t want to deal with anyone. So, if you’re naturally that person who has that rough and tough face, you’ll try to smile more because chances are you’re going to make guys seem unattainable or something, especially if you’re good luck and you’re just having that dull face throughout the day, they’re gonna be thinking

“I heard that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”

Kerry Cohen

2. Compliment Him

     Compliment him. Don’t just go up to a guy and tell him straight up you’re so hot. Even though you really want to, try not to. It might scare him off. And let’s say that this guy is really hot. He probably already knows if someone keeps on telling you these comments. In the back of your head, you know it’s a common fact. So if a guy is just really hot, try not to point out the obvious. He doesn’t get compliments often, so compliment him.

    Some  Compliments Men Can’t Resist:

  • I Love The Way You Think
  • You Always Know Exactly What to Say
  • You’re an Incredible Father
  • I Love You Just The Way You Are
  • You’re Such A Good Cook!
  • Can You Help Me Fix This?
  • You’re A Great Listener
  • It’s Amazing How Hard You Work
  • Your Beard Looks Nice Today

3. Hair Flipping

     If you play with your hair, it’s kind of flirty. It seems very natural when you’re talking to a guy and you’re just playing with her because I feel like a lot of girls do it. It’s not just something that is a flirt tactic, it’s something that grows just because you’re bored. If you just keep seeing your little hair flips, it adds that key factor that guys really love, so work that.

4. Attention to Your Body

     I don’t mean like big cleavage show, or like you know very short shorts and show of them guys, but let’s say you’re having a conversation with him and you’re just like touching the limit to make it obvious like you’re just like talking, like moving your lips or something, it seems natural, but don’t make it obvious like you can kind of tell when someone is looking at you from the corner of your eye, so if you could, I know he’s

5. Call Him by Name

     Use of his name makes him feel more connected to you and it just brings up that intimacy with each other. If that makes you feel like I never make something, this can go with verbal communication like face to-face or with texting, so if you like, it makes a really big difference to him, so using his name will go a long way. 

6. Eye Contact

     I know a lot of people don’t make eye contact. You make eye contact with them and just show him that you’re interested in him. You keep looking down like this. It could tell him that you’re not interested in him. You prefer to focus your attention on something else. It could also send the message that you’re a really shy girl who enjoys talking to him.

7. Teaser

     Tease him for being feminine, quiet and polite, not being loud, and avoiding his family. Assume he enjoys football.

     I hope these methods will work for you. 

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