How to Celebrate Wifeymania’s Fiercest and Most Fabulous Wives of WWE


WWE is awesome! The wrestlers are super strong and do cool moves in the ring. But it’s not just about fighting – there are also interesting stories and relationships. Fans love when their favorite wrestlers have feuds and romances. And guess what? Sometimes, those romances continue outside the ring, and the stars actually get married!

Stephanie McMahon – Triple H

Stephanie McMahon’s love story is like a wrestling fairy tale! She’s part of the legendary McMahon wrestling family, with her dad being the big boss, Vince McMahon. What’s even cooler is that Stephanie found her match in the ring and in life with Triple H, a Hall of Famer. It’s like a match made in wrestling heaven!

The fact that Stephanie, a McMahon, and Triple H got together probably made her dad, Vince McMahon, pretty happy. I mean, who wouldn’t want their daughter marrying a wrestling legend? It’s like a family affair in and out of the rin

Nattie Neidhart – Tyson Kidd

Let’s kick things off with the amazing Natalya! She’s not just one of the greatest women wrestlers ever, holding titles like the Divas Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship. What makes her story even cooler is that she’s part of the famous Hart wrestling family.

But wait, there’s more! Natalya isn’t just a wrestling powerhouse; she’s also rocking another title—wife to fellow wrestler Tyson Kidd. It’s like a double dose of wrestling greatness in their relationship!

Brandi Rhodes – Cody Rhodes

Absolutely, let’s talk about the awesome Brandi Rhodes, also known as Eden Stiles in WWE. She’s not just a super popular and charismatic announcer and interviewer; she’s won over the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere.

What’s even more fascinating is that during one of her interviews, she struck up a deep connection with wrestler Cody Rhodes. It’s like their love story unfolded right before our eyes! Their bond grew stronger, and in 2013, they decided to make it official and tied the knot. Talk about a match made in the wrestling spotlight!

Brie Bella – Daniel Bryan

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on Brie Bella, the dynamic half of the famous Bella sisters. Brie and Nikki Bella have not only conquered the wrestling world but also made waves in fashion, TV, and even winemaking. Talk about a power duo!

When Brie isn’t busy dominating opponents in the ring or making waves in reality TV, she takes on another crucial role—being an awesome wife and mom. It’s like she’s acing the game both inside and outside the ring, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of life!

Chelsea Green – Zack Ryder

Let’s talk about the wrestling sensation Chelsea Green, who first gained fame as Laurel van Ness in Impact Wrestling. Now, she’s making waves in WWE’s SmackDown brand under her real name.

Chelsea is not just known for her high-profile feuds and on-screen antics; she’s also been making headlines off the mat. Recently, the media has been buzzing about her relationship and engagement to fellow wrestling star Zack Ryder. It’s like the perfect tag team outside of the ring, and fans can’t get enough of their real-life love story!

Reby Sky – Matt Hardy

Reby Sky is the epitome of what you might call a multi-talented showbiz star. As well as leaving her indelible mark on the world of pro wrestling, she’s also a successful actress, model, dancer, and TV star!

And her husband Matt Hardy is equally high profile—best known for his time with WWE as one half of The Hardy Boyz, he has won two TNA World Heavyweight Championships and one ECW Championship.

Wanda Ferraton – Bill Goldberg

Absolutely, we’re talking about one power-packed and high-energy couple! Bill Goldberg, a true WWE legend who not only conquered the wrestling world but also made a mark in movies.

Their love story gets even more interesting. Goldberg crossed paths with stuntwoman Wanda while working on the set of the horror movie “Santa’s Slay.” Talk about a unique meet-cute! The super-fit superstars fell head over heels for each other, and in 2005, they tied the knot. It’s like a match made not just in wrestling rings but also on the set of a movie set.

Lizzie Karcher – Brian Myers

Lizzie Karcher is a true stunner, making waves not just for her unique fashion sense and lifestyle icon status but also for capturing the heart of one of the greatest sportsmen, WWE star Curt Hawkins, whose real name is Brian Myers. It’s like a perfect blend of style and athleticism, making them a dazzling couple in and out of the spotlight!

Lauren Hashian – The Rock

Absolutely, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a household name and one of the most recognizable faces to emerge from WWE and the world of pro wrestling. His fame extends beyond the wrestling world, as even non-wrestling fans are familiar with him. The Rock has transcended the ring to become a Hollywood heavyweight in his own right, showcasing his versatility and charisma in the entertainment industry. He’s not just a wrestling legend; he’s a global icon.

Linda Hogan – Hulk Hogan

Absolutely, Hulk Hogan is undeniably one of the greatest and most monumental figures in the history of wrestling. He stands out as THE most recognizable name and face from the entire industry. Hogan’s impact on wrestling is legendary.

Beyond the ring, he and his wife Linda became a reality TV sensation, giving fans a peek into their lives. Starring alongside their children Nick and Brooke, the Hogan family became household names through the hit series “Hogan Knows Best.” It was a unique blend of wrestling fame and family dynamics that resonated with audiences and added another dimension to Hulk Hogan’s iconic status.

Naomi – Jimmy Uso

Naomi is a standout in both the WWE circuit and the reality TV series Total Divas, making a name for herself with her strength and sassy persona in the ring. But her talents go beyond wrestling – she once performed as a backup dancer for none other than Flo Rida!

Adding to her super cool resume, Naomi has been married to fellow wrestling superstar Jimmy since 2014. The two make an adorable couple, showcasing their love both inside and outside the ring. It’s like a perfect blend of strength, sass, and sweetness in the world of wrestling!

Lana – Rusev

The sporting starlet we’re talking about is none other than Catherine Perry, but fans know her better by her ring name, Lana. Rising to fame through the WWE circuit, Lana has not only showcased her skills in the ring but has also proven herself as a talented singer and dancer. In fact, she’s even worked as a backup dancer for big names like Pink and Usher! Lana’s multifaceted talents have truly made her a standout in the world of sports and entertainment.

Karen Jarrett – Jeff Jarrett

Sporting star Karen Jarrett has definitely had her fair share of high-profile celebrity romances in the public eye. She’s been in the ring of love with not one, but TWO wrestling megastars! First, she was married to WWE legend Kurt Angle. After that chapter came to an end, she found love again with another ring star, wrestler, and producer Jeff Jarrett. It seems like Karen Jarrett knows how to find love in the world of wrestling!

Renee Young – Dean Ambrose

Renee Young became a familiar face in the WWE as a TV presenter and host for the SmackDown brand, where she interviewed some of the biggest and best wrestlers of the moment. Among her interview subjects was none other than Dean Ambrose, who holds the record as the longest-running WWE champion of all time. Their professional connection eventually blossomed into a personal one, as Renee Young and Dean Ambrose became a real-life couple. It’s like a storyline that moved from the ring to real life!

Jennifer Hudson – David Otunga

Absolutely, Jennifer Hudson is widely recognized as the superstar singer and Oscar-winning actress who first captured hearts as a contestant on the third season of American Idol.

What some might not know is that she’s also a WWE WAG (Wrestling Wives and Girlfriends)! In 2007, Jennifer Hudson began dating the legendary wrestler David Otunga, and the two took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged the following year. It’s a delightful blend of Hollywood glamour and wrestling charisma in this power couple’s love story!

Tamara Nash – Kevin Nash

Indeed, not all wrestling marriages involve both partners in the wrestling business. Tamara Nash and her husband Kevin have been married since 1998, back during Kevin’s heyday as a well-known WWE champion. Despite the glitz and glamour of the wrestling world, Tamara has chosen a more down-to-earth career as a realtor. Their long-lasting marriage proves that love can thrive even when the careers don’t share the same spotlight. It’s a wonderful example of finding balance and harmony in a relationship.

Sasha Banks – Sarath Ton

Sasha Banks is undeniably one of the biggest and most charismatic personalities in the WWE today. From her humble beginnings to her celebrity family heritage (being the cousin of Snoop Dogg), she has carved a unique niche for herself with her charm and sassy attitude.

What might surprise some fans is that behind the tough exterior, Sasha Banks has a softer side, especially when she’s with her beloved husband. Her husband, known by his WWE ring name Kid Makazi, is Sarath Tom. Together, they showcase a different facet of Sasha Banks, highlighting the softer and more personal side of the WWE superstar. It’s a lovely blend of toughness and tenderness in and out of the ring!

Charlotte Flair – Andrade

Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly WWE royalty, carrying on the legacy of her renowned father, Ric Flair. She has not only upheld the family name but has also become the most decorated women’s champion of all time.

Adding to the tradition of keeping wrestling in the family, Charlotte Flair tied the knot with fellow WWE star Andrade. The power couple brings together two forces from the wrestling world, creating a dynamic duo inside and outside the ring. It’s a continuation of the wrestling legacy with a touch of personal flair

Giovanna Yannotti – Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle’s journey in love took a new turn after the end of his first marriage. He found solace and love with the amazing Giovanna Yannotti, whom he met on the set of the movie End Game.

The happy couple exchanged vows in 2012, and their love story has been flourishing ever since. They have welcomed three children together, creating a beautiful family. It’s a tale of finding love again and building a life together after the challenges of the past.

Nia Jax – Josh Woods

Nia Jax is indeed one of the most formidable and respected women wrestlers, and her incredible wrestling heritage as part of the Anoa’i dynasty only adds to her impressive legacy. The Anoa’i dynasty includes stars like The Rock and Roman Reigns among her relatives, showcasing a rich wrestling lineage.

Despite having such illustrious relatives, Nia Jax has carved out her own distinct identity and made a name for herself in the wrestling world. Her talent, strength, and charisma have set her apart, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with all on her own. It’s a testament to her individual prowess and the continued success of the Anoa’i wrestling dynasty.

Beth Britt – Jeff Hardy

The love story between Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy is truly heartwarming, especially considering they practically grew up together. They got together right at the beginning of Jeff Hardy’s stellar WWE career when they were practically babies.

Known as one half of the mega-tough double act The Hardy Boyz, Jeff Hardy may surprise some with his sensitive side. Beyond the ring, he’s not only a musician and artist but also a super loved-up husband and dad. It’s a beautiful journey of growing up together, supporting each other through the highs and lows, and celebrating love and family both inside and outside the wrestling world.

Stephanie Houck – Heath Slater

Stephanie Houck and Heath Slater are not just a couple to admire; they are also inspirational figures in their generosity and kindness. Despite Heath Slater’s tough-guy persona in the ring, in real life, he is known for being incredibly kind and giving.

Together with his beloved wife Stephanie, they channel their efforts into philanthropy, dedicating a significant amount of time to charitable organizations. Their commitment to making a positive impact on the world showcases a different side of Slater, one that reflects compassion and a desire to give back. It’s a wonderful example of using their platform for good and making a difference beyond the wrestling ring.

Candice LeRae – Johnny Gargano

The super glam couple of Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano are not only wrestling heavyweights but also reality vlog stars, giving fans a peek into their lives beyond the ring.

Candice LeRae has made a name for herself on independent wrestling circuits, showcasing her talent and toughness. Meanwhile, Johnny Gargano is carving his path within the cruiserweight scene, steadily making his mark in the wrestling world.

Together, they bring not only their wrestling prowess but also their personal journey to the forefront, sharing their lives with fans through reality vlogs. It’s a unique blend of glam, grit, and a touch of reality in the world of wrestling.

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