How to Capture Rebellious Teenagers’ Before & After Photos


Thinking about this topic brings back memories of my teenage days, and I can’t help but cringe at how silly I was. I actually had not one, but two mohawks (also known as bihawks) at one point. Needless to say, my mom was not impressed. Looking back, I’m a bit embarrassed about my past self, even though it was a long time ago.

Nowadays, things are completely different, and I can’t help but chuckle at the outrageous before-and-after photos of other teens who have moved on from their emo, punk, goth, and rebellious phases. There’s no judgment here – as teenagers, we all go through those stages. It’s actually pretty cool to see how much people can change in just a few years after leaving high school.

From Emo to Army

Thanks a bunch! Quite the transformation, right? From emo to army, it’s been a journey. Proud of the changes and growth along the way. Cheers to new chapters and unexpected adventures!

Goodbye Green!

Farewell to the green hair! While she’s now immersed in a plate-full of successful endeavors, that vibrant green hair certainly led her on some exciting journeys. It’s always fun to reminisce about the colorful paths that have brought us to where we are today. Here’s to new horizons and the adventures that different hues of life bring!

An interesting cycle

What a fascinating cycle! From emo to goth, back to emo, and now a marketing consultant—talk about a diverse journey! Kudos to her for navigating through various phases and ultimately finding a professional path as a marketing consultant. It goes to show that our personal journeys can shape us in unexpected ways, leading to unique and fulfilling destinations. Cheers to her versatility and success!

From guitar to gun

What a remarkable transition! From strumming rad tunes with long hair to proudly serving his country, it’s a testament to his diverse journey. Going from guitar to gun reflects the different chapters in his life, each contributing to his growth and experiences. A salute to his dedication and service!

From self-proclaimed stupid to successful stud

What a transformation! From self-proclaimed “stupid” in his younger years to a successful stud, it’s clear he’s come a long way. It’s always inspiring to see someone overcome self-perceived limitations and achieve success. Here’s to leaving the past behind and embracing a bright and accomplished future!

This was “never really a phase,” she says

Teal hair and success? She’s proving that what some might call a “phase” is just a part of her authentic self. Embracing individuality and achieving success while rocking that teal hair is a powerful statement. Kudos to her for staying true to herself and owning her unique style along the road to success!


Talk about a drastic change! She used to mock Britney Spears fans, and now Britney is her main musical preference. It just goes to show that you can’t judge the teenage angst-filled book by its cover. With her on the path to a Ph.D., she’s clearly evolved and defied expectations. It’s a reminder that tastes and pursuits can change dramatically over time, and we shouldn’t underestimate the growth potential in everyone’s journey.

All grown up with his big-boy job

How times change! From teenage hairstyles to being all grown up with a big-boy job as a tax consultant. I’m sure his rebellious teenage hair didn’t anticipate the world of tax consulting, but it’s a testament to the unpredictable twists life can take. Kudos to him for navigating a path from adolescence to a professional career!

 From rawr to rowdy

From “rawr” to rowdy, what a journey! With a simple haircut, he transformed into a proud fireman. It’s incredible how changing one’s appearance can signify a shift in life’s direction. Congratulations to him for his accomplishments and for being proud of the person he’s become!

Ten, Short Years

In the span of just ten short years, this gal managed to do pretty much everything she once said she’d never do. Now, she’s a mom, a manager, and a wife. Life has a way of surprising us, and she’s embraced and conquered roles she might not have imagined for herself a decade ago. It’s a testament to the unpredictable and transformative nature of time. Cheers to her for navigating and thriving in these new and fulfilling roles!

The Mortician

Talk about a surprising twist! That once-creepy emo kid has transformed into a gorgeous student and is now preparing to become a mortician. Life has a way of leading us down unexpected paths, and it’s fascinating to see how individuals evolve. Kudos to them for embracing a unique and perhaps unconventional career path with pride!

Dog and Tina

“Doug and Tina” seem to be the epitome of timeless coolness! Despite the years from 1985 to 2015, they’ve managed to grow up while retaining the unique and cool edge that defined them from the start. It’s a testament to their enduring style and individuality. Here’s to staying true to oneself over the years!

From 9th grade student to 9th grade Teacher

This couple went from emo to sweet

What a transformation! This couple has gone from emo to sweet, showcasing the journey of their relationship and personal growth. It’s heartening to see how love and time can bring about positive changes, turning what might have been an edgier phase into a sweet connection. Cheers to the couple’s evolution and the enduring sweetness of their relationship!

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