Cristiano Ronaldo: 15+ Love Stories From the Ballon d’Or Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo: 15+ Love Stories From the Ballon d’Or Legend

Cristiano Ronaldo’s dashing looks, vast wealth, and accomplished career in professional soccer have made him the object of affection for multiple women. With his reputation as a heartthrob, it’s no surprise that he has had many romances and heartbreaks. This piece will detail the women who have captured his heart and left an impression on the superstar athlete.

Not So Rich, Not So Handsome

It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where Cristiano Ronaldo was unattractive and impoverished. In reality, this was the case during his childhood as he was born in one of the most deprived neighborhoods of Madeira and his family struggled to make ends meet.

Due to the limited space in his house, the athlete had to share a tiny room with his three brothers. Luckily, he developed a passion for soccer at a young age, which eventually enabled him to achieve great success and opportunities beyond his wildest dreams.

What His Mother Was Hiding

If you have been following Cristiano Ronaldo’s social media accounts, you may have observed that he shares a strong bond with his mother. Nonetheless, a couple of years back, Mrs. Maria Dolores revealed something that surprised the whole globe.

The athlete’s mother confessed that she had planned on ending her pregnancy when she discovered she was expecting, due to the unstable financial condition of her family that made her apprehensive about having a fourth child who would only add to their difficulties.

Young, But Talented

At the age of three, Cristiano Ronaldo had his initial encounter with a soccer ball. Later, at the age of seven, he joined children’s clubs and his abilities were immediately evident, making him outstanding among his peers. At the age of nine, the Madeira Sports Club and the National Sports Club both expressed interest in recruiting him due to his exceptional talent.

At that particular instant, both young Cristiano and his family comprehended that athletics was the route he should pursue.

A Diagnosis Almost Changes Everything

Even though Cristiano had generally been in good health, at 15 years old he received some news that could have drastically altered his future. While undergoing routine check-ups, medical professionals determined that the athlete had a heart condition that needed to be immediately addressed through surgery.

Upon discovering his health issue, they contacted his mother to seek approval for conducting an urgent surgery. Luckily, the procedure was minimally invasive and was carried out using laser technology.

An Early Success?

It’s evident that Cristiano experienced the taste of triumph at an early stage. He was only 17 years old when Sporting Lisbon signed him, and he made his professional debut against Inter Milan. His exceptional ball skills quickly drew the attention of the media.

Almost signed by Juventus in 2002, when he was only 17 years old, he had a chance because of the potential trade involving Marcelo Salas, which unfortunately did not go through because Salas declined to play for a Portuguese team.

Nothing Formal, Nothing

It is not claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo had a formal relationship with Karina Ferro, but there are numerous reports suggesting that they were romantically involved. Karina Ferro is an attractive Portuguese model who became acquainted with Cristiano during a time when he was relatively unknown.

It seems that the brief romantic involvement between them occurred in 2002. Despite Karina claiming that they were together for two years during Cristiano’s time at Sporting, it was reportedly not a committed or significant relationship. Therefore, they frequently ended things and reconciled multiple times.

The First of Many

During his time at Sporting Lisbon, Cristiano had a romantic attraction towards Jordana Jardel, who happened to be the sibling of his fellow player, Mario Jardel. Jordana, who was originally from Brazil, worked as a model in Europe, and there were reports of her being associated with Cristiano during 2002 and 2003.

The couple has little information available about them, except that they had a wholesome and innocent relationship. Jordana was the athlete’s first official girlfriend and it is unclear if he had any previous romantic partners.

The Debut That Catapulted Him

Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United had a friendly game in 2003 where Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional skills caught the attention of the English team.

The coach of Cristiano managed to organize his transfer quickly, making him the first Portuguese player to join the Red Devils. Furthermore, he became the most costly youth transfer ever made by the English team. It was at this point that the golden age of CR7 began.

The Flame Went Out

As soon as Cristiano moved to Manchester, his bond with Jordana Jardel began to weaken slowly. It became apparent that the player’s stay in England was longer compared to Portugal, so their meetings became infrequent.

The relationship terminated in 2003 amicably and with mutual respect. Despite this, they have encountered each other multiple times in social settings and have maintained a friendly and courteous relationship.

His Longest Lasting Love?”

The athlete held a grudge against Jordana for nearly two years, but in 2005 he finally let go and was ready to love again. He found love with Merche Romero, a Portuguese model and presenter who won his heart during an interview.

The couple’s romance was thriving and flourishing. In fact, during Cristiano Ronaldo’s tenure at Manchester, this particular courtship endured the longest. They remained happily committed to one another for nearly two years.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Regrettably, this relationship concluded in September 2006. During an interview where Merche was very open, she acknowledged that the demanding agendas of both parties caused them to make the difficult choice to split up.

Romero stated that the separation occurred amicably and he cherishes positive recollections of Cristiano. Additionally, the model divulged that Cristiano was one of her most memorable sexual encounters.

A Cultural Mix

Back in 2008, a young 23-year-old soccer star fell for a Portuguese model who had made a home in the United States. Her name was Mia Judaken, and she was just 18 at the time. As time passed, Mia gained recognition for her understated music career, which blended together rhythms from Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Perhaps that’s what interested Cristiano, but in reality, there was little information available regarding the potential connection they could have had.

His Spark With Maria Sharapova

Thanks to mutual friends in sports, Cristiano and Maria crossed paths and formed a nice bond. However, the press quickly started speculating about their relationship and mistook their friendship for a potential romantic involvement.

Although they were spotted going on dates multiple times, it is uncertain if there was a romantic relationship between Cristiano and Maria. Currently, they maintain a cordial relationship and have not made any statements either confirming or denying the rumors of their supposed romance. Is it possible that something more was going on between them?

A Girlfriend From Bollywood

Following his separation from Merche Romero in 2006, Ronaldo’s subsequent confirmed love interest was Bipasha Basu, an Indian-born actress. They both attended a social event where they coincidentally served as presenters, and this is where their passionate love story is said to have commenced.

It is worth mentioning that the actress had a romantic relationship with a fellow actor, but allegedly she was found kissing Cristiano in the backstage area while attending the event they were supporting.

A Love Interest?

Despite creating a buzz about Ronaldo potentially being embroiled in a love affair, the media’s enthusiasm was brief as the pair were only in a relationship for a few weeks.

It is reported that Bipasha Basu and Cristiano Ronaldo ended their relationship because she requested his assistance in promoting her upcoming film premiere, but the athlete declined to assist, which ultimately upset the actress.

“Only Actresses Please”

It appears that Cristiano Ronaldo had become accustomed to quickly switching partners, and his resentment towards the Indian woman didn’t last very long. Just a few weeks following the controversy involving Bipasha, the soccer player started a romantic relationship with Gemma Atkinson, who is a model and actress.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a romantic involvement with a British woman named Gemma, who was the only one from Britain on his list of love interests. This is unusual considering the long period of time he spent at Manchester. However, their relationship was brief and only lasted for four months.

Getting a Taste of Latin Flavor

Cristiano had dated European and Asian women for a few years before deciding to search for love in Latin America. He then met Colombian model Mirella Grisales on a red carpet and it is rumored that he instantly developed feelings for her.

Similar to numerous other romantic relationships, this one didn’t last long and concluded positively. Mirella acknowledged in an interview that the romance deteriorated due to distance and was the primary cause of their breakup.

From Colombian to Spanish

In early 2008, Cristiano began seeing the Spanish model Nereida Gallardo soon after breaking up with Mirella Grisales. The couple was frequently seen enjoying romantic dinners at high-end restaurants and nightclubs.

The couple appeared to be thriving in their relationship, with no apparent issues as they showered each other with love. However, there were speculations that Nereida’s possessiveness was causing trouble, yet Cristiano never mentioned anything about it.

Nereida Said It All

Regrettably, Cristiano and Nereida’s romance came to a close after a short period, leaving it as nothing more than a seasonal fling. Despite this, it appeared that the model was significantly impacted by the separation.

While Ronaldo remained silent about their relationship, Nereida divulged a few unverified specifics. She mentioned that the way Cristiano carried himself was the leading factor in their break up, and called him impolite and haughty. Furthermore, she claimed that she was the one who opted to end it.

CR7 and Paris Hilton?

In 2009, there were rumors of a romantic relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton after they were seen together at a private party in the United States. At the time, Paris had recently ended a previous relationship, while Cristiano had been unattached for a few months.

The party provided an opportunity to witness Paris making romantic and suggestive advances towards Cristiano, to which he responded accordingly. However, their relationship did not endure past that one night.

Kim Was No Slouch

It appears that Paris informed her good friend Kim Kardashian about Ronaldo. The celebrity got the chance to meet the athlete at a function in Los Angeles, and it seems that he immediately grabbed her interest.

Kim’s intense infatuation compelled her to make a trip to Madrid a few weeks later, during which she attempted to acquaint herself better with the footballer. Rumor has it that both parties were interested in starting a romantic relationship, but their conflicting schedules and geographical separation posed a significant obstacle that they had to take into account.

Kanye Changed the Landscape

Despite a pre-existing desire for love to develop, a new factor came into play; it was none other than rapper Kanye West. Indeed, Kanye entered the picture and altered the situation. Kim commenced a romantic relationship with the songwriter and moved on from her previous romance with Ronaldo.

We are aware of the outcome of this tale. In 2013, Kim gave birth to her first child with Kanye after being in a relationship for years, and in 2014 she got married to him. Meanwhile, Cristiano was not part of the situation.

A Short and Intense Love

Cristiano Ronaldo was associated with Raffaella Fico, an Italian songstress and model in 2009, with whom he had a brief affair. They got acquainted with each other at a party and subsequently commenced a romantic relationship to know each other better.

It is a common knowledge that Raffaella was content with the romance, but they both were not inclined towards maintaining a long-distance relationship at that time. Therefore, they mutually agreed to end their love affair in an amicable manner.

The Most Expensive Transfer

Ronaldo witnessed a surprising turn in his career in 2009. Manchester team approved Real Madrid’s proposal to shift him, for a tremendously high amount. Later, it was disclosed that this deal had surpassed all prior soccer transfer records.

Naturally, all things occur for a reason, and if Ronaldo were to advance his athletic career at Real Madrid, he would solidify his position as one of the top athletes globally.

Single Parent?

Amidst his numerous achievements in sports, Cristiano Ronaldo took a break to prioritize his family. In 2010, he surprised everyone by announcing the birth of his first child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, which caused a stir in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

It appears that Ronaldo had a strong desire to become a father from a young age, but since he did not have a reliable partner, he opted for a surrogacy procedure to have his first child. What is your opinion on this matter?

Why Surrogacy?

It was clear that the public would demand answers after receiving such news. Various hypotheses were proposed, including speculations about the footballer’s sexuality. Nonetheless, in a statement, Cristiano revealed his desire to become a father, even in the absence of a partner. He also mentioned that if the opportunity presented itself, he saw no reason not to take it into consideration.

Despite public criticisms by psychologists and other experts, the athlete disregarded their comments and persisted in relishing his role as a father.

Irina’s Moment

After becoming a father to his son, Cristiano made public his romantic involvement with Russian model, Irina Shayk. Although their initial meeting is not widely known, the couple established themselves as one of the most stable pairs in the entertainment industry worldwide.

There was a noticeable period of happiness for both individuals, leading many media outlets to speculate that they would soon announce their engagement. Additionally, the model took on a maternal role in the life of the athlete’s child.

Dolores’ Rejection

Irina and Cristiano appeared to have a strong bond, but reportedly, Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, did not get along well with the model. This could be because Maria was aware of Cristiano’s desire to have a big family while Irina did not plan on having children of her own.

It seems that the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law became strained due to this issue. According to reports, Irina’s presence has caused disagreements between Ronaldo and his mother multiple times.

A Little Call to Andressa Urach

Cristiano Ronaldo committed a very bold act of infidelity while in a relationship with Irina Shayk. He took the risk of calling Brazilian model Andressa Urach after she won the Miss Bum Bum Bum competition, possibly in an attempt to become better acquainted with her. This is one of the most memorable instances of infidelity that we can recall by the athlete.

Ronaldo had not anticipated that Andressa would disclose the truth during an interview a few months later. As anticipated, Irina became aware of the situation.

At Christmas Came the Break

Many people thought that Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina were already in a serious committed relationship, but during Christmas, everything fell apart. It seems that the disagreement began with Cristiano’s mother because he wished to spend the holidays with her instead of being on vacation with Irina in Dubai.

This could have been another instance of Irina and Cristiano’s mother indirectly disagreeing. Cristiano spent New Year’s with his son while Irina was absent, shortly after Christmas.

An Abrupt End in Maldives

Irina Shayk was supposed to celebrate her birthday on January 6 with Cristiano in the Maldives, but due to their argument in Dubai and subsequent break-up, Irina went alone while Cristiano never showed up.

According to certain sources, it was devastating for her to celebrate her birthday in a foreign land all by herself, and this event led to their permanent separation.

“I Felt Ugly and Insecure…”

The connection between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk broke entirely in 2015. Even though the soccer player didn’t say anything about it, Irina eventually opened up in an interview that caused a sensation globally several months later.

According to the model, being in a relationship with Ronaldo was extremely challenging and she experienced instances of cheating. Irina eventually realized that Cristiano’s comments and behavior made her feel unattractive and lacking in confidence.

Was Lucia His Consolation?

In the aftermath of his break-up with Irina Shayk in 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo was romantically linked to Lucia Villalon, a sports journalist. Their rumored relationship began when Lucia shared a photo on her social media featuring her and the soccer player being affectionate and appearing content.

The press quickly grew suspicious that she was the latest romantic partner of Ronaldo. Subsequently, the two of them were observed behaving in a very cordial manner, which could be interpreted as romantic in nature.

Denying the Obvious

Lucia was eventually forced to address the rumors surrounding her rumored romantic involvement with Cristiano Ronaldo after several weeks. The journalist stated that their connection was a wonderful friendship and that neither of them had any plans for it to become something more.

Undoubtedly, the press was skeptical of this narrative and speculations persisted about the purported relationship. Regrettably, it could never be verified and Ronaldo refrained from commenting on the matter.

The King of the Ballon d’Or

Despite his personal life being in shambles, Cristiano Ronaldo’s professional life was incredibly successful. He had become renowned as the top player in the European League while playing for Real Madrid and had won multiple Ballon d’Or awards thanks to his impressive talent.

By this time, Cristiano had already earned comparisons to legendary soccer players like Pele and Maradona. However, he has also faced media scrutiny with regards to his longtime rival, Lionel Messi.

The Affair With Alessia Tedeschi

Following the minor controversy involving Lucia Villalon, Cristiano Ronaldo was associated with the Italian model Alessia Tadeschi. They were seen together in various places in Italy, and it was clear that there was a romantic connection between them.

Once more, the football player’s comments were notably absent, but Alessia herself verified having a brief relationship with him. Unfortunately, the distance between them and conflicting schedules resulted in the romance not continuing.

Miss Spain, Welcome

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has had relationships with many models, he has never had any misses in his love life except for Desiré Cordero, who was crowned Miss Spain in 2014. Several magazines reported that Ronaldo and Cordero were in a committed relationship, but it turns out that this was not entirely true.

They would have been together a few months, but Cristiano did not end up closing, because he did not trust her. There are even those who say that so much secrecy is because they signed a pact of silence.

Georgina Is Here to Stay

And everything seems to indicate that in 2016 Cristiano really found love. That year he met Georgina Rodriguez, an Argentine-born model and dancer who stole his heart at a party. Cristiano was so impressed with her that he had to arrange everything to see her again “casually.”

Little by little the relationship took shape, and they became one of the most solid couples in the sporting world. After all, who could resist Cristiano Ronaldo?

Eva and Mateo’s Welcome

It seems that Cristiano’s mother was right, and the sportsman’s intention is to have a rather large family. In 2017, having been in a relationship with Georgina for more than a year, he unveiled the birth of his twins, Eva and Mateo, both born in June of that year.

Once again the press was shocked, not only by the news that the athlete had returned to procreate, but also because, still having a partner, he had resorted again to the surrogacy method.

The Stork Returned in a Hurry

To confuse the public even more, in November of that year the couple unveiled the birth of their new baby girl. This baby girl was conceived in the regular way by Cristiano and Georgina. One way or another, this new birth cleared up some doubts.

Everything seems to indicate that the soccer player had already scheduled the surrogacy process before starting the relationship with the Argentinean model. Of course, he didn’t want to cancel it and while he was in the sweet wait, Georgina also got pregnant.

Farewell Real Madrid!

In 2018 Cristiano confirmed that he is a man of challenges. The player was negotiating a new contract with Real Madrid, however, he suddenly received an offer from Juventus and, without much thought, decided to leave with the Italian team.

According to the athlete he needed a challenge in his life, and for this it was necessary to leave Real Madrid. Few people expected such a radical change, however, the signed contract only had a duration of four years.

Undeniable Jealousy

While it is true that Cristiano and Georgina squander love whenever they are seen in public, it is also true that on more than one occasion the model’s jealousy has come to the fore at social events.

It is well known that Georgina does not like other women approaching Ronaldo while she is around. The Argentine has been photographed on several occasions grimacing in annoyance while Cristiano attends to his fans or takes a picture with a woman.

Back to His Origins

In 2021 Cristiano made public his intention to leave Juventus, it seems that in three years he had enough challenges. Immediately the club put him up for sale and the offers started coming in.

After a long list of proposals in August it was made public that Manchester had reached an agreement with Juventus to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo. This contract would be for two years plus an optional one, and it was requested that Cristiano would continue to wear the iconic number seven.

Another Token of Love?

Yes, everything seems to indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo can’t get enough of enlarging his family. Recently the athlete and his partner announced through their social networks that they will become parents again. This time they will have twins in their lives.

There is still no information about the method they used for the gestation, but everything seems to indicate that again Georgina will be in charge of bringing the babies into the world. Both Cristiano and she have shown themselves happy through their Instagram accounts.

Where Is Cristiano?

To invent rumors, social networks and magazines are made. But it is also true that there are certain events in which it is impossible not to overthink. This is one: Alana Martina, daughter of Cristiano and Georgina, turned four years old and celebrated in the company of her siblings, her mom … but not her dad.

The party was big, with food and guests, but without CR7. This drew attention, because, although Cristiano was summoned by the Portuguese national team, some say that the party could be postponed.

Looking Pregnant

Between those rumors that Cristiano has not been present, Georgina has not stopped and already begins to show off her pregnancy. Twins are already coming and the sweet wait is going by faster and faster. It is also true that this is her first public pregnancy and, therefore, all the cameras are after her.

Cristiano Ronaldo has said several times how excited he is for two children to come, but between the move to the UK and national team call-ups, he hasn’t had time to spare.

Jealous at This Point?

Georgina Rodriguez is a woman of weapons to take, no matter if you have to take those weapons in the middle of the red carpet. So she did when she went along with Cristiano to the MTV EMA 2019, where there was also Rita Pereira, a well-known Portuguese actress to whom some claimed a relationship with CR7 in 2012.

In the scene, Georgina could be seen annoyed, showing some photos to Cristiano and looking sideways at Rita. All this only corroborates that CR7 and Rita were indeed more than friends.

Natacha Speaks Loudly

It is also true that the rumors of a breakup or conflict between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have increased following Natacha Rodriguez’s statements. She is a voluptuous Portuguese model who told, in great detail, how she would have written Cristiano on Instagram, he would have replied and they would have spent a night together.

The serious part of all this is that this would have happened while Cristiano was already Georgina’s boyfriend, so he had asked her to keep the secret. Is it possible?

Red Hearts Make It Clear

The truth is that no one pays much attention to rumors of extramarital affairs, not even Georgina. Although they have not been seen so close, there is nothing conclusive that allows us to think that they are separated. In fact, many breathed a sigh of relief because Georgina has responded to Cristiano’s Instagram stories with lots of red hearts. Is it a sign of love?

Let’s hope those hearts continue with lots of life, especially for the two upcoming children and the four already present in the family.

Will There Be Only Six?

Believe it or not, with the arrival of the new twins the number of Cristiano Ronaldo’s children rises to six. Currently the press is wondering if the footballer hopes to continue enlarging his family or if six children will be enough for him.

The important thing is that we can notice all the love that both Cristiano and Georgina give to their children. We are definitely in front of a happy and very solid family. This can be noticed in every appearance they make.

As hard as it is to accept, double standards are out in the open; and they’re visibly everywhere. Whether in real life or through the lens, the world has experienced many moments where people are forced to scream, “The double standard is outrageous!” It’s safe to say everyone has faced something like this at least once in their life. Check out other people sharing stories of shocking double standards.

A Baking Pact

Why is baking termed as a feminine activity? Many famous cooks and bakers throughout the ages have been men, and even then, some half-brained individuals consider baking to be uber-feminine. One Redditor father loves watching baking shows and recently started a baking pact with his five-year-old daughter where they promise to bake at least once a week.

These activities don’t make him a woman and neither are they shameful. A man enjoying cooking or baking is natural and shouldn’t be viewed any different from him enjoying fishing in the wild.

How Much Training Is Enough?

A doctor has the power to mend the line between life and death, which is why it’s normal that they go through years of rigorous training before becoming authorized medical personnel.

However, isn’t it downright unjust for an MD/DO to have to do four years of medical school, three of residency, variable years of fellowship, and 12,000 hours minimum excluding fellowship to practice independently while nurse practitioners are out in the field after completing an 18-24 months course and 500 hours?

Rich Getting Richer

“The rich get richer, the poor get poorer” – a cruel reality the world has forcefully normalized. Wealthy people aren’t held accountable for committing white-collar crimes like a poor person would be for committing, let’s say a petty theft. The rich part of the population gets huge tax breaks, allowing them to spend more on themselves alongside investing to grow on their gargantuan wealth.

Pensions and benefits are deducted so the wealthy get richer from profits. An average person can’t even imagine these and they’re paying out of their pockets.

Other Way Around

Various services are needed to live a normal life, right? Electricity, water, internet (not for all though), and much more. One person was tired of the company’s double standards when they are being paid and when they are paying you.

If you owe a company money, they most certainly will charge you interest/late fees, or service will be interrupted immediately. However, when it’s the other way around and the company owes someone money, it might take four to six weeks or two-three billing cycles for that to process. Unacceptable!

Named Parents for a Reason

Frustrated fathers are truly the highlight for this piece. On multiple occasions, they have complained that they were never treated as equals to their wives – the mother of their kids.

This father mentioned many instances when he used to take his kids to the “parents” room to change their diapers and received weird stares in the midst. And he was even asked to leave once. Talk about nonsense behavior! It’s called “parents” name for a reason. The mother isn’t the only one in the relationship who can change a diaper.

Give It Two Days

As expected, another internet or cable service provider pops up. This one mentions a very serious problem. Apart from cutting you off if you delay your payment even by a day, the service company is extremely defensive if someone questions their service.

In any occasion where the internet or cable is being problematic, they make promises like, “It will be fixed within a day or two, max,” only for it to go through after weeks and months. They wouldn’t be this chill if someone did that with their bill payments.

With a Side of Guilt

Isn’t it super annoying when someone guilt trips you about feeling bad for something? There’s a name for that – toxic positivity. When one person gets to hear about your sadness or bad news, they will make you feel bad for being upset about it because, “other people have it worse.” This thinking is pathetic.

Many people have it really bad but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to be sad about my own issues. That’s equivalent to saying you can’t be happy because someone else is happier now.

Let’s Take a Vacation

Quarantine diaries have made us see the striking double standards in many “influencers” and celebrities, and sometimes even political personalities. A Canadian Redditor talked about how the country is in strict lockdown and people aren’t allowed to meet their friends or families even while politicians seem to be taking a world tour in the midst.

What’s sadder is how they mentioned they weren’t allowed to attend a funeral but the politicians were permitted to chill by the beach.

Take a Hike

We truly admire this Redditor’s bravery for this. Not only were they rejected after they offered to put in some extra hours at the office to pull the company out of a mess, but they were also told they wouldn’t get paid for the extra hours as they were on a salary.

The next time the company tried to make extra hours mandatory with free overtime, they had very strong opinions. It’s great that they took a stand and said no to the policy.

The Clock Struck 10

One Redditor wrote this from his company’s PC – the company they were about to leave that very day. They were employed in an IT company that had unnatural expectations about punctuality. They were rebuked for coming it a literal minute late one day, but when the company kept the employee past their work hours twice, suddenly they had nothing to contribute on that topic.

On top of that, the employee was marked badly in the employee review section, with absolutely no mention of their extra work. Quitting only seemed fit.

Variations in Pace

How could we make a list talking about double standards and not mention a bank? For this instance, it’s not just one bank, but all banks and businesses in general when it comes to withdrawing from or depositing money to an account.

These organizations can take money from your bank account without any issue to apply their over-the-top fees. However, when it’s their turn to deposit the money, it will take seven to 10 business days for those funds to go through. What sort of policy is this?

Child but Adult

Every young adult can relate. Growing up can be a tough and confusing time. You are expected to act like an adult when you are just getting your thoughts together. The expectation would have been justified if people would actually treat a 17-year-old as an adult.

Isn’t it hypocritical to treat someone like a child but expect them to act like an adult? These years are extremely challenging, and we are all relieved when we cross the confusing boundary between “adult” and “almost there.” So just hang in there!

Two Weeks’ Notice and Employees

The infamous two weeks’ notice! Before exiting any organization, employees are expected to hand in a resignation letter two weeks prior to their quitting date so the company has adequate time to employ an alternative.

In return, it’s expected that these employers will maintain some level of dignity and give some sort of a heads up before a lay-off. Sadly, some companies think only their employees have duties. The employer will casually obscure their intentions until the final moments arrive. That’s rude and just inhumane to an extent.

Assistant Turned Replacement

One Redditor laid down details of one instance when the employer crossed several lines. The employee was made to train his replacement under the facade that they were actually their “assistant.” After teaching the replacement the ropes, the actual employee was instantly fired from the job stating that the faux assistant had transitioned into the position.

We know it’s sad, but it’s slightly funny how the employer had the audacity to thank the employee for “helping them ease into the role.”

Au Revoir, Adios, Goodbye

You’d think this is a scene from a movie, but unfortunately, it’s not. This Redditor’s employer brought their entire team into the conference room one less-than-fine day under the pretense that it was a meeting. Once in the room, all the employees were “notified” that they were terminated, effective immediately.

Every person was escorted to their desk, someone kept a watch on the fired employees packing their stuff up, and within moments they were standing in the parking lot with their boxes – unemployed. How evil is that employer?!

Come in Tomorrow

So many complaints from employees across the world, and still these companies can’t seem to take a hint. Companies will demand employees to notify them of an off day at least two weeks before, but they feel absolutely no problem in messing up an employee’s schedule without warning.

Sure, you are obligated to send in a 2 weeks’ notice for one holiday, but we are under no obligation to warn you about a potential need for you on the weekends. You probably didn’t have plans anyway.

Biting the Pup

Amidst all the incredibly serious rants about how people can’t tolerate others’ double standards, this one was like a breath of fresh air. Have you ever heard the idiom – “If a dog bites you, you don’t bite it back.” Its original meaning is that you don’t hurt someone who hurt you first because you shouldn’t stoop to their level.

Well, it’s kind of infuriating how your dog can bite you, but the moment you even consider it, you’re some sort of psychopath. The Redditor saw some correctional messages for this.

Beauty in Glasses

Beauty is objective. What you find desirable, others might not. With that said, movie actors and actresses try their best to put on their most attractive outlooks. The silver screen industry does this weird thing when casting such actors. When they need an “ugly” guy, they will get an actor who is conventionally considered unattractive.

On the other hand, an ugly girl is simply a super attractive woman in glasses. Are they trying to make it seem like spectacles aren’t beautiful? They’re just trying to see!

The Nonsense Box of Stereotypes

Although many socially aware individuals have accepted that people should be whatever they want, some still find it difficult to believe something that goes against their set standards. This LGBTQ Redditor was upset that as a bi-male, he didn’t find acceptance in society. He can only be bi if he primarily dates women.

If he’s dating a man or married to one, people are quick to call him gay. People need to take a good look at their stereotypical box of a mindset and throw it out a window.

Stigmatized Tales of Mental Health

It’s depressing how mental health is still considered as taboo by many. They don’t talk about it, and the moment someone does, they start getting side-eyes. Going to the therapist isn’t anything different from going on with your everyday tasks, like heading to the gym or taking a walk in the park.

In a world where people are mocked for talking about their feelings, there’s peace for none. Now is the time everyone acknowledges mental health to be a serious issue and dissipate the shame cloud shrouding it.

Equal Punishment for Child Abuse

There are some crimes that are unpardonable, and one at the very top is the abuse of children. Child predators come from both genders, but in many occasions, the females have received exemption on various grounds or gotten their punishment reduced. Every perpetrator should be treated equally in the eyes of law and both men and women should be treated equally when child abuse is concerned.

If men are receiving life sentences, there’s absolutely no reason to grant the women some years in jail and a penalty. That takes away the impact of the punishment.

Pass for Insiders

Abuse is abuse. Whether it takes place outside the boundary of the house or within the four walls of the home. Disturbingly, many people choose to ignore abuse taking place inside the family. The reason may be them trying to protect the family name, but it doesn’t excuse that something horrendous has happened which can’t go unpunished.

Crimes shouldn’t be taken lightly because they were committed by a family member. Remember, a criminal can come from anywhere, including your family.

She Has It Easier

This Redditor, a straight male, shared a horrifying story that made us realize that women aren’t held accountable for their offenses in many instances, and that needs to stop. Upon visiting a gay bar with his female friends, both gay as well as straight, married, he saw a gay woman harassing a straight woman.

To his dismay, many found it funny and started laughing. Had it been a man committing the offense, he would have been kicked out and handed to the cops before he could spell “harassment.”

Finding the Villain

The age-old tale of reciprocating negative feelings someone directed at you first and getting antagonized in return. There’s a perception that we are sure many have felt throughout their life.

A person can treat you however they like, as much horribly as they can go and the moment you reciprocate those actions by being somewhat rude or unhelpful to them, you are termed the villain. It’s all fine when they do it, but if you repeat, you are the victim of horrible double standards, making you a filthy villain.

Dumb and Dumber

Romcoms may be fun to watch but sometimes they’re downright dumb. The gender double standards on some of the popular cliques don’t seem that deep until you take a moment to think it through. In many romantic comedies, there’s a popular cliche of a smart and beautiful woman falling for the biggest idiot out there who doesn’t even deserve her.

For this instance, people would consider it “true love” and how it’s blind. Swap the roles and people’s opinions would go from “awnnn” to “What a gold digger!” in seconds.

Womanly Until They Want It

Another day, another chauvinist approach of society. We just talked about how certain things are termed “feminine,” something a man can’t do or is socially unacceptable. For instance, cooking, baking, sewing, and what not.

It’s all too womanly until it turns into a profession and now suddenly it’s for men, and it’s completely fine if a man chooses baking or cooking as a professional career. Unless you earn money out of it, it’s not worthy of being called a “universal” activity.

Celebrities Versus Average People

Celebrities are adored and revered all over the world. They aren’t considered equivalent to an everyday bloke, and sometimes that makes them “eligible” for special treatment. Unfortunately, if we ask you to name one adult celebrity who abused a child, almost everyone can think of one name, sometimes more.

This just goes to show how twisted the human mind can be, regardless of their money or clout. These celebrities can go scot-free but a regular person commits this and they will be crucified almost. What happened to equal punishment?

Throw Ciggies Away

Did you know that ciggy stubs aren’t biodegradable? In addition, they are a fire hazard. We seem to obsess over plastic cups and recently, surgical masks but we seem to have forgotten about the problematic ciggy stubs. Dragging a ciggy does nobody any good, but if you are still doing it, please make sure you’re the only one bearing the damages.

So next time you’re lighting a ciggy, thinking what’s the harm a little roll can cause, just remember that your lungs, your family’s and friend’s lungs, and the world is at stake.

Nine to Five

Some people stick to the conventional “Bed by 11 pm and awake by 7 am” routine and they’re doing great maintaining their lives that way. However, this doesn’t give them a pass to shame people who have the exact opposite routine of sleeping at 9 pm and waking up at 9 am.

Have we seemed to forget that night shifts exist in every other job? Someone can get the exact same work done at night as they do during the day. Your biological clock doesn’t define your productivity.

Just Doing What He Should

Fathers on Reddit might go on a strike after a few days demanding the general public stop glorifying them for completing the basic duties of a father. This stay-at-home is sick and tired of people idolizing him for “doing’s God work” when all he is doing is spending time with his kids.

When will people understand that a father doing his fatherly responsibilities doesn’t make him a miracle from heaven but a simple man just doing what he should? Would they react the same if this was the mom? No.

The Fabric Discrimination

While not as serious as many forms of discrimination on the list, the difference of quality between clothes from the men’s section and the women’s section never fails to catch up off-guard. First of all, there are the pockets.

Designers think women don’t need the comfort of pockets so either the pockets will be sewn shut, or they’re micro pockets incapable of holding gums. Then comes the weak construction of women’s clothes. It’s like they fall apart in months while clothes bought from the men’s aisle last for years.

Video Gaming Bad, Netflix Good

Entertainment comes in many forms. What seems enjoyable to you, might be less than fun to others. The world is a diverse place where variety is getting more acceptance every day. No matter how much the world progresses, people might never stop calling video games a waste of time when you’re an adult.

The same people consider reading a book, watching Netflix, going clubbing with your friends “socially acceptable,” maybe productive to an extent. Isn’t it people simply taking fun in different activities? What’s so wrong?

Until I Benefit

One moment of peak double standards that enrages us like it should enrage you is people benefiting from someone performing service while hating on the service provider. Consider minimum wage labor.

Big corporations and companies hire laborers to handle everything from location cleaning to building and much more, and yet when they need to talk to someone from the same job, their hands retract into their bodies as if the other is someone beneath them. Such despicable behavior.

Rules for Thee, Not Me

What’s the point of being a state official if you’re not going to abide by the rules set down by the state itself? These people should be the exemplary individuals which remind normal citizens to act in a certain way, but many politicians have turned COVID-19 guidelines into a joke.

Normal citizens are forced to implement all the rules and regulations but the politicians are a suspicious exemption. At the end of the day, they are rules for you; not for me – that’s their mantra.

Abuse Is Abuse

Violence on men is a real thing, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t deserve a say in anything in general. One Redditor spotted a couple arguing in the park one day. Before long, the fight escalated and the woman started hitting her boyfriend. Not so surprisingly, no one came to the boy’s aid.

Had it been the other way around, the boy would have gotten shamed in public and probably handed over to law enforcement. The unacceptable double standards in genders will never fail to anger us.

What’s Taboo and What’s Not

As mentioned, many times before, abuse is abuse. Doesn’t matter which gender it is coming from. If a man hits a woman, he should be prosecuted for it. If a woman raises her hand on a man, she should be prosecuted with equal vigor.

The man can be a victim of violence and people would casually overshadow it saying he must have deserved it. While we can’t comment on judging on the basis of physical features and monetary conditions, it’s wrong to view the two genders from two different eyes.

Only One Opinion Prevails

Have you noticed the double standard on some less-than-sensible people who just decide that they can form an opinion but you absolutely aren’t allowed to do so? The moment your opinion is contrasting theirs, some tend to get violent?

The whole point of talking to someone is being able to see things from a different perspective. That can open you up to a world of brand-new possibilities where you can look at topics in a different light. If someone’s opinion doesn’t match yours, please be respectful of theirs.

We Will Mark That

Faulty policies are more than enough to make an employee despise their workplace. An office had this apparent “no limit on sick days” that they absolutely didn’t stick to. One employee was marked for taking the sickest days off, which makes no sense because they were the ones who made it a policy of unlimited sick days up for grabs.

Either cut their pay, deduct the sick leaves from their vacation days, or make adjustments to the policy. Making the employees feel like fools isn’t the way to go.

Mother vs. Me

Mothers are a whole different category. They are nurturing entities that will be the one person who will love you forever, unconditionally. With that being said, some don’t share the best relationships with their mothers. Some mothers do tend to be over-critical of their surroundings.

One Redditor could only imagine the chaos that would befall the house if they spent one day behaving with their mom like their mom behaves with them – sniping at everything. We absolutely wouldn’t recommend it for good health (and peace).

Defying Science; or Not

Before anything, calling COVID-19 a hoax is similar to declaring science a hoax. It’s the same as saying the earth is flat (no offense to the flat earth society; we are sure you have your reasons to call the earth flat).

Isn’t it extremely funny to see someone disregarding COVID-19 as the serious virus that it is – taking over the world one country at a time, causing destruction left and right; and then being at the very top of the vaccine list? Do these people have no shame at all?

The Chronicles of Billing Cycles

This particular Redditor was infuriated with the time it took to rent a house versus the time it takes to get paid as a service provider. To rent a home, you will have to pay upfront at the start of every month. On top of that, they will ask for a security deposit to “stay on the safe side.”

In contrast, if someone wants to rent your labor, they will casually wait until the end of each billing cycle to make your payment. Who even thought this was okay?

The Necessary Evils

Internet and cable providers were on the very top of the “hate” list along with rigid employers for this entire thread. We can all say that we have been victim to this pathetic double standard situation.

If you’ve ever missed paying your bill even by a day, you know how the line will get cut off until you make the payment. There’s no consideration – ever! However, the service goes down for a whole week and suddenly it’s not their headache and you’re asked to wait.

It’s Not Babysitting, It’s Parenting

One more outraged dad in the thread who was absolutely not having any more of people saying how he’s babysitting his own child. The mom takes care of the child and it’s her “duty” or “responsibility” to do so.

When the fathers are the one taking on the caregiving role, they are termed to be “babysitting” or “watching” their kids. They are looking after their own kids! It’s not babysitting, it’s called parenting. People should look it up.

Only Late When Declared

The number of frustrated employees in the thread was somewhat concerning, but not exactly shocking. For this Redditor, they were extremely appalled by their workplace views “lateness” in two different perspectives.

If the employee arrives late, they’re in big trouble. However, that completely changes when work never finishes on time, and the employee is expected to sit at their desk after their 10-hour shift because “there’s work to be completed.” No big deal, eh?

Ungrateful and Lazy

We thought we were done with people complaining about capitalists. No large business in the world has reached that level by being completely fair, let’s just accept that first. These organizations will get consumed by greed and do whatever it takes to go ahead.

The moment the employee tries to better their life or find a new job, they’re deemed ungrateful and lazy. One more day and one more company silently announcing, “Rules for thee, not for me.”

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