Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin: A Love for the Ages

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin: A Love for the Ages

Freddie Mercury was renowned for his flamboyant persona, which played a significant role in his ascent to fame as a member of the British rock group, Queen. Despite Mercury’s premature passing, the band’s greatest hits continue to be revered, establishing their status as a timeless act. In spite of Mercury’s extravagant stage presence and costumes, he had developed romantic feelings for a woman. Together, they overcame some of the most formidable obstacles in his life. Although she remained in obscurity for many years, it is now time for her story to be revealed.

Behind The Rise

Freddie Mercury, who was the lead vocalist for the highly acclaimed band Queen, was accustomed to living a public life and usually did not conceal his romantic involvements.


Although numerous celebrities completely abandon their past lives after achieving success, there was a special lady who Freddie Mercury could never erase from his mind. After a span of 25 years since his demise, an enigmatic lady has surfaced from the background, finally disclosing their extended relationship.

Flipping Faces

Throughout his career, Mercury had acquired a reputation for being excessively flamboyant, but beneath the surface of his rock star persona was a more introspective individual who struggled to move on from a past romantic relationship.

Mercury had multiple relationships with both men and women, which were widely known. However, it appeared that there was only one person he relied on the most behind the scenes. Ultimately, this individual was the only one who stayed with him throughout it all.

City Of Wonder

Freddie Mercury, just like numerous rock stars in the past, resided in London and made a living by managing a stall at Kensington Market.

Mercury’s encounter with the woman he would later refer to as the love of his life happened through Brian May, his fellow band member. At the time, Mercury was a 24-year-old art school graduate who, like many other young men, enjoyed visiting local boutiques and admiring the employees. However, one girl caught his attention in a unique way.

Apart From The Crowd

Possibly, Brian May was the one who initially noticed Mary Austin working at Biba, however, Freddie was immensely captivated by her presence to the extent that he was at a loss for words. Her aura left him speechless and unsure of how to start a conversation.

Although Mercury had a reputation for being excessively self-assured, he showed vulnerability when it came to Mary. Brian May was the one who mustered up the bravery to ask her out before Mercury had the chance to act on his own feelings.

Five Months Running

Freddie kept visiting the store for five months and found pleasure in talking to Mary. However, he would always get nervous when it came to asking out the gorgeous young woman who stood in front of him.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance that Mary and Brian didn’t end up together, Mercury took the initiative to ask Mary out on a date after five months of effort. From that point onward, the couple had a smooth-sailing relationship without any regrets.

Sucked Into The Wind

Freddie and Mary, who were young and in love, had a very intense and fast-paced journey in their relationship. They decided to move in together after a brief period of just five months of dating.

Mercury had demonstrated his musical talent, but he had not yet achieved the level of fame and adoration that he would later receive from his fans. Although Freddie may have had aspirations for success, Mary came from modest beginnings, and it was the idea of becoming a celebrity rather than Freddie himself that put a strain on their relationship.

Woman Of Shadows

Despite being a constant presence in Freddie Mercury’s inner circle throughout his entire music career, the name Mary Austin sounds quite common and unremarkable.

Mary has remained introverted and has not let go of her humble background, even years after Freddie’s passing. She was raised by deaf parents with her mother as a maid and her father as a wallpaper trimmer. Despite her challenging upbringing, Mary was able to develop the unshakable commitment that Freddie required as his fame grew.

Sparkling Star

Ok Magazine interviewed Mary in 2000, where she discussed her relationship with Freddie. According to her, he was very different from anyone she had met before and exuded confidence, whereas she lacked it. However, they both grew together, and their liking for each other led to further development in their relationship.

Although their public images appeared contrasting, Mary’s introverted personality and his outgoing persona complimented each other in a meaningful way. Mary wasn’t aware of her significance.

Sticking To Fame

Freddie was determined to become a successful musician and would frequently travel to new cities, such as Liverpool, in pursuit of advancing his career. Despite his affection for Mary, this was his top priority.

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Pop Goes The Question

Freddie Mercury had been rising in fame for four years, but he felt that he needed to move forward in his personal life.

According to Daily Mail, Mary recollected that at the age of 23, her partner gifted her a large Christmas box that had multiple smaller boxes inside, creating a playfully suspenseful experience. Finally, after unwrapping all the boxes, she discovered an exquisite jade ring in the final small box. Mary was surprised by the gesture and responded with a positive affirmation.

Creeping Inside

Although Mary and Freddie got engaged, they failed to make any plans for a wedding as time went by. Mary was initially thrilled to make a commitment to the rockstar, but became anxious when he started avoiding any discussions about the actual wedding date.

Concurrently, Mercury was struggling to repress his desire for same-sex relationships. Instead of confessing to Mary, he engaged in secret affairs.

Can’t Shake The Feeling

Mary had suspected that something was going on with Freddie for a while, but she was never able to confront him because of her lack of courage. Eventually, she reached a breaking point.

Later on, she revealed that she had a feeling that the man was not at peace with himself. Nonetheless, the reason for his actions was something unexpected, as Freddie had kept it hidden until he finally opened up about his late nights and reluctance to pursue any meaningful relationship.

Out With The Truth

Although 1976 was the year that Queen reached their highest point, it was also the moment when Mercury was able to confide in Mary Austin.

Mary perceived that Freddie was trying to soften the blow as he opened up to her about hiding his attraction toward both men and women. However, she then told him that in her opinion, he was not bisexual but rather gay. This admission made a significant and long-lasting impact.

Together Apart

Mercury’s confession may have resolved the tension between the couple, but it also marked the conclusion of a significant chapter in their relationship.

Despite the magnitude of the confession made by Mercury, which would have caused most couples to break up, Freddie and Mary remained very close to each other. Although Mary moved out of their shared house, it was Freddie who bought her a new apartment. Even though Freddie was now free to do as he pleased, Mary still continued to play an important role in his life.

Couched And Debauched

Freddie’s fame-driven persona, which included extravagant partying, became fully evident after he broke up with Mary. This was a well-known aspect of the rock star’s life.

It was difficult to determine which came first, the parties or the men, but it was evident that they fed off each other. Nevertheless, Mary was still waiting for her turn.

The Hardest Habit

During the ’70s and ’80s, Mercury was not the only rock star who experimented with drugs, but despite his growing addiction, he always had his music as a support system.

Freddie sought help from Mary when he felt like his dependence on these substances was becoming too much for him to handle. Mary was not just his healer, but also his unwavering companion who joined him on his worldwide tours and patiently waited for the people to disperse in the background.

Flying To The Moon

According to Freddie’s biographer, even though Mary and Freddie had broken up, she continued to play an important role in his life. The biographer mentioned that she even accompanied them on tours.

According to the biographer Blake, there exist pictures of the two of them backstage during concerts in the late seventies, despite having ended their relationship by then. Blake also notes that the man was essentially homosexual, which adds an intriguing aspect to their history. Furthermore, Mary was the most significant individual in their group.

Love Of My Life

Despite officially parting ways, Mercury still sought comfort in relationships with women and still maintained relationships with male friends. However, Mary tended to cause tension in these connections.

Freddie admitted that although he couldn’t fall in love with a man the way he did with Mary, no woman could ever compare to her. He further confessed that he still loved Mary and they will most likely spend the rest of their lives together.

Covered By Fame

Although Freddie was surrounded by fame like a protective covering, there was little substance to his life beyond Mary, once he removed the glittering exterior.

He once said, “Mary is my only friend and I don’t need anyone else. In my opinion, our relationship was like a common-law marriage.” This belief that Mary was his most trusted companion altered his interactions with other sexual relationships and affected his bond with the band.

Sweet Baby James

Mary had come to terms with the fact that she would never tie the knot with Freddie, but after their romantic relationship came to an end, she still requested his assistance in conceiving a child.

Unexpectedly, Freddie refused the proposal, expressing his feelings to Mary by saying, “Although I still love you, I cannot be intimate with you. Instead, I would prefer to adopt another feline companion.” Despite this decision, Freddie remained present in Mary’s life, and she eventually found another partner with whom she could have children. However, Freddie continued to provide support and remained close by.

Start Spreading The News

Although Mercury may have revealed his sexuality to Mary, he still kept his other secrets hidden, causing them to accumulate over time.

There was only one thing that would eventually result in his death, and he preferred to keep it a secret for as long as he could. Mary found out about Mercury’s HIV positive status not from him directly, but from his doctors who were having difficulty reaching him.

Just A Fantasy

Since the release of a high-budget biographical film on Mercury’s life, it has become difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction. The manner in which the movie depicted the revelation of Mercury’s illness created a notable stir.

During the Live Aid performance, there was a major announcement made on screen. However, in truth, Mercury delayed announcing his diagnosis until shortly before he passed away from medical complications resulting from AIDS.

With A Ring

During the last years of his life, it was widely known that Mercury had a long-term romantic involvement with Jim Hutton, a man.

Hutton had gifted a ring to Freddie that they believed represented their union. Despite their affection towards each other, it was evident that Mercury’s emotions were divided. Though he was physically involved with Hutton, Mary Austin remained an integral part of his life, even after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Their association turned out to be significant and had far-reaching outcomes after his demise.

Clinging To Love

As Mercury approached the end of his life, he made sure to have his closest loved ones around him. It was not surprising to hear that Jim Hutton was there when he passed away, but it was not widely reported that Mary was also present.

Mary and Freddie walked closely together, with Mary whispering about how much she still loved him, despite knowing that their time was coming to an end. Even after Freddie’s passing, he left behind some secrets that would continue to exist within Mary.

Spark Of Green

After Freddie passed away, it appeared that there might be potential issues since it was disclosed that he had given Mary Austin half of his estate.

The Queen’s remaining members were unable to move past the fact that Mary was given Freddie’s mansion. Even Jim Hutton’s inheritance paled in comparison to what Mary had obtained. Throughout the years, it seems like they haven’t been able to forgive Mary for the love Freddie had for her. However, Mary still had an ace in the hole.

Stuck In Time

Mary feels that not much has changed despite Freddie’s absence, except that she no longer has him around physically.

She possesses the mansion that Freddie bequeathed to her, which she has intentionally maintained in its original state even after his demise, demonstrating that his remembrance still has a strong influence on her emotions. Despite having the opportunity to begin anew after Freddie’s departure, Mary seems unwilling to do so for reasons unknown.

An Unfillable Hole

After many years, Mary pondered on how Freddie’s demise had genuinely affected her. During a unique interview, she said, “When Freddie died, I essentially lost my family.”

Apart from my sons, he meant the world to me. He was unlike anyone I had ever encountered before. As Freddie’s time neared its end, he entrusted Mary with a secret which became one of the music industry’s most significant enigmas – the only thing she had to cling to.

Hidden In Heart

Before he died, Freddie Mercury asked Mary Austin to scatter his ashes, but to tell no one, not ever his surviving family members, nor his bandmates, where they had been hidden. He didn’t want his remains desecrated as some fans had done to other famous musicians.

Mary was so committed to keeping the secret that she even waited before she buried the ashes. To this day, no one has ever been able to pry the mystery from her lips.

The Bill Cosby story caused rifts and arguments, and inspired anger from both sides. In the middle of all this was the actor’s children, dealing with the fallout of their famous father’s actions.

Bill Cosby and Camille Hanks

Bill Cosby and Camille Hanks met in the summer of 1963 when they were set up on a blind date at a bowling alley. At the time, Cosby was a 25-year-old comedian who was performing shows at a small club in the Georgetown neighborhood. Hanks was 18 years old and studying psychology at the University of Maryland.

‘Till Death Do Us Part

A year after they began dating, Camille dropped out of university, and her parents reluctantly gave their blessing to their 19-year-old daughter’s marriage. She and Cosby tied the knot in Maryland in 1964, the same year that his debut comedy album was released.

While Camille has generally avoided public life, she has worked as her husband’s manager. As well as this, Camille is an academic and writer, with a Master’s and a Ph.D.

The Five Cosby Children

When Camille and Bill Cosby got together, they started having kids right away. In total, the couple had five children, all with names beginning in the letter ‘E,’ for “excellence.”

In 1965, the couple welcomed eldest daughter Erika; the following year daughter Erinn arrived; in 1969 they had their only son Ennis; in 1973 daughter Ensa was born, and finally, daughter Evin arrived in 1976. Camille and the Cosby kids would end up as the inspiration for Bill Cosby’s most successful piece of work.

Traveling a Lot

Aside from raising his family with wife Camille, Bill worked tirelessly to make a name for himself. He began to see his hard work pay off when his career skyrocketed during the mid and late-1960s.

As a result, Cosby’s wife and kids made family trips and moved around so they could be closer to the star. According to Evin, her father “always wanted us to be close, to be a part of his whole life, at home and onstage.”

“I Loved My Childhood”

Evin, the youngest of the five Cosby children, loved her childhood. In an extensive letter provided to The Hollywood Reporter, the now 44-year-old discusses how loved her father made her feel throughout her adolescence.

Bill and Camille exposed Evin and her siblings to all types of people from all walks of life. They also raised their kids to be ambitious and instilled them with certain values. In Evin’s own words, “he [Bill] raised me to go to college, start my own business, and be my own woman.”

Bill Cosby’s Early Life

William Henry Cosby Jr. was born in 1937, and was one of four brothers. His mom, Anna, was a maid, while his dad William Sr. was in the US Navy.

At school, Bill Cosby was class president and captain of the baseball and track and field teams. He was a joker at this early stage of life, calling himself the class clown.

Finding a Career in Comedy

Like his dad, Bill Cosby enlisted in the US Navy and worked as a hospital corpsman in various locations. After that, he landed a track and field scholarship to Temple University, where he studied physical education.

Apparently, while working in a Philadelphia club during college, Bill Cosby got bigger tips by making his customers laugh. From there, he started performing on stage, and soon, he would leave college altogether to start a career in comedy.

Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow…Right!

After a string of stand-up gigs, Bill Cosby landed a recording contract in 1964. His first comedy album was named Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow…Right! At this time, lots of comedians were using the increasing freedom of the ’60s to explore controversial topics. However, Cosby talked about his childhood.

Significantly, for a black comedian in this period, Bill Cosby didn’t talk about race in his routines. He often had to explain or defend this choice, and felt that he was showing the similarities across human experiences.

Making History on TV

In 1965, Bill was cast in the adventure series, I Spy, which was the first weekly drama series with an African-American in a starring role. Because of overt racism in this era, four stations declined the show.

However, it became a ratings hit, and Cosby won three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor. As he accepted his third Emmy, Cosby said, “Let the message be known to bigots and racists that they don’t count!”

The Cosby Show

Of course, we can’t talk about Bill Cosby without talking about his biggest TV success — The Cosby Show. The series debuted in 1984, and featured the comic as the father of an upper-class African-American family in Brooklyn, New York City.

Bill Cosby was also a co-producer on the show, and often suggested plot ideas based on his own family. The show’s characters were based on his kids and wife, with Clair and Cliff Huxtable as college-educated African-Americans.

Bill Cosby – America’s Dad

Because of the immense success of The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby came to be seen and known as “America’s Dad.” Cosby had grown up in Philadelphia public housing, found success despite racism in the entertainment industry, and was now earning a fortune as a sitcom star.

Plus, because Cosby stuck to family humor and clean comedy, his work was considered by some as positive for the black community. In his role as Cliff Huxtable, Cosby was a playful, dedicated father with an eccentric sense of humor.

The Autumn Jackson Case

Despite Bill Cosby’s warm on-screen persona, in reality, the actor was a womanizer (and much worse). Bill Cosby cheated on wife Camille numerous times across decades, and has admitted to paying hush money so his wife wouldn’t find out.

In 1997, a woman named Autumn Jackson stepped forward claiming to be Cosby’s daughter. Bill Cosby admitted to having an affair with Jackson’s mother, Shawn Thompson Upshaw, in the ’70s — though she claimed that the star was with her against her consent.

Extortion and Secret Funds

Apparently, Bill Cosby paid over $100,000 to Shawn Thompson Upshaw over 20 years. This money paid for Autumn Jackson’s car and college, and the comedian even spoke with her on the phone saying she needed to maintain a B average.

The star said that Camille Cosby was aware of the situation, but they didn’t want the media to find out. Unfortunately, Autumn Jackson threatened to go to the tabloids unless Cosby gave her $40 million. This attempt only ended up harming her.

Bill Cosby vs. Autumn Jackson

Because Autumn Jackson threatened to harm someone else’s reputation for money, she was found guilty of extortion. For this crime, she was sentenced to 26 months in prison. Interestingly, if Jackson had done what she did through a lawyer, she likely would have reached a settlement with her famous father.

Tragically, when Jackson started her prison sentence, she was six months pregnant with twins. Thankfully, the sentence was overturned after 14 months. To this day, Jackson hasn’t had a DNA test with Cosby.

The Case of Ennis Cosby

Ennis Cosby, Bill and Camille’s only son, was the inspiration for Theo Huxtable. Indeed, Ennis’ dyslexia inspired Theo’s plot on the show, including his father’s guilt for not recognizing his son’s disability. Eventually, Ennis studied towards a PhD in education for children with learning disabilities.

Tragically, Ennis Cosby was murdered at only 27 years old while changing a tire in LA in 1997. 18-year-old Mikhail Markhasev shot him in the head, and was sentenced to life in prison.

The Aftermath of Ennis’ Murder

Ennis Cosby’s death was a nightmare for both of his parents. Camille wrote an open letter about racism in the USA, though at this time, this wasn’t received well. Camille was even accused of worsening race relations.

The media coverage of the tragedy was insensitive and arguably racist. CNN showed aerial footage of Ennis’ body on the road, including closeups. At the time, Bill Cosby said of his son, “He was my hero.” Ennis was buried in a private ceremony to avoid the media.

Cosby’s Comments on the Black Community

As we’ve seen already, Bill Cosby occupied a strange place within the black community. On the one hand, he was an extremely successful actor, comic, and producer that broke barriers for African-Americans in the entertainment business.

On the other hand, Bill Cosby often offered his opinions on race relations in the US. The star often blamed issues within African-American communities on parenting, and made other moralizing comments, like, “You’ve got to stop beating up your women because you can’t find a job.”

Camille Cosby’s Reaction

Bill Cosby wasn’t tried for all of his crimes, but one did make it to court. Throughout this process, the star’s wife Camille stood by her husband. She said, “The man I met, and fell in love with, and whom I continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work.”

In a deposition, when asked whether her husband had cheated on her, Camille invoked spousal privilege and wouldn’t respond. She has also suggested that the accusations are racially motivated.

Camille Cosby at the Criminal Trials

During Bill Cosby’s multiple criminal trials, wife Camille Cosby only appeared once. The couple’s surviving children did not appear. Despite not being very visible during the trials, Camille did work behind the scenes and filed an ethics complaint against one of the trial judges.

Cosby’s wife has consistently defended her husband, and compared his case with that of murdered teen Emmett Till. Onlookers have commented on Camille’s devotion to her husband despite his apparent crimes. Many have criticized her.

It Was There All Along

After the shocking allegations made against Bill Cosby, people started to rethink some of his earlier work. In a 1969 comedy album, a 1991 interview, and in a 1992 book, the comic talks at length about substance Spanish Fly, especially in terms of unknowingly giving it to women.

In 2014, a former manager at NBC revealed that Bill Cosby secretly sent money to various women for years. He also claimed that the actor brought aspiring models and actresses into his dressing room.

Cosby the So-Called “Political Prisoner”

Bill Cosby was imprisoned at the State Correctional Institution — Phoenix, in Pennsylvania. Even when he was sent to prison for his crimes, the fallen star wouldn’t admit to any wrongdoing.

The actor thought of himself as a “political prisoner,” comparing his situation to that of civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela. Apparently, the comic remarked, “They want to entrap me to say I’m remorseful, or to say I did something I didn’t do.”

Meeting Erika Cosby

Let’s return to Bill Cosby’s kids, and see how they’re handling their father’s massive fall from grace. Eldest daughter Erika Cosby was the inspiration for Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux on The Cosby Show. She got a degree from Wesleyan University, then another from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and finally an MFA from Berkeley in 1991.

Erika Cosby is a successful painter and, like her mom, is interested in the effects of media images on African-American culture.

Friends of a Feather

Erika Cosby has contributed to her famous father’s work in more ways than just providing inspiration. When Bill Cosby wrote a children’s book to remember son Ennis in 2003, he asked his eldest daughter to illustrate it.

The book, Friends of a Feather: One of Life’s Little Fables follows three rare birds, and teaches readers to embrace their uniqueness be themselves. Erika has also worked as an adjunct art professor for NYU’s Steinhardt School since 2007. Her working name is Erika Ranee.

Erinn Cosby’s Troubled Relationship With Bill

Bill and Camille’s second child, Erinn, is also artistic, and known for her photography. Erinn hasn’t always gotten along with her father, and they were actually estranged at one point. According to a biography of the comic, Erinn developed addiction issues as a teenager, and dropped out of Spelman College during her sophomore year.

As a result, both Bill and Camille decided that their daughter “needed to learn to grow up the hard way.” Erinn has since gotten clean, and works as a photographer.

“She Can’t Come Here”

During their estrangement, Bill Cosby said of Erinn, “This particular daughter appears to be the only one who is really very selfish. She’s never held down a job, never kept an apartment for more than six months. She never finishes anything. She uses her boyfriends. She wants the finer things but can’t stand anybody’s else’s dirt, which is important.”

The daughter and father reconciled after the murder of Ennis. When Erinn was assaulted by boxer Mike Tyson, her father enlisted his lawyers to help.

Who Is Evin Cosby?

Youngest Cosby sibling Evin was the inspiration for Rudy Huxtable. Evin has said that she used to help Bill “pick out his clothes for his shows back in the day.”

Evin Cosby studied at Spelman College before transferring to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. When her parents suggested opening her own business, she opened boutique PB & Caviar in Tribeca, NYC. Evin has said her father is “basically […] what you saw on The Cosby Show.”

Evin Cosby’s Defense of Her Father

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Evin Cosby wrote an open letter defending her father in 2017. Like her mom has, Evin referred to the media’s “public persecution” of her dad, saying it was cruel, and reiterating that he is not abusive or violent.

Furthermore, Evin claimed that the accusations harmed her entire family, not just her father. She referred to, “The harsh and hurtful accusations that supposedly happened 40 or 50 years ago, before I was born, in another lifetime.”

Evin Cosby’s Comments on Race

Much like her father, Evin Cosby has made some controversial statements regarding race in the USA. In an interview, she described herself as an “African-American elite” and said, “I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle.”

She said, “I also went to private schools — Bank Street elementary, so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much African-American, but privileged.” She has also said that false accusers should be imprisoned.

The Loss of Ensa Cosby

Tragically, two of Camille and Bill’s five children passed away at a young age. Ensa Cosby, the couple’s fourth child, passed away from kidney disease in 2018. Before she passed, Ensa was also supportive of her father, saying the accusations had “been one sided since the beginning.”

Along with her siblings and mom, Ensa also claimed that racism played a role in the scandal, saying, “My father has been publicly lynched in the media.” She commented that his legacy had been destroyed without proof.

Bill Cosby Incarcerated

Reportedly, when Bill Cosby was imprisoned, he had inmates assigned to him to help him throughout the day. This was due to the celeb’s old age, and the fact he has been legally blind since 2015.

When the disgraced star was in jail — around 20 miles from his family home — he didn’t want his wife or daughters to visit him. He was also denied parole because he wouldn’t attend a program to rehabilitate his predatory behavior. In fact, Cosby said he would rather serve the whole sentence than participate.

Overturning Bill Cosby’s Conviction

Shockingly, Bill Cosby was released from prison in 2021, when his conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court. This is due to a technical detail relating to the initial 2005 case against the star. In this case, prosecutor Bruce Castor assured Cosby that if he gave a deposition, he wouldn’t be prosecuted.

Bill Cosby was released after the court decided he didn’t receive due process. Because of this decision, Bill Cosby can’t be prosecuted for these same charges again.

Reactions to the Judgement

Of course, Bill Cosby’s release from prison was huge news, and prompted major reactions on all sides. The actor’s former TV wife on The Cosby Show, Phylicia Rashad, tweeted, “FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted — a miscarriage of justice is corrected!”

After a wave of backlash, Rashad followed up to say that she didn’t intend to be insensitive to survivors. In response, Cosby himself defended her. Meanwhile, Debra Messing, Amber Tamblyn, and Rosie O’Donnell all expressed their sorrow and disappointment.

The Effects of Cosby’s Case

The case of Bill Cosby is an absolutely massive one in terms of celebrity, the legal system, and how we view crimes against women. The star was the first celeb tried and convicted since the #MeToo movement, and it’s possible that his freedom will prevent others from coming forward.

Some lawyers argue that this case will be impactful because it makes clear that prosecutors must stand by what they promise defendants. From now on, perhaps they’ll be more likely to get written rather than oral agreements.

What Happens Next for The Cosbys?

Since his return home, Bill Cosby has said that he looks forward to spending time with his wife and kids. Bill and Camille have been married for a whopping 57 years, and clearly, she’s chosen to stand by her man. Though the pair didn’t see each other for three years while Cosby was imprisoned, he returned home to her upon his release.

Though a barrier-breaking figure in entertainment, it’s clear Bill Cosby’s personal attitudes and behavior are something quite different.

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