40+ Celebrities and Their Body Abnormalities That You May Have Never Noticed

40+ Celebrities and Their Body Abnormalities That You May Have Never Noticed

Famous people possess access to many resources that enable them to present a flawless image to the world. They can use tools such as Photoshop, expert beauty teams, and cosmetic procedures to conceal any flaws they may have. Despite this, some celebrities have not been able to keep their unique physical characteristics hidden from the public eye. From having extra fingers to being born with a tail, take a look at some notable individuals whose wonderfully unusual bodily features have been publicly revealed.

Britney Spears – Psoriasis

According to sources, Britney Spears suffers from psoriasis, a skin condition that causes scaly and flaky patches on the skin, especially around her feet during periods of stress. This skin condition arises due to malfunctioning of the immune system.

Britney appears to have no interest in concealing her psoriasis from her followers, as she confidently wears sandals despite experiencing a flare-up. Despite having medication for the condition, she chooses to forgo it as it causes her discomfort, allowing the public a glimpse into the realities of her day-to-day existence.

Daryl Hannah – Missing Fingertip

As a child, Daryl Hannah experienced an accident involving her grandmother’s mobility stair lift, which resulted in the loss of the tip of one of her fingers. Although Daryl is now open about her missing fingertip, she frequently conceals it.


In her film roles and public events, it’s common to see the actress donning a prosthetic. Although it’s assumed that the prosthetic is a requirement for her acting gigs, it’s unfortunate that Daryl feels compelled to conceal her finger during red carpet appearances.

Damon Wayans – Clubbed Foot

Damon Wayans entered the world with a deformed foot that was bent inward, a condition known as clubfoot. Infants with clubfoot may experience difficulties while standing or walking, so it’s crucial to address the issue.

Damon underwent a corrective surgical procedure, and he doesn’t shy away from discussing it openly. In fact, he has embraced his congenital disability so much that he integrated it into his TV shows, including My Wife & Kids and Waynehead.

David Bowie – Enlarged Pupil

David Bowie was believed by many to have heterochromia, or eyes of different colors. However, in reality, the singer had anisocoria, a condition where one pupil is larger than the other. David’s anisocoria was not inherited, but rather the result of a physical altercation he had during his childhood.

Bowie’s lifelong friend George Underwood accidentally scratched his eye with a fingernail, which resulted in a permanently enlarged pupil. Fortunately, Bowie has forgiven George, although he has not forgotten the incident. Additionally, the girl they were fighting over turned out to be insignificant in the musician’s memory.

Denzel Washington – Crooked Finger

Denzel Washington’s finger has a peculiar shape because of an injury sustained during his youth while playing sports. Consequently, his finger can conveniently dislocate from its joint.

The performer underwent a surgical procedure to partially straighten his finger, but the misshape remains quite noticeable. Denzel remarked without much concern, “It’s as if there’s a gummy bear inside… I was playing American football and dislocated it while reaching for a pass.”

Gary Burghoff – Deformed Hand

Viewers who love M*A*S*H may have observed the absence of Radar O’Reilly’s left hand on the series. This was due to the fact that Gary Burghoff, the actor who played the role, was born with brachydactyly, which resulted in a deformity of his hand.

Regrettably, Gary found it necessary to conceal his hand while working in Hollywood, specifically for the purpose of authenticity during the production of M*A*S*H, as an individual with such a deformity would not have been accepted into the military.

Gerard Butler – Mismatched Ears

Gerard Butler had a minor physical imperfection that went unnoticed by him for years. As a child, he underwent surgery that caused one of his ears to protrude more than the other. He typically keeps his hair long, which conceals the asymmetry.

He became aware of the fact that his ears were not of the same size only after shaving his head for the film Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. To keep his attractive appearance intact, Hollywood resolved the issue by using tape to pull back one of his ears.

Jeremy Renner – Clubbed Nails

It’s not uncommon for individuals to have one or two clubbed fingers, but Jeremy Renner’s fingers are noticeably more clubbed than the norm. Renner doesn’t discuss his condition publicly, resulting in confusion among many fans who speculate if his hand appearance was artificially created for his Hawkeye character (this is not the case).

Although there are those who think Renner’s computer-generated arms in Tag were used to conceal his malformed nails, the reality is that it was done to mask the fact that he had fractured his arms during production.

Kate Bosworth – Different Colored Eyes

Kate Bosworth has mismatched eye colors, yet her followers on social media get puzzled when they find her eyes to be of the same hue, as they usually appear in her films.

The reason for this is that casting agents and directors require that Kate wears colored contact lenses in order to match her eyes. Nevertheless, she frequently exhibits her actual eye colors when on the red carpet. Bosworth’s singular beauty is a result of her heterochromia, which is a condition that affects less than 1% of the population.

Jonah Hill – Scar

Jonah Hill bears a significant scar on his arm which he chooses to keep as it serves as a constant reminder of a significant lesson in his life. The scar was caused when Jonah was 15, and in response to his mother’s sickness, he acted out as a way of coping.

He secretly left and drove irresponsibly, leading to a vehicle collision. Despite it being a common plot device in films, the performer retains his scar as a motivation to improve. “Every day, I gaze at this scar. It serves as a reminder for me to strive harder.”

Lilly Allen – Third Nipple

Lilly Allen has never hesitated to reveal that she possesses a third nipple. She even displayed it to her fans once on live television! Evidently, this supernumerary organ is positioned precisely under her left nipple.

The singer was asked if the mark on her body could possibly be a mole, to which she responded by stating that it is a real thing which becomes erect when stroked and also produces milk. The assistant reassured the singer that they wouldn’t doubt her or the small growth again.

Matthew Perry – Cut Off Fingertip

Moving on, our next guest is Matthew Perry, who portrays Chandler Bing in the show and also shares his character’s deformity. However, our focus today is on the Friends episode where Bing loses a toe. Interestingly, this fictional storyline is not too distant from reality as Perry has actually lost a part of his finger in an accident.

According to the explanation of the actor, when he was three years old, a door accidentally hit his finger. This story reportedly influenced the writers of Friends to make Chandler have a missing toe as a tribute to the actor portraying him.

Megan Fox – Clubbed Thumb

Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs, also known as brachydactyly. Although her other fingers look typical, her thumbs are wider and shorter than they should be. Her thumb is frequently edited in advertisements and close-up photographs.

Nonetheless, Megan doesn’t make an effort to hide her thumbs during red carpet events, and rightfully so. It’s important to acknowledge that Megan is consistently recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, regardless of her unique feature.

Lebron James – Traveling Toes

Lebron James has dedicated himself to extensive training, to the extent that there is visible physical change in his toes to support his profession as a basketball player. Although he has not expressly stated that his training is the reason for his toe transformation, it is a common occurrence among athletes in top-level sports.

Shaq and Michael Jordan are among other famous personalities who have deformed feet. Michael Jordan’s feet suffered so much that he had to purchase a new pair of shoes after playing only one game.

Milo Ventimiglia – Crooked Mouth

If you’re a fan of This Is Us, you might have observed that Milo Ventimiglia’s character Jack has a slightly asymmetrical smile. Despite being unable to conceal it, this feature almost caused him to lose his job in the entertainment industry.

It seems that casting directors would demand that Milo correct his mouth posture while speaking, but it was not feasible for him to comply. However, we believe that Milo’s numerous admirers who are captivated by his misaligned smile are not bothered by it.

Padma Lakshmi – Scar

Despite her previous efforts to hide them, Padma Lakshmi has now come to accept her scars. Among her scars, the most prominent one on her arm was the result of a car crash she experienced at the age of 14.

Initially, the model used to adopt poses that concealed her arm, or would try to mask the scar with cosmetics. But now, she has developed an affinity towards her scar and believes it’s an integral part of her identity. Even if given an option to erase it with a magical tool, she would still choose to retain it.

Patricia Heaton – Missing Belly Button

Throughout the years, Patricia Heaton, known for her role in Everybody Loves Raymond, has undergone several tummy tuck procedures that have resulted in her belly button disappearing and reappearing, making her belly an ever-changing feature.

The plastic surgeon who worked on Patricia’s last procedure reconstructed her belly button, and it appears that the current one may be a permanent one.

Shawn Marion – Dislocated Finger

Shawn Marion has suffered a serious dislocation of his pinky finger, but despite this, he chooses to continue playing basketball without seeking medical attention. He has revealed that he frequently experiences finger dislocation during games and believes it is not worth the effort to fix it after every occurrence.

Shawn’s finger was first injured when he was nine years old, resulting in a permanently lopsided and swollen pinky knuckle. Fortunately, despite suffering multiple injuries to his finger, Shawn has been able to pursue basketball without any hindrance.

Seal – Facial Scars

At the age of 23, Seal started developing facial scars, which are often wrongly attributed to his lupus condition. However, the reality is that the scars resulted from the medication he used to manage the illness. Thankfully, Seal is now in good health.

Although his facial marks are permanent, it doesn’t bother him as the singer has expressed his view that every form of art requires some initial challenge or difficulty, which is what he believes makes art truly valuable.

Tia Jonsson – White Hair

There is a common misconception that Tia Jonsson intentionally added a white streak to her hair for stylistic reasons, however, the reality is that it is her authentic hair color due to her medical condition, vitiligo. This illness causes a loss of pigmentation in both the skin and hair.

Tia’s modeling career has been positively impacted due to her distinctive appearance. It is important to acknowledge that Winnie Harlow, who is considered a trailblazer in the modeling industry for normalizing vitiligo, may have played a role in this.

Tina Fey – Scar

When Tina Fey was just five years old, she was assaulted by a stranger using a weapon, which left her with a scar. Fey revealed that she didn’t really pay attention to her looks until she began her career in the field of comedy.

As a child, I had a lot of confidence, but I tend to forget about it now. However, when I’m on camera, I am reminded of it when someone tells me to use a certain angle or pose.

Jennifer Garner – Overlapping Toe

Jennifer Garner has a condition called Brachymetatarsia, commonly known as an overlapping toe. Despite this, she chooses to wear sandals and embrace her unique pinky toe. Regrettably, some media platforms cannot respect a woman’s decision to display her imperfections without feeling self-conscious.

A few magazines have used negative adjectives such as “unsightly” and “nasty” to describe the toe of the actress. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s just a toe! If the mere sight of Jennifer Garner’s toe has the potential to spoil your day, then there might be deeper issues to address.

Max Scherzer – Different Colored Eyes

Max Scherzer, a celebrity whom we adore like many others, has a condition called Heterochromia Iridis which causes his eyes to be of different colors. While this difference may not be very apparent in some celebrities, such as Mila Kunis, the contrast between Max’s eyes is quite noticeable.

It would have been quite difficult for the baseball player to conceal this distinguishing trait. However, he doesn’t seem to have any inclination to hide his eyes and, in fact, takes pride in his individuality.

Tom Hardy – Folded Finger

Tom Hardy’s pinky finger is permanently bent because it was a deliberate decision made after the tendons in his finger were damaged due to a mishap with a kitchen knife. He had the option to either keep it bent or opt for straightening.

Tom underwent multiple surgical procedures in an attempt to correct his finger’s mobility issues, however his pinky remained rigid. Fearing any further harm to his career, he chose to undergo a surgery that would ensure the finger remained in a permanent bent position, allowing him to continue executing fight scenes flawlessly.

Tyler Posey – Crooked Jaw

Tyler Posey’s asymmetrical jaw cannot be easily concealed, but he has opted not to speak about it. Previous images of Tyler exhibit a symmetrical jawline, indicating a shift in his facial structure. Despite this, he has not disclosed what caused the change.

According to fans, Tyler’s involvement in a bike accident during his childhood is a commonly held belief. It is unclear how this rumor originated, but it seems to serve as a feasible explanation to them.

George Takei – Deformed Foot

During the 1970s, a fan gave George Takei a gift of running shoes with good intentions. Mr. Takei decided to use the shoes and went for a run that spanned 6.2 miles. Unfortunately, the shoes caused significant damage to his right foot, which required surgery to fix.

Regrettably, the outcome of the surgery was not long-lasting and George’s foot returned to its previous condition. This emphasizes the importance of wearing in your shoes before wearing them all day.

Gemma Arterton – Extra Fingers

Gemma Arterton was born with a condition called polydactyly, which is also known as having extra fingers. Specifically, she had an additional digit on both of her hands, resulting in a total of 12 fingers.

As a baby, the actress had additional fingers that were surgically removed. Nonetheless, she still bears small scars near her pinky fingers as reminders of the extra digits. Additionally, the actress’s “crooked ear” was also corrected via a medical procedure.

DJ Paul – Mismatched Arms

Those who are admirers of DJ Paul may observe that the musician consistently wears a cast on his right arm. This is due to the fact that he was born with Erb’s palsy, a condition that results in decreased muscle strength and functionality.

Due to Erb’s palsy, there is a substantial difference in the size between DJ Paul’s left and right arm. He humorously refers to his small arm as the “baby arm,” but he makes a point of wearing a cast to conceal it while in public.

Slick Woods – Gap Between Teeth

There are individuals who choose to have braces to fix the appearance of their front teeth if they have a considerable gap. However, there are those like Slick Woods who obtain modeling deals and become the representative of prominent fashion labels, despite having a gap in their teeth. Slick is not just content with the opportunities her distinctive smile has given her in her career, but she also advocates for other models with gaps in their teeth.

To be precise, Slick advocated for a participant on America’s Next Top Model whom Tyra Banks believed should alter their teeth. However, Slick, with her net worth of $1.5 million, had a different opinion.

Cassandra Naud – Birthmark

When Cassandra Naud was young, she pleaded with her parents to remove the hairy birthmark located beneath her left eye. However, if they had gone through with it, she would have ended up with a scar and potentially developed a lazy eye. Now, as a grown-up, Cassandra is happy about having this unique feature that makes her stand out in Hollywood.

Cassandra stated that due to her birthmark, it becomes a challenge to conceal it during filming, leading some businesses to refuse her employment. Nonetheless, her professional experience indicates that many filmmakers are eager to collaborate with her despite her distinct features.

Forest Whitaker – Lazy Eye

Forest Whitaker comes from a family with a history of ptosis, also known as a lazy eye, which he himself has. While he is not particularly bothered by the way his eye looks, he has mentioned that he might consider corrective measures to improve his vision. His lazy eye has also been commented upon by critics who believe it adds an appealing and thoughtful appearance to the actor.

We are happy that Forest’s distinctiveness is being appreciated, but we want to highlight that if Forest were a woman, the way the condition is described would be less complimentary.

Moffy Gathorne Hardy – Lazy Eye

Moffy Gathorne Hardy has utilized her eye that appears to be lazier than the other to differentiate herself in the modeling field. Nonetheless, she acknowledged that she would have preferred if other features of her appearance and work had been highlighted instead.

According to her words, “I’m fine discussing it, but it got me thinking about what questions are asked in interviews to people without a lazy eye… At the moment, Moffy has decided against undergoing corrective surgery because she acknowledges that her eye makes her beauty unique compared to other models.

Joaquin Phoenix – Cleft Lip?

Many people think that the reason for Joaquin Phoenix’s mark above his mouth is due to him being born with a cleft lip. Despite this, others argue that the actor has a scar which may have been caused during filming.

Meanwhile, some argue that the cut is a natural mark. Vanity Fair reports that this theory is the most credible since the actor himself has supposedly confirmed it, although there is no explicit quotation to back this up.

Stephen Colbert – Lopsided Ear

If Stephen Colbert didn’t have his asymmetrical ear, Comedy Central would have had a different appearance. In reality, without this distinctive imperfection, he wouldn’t have pursued a career in Hollywood.

Stephen initially aspired to be a marine biologist, but due to a surgery on his ear, he is unable to participate in activities like scuba diving. This setback is not a substitute for pursuing one’s aspirations, but we hope that Stephen’s net worth of $110 million provides some ease.

John Stamos – Quirky Belly Button

The majority of individuals possess either an innie or an outie belly button, nonetheless, John Stamos seems to have a unique two-in-one belly button. Although the actor describes his belly button as “deformed,” there appears to be no apparent medical concern.

Let’s be honest — when John takes his shirt off, people tend to be perfectly happy with the view. A bit of a quirky belly button isn’t going to change that. In fact, people are so obsessed with Stamos’s belly button that someone even made it a Twitter account!

Oprah Winfrey – Extra Toe?

Oprah Winfrey appears to have an extra toe, right after her pinky toe. In reality, though, the talk show host has just five toes on each foot and that extra bump is actually a bunion. Bunions are bony lumps that form on the side of the feet. Luckily, these lumps can be removed with cosmetic surgery.

However, Oprah seems uninterested in getting rid of her bunions at this time. Given that the condition is often painful, she’ll probably opt for surgery eventually. For now, though, Oprah’s leaving her feet alone!

Drew Carey – Extra Toes

Drew Carey wrote in his autobiography that he was born with polydactyly, a.k.a. 11 toes! He had one extra toe on his right foot, which has since been removed with surgery. Interestingly, polydactyly in the hands and feet is one of the most common birth defects.

Obviously, this deformity would’ve been easy enough to cover up with the right footwear but why make things more complicated? Instead, The Price Is Right host opted to get rid of his extra digit.

Harry Styles – Four Nipples

If anyone’s concerned that there just isn’t enough of Harry Styles, it may be worth keeping in mind that the guy’s got more nipples than any other celebrity. The singer has a whopping four nipples on his torso! Polythelia is, apparently, extremely common and most people don’t even know when they have it.

Usually, the extra nipples aren’t fully formed and appear as small pink lumps, so no one thinks anything of it. That being said, Harry is clearly happy to share his excess nipples with the world!

Kesha – Tail

Kesha is known to be pretty open about everything, so it makes sense that the pop star would share her body deformity with the world. As it turns out, Kesha was born with a tail that was removed in infancy.

According to the singer, her tail was roughly a quarter of an inch long. Unfortunately, she wishes that the doctors hadn’t “stolen” her extra body part. “I’m really sad about that story,” Kesha confessed while talking about having her tail removed.

Sanaa Lathan – Clubbed Thumb

Sanaa Lathan is yet another celebrity who can join the brachydactyly club as, she too, has a clubbed thumb! So far, Sanaa hasn’t shown any interest in hiding her thumbs in movies or on the red carpet — nor has Hollywood pressured her to do so.

However, it’s worth noting that she’s becoming increasingly famous these days and is getting more frequent starring roles. Therefore, it’s possible that the pressure put on her to be “perfect” will increase.

Steven Tyler – Funky Feet

Steven Tyler’s toes have changed over the years, and the rock star blames his career. Steven explained that he planned “to correct long-time foot injuries resulting from his trademark athletic performance onstage.”

The Aerosmith singer isn’t ashamed of his feet’s appearance, as he often wears sandals and even adds some toenail polish to his look. In all likelihood, his various surgeries are in order to reduce the pain involved with Morton’s neuroma, as opposed to cosmetic reasons.

Karolina Kurkova – No Belly Button

Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova has a perfectly flat stomach. In fact, it’s so flat that there’s one very basic thing missing from it — her belly button.

Although she gets a belly button Photoshopped on for Victoria’s Secret ads, people can clearly see Karolina’s lack of a belly button when she walks the runway. Apparently, the model’s missing body part is the result of a surgery she had as an infant, likely due to an umbilical hernia.

Andy Garcia – Conjoined Twin?

Andy Garcia is rumored to have been born with a conjoined twin, roughly the size of a tennis ball, on his shoulder. The story goes that the twin was parasitic, so doctors had it removed.

Many people claim that there’s a visible scar on Andy’s shoulder, from where the twin was removed, which is why the actor doesn’t perform shirtless scenes in his movies. However, despite this extremely persistent rumor, Andy has never commented on the alleged twin and there’s no actual evidence that it ever existed.

Ashton Kutcher – Webbed Toes

Ashton Kutcher has syndactyly, a.k.a. webbed toes. Clearly, the actor isn’t letting his feet affect his self-esteem, as he showed them off to the world on the show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Ashton explained, “I have connected toes… They’re slightly webbed. When everything else is this good-looking, something has got to be messed up!”

While his remark wasn’t exactly modest, we’re willing to write this off as Ashton simply speaking in a cheeky way, and hopefully, he doesn’t actually think that highly of himself.

Elizabeth Taylor – Extra Eyelashes

Elizabeth Taylor was known to be a bombshell, a status which was magnified by her seductive eyes. Interestingly, the actress never had to wear mascara or curl her eyelashes as they naturally looked like fake lashes. Elizabeth had distichiasis, a rare genetic mutation in which a person has a double row of eyelashes.

It’s worth noting that while Taylor’s extra eyelashes worked in her favor, it’s not necessarily a harmless condition. Sometimes, people with distichiasis will experience their extra lashes growing inward, which can damage their cornea.

Tom Cruise – Lee Ann,Marian, & Cass

Cruise is known as one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, as well as a follower of the Scientologist beliefs. What people may not know about Tom Cruise is that he is one of four siblings, and he actually has three sisters.

A former girlfriend of Cruise once expressed to the Daily Mail, “I think he grew up too fast, but he was very close with his three sisters. One time he said he’s so close with them they taught him how to kiss.”

Rihanna – Rorrey and Rajad

She is famous for her top Billboard hits such as “Umbrella,” “What’s My Name?,” and “Work,” but away from all her musical success, Rihanna spends time with her family including her mom, dad, and brothers.

That’s right, one of the biggest singing sensations has two brothers named Rajad and Rorrey. Rihanna is said to be very close with her brothers and they spend as much time as they can together, although this can be hard when you are one of the most famous singers in the world!

Brad Pitt – Doug Pitt

You must be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of Brad Pitt and, as one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, it must be hard to live under his shadow.

Doug Pitt is known for being Brad’s brother, but he has chosen to live in his home state of Missouri and to live his life out of the attention of the media. When approached about his brother, Doug has previously explained how he is proud of him but has no interest in speaking about him.

Jayden And Willow Smith – Trey Smith

You may have seen Willow Smith whip her hair back and forth, and Jayden Smith star alongside his ever so famous father, Will, in The Pursuit of Happyness, but did you know there is an older Smith sibling?

Will Smith fathered Trey Smith in 1992 with his first wife, Sheree. He starred in the music video for “Just The Two Of Us” and was offered a scholarship to pursue a career in music, but he has been unable to match the success of his younger siblings.

Josh Hutcherson – Connor Hutcherson

He is a face known worldwide, mainly thanks to his role as Peeta in the popular Hunger Games series, but Josh Hutcherson is not the only Hutcherson boy born into his family.

Connor Hutcherson is the lesser-known younger brother of the good-looking actor. Speaking of his famous sibling, Connor expresses, “I am more handsome than Josh is, well jokes apart; it is ironic how people get confused with me and him, we don’t look alike at all.”

Ashton Kutcher – Michael Kutcher

He is best known for starring in comedies such as That 70’s Show and for being married to his former co-star, Mila Kunis.

While you may have watched his romantic life unfold in front of the cameras, you may not know about his life before he was famous and his family. Did you know that Ashton Kutcher is actually a twin? Michael Kutcher is Ashton’s twin brother, and he has cerebral palsy. Michael is a spokesperson for the advocacy organization, Reaching for the Stars.

Gisele Bunchen – Patricia Bunchen

Gisele Bundchen is one of the world’s most famous underwear models and known for gracing the lucrative Victoria’s Secret runway.

What may not be known about one of the highest-paid models in the industry is that she has a twin sister. The fraternal twins are best friends and, while Patricia Bundchen may not be a famous face like her sister, Gisele makes sure their relationship is documented to her followers on social media to highlight their close bond.

Eminem – Nathan Mathers

He is the real Slim Shady who can rap circles around anyone. Yet the singer/actor, who has sung about cleaning out his closet and losing yourself on 8 Mile, actually has a brother.

Nathan Kane Mathers is Eminem’s younger brother and is also a rapper, but has not yet reached the same level of his sibling, Marshall Mathers. Enimen has often sung about his childhood in many of his songs. He came from a troubled home, which resulted in Nathan being taken into foster care when he was ten years old.

Penélope Cruz – Monica Cruz

It is no surprise that the beautiful Penélope Cruz was picked up by a modeling agency at just 15 years old, and at 16 had already made her acting debut.

The successful actress has always been known for her good looks alongside her acting skills, and it seems that these good genes run in the family. Monica Cruz is Penélope’s sister and seems to have followed in her footsteps. Monica is a Spanish actress but is just not on the same level as Penélope.

Kelly And Jack Osbourne – Aimee Osbourne

They became household names after appearing on their own reality television series, The Osbournes. However, while the world got to know more about the lives of Sharon, Ozzy, and their children Kelly and Jack, their eldest daughter, Aimee, refused to appear on the show.

Aspiring singer Aimee believed the show would harm her music career and chose not to star alongside her famous family. Remaining completely private to this day, Aimee has revealed she rarely even speaks to her siblings who are firmly in the limelight.

Jennifer Lawrence – Blaine And Ben Lawrence

Jennifer has won the hearts of many for her sense of humor, but little do people know, she has two brothers – Blaine and Ben.

But if you ask what her brothers do, her response is, “God, I don’t know, it’s something with computers… It’s something called Louisville Geek I think. I think he goes to an office?”

Paris And Nicky Hilton – Baron and Conrad Hilton

You may be familiar with socialite sisters, Paris and Nicky Hilton, who have both been famous for years. However, the Hilton hotel heiress’ actually have two younger brothers who many may not be aware of – Baron Hilton II and Conrad Hilton II.

The two brothers have both made news for ending up behind bars, after driving under the influence and violating parole. Otherwise, the Hilton brothers remain relatively private compared to their sisters and are not as well-known as their elder siblings.

Lady Gaga and Natali

Lady Gaga became famous after she offered a unique taste in music with her unconventional lyrics and unique sense of style. However, behind all the props, hair wigs, and high heels, Lady Gaga was once just another aspiring singer from Manhattan.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she was yet to be known by the world as Lady Gaga, and she was close to her sister, Natali. Even when she became famous and was touring the world, she remained extremely close to Natali, who also featured in her video for “Telephone.”

Chris, Luke, and Liam Hemsworth

There is no denying that the Hemsworth brothers are known for more than just their acting skills, but also for their strikingly good looks.

However, many people may not know that Chris and Liam Hemsworth have an older brother named Luke who is also an actor and also inherited their family’s good looks. Luke is not as well-known as his brothers, but the three occasionally make public appearances together. Luke spends most of his time with his wife and their three children in their native Australia.

Nicole and Antonia Kidman

Nicole Kidman has made a name for herself after starring in some major box-office hits, but her younger sister, Antonia, is famous in her own right. Born three years after Nicole, the mother-of-six works as an award-winning Australian journalist and TV presenter.

Moreover, she has also starred in two instructional yoga videos and has written two parenting books. The sisters were born in Australia, with Nicole moving to the U.S. to work in Hollywood, whereas Antonia stayed put and only later moved with her husband and brood to Singapore.

Angelina Jolie & James Haven

Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses in the world and, with her work in Hollywood, as well as her philanthropic work, Jolie has put in considerable efforts to make a change in the world.

There was one guy in her life before the world got to know of such a star and that is her brother James Haven. James has often joined his sister at red carpet events, and the pair even caused a stir when they were photographed kissing on the lips.

Zac Efron – Dylan Efron

Most teenage girls are aware of who Zac Efron is. After playing the high school basketball player on the hit High School Musical series, he became a teenage heartthrob.

Fortunately, this good-looking actor has a brother, so there are two Efrons girls can now swoon over. Zac has a brother named Dylan. He has said ,“We live together, and we’re different in a lot of ways, but he’s really grounded. He lived a more normal life than I did growing up, so he’s a great barometer for me.”

Scarlett Johansson – Hunter Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been no stranger to the camera, but this Hollywood beauty is, in fact, a twin. Johansson does not have an identical twin, but a fraternal twin who is a boy named Hunter.

Hunter has also tried his luck with acting, but it is perhaps a hard task to follow in the footsteps of your highly successful sibling, let alone twin. However, the twins did join forces when they shared the screen for the film Manny & Lo.

Jennifer Lopez – Lynda Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has had quite a lengthy career in the spotlight, having been a singer, an actress, and even a judge on American Idol.

She continues to be a stunning entertainer, while also raising her young kids. She also has a younger sister who is also a single mom. Lynda Lopez is a former New York television journalist who is two years younger than Jennifer. The star has praised her sister, telling US Magazine how much she loves and respects her sister.

Steph Curry – Seth Curry

It would be hard to believe anyone if they said they did not know who Steph Curry was, since his basketball skills have certainly made him an NBA champion.

His aim and finish on the court have made him second to none, so it is no surprise the Golden State Warriors have never let him go. However, off the court, Steph is Seth Curry’s brother. Seth is his younger brother who plays for the Dallas Mavericks and has a similar shooting touch like his famous sibling.

Kris Jenner – Karen Houghton

Kris Jenner and her famous family make headlines on a weekly basis, but while the Kardashian/Jenner family are well-known amongst many, little is known about Kris’ sister.

Karen Houghton is not one to feature on the family’s reality television show, and that is because the younger sister of momager, Kris, is known by the family as the “crazy aunt.” In fact, Karen went through a five-hour surgery procedure in 2016 to look like “beautiful Kris.”

Jared Leto – Shannon Leto

Jared Leto is a famous actor and singer, but little do people know that he has an older brother, Shannon, who shares a similar talent. Shannon is also a founding member of the band “30 Seconds to Mars” where he plays the drums while his brother sings.

The musician and songwriter has sold over 15 million records worldwide with the group, but his brother remains the face behind the music. Shannon has also taken on minor acting roles in film and television over the years.

Jude Law – Natasha Law

British actor Jude Law has always been one to bring the charm to the big screen. His good looks, British accent, and film roles have won him a significant following of fans.

Meanwhile, Jude has a sister named Natasha who is an artist. Her career is a combination of graphic illustration, photography, and styling. While she may not be a famous name, she does have a big following. Her clients include Vogue, Max Mara, and Samsung, to name a few.

Eddie Redmayne – Tom Redmayne

Fantastic Beasts and The Theory of Everything actor Eddie Redmayne has certainly found success in the world of Hollywood, but the success in the family does not end there.

Tom Redmayne is the younger brother of the critically acclaimed actor and has proven to have his own impressive resume. Tom is the former Assistant Surveyor at Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate services firm which has locations worldwide. As of more recently, he has become the Director of Business Development for Wired.

Sofia Vergara – Sandra Vergara

Sofia Vergara is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses, so you would think that with such a famous sibling, you could also get your foot in the door.

However, this does not seem to be the case for Sandra Vergara, who has worked hard to make a name for herself but hasn’t reached the same level of success. Speaking of her sister, Sandra said, “She is beloved by the public, and so being related to someone who is so dear is a good thing.”

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen – Elizabeth Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen spent their whole lives in front of the camera, and the Full House alumni have created their own billion-dollar empire in their adult age. With the twins having accumulated so much fame, the rest of the Olsen clan was hidden behind the scenes.

That is, until their sister Elizabeth Olsen decided to follow a similar path and become an actress. She made her film debut in 2011 in the critically acclaimed Martha Marcy May Marlene, which won her several breakthrough awards.

Emma Watson – Alex Watson

Emma Watson came into our lives as a young Hermoine, and she has proven her worth in Hollywood ever since.

The young wizard from Harry Potter may be one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, and not everybody could say they have such a cool relative. Alex Watson can, however, and the actress’ younger brother is not shy to be in front of the camera. Good looks run in the family, and Alex has been a model for Burberry campaigns.

Ryan Gosling – Mandi Gosling

Ryan Gosling proved that good looks ran in his family when he brought his younger sister, Mandi, as his date to the 89th Academy Awards. The gorgeous sister of the talented actor leads a private life, but has proven she is talented working behind the scenes.

She has impressively assisted and produced episodes of Dateline and Miss Advised. She also cast the people in Pharrell’s viral music video for “Happy.” That was one video you would definitely want to say you worked on for your resume!

Luke And Owen Wilson – Andrew Wilson

Funny men Luke and Owen Wilson are not only similar with their humor, they also share the same DNA. While this brother duo is well-known, what is less known is that they actually have another brother named Andrew.

Just like his two brothers, Andrew is also an actor, as well as a director. Although he hasn’t had the same success as both Owen and Luke, he has had minor roles in films such as Charlie’s Angels, Zoolander, and The Royal Tenenbaums.

The Jonas Brothers – Frankie Jonas

The Jonas Brothers made a name for themselves when they formed a band and toured the world with one another. Little did people know that Joe, Kevin, and Nick have another brother, 17-year-old Frankie Jonas.

He was given the name “Bonus Jonas” because he was too young to be part of his brothers’ band. He did appear alongside his brothers on the reality show, Married to Jonas, and on the Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

Britney Spears – Bryan Spears

Britney Spears proved herself to be pop royalty and has been in the limelight since her teenage days. Similarly, her younger sister Jamie-Lynn Spears started her career from a young age and made headlines when she fell pregnant at 16-years-old while filming her show Zoey 101.

Meanwhile, the Spears family does have another sibling, and that is their older brother, Bryan. Bryan is a film and television producer who managed his famous sisters and produced their shows such as Zoey 101 and Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.

Sandra Bullock – Gesine Bullock-Prado

Sandra Bullock is an Academy Award-winning actress and has made appearances in her fair share of films during her career. Yet, while she set her sights on the world of acting, her younger sister Gesine focused more on food.

Gesine is a well-known pastry chef who published a food memoir called My Life From Scratch (aka Confections of a Closet Master Baker) and two cookbooks, Sugar Baby and Pie It Forward. Each talented in her own right, both Bullock sisters have proven they’re very good at what they do.

Sylvester Stallone – Frank Stallone

If you hear the name “Stallone,” other than Rocky, Sylvester is bound to come into your mind. Playing a boxing champion made Sylvester famous worldwide, but what little people know is that Stallone has a younger brother named Frank.

He has followed in his brother’s footsteps and has become an actor himself, but has not had the same success as Sylvester. He has a small role in the Rocky franchise, and also appeared in films such as Return of the Roller Blade Seven and Zero Dark Thirty.

Laura Lopes

Prince Harry and Prince William are constantly in the spotlight, be it for a charitable event, the birth of a royal baby or even a royal wedding. However, the one thing we’ve never really heard about is their alleged stepsister – Laura Lopes.

Since their father, Prince Charles, married divorcée Camilla Parker-Bowles, he by default became the stepfather of Laura and her sibling. Laura Lopes’ parents are Camilla Parker-Bowles and Andrew Parker-Bowles, a former soldier.

Samantha Markle

Meghan Markle’s sister mostly hit the spotlight with the upcoming royal wedding, specifically she’s been quite outspoken about Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry and joining the royal family.

Samantha, 53, allegedly has not received an invitation to the wedding, and potentially even fabricated images of her father looking at photos of the young couple in an Internet cafe. Samantha Markle has spoken out about potentially writing a book about their family’s secrets, trying to jeopardize Meghan’s reputation.

Colin Firth – Jonathan Firth

Colin Firth has played the King of England, won the heart of Bridgit Jones, and appeared in one of the most popular Christmas movies, Love Actually.

Apart from his film roles, people may not know that Colin has a brother named Jonathan who also likes to dress up in character and give a dramatic performance. He is an experienced and trained actor and was awarded the STF Excellence Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture in 2003 for his role in Luther.

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