25+ Bizarre Things People Have Witnessed in Public That Made Us Go, “Are We the Only Ones Seeing This?”


Sometimes, people do weird stuff in public that catches everyone’s attention. From walking a rabbit on a leash to wearing a colander as a helmet while riding a bike, we’ve seen it all. Check out these images to see just how strange things can get out there.

Athleticism Never Sleeps

Some individuals possess remarkable talent, effortlessly mastering new skills. Whether this person’s prowess stems from innate ability or years of dedicated practice remains unknown. Nonetheless, their impressive display of cartwheeling prowess on the pavement is truly remarkable.

Safety First, Always

In today’s bicycle culture, many of us overlook safety concerns when riding. However, this man took a different approach, prioritizing safety above all else. Opting for a colander as his helmet may seem unconventional, but it’s a testament to his commitment to safety. Whether he misplaced his regular helmet or is experimenting with a new fashion statement remains a mystery.

Don’t Do This

This man brought his own brand of entertainment to the local Tesco by squirming across the floor like a worm, much to the annoyance of an employee trailing close behind. While he might have found it amusing, those around him seemed less than thrilled. The employee appears visibly frustrated, and other shoppers’ expressions suggest discomfort. It’s a reminder to avoid causing unnecessary disruptions in public spaces.

What Are You Feeding That Thing?!

This giant furry friend is a puzzling sight indeed. Its breed remains a mystery, but its sheer size is remarkable. Sporting a charming outfit, complete with a miniature baseball cap designed to accommodate its ears, this giant ball of fluff is undeniably adorable, despite its unusual appearance.

The Pigeon Whisperer

This man’s encounter with a flock of pigeons in a New York City park is indeed unusual. Despite not offering them any food, the pigeons gathered around him, perching on his arms, nesting in his hair, and even settling at his feet. His Snow White-like ability to attract the birds is remarkable and certainly makes for a peculiar sight in the urban landscape.

There’s a Changing Table for a Reason

Some people are just living life as if they’re the main character, like this woman, who, rather than taking her baby to the bathroom and using the changing table, decided to change her baby in the middle of the dining area.

Gross. The worst part is that nobody said anything, so she probably still thinks that this is okay to do! Please, don’t be like this lady.

Taking DIY to a New Level

It’s hardly strange to see someone clean their windows while they’re getting their car tank filled. This person, however, saw something truly bizarre at a gas station.

Why did this guy think that licking them clean would be a good idea? At a gas station, of all places, too! He could have just asked one of the attendants to clean his windows for him. Yuck!

Just Walking My… Rabbit?

Walking pets is a normal activity. People walk their dogs all the time, some take their cats for walks, and it’s common to let rodents like rats and hamsters explore your yard from time to time for enrichment. What you wouldn’t expect to see is someone walking their rabbit through a park.

Well, that’s exactly what this user saw in Tokyo, though now that we think about it, taking your pet rabbit for a walk doesn’t seem that strange.

Entertainment on the Road

Let’s face it — driving can sometimes be quite boring. You’re just sitting there, staring forward, occasionally moving the steering wheel so you don’t collide with anything, or anyone, else.

Naturally, you want to try and keep yourself entertained on the road, but this person may have taken it a step too far. Reading a novel and eating a banana while driving probably isn’t the most sound practice in the world.

Now That Takes Skill!

Jogging backward might sound easy, but have you ever actually tried to do it? Sure, you might be able to make it a few steps before you trip over yourself and come tumbling down, but it takes some real skill to be able to do it continuously.

Apparently, this guy’s been practicing and decided to take himself on a reverse jog down a busy road. While we’re almost impressed, we are mostly just really confused.

What Was the Point?

We’ve all been in a rush in the grocery store, and there’s nothing worse than wanting to check out but seeing that every cash register is full. Luckily, self-checkout exists to save the day.

This kind Reddit user decided to let a man, who was only buying a soda, go before them. They ended up crossing paths on their way out of the store, and this strange event occurred. Weird!


Remember that time in 2016 when everyone was scared of clowns because clowns were roaming the streets at night? So do we. If you were, and still are, scared of clowns, then maybe this story will help cheer you up.

This little lady proves that not all clowns are evil, and some just want to get up to some tasty hijinks. That being said, having a pie thrown in your face isn’t a very fun experience.

Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

As a parent, if there’s one habit you want to make sure that your kid doesn’t gets into, it’s thumb-sucking. It wreaks havoc on their teeth and gums and can cause them to become anxious and frustrated when they don’t constantly have a pacifier in their mouth.

In the worst-case scenarios, they’ll never grow out of the habit, like this man. Like they say, old habits die hard. This man is likely to never kick this habit.

Spoon Fed

We all have our favorite snacks, and sometimes we get really strong cravings for them. That seems to have happened to this man, who clearly has a particular affinity for Cheez Whiz.

So much so, in fact, that he decided to eat an entire jar of the stuff at a baseball game. Surely that can’t be good for the arteries. We wonder where he is now.

Did They Just See a Ghost?

Christmas is that magical time of year when the roads are blanketed in snow, and every house is aglow with stunning Christmas lights. A favorite tradition of many is to drive around the neighborhood to take a look at each house’s Christmas decorations, which is exactly what this couple did.

What they weren’t expecting to see was a horse-drawn carriage transporting an entire family at one in the morning. This truly sounds like a scene out of A Christmas Carol — did they see the ghosts of Christmas past?

An Interesting Snack

When you lead a busy life, there are those days when you just don’t get the chance to eat. Work keeps us so busy and on the go that we don’t even stop to feed ourselves.

So, when we do get a chance to sit down (like during our commutes), then it’s natural to want to take advantage of this time and get some food in our bodies! However, this man brought an interesting snack on the train with him.

Animals Are Smarter Than We Think

We tend to think of pigeons as the lowest of low, the least intelligent animals on Earth. But, this story from a Reddit user reminds us that they aren’t as dumb as we might think.

In fact, as you can tell from this impressive story, pigeons can be quite intelligent little things. So, next time you see a pigeon in a strange place, it might just want to be there.

Gotta Pass the Time Somehow

Taking a long train ride can be one of the most boring experiences in the world. It can feel like it takes an eternity to arrive at your destination. So, naturally, you want to find some way to pass the time, and that’s what happened in this Reddit user’s story.

Apparently, board games make for a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting on public transport. Just be sure not to drop any pieces.

Even Iguanas Need Exercise

Remember that story about the man from Tokyo who walked his rabbit around on a leash? Bet you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, but we’re here to exceed your expectations.

One Reddit user saw a man walking his iguana on a harness. At least he had the decency to keep his reptile leashed rather than letting it climb up trees of its own volition.

A Movie Moment!

When you’re running late for an appointment, you’re willing to do just about anything to make sure that you make it on time, or at least while being as on time as possible.

This man was willing to risk it all to ensure that he didn’t miss his metro, and luckily for him, he made it! If only someone had recorded this happening — he would’ve gone viral for sure.

A Good Read, Probably

Just like how waiting for public transport can be boring, actually being on public transport can be just as tedious. So, you’ve got to find something to keep you busy during your commute.

Most people like to listen to music or browse around on their phones, while some prefer drawing or reading. This woman prefers the latter, though she might be doing it… incorrectly.

Cheer Up, Buttercup!

Having a bad day at work can really bring you down. When this Reddit user decided to leave work early after having a bad time, they were almost inconsolable on the subway ride home.

That is until a mysterious busker decided to put on a show for the entire subway car, which quickly had everyone — including our sad protagonist — laughing and singing for the entire ride home. The busker even made bubbles! Bizarre and wholesome!

Talent Manifests in Strange Ways

Have you ever walked down the street and seen someone putting on some crazy show? Usually, they’re skilled musicians or artists, but there are some more unique displays of talent out there, like the man in this Reddit user’s story.

He has an interesting way of showcasing his unique skill set. Other than the disgusting feet, his show is probably fascinating to watch!

Back to the Future

If there’s one thing we can say with full confidence when it comes to public transport, it’s that it brings out the weirdness in people.

One Reddit user had this story to tell, and while it’s definitely strange, it’s one of the tamest stories we’ve heard regarding public transport. I mean, there are definitely worse co-passengers than someone who wants to go back to the future!

Just Stick to the Airplane Food

What’s the deal with airplane food? Actually, for the most part, airplane food isn’t that bad. Some of the meals are actually pretty delicious, depending on which airline you’re flying with.

What we’re trying to say here is that you should never be like this person who decided to take their lunch into their own hands and eat boiled eggs in the cabin. Gross. Just gross. What more is there to say?

Thank Goodness for Security

Ah, Six Flags — a beloved American amusement park that’s notorious for its incredible, adrenaline-pumping rides. One of the most famous rides at the park is El Toro, which is known for being a fun thrill ride and for giving people mild whiplash.

One woman decided that her baby just needed to experience the adrenaline of El Toro. Luckily, her plan never came to fruition. We’re so glad at least someone was responsible around this baby.

That’s Just Plain Strange

Here’s a story that will have you scratching your head. According to this user, these two women vanished after entering some kind of trance while sitting outside a pizza place. We can only speculate as to what might actually have happened to them.

It’s a bizarre story, to be sure, and one that we’ll definitely be thinking about for a while. What do you think happened to those ladies?

We All Love Our Pets in Different Ways

When we think of pet animals, most of us immediately conjure up images of cats and dogs (or the occasional fish). What many of us probably don’t think of are ferrets since they’re generally considered wild animals.

Well, not only does the woman in this story have a pet ferret, but she has an interesting way of interacting with it. Oh well, to each their own. At least she’s not hurting anyone.

Be Free!

Birds can make challenging pets, especially more intelligent species like parrots, parakeets, and cockatiels. They require plenty of maintenance and enrichment, or they can develop some bad habits.

While most people prefer to let their birds roam their own garden, the man from this user’s story apparently decided to take his parrots with him wherever he went. What we want to know is why just one bird flew away.

Testing the Waters?

If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s drink the water in a public restroom. There’s no way to know how clean or filtered the water is, and if you take a sip from the wrong tap, you could end up with any number of horrible ailments.

The woman from this user’s story apparently has no concern for her health and is much more concerned with sampling as much tap water as possible. Yuck!

Goose On the Loose

Once again, we have a story about someone walking an unusual pet like it’s a dog, though this time it’s with a goose. Geese can make for very sociable pets when raised around humans, though in the wild, they can be quite territorial and aggressive, especially toward people.

Not this goose, however, who seemed more than happy to take a stroll with its owner. We don’t know what’s stranger — the fact that there are people with domesticated geese, or that this goose is basically a dog.

Anything to Be on Time

Public transport can be ruthless. Buses and trains work on tight schedules, and they won’t hesitate to leave you behind if you aren’t on time. So, when this man was late for his bus, he took matters into his own hands and chased after the bus.

While he did end up making it, he lost something rather important in the process. Though, by the way this story is told, he didn’t seem to mind too much.

At Least it Was Only Milk

Continuing with the theme of public transportation, we have this story that, at first, seems like it’s going in a bad direction but is actually fairly tame. Public transport is a scary place — there’s no better way to put it.

It seems to attract the most unusual people in every city, and while the man in this story might certainly be doing something out of the ordinary, we can think of far worse ways this story could have gone.


Listen, we all have strange cravings that hit us at weird times. Sometimes, you want pickles and peanut butter or cheese and ice cream.

Whatever it is, it probably can’t be worse for you than eating pure butter with a spoon. We can’t really imagine a worst airport snack than that!

Gotta Stay Entertained Somehow

We’ve already spoken about how boring being on public transport can be. When you’re riding the train, you have to find ways to keep yourself busy, or you’ll die of boredom.

We all have our preferred time-wasters, but how many of us can say that we’ve shucked corn on the train to pass the time? Hopefully, not many.

That’s a Lot of Responsibility!

Spontaneously having to look after someone’s cute puppy doesn’t seem all that bad, no matter how inconvenient it might be.

But, when someone tells you to look after their dog and follows it up by saying that dog is their best friend and husband reincarnated, things get a little strange. We can just imagine the look on this user’s face, as well as on that poor dog’s mug.

Just a Sip

Spend any amount of time at the park, and you’ll encounter at least one interesting character like the gentleman in this story, who spent his time at the park in a rather interesting fashion.

Rather than taking in the beautiful scenery at Hyde Park, he decided to go rummaging through the trash for a tasty treat. Apparently, he found one. Gross.

That Could Not Have Gone Worse

Public marriage proposals are very risky since there’s always the chance that the person being proposed to could say no. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in this user’s story.

Remember, if you’re planning to propose to someone, it shouldn’t just come out of nowhere. You should both be ready to marry!

Just Walk it Off

When you start feeling nauseous during a night of drinking, that’s usually a sign that it’s time to put the bottle down and head home. Well, not for this person, apparently.

One user tells the story of their friend who had a full-on puke in the bar itself after some day drinking, only to come back right after and pretend as if nothing happened. Honestly, what a trooper. More power to him.

This Can’t Be Real

We all know the famous joke about cops being addicted to donuts, but who would’ve thought that it would ever come true? Not us, that’s for sure.

According to this user’s story, this policeman was so desperate to get his fill of donuts and coffee that he went speeding through traffic lights, with his sirens and lights blasting, only to stroll into the donut shop as if nothing happened. It’s like something out of an episode of The Simpsons.

Moral Support…?

Being broken up with is extremely hard. It’s something that most people experience at some point in their lives but dread all the same. Some people prefer to do it over the phone, while others do it in a semi-public space where they can let the person down face-to-face.

While that’s usually the best course of action, it sometimes leads to hilarious stories like this one. Yikes! We like to think that this user at least provided their friend with some moral support.

Some People Have Too Much Money

There’s no denying that flossing is incredibly important to your dental health, but it’s important that you’re flossing using actual dental floss! Apparently, the rules don’t apply to the woman in this story, who decided that she would use a crisp dollar bill to floss her teeth.

Not only does that seem like it just wouldn’t work, but it’s also incredibly unsanitary! Just think of all the hands that bill has touched. Yuck!

What Just Happened?

One user tells the story of the time they were in a hotel lobby in Sicily. They were minding their business until they saw an older gentleman in a fetching pinstripe suit knock on one of the lobby walls quite discreetly. Then, something incredible happened: a panel on another wall opened, and he walked right through.

Sounds like a scene from a movie, doesn’t it? We’ll never look at hotel lobbies or pinstripe suits the same again after hearing this story.

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