How to Avoid Hair Mistakes That Make Women Look Much Older Than They Are


People use creams and serums to look younger on their faces. But our hair also affects how old we seem. Certain hairstyles or ways of grooming can make us look older without us realizing. So, to seem younger or not make ourselves look older, hairstylists have some tips. They collected these to help keep a younger appearance or stop unnecessary aging!

The Perm

In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, perms were really popular. Almost every woman was getting them regularly. Most went for tight curls, which looked really cool. It was stylish back then! But if you do that hairstyle now, it might make people think you’re from that time because it was so common then.

If you’re young, that style might seem cool and trendy, kind of vintage. And if you’re not young but still love that permed look, go ahead and rock it!

Crimped Hair

Back in the 80s, crimping your hair was super popular for a while. But things have changed, and it’s not as cool now. If you want to look young and stylish, it’s best to skip crimping. But if you love that crimped style, go for it! Trends tend to come back around eventually, so you’ll be ahead of the game when it does. Fashion goes in cycles, after all.


Remember, crimping can harm your hair, so be careful how much you do it. Too much crimping can damage your hair, so it’s important to be cautious.


Pigtails are a go-to hairstyle for young girls because they’re easy to manage for active kids, and parents like how simple they are. You might think wearing them could make you look younger, but that’s not always true. If you adore this playful style, go ahead and wear it! Just know it might not make you look younger, but it will definitely make you the most awesome adult around!The most important thing is feeling like your true, stunning self, even if a style doesn’t promise to make you look a lot younger. Confidence in your own skin matters most!

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Look

Farrah Fawcett was famous and will continue to be recognized for years due to her gorgeous hair. It made her iconic. Her luscious locks epitomized the 1970s and even part of the 1980s. It was an effortless, feathered look that women of all ages wanted. But because it was in style so long ago, this might not be the do to go for if you’re hoping to look younger.It’s all about what feels right for you. Trends can always come back around. Who knows, maybe today’s kids will suddenly bring back the feathered look!

Don’t Forget to Fill in Your Eyebrow Edges

Your eyebrows might not be the first thing you think about when getting ready, but they’re super important. They frame your face and are one of the first things people notice. A tip to keep them looking great: make sure to fill in the edges of your eyebrows.

As you get older, the edges of your eyebrows might fade or thin out without you realizing it. But filling them in can really step up your makeup game and make a big difference.

Excessive Layers

Adding layers to your hair is common to avoid a flat look. But too many layers can actually make you look older. It’s about finding the right balance—having no layers might not be the answer either. Experimenting with different layering levels helps you find what suits you best.There are tons of layered haircut examples online. Browsing through them can help you figure out what style suits you and matches your taste.

The Oversized Bun

The big, messy bun is adorable and super easy, which makes it a favorite for many. We’re not saying to stop wearing it, especially if you love it! But maybe reserve it for more relaxed times or switch it up with other styles. Some prefer a style that frames their face and gives a softer look. Variety can be a great thing!If you love the messy bun but want a softer touch, just pull a few strands of hair around your face. It adds a chic, effortless vibe to the style.

Slicked Back Hair

If you feel empowered with a slicked-back hairstyle, go for it! But if you’ve tried it and it doesn’t make you feel great, you’re not alone. It’s not a style that suits everyone. And like the messy bun, it leaves the whole face exposed, which might not be everyone’s preference.

If you’re trying to make the slicked-back look work but it’s not quite there, try leaving a few strands flowing in the front. It can add a touch of softness that might suit your face better or give it a slightly tousled, effortless vibe.

The Layered Bouncy Bob

While bobs are loved by women of all ages and have become trendy for younger folks too, not all short haircuts are the same. Too many layers in a bob might not give the volume you’re looking for and could draw attention to areas you’d rather not highlight.

A layered bob might work wonders for some, highlighting all the right places they want to show off. It really comes down to personal preferences and experimenting to find what suits you best.

Try to Keep the Frizz Away

In the 80s and 90s, big, frizzy curly hair was a huge trend, often achieved with lots of teasing. However, it’s best to steer clear of this now because it’s not healthy for your hair. All that teasing might be outdated, but more importantly, it can seriously damage your hair in the long term.

Avoiding hairstyles that harm your hair is a great way to maintain its health, which in turn helps you look more youthful. Keeping your hair healthy is key to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Watch the Length of Your Bangs

Bangs can be a great choice to help you look younger by covering forehead wrinkles, which tend to appear quickly. However, if the bangs are too short, they might draw more attention to the forehead area instead of concealing it. Think about whether you want to cover your forehead or highlight it more, and choose your bangs length accordingly.It’s all about personal preference. If you adore your forehead and want bangs, a shorter style might be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you prefer not to draw attention to your forehead, longer bangs could be the ideal choice. It’s about finding what works best for your unique style and preferences.

That Rapunzel-Inspired Length

You’re spot on! While many dream of having super long hair like Rapunzel, it might not be the best choice for a younger look as we age. As we get older, our hair naturally tends to thin, and longer hair can make it harder to keep volume. Maintaining volume becomes trickier with longer hair, especially as natural thinning occurs.

Exactly! Very long hair can weigh down features, and as we age, this natural downward pull becomes more pronounced. Considering your hair’s thickness or thinness can help you decide the optimal length that suits you best. Finding the right length that complements your hair’s texture and works well with your features is key.

Keep the Bangs Thin

Bangs can make a significant difference in your appearance and can help you look younger if done right. However, overly thick bangs might have the opposite effect and could make you appear older. Opting for thinner bangs can keep your face and hair looking fresh and complement your overall look.Bangs can make a significant difference in your appearance and can help you look younger if done right. However, overly thick bangs might have the opposite effect and could make you appear older. Opting for thinner bangs can keep your face and hair looking fresh and complement your overall look.

Even if your hair is thick, you can still achieve thinner bangs by consulting your hairstylist! However, if you adore the look and feel of thick bangs, then go ahead and stick with them.

The Pros and Cons of an Asymmetrical Haircut

The asymmetrical bob has been a big trend lately. Depending on your facial features, it can give you a trendy and cool look. Yet, it might also create a sharper appearance for your face. Some people love this effect, but if you prefer not to accentuate sharpness, sticking with a symmetrical style could be better for you.

In a nutshell, approach this hairstyle with caution. It could give you the youthful, trendy look you desire, but it might also come with unexpected outcomes depending on your personal preferences.

Get Rid of Your Split Ends

Here’s a tip that applies to everyone aiming for healthy-looking, well-maintained hair: Avoid having split ends. It might seem small, but visible split ends can make it seem like you’re not taking care of your hair, which can add a few years to your appearance.

Regular haircuts help prevent split ends from showing up. Additionally, if needed, consider using hair treatments to keep split ends at bay and maintain the health of your hair for longer periods between trims.

The Well-Known Mom Cut

This hairstyle is super common and loved for its convenience, ease, and flattering appeal. Yet, because it’s often seen on older women, some might think you’re older if you wear this style. Still, what matters most is how it makes you feel!If you’re unsure about this style, it could be the perfect opportunity to explore something new and try a different hairstyle that resonates better with you.

Rocking the Buzz Cut

Going for a buzz cut is a decision that warrants careful consideration. While some might find this style appealing, it can also make features and blemishes more noticeable, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Like everything else, it ultimately comes down to personal choice.

That’s a good point! Going for a buzz cut might leave you feeling more exposed without hair to soften your face. But if that’s not a worry for you, it could be a great choice—just think about all the time you’ll save on hair care.

To Go Wild or Not to Go Wild With the Colors

There’s no rule against going wild with hair colors at any age. However, if the goal is to look younger, dramatic color changes and extremely bright shades might not be the best option. But it really comes down to choosing colors that suit your skin tones and style. When done right, it can actually complement you and even create a more youthful appearance!If you don’t care at all what age you look, go as wild as you want with the colors! If you do care but still want to try something different, then do some research into which colors go best with your skin tone.

Pin Curls

Vintage looks can be stunning and glamorous, but some styles, like pin curls, might inadvertently add a few years to your appearance as they’re often associated with older women. However, if executed well, they can still look absolutely stunning.Vintage looks don’t always make you appear older; some styles are incredibly flattering and can actually make you look much younger, enhancing your overall appearance. It’s all about finding the right vintage style that suits you best.

Bangs and Bob Combo

That’s true! Bangs can be great for hiding early wrinkles on the forehead. But if you already have a bob hairstyle, adding bangs might not be the best choice as it can create a harsh look and emphasize your jawline more. It really depends on the style you’re aiming for!

That’s a great idea! Before making a big decision, try pinning some hair to mimic bangs. See how it makes you feel – does it give you a younger, fresher look, or does it have the opposite effect? Testing it out this way can help you decide if bangs are the right choice for you.

The Chelsea Hairdo

That sounds like an edgy hairstyle! It involves shaved sections at the back with long bangs and sides. It’s attention-grabbing, regardless of the wearer’s age. If you prefer not to stand out and have all eyes on you when entering a room, this might not be the best style to go for.

Despite the shaved sides, this style isn’t low-maintenance. It might look effortless, but it actually requires quite a bit of upkeep to maintain the desired appearance.

The Top Knot

The top knot was a popular choice for many women for quite a while, and it was trendy for a reason. But now that it’s not as fashionable, wearing it might make you seem a bit older. Also, like other hairstyles that pull hair away from your face, it can leave you feeling quite exposed.

It all comes down to personal preference. If you feel confident and empowered flaunting your forehead and features, the top knot might just be the perfect style for you. Confidence is key!

The Undershave

The under-shaved look suits some women amazingly, but it might not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re intrigued by this style, weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Remember, it involves exposing parts of your head or neck that you’re used to keeping covered. Take some time to decide if that’s a change you’re comfortable with before committing to shaving it off.! Depending on which part you shave, this hairstyle can accentuate your jawline or neck. Consider these aspects carefully when deciding if this style aligns with what you want for your overall look.

Keep Your Blow Drying Skills up to Par

Properly blow-drying your hair might seem small, but it can make a huge difference in how your hairstyle turns out. Not doing it right can lead to frizzy or poofy hair, which might not be the look you’re aiming for. Being careful while drying your hair can avoid that unwanted frizz and maintain a more polished appearance.

Keeping your hair well-maintained is key to appearing younger, and nailing a successful blow-dry is one of the best ways to achieve that polished, youthful look.

The Sleek and Elegant Ponytail

A slick, tight ponytail can look elegant but might unintentionally add a few years to some people. It tends to accentuate wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Adding a bit of volume or allowing some wisps of hair to fall can make a significant difference in softening the overall look.

You’re spot on! There’s no specific age when this hairstyle becomes unflattering. It really depends on what you prefer and which areas of your head you want to highlight or emphasize. It’s all about personal choice and what makes you feel your best!

A Very Short Pixie

Absolutely! The pixie cut is versatile and suits various ages and styles. Yet, when aiming for a younger appearance, consider the length carefully. For some, a shorter pixie might enhance a more youthful look, but for others, a different length could achieve that effect. Experimenting to find the perfect pixie cut length for you is key!Whether a shorter look accentuates the right areas or makes you feel older is all about personal style and preferences. Sometimes, the best way to figure it out is through trial and error or by discussing it with your trusted hairstylist. Finding what suits you best is a journey!

Wave Away From Your Face

Yes, the direction of waves made with a curling iron can indeed impact how youthful you appear. Creating waves away from your face rather than towards it is a tip stylists often suggest for a more youthful appearance. It’s a lesser-known fact but can make a noticeable difference in your overall look!Styling waves away from your face tends to create a softer look, which can make you appear younger. Next time you use a curling iron, give it a try and see how it feels. It might just be the change you’re looking for!

Keep the Braids Loose

Tight braids can be a beautiful part of various cultural hairstyles. However, if you’re aiming for a younger appearance, consider that tightly braided styles tend to pull the skin back, accentuating the face. If that’s not the effect you’re after, this hairstyle might not be the best choice for you.

You don’t have to give up on braids entirely. Experiment with different braiding styles until you find one that feels right and complements your desired look!


“By being mindful of hairstyles and haircare choices, women can steer clear of certain hair mistakes that inadvertently add years to their appearance. Avoiding styles that overly emphasize certain features or neglect proper hair maintenance, while experimenting to find what works best for individual preferences, can help maintain a youthful and fresh look.”

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