How to Find the Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40 to Look Younger

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As women grow older, their hairstyle preferences often evolve. What worked in their twenties and thirties might not be the best choice in their forties. At 40 and beyond, many women seek styles that suit their age while remaining trendy. In a definitive guide to hairstyles for women 40 and over 50, Pouted Online Magazine curates the top twenty hairstyles. This guide covers the trendiest colors and styles, ensuring a diverse range of choices for women in this age group.

The Brunette Messy Hair Shag

If you’re searching for a great hairstyle for women over 40, the shag is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for a professional look and doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance. Whether you prefer a neat or more relaxed style, the shag always looks fantastic and effortless.

The relaxed wavy half up

Embrace your forties with the vitality of Angelina Jolie’s chic hairstyle. It’s all about highlighting your beauty, age notwithstanding. Embrace the natural charm of slightly tousled hair. This style mixes curls and waves for a textured, layered effect, adding depth and sophistication to your look.

The angular bob

If you’re over forty, consider trying Victoria Beckham’s favored hairstyle, known for its edgy yet classy vibe. This posh haircut brings out a stylish and refined look, regardless of age. It’s a sophisticated and chic style that exudes both uniqueness and elegance.

Dark curls

Rediscover glamour with a hairstyle inspired by the likes of Sofia Vergara. You don’t have to stick to blonde hair all the time. Follow Sofia’s lead and embrace the power of tight curls, allowing your hair to exude strength and style.

The layered crop

Looking for a low-maintenance, time-saving look? Charlize Theron’s style is the answer. It can be easily styled to add texture and volume, giving you an effortless yet fabulous appearance.

Front layers

For those over forty, long hair can bring back a sense of allure and beauty. Heidi Klum’s style elegantly frames the face, offering a fresh and lifted appearance that exudes sexiness and allure.

 Neat top hair bun

A top favorite among women aged 40+ is the tidy top bun, offering a fun and fresh appearance. This elegant style is beloved by busy career women seeking a simple yet smart look. The neat bun allows for focus on daily activities without fussing over hair, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your day.

Blonde layers

Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle is a surefire way to bring out the best in any woman over 40. This chic look combines blonde highlights with subtle layers, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your appearance.

The Icy blonde

An icy blonde hairstyle can easily take years off your look, making you appear youthful like you’re in your thirties again. This versatile style is perfect for any occasion, be it work meetings or parties, ensuring you’re always ready and stylish.

The Auburn wavy style

Opting for bold colors like auburn, burgundy, dark pink, or purple allows you to make a striking fashion statement. These colors work wonders, especially with wavy or curly hairstyles, adding a unique touch and enhancing your overall look.

The simple updo

Achieve fabulousness in your 40s with a style akin to Eva Longoria’s. Simple updos can make you look incredibly sleek and elegant, elevating your overall appearance effortlessly.


In the quest to discover the perfect hairstyles for women over 40 to appear more youthful, the key lies in embracing styles that complement individual features while exuding confidence and sophistication. From chic bobs to elegant updos and vibrant color choices, the options are diverse. Tailoring the hairstyle to suit personal preferences and lifestyle ensures a confident and refreshed look. Experimenting with textures, colors, and lengths empowers women to embrace their unique beauty, proving that age is just a number when it comes to exuding timeless elegance and vitality through the perfect hairstyle.

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